The Unique Breeze of Reality and the Wondrous Function of Non-Dual Wisdom 

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i'm going to go to
england in by ten days
the topic for this retreat i'm going to
is something like
zen koans and
the bodhisattva precepts

this morning i mentioned that toward go on
could be understood as meaning ultimate truth
come on can unfair to it as a word standing for reality
but another way that towards used is referring to stories
her stories that
because their language their conventional truths
but they're used as objects to
realize ultimate truth
like gonna like like eyes they can be my eyes that you focus on to see the ultimate truth
so some people will say that this
these verbal collins or these linguistically express cons are ways to see the koran
highways to see emptiness
so usually coins or not
he's verbal cause these historical pawns are not usually stories were a teacher is explaining how to practice generosity and as the ethical discipline and concentration and patience
they're often stories which are about on
where people realized the ultimate truth their stories about people realizing ultimate truth but some are not stories about realizing ultimate truth some are just
linguistic expressions to
a cyst one and focusing on something in order to open
so sometimes a call on can be in the form of
what is it
or you know the famous when what is the sound of one hand clapping
or move
how the word move is is one word from his story
where a monk is talking to a teacher about
ultimate truth
so at word muis answer teacher gave to a question from a student but then that word is used
as an object of meditation
where one can focus and eventually realize
the object of purification of the mind by focusing on that word or the chinese character that sound
the word moon does not say
avoid evil practice good
benefit all bags
that's a are teaching what you mean people might recognize as bodhisattva precepts
the bodhisattva precepts are also linguistically presented
they are also conventional truths
but they can also be used or seen as things to focus on in order to realize ultimate truth
so the precept of going for refuge in buddha that
going for refuge in or i go for refuge in buddha one could use that precept as a conventional thing to practice
i go for refuge in buddha
but also one could use that
as a coin
i go for the buddha as something you focus on
an open to and take care of and don't attach to and don't dwell him and by taking care of this precept of i go for refuge in buddha
you opened to emptiness you open to the come on
you focus on the precept you practice the precepts wholeheartedly until you realize the emptiness of the precepts
or that the precepts are emptiness

so we're we have we have sixteen great bodhisattva precepts
the three refuge precepts the three pure precepts
and the ten major
prohibitory precepts
not killing not stealing and so on
but also has i taught last month we also have six bodhisattva precepts
the first is out for precept is giving the second bodies have for precept is ethical discipline and you could say that the second bodhisattva precepts is the sixteen bodhisattva precepts
are you could say the second
but he sought for precept of ethical training is the three
precepts of avoiding evil practicing good and saving all beings plus the ten prohibitory precepts basically precepts each one and all of them can be coins
i'm my fact they all can be the call on
manifested right now with this precept
in the six bodhisattva precepts the third one is patience the fourth one is vigorous heroic effort
tracy fifth fourth the fifth one is concentration especially concentration on
the mind of enlightenment and the sixth one
is the precept of wisdom
the precept of wisdom when you first hear it is a conventional truth
but the precept of wisdom when you realize it is an ultimate truth
when that when these when these precepts
become empty
than the conventional
precept the convention fifth precept becomes the ultimate truth
then the precept which is a practice becomes the truth
and the simplest place to understand that is when the precept of wisdom
he is ultimate truth so the sixth morisot for precept of wisdom
it's the same as ultimate sure the other precepts
it can be conventional truth
when you practice in terms of existence or nonexistence like i'm practicing this preceptor i'm not practicing spruce up this precept exists here are a doesn't exist here
the six precept of wisdom
does not see things that way
does not think of things that way
and when we realize that precept than all the previous precepts also become like that
that we don't treat them as existing are not existing
some most of us when we start practicing these bodhisattva precepts we we often think of
we wanna do the preceptor not to the precepts this is a conventional attitude towards them we think we can preset practice summer we don't think we can practice and we want to practice them but we have conflicting interests so we we don't know if i can
we think we are practicing what we think we're not practicing we think other people are practicing are not practicing them
so in that case are how we have a deluded mind thinking in these terms and the things is thinking about the precepts
are also delusions but they're all but they're also conventional truths which we need to take care of

so sometimes people look as in and they think of zens about co-authors ends about ultimate truth but other times people look as a sense about this conventional precepts
these forms of practice these ceremonies these rituals which they're doing and the people who are doing them look like they think these things exist and they give strong feedback to people when it looks like to sing don't exist
people are concerned about whether
these precepts our existing or not and they are confessing when they feel the precepts are not existing
or when they're acting in a way that's not realizing these precepts
so is it took another one of these balancing acts
between using conventional truths like bodhisattva precepts
using them
an observing whether we think they exist or not watching our mind seeing if this is a dualistic mind or a deluded mind that thinks about the precepts in terms of existence or nonexistence
and then see if you can keep practicing them
i'm noticing with the that you're thinking of them in terms of categories
avex existence
and see if you can finally find a way to practice them wholeheartedly
leaning into their existence or nonexistence
or another way to put it is discovered that whole hearted practice of these precepts
is practicing them without meaning into any
existential position
approximate wholeheartedly means that you practice them and realize ultimate truth in the practice of these conventional mistake which originally are conventionalities but also remember that when you realize the emptiness of anything
except emptiness your realizing the emptiness of a conventional truth
emptiness is not a conventional truth but it is empty conventional truths are also empty
but aside from ultimate truth itself
whenever we have emptiness emptiness of a conventional thing

so in terms of practicing the ethical precepts
this would apply in terms of practicing giving this would apply patience effort and concentration

any feedback on this questions
the ultimate
a being who lives an ultimate truth noticed before we get your next part of being that lives in ultimate truth
what beings that let an ultimate truth
while all beings live in ultimate truth
everybody lives in ultimate truth because for everybody
everybody is a conventional thing
paul beings are conventional beings if the only kind that exist there's no ultimately existing beings
so do you mean somebody who realizes emptiness

the man festive being as an ultimate truth
yeah paul whole manifested beings are inseparable from ultimate truth all of us manifested can conventional creatures we are also not separate from ultimate truth right now
pardon why do we get stuck in your mind
do we
because of a because of the conventional thing called delusion
that's the reason for getting stuck
the ultimate is not diluted that right but diluted diluted minds are are inseparable from the ultimate but diluted minds can't realize the ultimate
because they think in terms of existence and non-existence
that's why they can't realize it and if you're and if you don't realize the ultimate truth then you're stuck in conventional truth or worse

and if you're stuck it because you haven't because you're not realizing ultimate truth than nothing to do is to practice the bodhisattva precepts
with your being stuck starting with been gracious about it
if someone accuses you're being stuck you say
you got me i'm stuck
but i'm i feel very careful about it somehow even know it's painful
if i'm gonna be stuck on i wanna be wholeheartedly stuck
question about
at the sensory garden this morning that wisdom wisdom that naturalizes another wisdom
stage process
it excited me like was sounded like a stage
realizing emptiness
the empties

you could realize emptiness and in by realizing it
actual eyes
i'm a non dual wisdom
but before you get into it you could also realize the emptiness of emptiness and actualized a non dual wisdom
you mentioned
as empty as the presets yes
not going to the final stages

if you correctly
realize the emptiness of the precepts he would also realize the emptiness of emptiness
he realized the emptiness of a conventional thing
in a mature way you would also realize
now there were you wouldn't attached to the emptiness of this conventional thing
he wouldn't need that you wouldn't need that additional instruction by the way the emptiness of the thing just realized is empty but that realization that the emptiness is empty
would also go with realizing that there's no separation between the wisdom and what is known by the western
the tablet that there would be no substantial separation
so it is said that way an emptiness with realizes a non dual emptiness so yeah he does sounded you like it a stage this emptiness realize this was demoralized emptiness and then like later maybe there is the actualization know
no it's it's not later this wisdom which realize is emptiness actualize is a non dual wisdom which also realize emptiness but which is not separate
from what is realized
so that the wisdom which is the same as the thing known the wisdom which is the same as a thing understood the wisdom which is the same as emptiness
also has this is that's part of it the emptiness is wisdom but also the wisdom knows the emptiness she can start by saying the wisdom and nosy and treatment and is realizes the wisdom which is emptiness that the wisdom that his emptiness includes or wisdom which knows emptiness
so the wisdom which is emptiness kind of d emphasizes the knowing
it's actually just emptiness
but the wisdom which nosy empty this emphasizes the cognition
but in fact the wisdom that is emptiness shows that emptiness is actually
i kind of mind
that a spaciousness that's full of
compassion is the buddha mind
it's a it's not just a big empty space for a good stuff it's a mind
so that that kind of perspective that's a non dual wisdom but then there's also wisdom which knows things and that actualized is the wisdom which knows things without being separate from them which are without being different from what is known which is really the kind of knowing that always is there
there really isn't a separation between knowing and known
so it's it's kind of
it's kind of dynamic isn't it
a wisdom with realizes a non door wisdom
yeah it's the wisdom which actualized is a pattern of consciousness which is emptiness
a pattern of consciousness which is ultimate truth itself
and a and as a wisdom which knows the ultimate truth and an actual sizes
the ultimate truth as mind
that is that is the actual bodhicitta
better minutes doesn't like that's in itself there's other body shit is the conventional boy there were still things in terms of existence and non-existence we first start thinking
is buddhahood in order to benefit all beings when we first when that first arises we are probably thinking in terms of beings exist or do not exist
and we still may be thinking i'm separate from the beings that i'm devoted to
and although i wish to realize buddhahood for the welfare of all beings i'm still actually can't figure out how to change change places with some beings
for example my students i still can't
exactly figure out how to be equal and change places with my
with my students are my enemies which are course kind of the same thing
you may so less
ten bodies after that are the others tend to is also ten so can add for to the six and is you know for six as ten
yeah that's right says less
purification know
now they're they're not the first six include the town
the first six include all the bodhisattva practices
the last ten
assists the first six
the last four assists the first sip six for example the last four hour
number would there
knowledge power knowledge paul vows powers in means
this the seventh is still on means the eighth
powers the ninth bows the tenth knowledge
and the knowledge
it's actually
the non door wisdom which helps
the protein per to the non dual wisdom helps the wisdom which actualized the nando wisdom
and the
skill and means assists the first three practices of giving ethical discipline and patience and the powers assists ah
when i got run the vows assist
the fourth army to of effort and the powers as assist concentration but those four are already included in the six
when the six are fully realized

he don't understand how future and past are contained in the present
what aside from one dog and says
we is good to understand how future in pass are contained in the present the present has passed in the future if you know if your present don't have a password teacher is what we call
a defective present
and the past your past also has a past
your past has a present past and future and your future has a present past and future
these are full fledged past president future so right now
i have a past do you ever passed
yeah be
time by the way is a conventional thing time is not a thing so you gotta pass i got fast everybody's gotta have a past
i got a future he ever future
you got a future girl
so do you you're going to future your the future and one of the reasons you have a future as you have a present
so we all have right now right now right now and right now and right now and right now we have a past
and we have a future so you can say the past and future are contained in the present
and the president is also contained in the future and past and past present future each had passed by new future
i propose that to you
and i think dogan agrees with that
so even forget about dog in just remember that you are just like that
and he just agrees with you


not a conventional no it isn't a conventional sense
because isn't a conventional sense because if if it arrived if the future has arrived it wouldn't be future anymore so what has not happened yet right now all the things that haven't happened yet
we're not all the things but the things that are going to happen that haven't
does your future
and it's right here and it can't be it can be in the past and it can't be in the future because of the future it would be teacher
it is come wall know it's kind of consciousness kind of consciousness has past present future
and sentient beings what kind of consciousness the sentient beings have
comic we've got comic consciousness
as we've got so we got past present future the buddha's are common consciousness know they don't
do they are past present future yes they do
but it's not kind of consciousness it's buddha is past buddha present buddha and future buddha consciousness
now do you understand
he can say whatever you want
we're waiting to see what will it be yes or no
or well
in the present use in the present you're not satiated
a getting a pass the word satiated
but in the future
we don't know because it hasn't arrived yet
i don't i think satiation is not really how caught
highly recommended in the buddha dharma
we're not into satiation were into
the eternal hunger for deeper and deeper and wider and wider realization of the truth we're not we're not satiated
where content but not satiated
if they are reduced fat but
not been content is really not that naughty
but not being satiated
it's fine so can be is a contented not say here
and you can switch to being contented right now if you want it's all right and you can change your mind and eczema contented okay you're contented not being satiated that's what i'm looking for
and i'm not i'm contented that you're contented not be satiated but not satiated because i want another one
and i want constant contentment moment after moment without satiation
without a bodhisattvas are not satiated until all beings are free
then tell that they're not satiated they want more beings to be for them want everybody to be happy and they're not satisfied until that happens so they're not satiated but their content with a lot of people not being happy their content with that at the same time that they can not
be satisfied with it there at peace with not being satisfied with people suffering

so they're highly motivated
the practices precepts they're highly motivated to realize the ultimate truth so that they can continue to be contented and enthusiastic about being devoted to beings
and not slipping into contentment bodhisattva as gotta be careful not to get content slip into nirvana they gotta be careful not to go into nirvana but to stay in the realm of beings who need their help
how we need ultimate truth otherwise we might
try to get some of association
earth is something complete yes friday
complete this move yeah yeah the and then he says they have a it has past present and future
i was wondering it was thinking would you agree that the statement that a delusion
this moment yes realization is whatever yes i would know there's no
there's no permanent state of realization
he's they thank you to on
yes your back to
present future
was trying to understand what you're saying change
the metaphor came to mind to proceed
and seed has passed
information see seed contains the future potential what seek germinate
how to do
you know the tree with the see what see might become
does not the same as to see
it's not the same as a seed nice different
so while the the potential of the future is contained
single moment
it's not
now did the future is not the same as the present and the trees at the same as the scene even though the tree is in the sea
and even other fruit where the seed came from is in seed
the past and future are not the same as present but they're contained in present
is that
it seems fishy
the same thing
he got me
so now she's now she's really endanger being satiated
to answer

worse than that
just didn't get it down
team or we'll likely an organization that doctors about pardon doctors without borders the password yes
so i be
your actions
compassion and devotion and yandere there it seems like they're trying to practice giving
and patients lot of patients they need to work in new situations and they're trying to be
probably trying to practice ethical discipline you know like not steal medicine for their patients i'm not kill their patients not lie to their patients not light of the other doctors not lied of the government officials night and i hate the government officials not hate the the be
bandits who are stealing our medicine not hate the people who are who are hurting people they have to practices precepts are you know otherwise the doctors go there and they just cause more trouble right
because there's so much so easy to get angry and hate what's going on and also the doctors have to be ethical but nothing possessive of what's going on there are trying to control it so they so they're working had been generous that's obvious the date there they they sort of know they have to be ethical and to
be patient
so those are pretty clear that the those bodies and for practice would be practiced by doctors without borders and doctors with borders
but what i'm saying in addition is that an order to really be joyful
ah in this process
we need to also realize that others are nuts different not separate from ourselves and we need to be able to really exchange ourselves with the people were serving
and also we need to realize ultimate truth so that we're gonna get exhausted in doing these practices not to mention that practice in automation the specific form of the gift like setting a broken leg of giving medicine but to practice giving without getting exhausted and
giving we need to realize ultimate truth so for them to really be able to do them their work most effectively they need to realize ultimate truth and also the most effective way for them to either they're teaching either their medicine is wilder administering these conventional medicines to also
transmit the dharma
at the same time
because if you think somebody's leg but they're but they're only concern for their own welfare is this patient they can have their leg fixed but they're going to still be miserable because they only think of their own the only welfare themselves in their friends so the doctors if they really want to be effective they need to transmit they need to do conventional me
medicine and they need to also teach the dharma
cause that will make the people not just
recover from this particular injury or illness but recover from the fundamental human illness of selfishness
the amount of resources you need
like that
our internet has right and bodhisattvas have infinite resources
dick when i realized ultimate truth that intimate infinite resources
infinite no miraculous resources
you know
anything anymore mean every every moment of miracles possible because they're not attached to the situation but they also do this conventional practices of giving and so on
because that's that's the content of the the content of the
understanding of emptiness which is emptiness or all these compassion practices
so the compassion practices are filling the emptiness and emptiness
facilitates these forms of compassion
protects them from people grasping them and can grasp in the process hit you know it innovates and exhausts the practitioner
shall we go and save the world
the intermission
the extend to every the and place
the way these are numberless hi to save them really
the are inexhaustible ah train them and really
the are boundless ha to and yes
his way is unsurpassable ah to become as to who