Suzuki’s Curriculum Vitae

Given by Suzuki Roshi on Tuesday, September 16, 1969 -- (W)
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Tuesday, September 16, 1969 [I dated this 69-09-16 because it was made by Shunryu Suzuki with Kobun Chino’s assistance in order to help Suzuki with his interview with Peter Schneider dated that day. - DC-3-09] [Is this in his hand? Who made the notes?] [get original for clarification of tough to read words and words on margins that didn't get copied -- DC-circa 1996]
File name: 69-09-16-W: Suzuki’s Curriculum Vitae ss curriculum vitae Changed "older brother" to "older [dharma] brother"; "19523" to "1952-3" 3-6-2015 by DC. Changed "[no, didn't he leave a year earlier?] Went back to Japan" to "[Went back to Japan 1958. - dc]" 12-11-16.