Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Part 8

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i have a memory that i
made a request

for you to remember
and practice and transmit
stillness and silence in daily life
remember that request
how's it going
nobody knows nobody knows and
maybe that's good
have you have you been
enjoying remembering

have you been enjoying practicing stillness
every moment
that seems wonderful to me
thank you very much
is there anything he wished to bring up
wish your support throughout
police say my life to life support of still is

thank you for requesting that support and
it will be given
yes ms anderson
you don't enjoy what
i didn't ask if you enjoy soon as i asked are you enjoying remembering it
are you enjoying remembering it
but you don't show enjoy it
it seems like a tall order a tall order
why thank you
except if more is more like in this tall order is actually a tall request
i'm requesting it just a request it's not a order it's a tall request
it's a he answer
it's a limited request
an unlimited request may i make limited requests of view
and please understand their just requests i'm just telling you about my requests a you
i may i make unlimited requests of you

yeah thank you why not yeah well the reason will be the why not would be as you tell do not do not make unlimited requested me if you said that to me i will keep him to myself
but if you're saying okay than i feel invited to
to make unlimited requests a you which i would which i and i will enjoy making unlimited requests severe
and maybe i'll check before each time to see if you're still welcome yeah could you might actually right now i gotta head i don't say anything to me and i see okay later maybe
some great some great teachers have sometimes set you know not been up for the big request so they pass on the requested their students
so if you not read if if some time you're not ready for my request you can pass me onto one year students

the story number of times
one was not busy
i still feel
you don't feel like you got it
not necessary to get it
my fact if you don't have it
you can eat it
can eat this story i've been eating the story for long time and i will i probably will continue because i don't have it

did you say it hasn't adjusted properly
which one is that which moon is that
yes lewis
what's the
just suppressing what's the difference pain illness and yep stillness for to do an illness and stillness
so what's the difference between illness and what of stillness and what it just depressing
what to give his dreams suppressing and stillness
suppressing is moving
suppressing is moving it's moving
and when you move
in response to what has been given then you fall into a pit
that's the difference when you're still you don't fall into a pit and then when you still
you're ready for a new presentation
and if you still with that you get another one and another when you get a hot you get your life get your life get your life is given to you given to you and also when you're still with the life has given to you you don't have it
and when you don't have it which you never did and nobody does then you get to eat it
and have digestion problems maybe maybe not
but if you have digestion problems and you're still with digestive problems like
mind and object enter into realization and go beyond enlightenment
so the different between illness and stillness is at stillness is a response to illness
which brings freedom from illness
that liberal illness
makes congress
completely alive
some people who have well trained their ill and in their illness they are brilliantly
they are brilliantly
transmitting stones
like suzuki roshi was when he was dying

he was
maybe not perfect but he was quite still with the die with the illness
have we got to be with we got to be with his stillness with his illness
and this was a great transmission of stillness to us
and we he also practice with his illness
and i think he
remembered the stillness with his illness
and before we knew how sick he was i often say he was giving a talk in nut buddha hall at the san francisco city center of zen center
and he said things teach best when they're dying
and i i i don't i didn't ask other people can in the group how they felt but i thought he turn right to me and when look in my face and said things teach best when they're dying but maybe they felt like he was looking at them i don't know i didn't ask i was just thought why is he saying that to
but if we don't if we aren't still with this teaching we may miss we may miss it
so he was dying he was showing us how to be have you showing us how to be with his illness because many of us were young and not aware that we were dying
i'm not aware of being sick we thought he was sick and we were
but i think we also felt like
i felt like his teaching was unhindered by his illness
it changed like he couldn't at when he first announced
that he had liver cancer
army could still go to the zendo
but he but he stopped giving talks and giving touched his whole group didn't give any more talks and group but he still went to the zendo
and then i think he i don't know if you still doing leading the services but then he taught because he wasn't going to be able to he taught
another student in me how to how to leave the services because he wasn't going to be able to soon
and then after why i couldn't go to the zendo and after a while he couldn't go up and down the stairs from his room to the main floor
so we we made this we had this handgrip like i would hold my hand like this he won't move your
so you put put their hand in the sand
yeah we made a seat from like this and carried him up and down the stairs
but i didn't feel like a hawk come he's not teaching anymore when i was when we were carrying off down the stairs
and i said also i said i he was receiving a hawk a shiatsu massage and moxibustion from a japanese priest who knew how to do those things and i said roshi
i can i just watch why you have your treatments i won't ask any questions
so i've just watched him be treated
and i can still see him teaching as if he stood this teaching is transmission of stillness with his illness
i didn't feel like he was suppressing his illness
and i didn't feel like he was trying i thought he was
being quite still with it and quite cheerful and generous but he couldn't do the things he used to be able to do
but you still teaching us all all of us who were there to come and see yeah so stillness is not super isn't stillness is not suppressing movement
not stillness that's i'm not that is that's just dumb an impossibility
you can't suppress movement you can only be still with it
in honor it and when you honest it movement he had this wonderful movement and when your honor silence you have wonderful speech
yes eric
you're raking dust
very advanced
it seems harder i think most people feel like it is
to add a sense of why that is
well yea i have a sense of why it is and also i have stories about why it is but
i do not know why it is but i do hear that people have
it's harder for them to understand stillness when they're moving
when it's harder for them to understand
the stillness in which enlightenment is entering and leaving
tatarstan when they're involved in a measurable when you're involved in measuring
and to in particular measuring movement most people find it harder to do to appreciate that
and when you're moving and you realize stillness first you may be quite surprised
like one time i ought i was offering incense and out i had the incense in my fingers and i was moving through the air into the incense ball and i realized for the first time
while i was making the offering
and another time i was away from zen center for a month or two
and i came back to green gulch and i went to the
xander and i offered incense
and i thought how wonderful
to not do anything again
i realize that this considerable effort
what in a way i traveled across the country to go to bring out to not do anything and the way i did not do anything was to travel across the country and to go to the zendo and offer incense but i could see
i somehow didn't realize when i was on the east coast that i wasn't doing anything there
and i came back and touch this
the living spring of not moving
by offering incense
i had missed many opportunities on the east coast of realizing not moving while i was moving there
anyway i recovered
you know i'm in recovery
from what
from forgetting stillness
in daily life
and any and
yeah and so there are stories about why we forget like basically we forget because
of our habit to see movement
and not see and not be able to say stillness so as why we say
friends remember it and daily life cassettes were for most people it's harder
but even those harder it wasn't that difficult for me to say
friends remember
and you could say to yourself and won't be that hard to say to yourself when a little bit hard even to remember to say remember
but the prison where we have a zen center where we practice measurable stillness
and measurable silence like it starts there an ends there
and then people started moving and talking with really why practice denny's so that we can extend
not the measurable stillness but the immeasurable stones which were celebrating by are measurable stillness
and then we go and express the immeasurable stillness and our daily life but we're not saying this easy method we have a zen center so people can get a taste for it and when she ever taste you might be able to find it
while you're offering incense
on the bus
i met a they won't let you off for instance in the bus say might be able to realize that when you put your korean
into the coin receiver to lift a of queen receivers on buses

but either or but nobody really knows the karmic process by which we have a difficult time doing this does it your stories and nobody know a comic process by which we hear this teaching and and think i want to practice
but how does that happen i don't know
i'm just very happy that it
it has occurred
you're welcome

i do not suggest that matter of fact i would i can say
the buddha way is perfect and all pervading
it's immeasurable unthinkable unknowable ungraspable and so on unstoppable unavoidable
it's immeasurable and we must take it's measure
so i have faith in the immeasurable teaching of such as the immeasurable
holy communion and i have faith that i must take it's measure
it's measure is not hit its measure is my body and my mind that's it's measure its europe and is year body and your mind that's the mayor of it
and we must i must i want to and i must keep measuring the immeasurable by this little person
and to develop courage to be a little a little guy
and being and being a little guy was not afraid to be a little guy and is willing to say okay i'm a little guy
that's how that's the way i measure the immeasurable
but if i shrink back from being my limited person then i shrank back from
the relationship of the intimate communion of this little person and a big person or
this biased phenomenon of me a me that's not you
a bias thing that an intimate relationship with something as unbiased
unprejudiced impartial all pervading
reality reality is not partial
so i encourage us to take the measure of the immeasurable take the measure of the immeasurable stillness by are measurable stillness which is this body sitting kind of still in a zendo in a mess
notation hall in a cavern in a canyon with you
i wanna do that i do do that i do do that and i wanna do that and i'd been doing that and i haven't i do not regret doing it taking the measure
of the immeasurable by this body and mind
taking a measure of the immeasurable world with a measurable world and a measurable world is as kathy pointed out in the perfect wisdom searchers the measurable world is year five aggregates and the buddha also said the measure
the world is your body
measure the world with your body
wholeheartedly and you'll realize the immeasurable world
so make an effort
yeah please do cause you do

my dad said that when i was kid my dad said that abraham lincoln was called honest abe but there's one thing he said which wasn't true
which what when he said the world will little note nor long remember what we say here

that's not true the room
did note and does remember what he said but then he also said but they will never forget what they did here and that's true
so i won't say that the world will little note nor long remember what we say here but i will say i won't say that
but i will say the world will remember what we did here today that we practiced
holy communion together the world will remember that
that it's changing this world in the direction we want
so may we continue
until you have to carry me up the stairs
i say until but at that time it will continue
when i can't walk any anymore he walked for me
when i guess it anymore
you sit for me

there's so much about the dharma that i wish to share with you but i think it's time to stop
here today and making this temple alive
may i intend to share equally extend to every being and plays way to marry
buddha as way the numberless hi
save them delusions are inexhaustible ah
hi to end then die
i'm on a sour boundless
the to encourage them
as way is unsurpassable
actually become it

thank you