Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Part 8

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on website faster for years both
to commemorate next to each other check okay
we just sang a song

about up about a samadhi
a state of awareness
that is com
an open
where there's a body and mind are flexible and bright
and this samadi is in this awareness is contemplating
a precious mirror
is contemplating
the teaching of such this
he's contemplating an intimate
is contemplating a holy communion
and the holy communion is like up has like a precious mirror
and the holy communion is a teaching
but it's not from one side to the other it's a it the teaching is the communion
and so we sang a song about
being mindful
an open
and com
holy commonly present with this with this holy communion
i honor the thought which has just arose in my mind which was sort of not what i wanted to have come up right now but here it is and the thought is that
i'm looking at you through a window
however the window is not transparent
when i look at you through this window i actually realized that this window i'm looking at you
the window which i'm looking at to look at you is actually a mirror
and i want to see you and i'm enjoying seeing you but i'm also really seeing myself
the mirror doesn't actually obscure you
you're not obscured
it just the way i see you
is as myself
i see you as my life that's not an obligation of you
but you're not just the way i see you as my life you're also the way you are everybody's life but i can see that
so the image of looking out through a window at everybody and but actually and that's how i look at everybody but actually i see myself
that window is in a house
and the house
yeah the house i have also i can look at the house
through another window and the house i see is also me
but there's another house just like there's another you besides the you i see you as me there's another house which i can't see
and to site there's another you that i can't see and then nobody can see there's an inconceivable you
you are not an appearance except in the mind of sentient beings then you an appearance but
you really aren't in appearance
in my body isn't can appearance the house in which the were there is wind up very windows is not an appearance although i can look at it and then it's an appearance
it's only appearance when i look at it through my mirror
and the body in which this mirror is living his body is indirect communion with your body which is in direct communion with everybody's body and this direct holy communion nobody can see
and it is not an appearance
it's a communion a communion is not an appearance
it's it's it's an intimate transmission it is
it is buddha and ancestors
so we sing a song about the possibility of a practice of remembering
this holy communion while also accepting
that we are limited
by the mirror
that we look at
our life
through a mere
and that's that limits us and if we can accept this limitation of our consciousness
which is that in consciousness things appear in consciousness
which look like they're not consciousness like you look you don't look like consciousness but in fact what i'm looking at when i'm seeing his consciousness but the teaching tells me all these people are not just your consciousness however they're intimately related to your consciousness and to your
body and your unconscious process
if i can accept this limit
of my consciousness i can realize or we can realize the unlimited holy communion
the unlimited
intimate transmission of the liberating
so let me say now and i probably will say again dear friends please remember
and practice and transmit
this holy communion
which doesn't appear
which doesn't appear it is not an appearance it doesn't appear to me doesn't appear to you it doesn't appear to buddha's because it's not an appearance is reality
reality includes appearances
but it's not one of them

in the song says a hair's breadth deviation will fail to accord with the proper attunement
atonement tournament was what well holy communion
tournament with
the intimate transmission a hair's breadth
deviation a hair's breadth difference between yourself and others
and in fact there isn't a hair's breadth deviation between yourself and others
however in consciousness there appears to be
some separation
we're limited by being presented with an appearance of the beings that we're not a hair's breadth separate from
and the bees looked like the at least a hair's breadth separate
or a foot separate or a miles separate
they looked that way this is this is part of our limitation
that we need to accept
so the samadi is focusing his remembering
an inconceivable intimate communion
that's not an appearance
the somalis are remembering an unlimited
but an order to realize this unlimited reality we must truly accept our limited reality that appearing in our consciousness
for that appears as our consciousness
with this holy communion
is called
several names one of the names is
the precious mirror awareness another name is
self receiving and self implying awareness
and in those awareness is does not a hair's breadth deviation
and another name for this in our school is the zaza is kind of a nickname
for these somebody's
sitting meditation
it's meditating and in sitting
and meditation is this precious mere samadi
the meditation is this
self receiving and employing samadi
and in this samadhi
if you're in this samadhi in this sitting meditation
can each and each moment of the sitting meditation
which is limited

each moment of his meditation is equally
the same practice an equally the same enlightenment
of the limited being
and all biggs
it's the same practice of the person sitting
that's the kind of sitting in his it's a sitting that you know like i'm here i'm doing it
this bodies sitting upright this limited bodies sitting upright for now
this limited body
okay and this limited bought it is limited body has a limited mind
an unlimited mark
and the limited mind remembers
a practice which is the same practice as this limited person and all beings i remember that practice
and it is said that if all the buddhas throughout space and time try to measure the merit of one per
person zazen not to mention tried to measure and one person's as in this case is not the one person's in
which only they do it's the one person zazen which is the same practice and the same enlightenment of all things if one if the buddhist try to measure your zaza and practice which is the same size and practices all as our zazen practices
they will not be able to measure it
it is immeasurable it is not an appearance were singing a song about this awesome
this doesn't remove all suffering
this season is the liberation of all beings we remember it
it is immeasurable
it is immeasurable and we must
take it's measure
and the way we take it's measure
is with this body
this body is the measurement of the immeasurable
your body is the way you take the measure of the immeasurable
your limits are the way you accept your limits
and by accepting your limits you accept the unlimited
function of holy communion
when i was
sacramento last weekend jim hair told me about an article about
surfing in the new yorker
when i read it
and e in the article that the surfer who wrote the article spoke about
the ocean but also about the surf in the ocean
you can be i guess out in the ocean and a boat which is great
but there's certain parts of the ocean
which kind of offer an opportunity to meet the ocean with your own body
and also said something like
the surf for our surfer
is a refuge
a refuge from you know their land their land lubber life
but it's also
a wilderness
it's a dynamic different world
and it is asked the surface also immeasurable i he said actually
effectively immeasurable
but you must take it's measure which means get the body on the surfboard and go meet the surf
so i felt
the see why gym recommend the article cassettes like are and practice
we put our body on the surfboard in our case the surfboard is the earth
there were sitting on
can we
and in that place we meet the surf the dynamic wilderness
of the holy communion holy communion is a dynamic wilderness he will never be tamed
and we are never
a hair's breadth separate from it
one of the what will suit me another a surfboard we have
is are not as a surfboard actually another opportunity have is another body surf board opportunity we have is called stillness
there is infinite stillness
and there's
finite jonas

so this is this a holy communion
he's going on his stillness
the song says if you're excited it becomes a pitfall
sounds like surfing
for it also says the another translation if you're excited his move
move and you're trapped
so we're in this intimate communion we have a limited body
and if we move
to get it
we lose it
when we get trapped in our movement and miss the stillness
which we can never get away from
the holy communion a stone is is happening in stillness
so the song of the self receiving and implying somebody says
mind and objects
one translation says appear and disappear in stillness
in other words consciousness in which there's mind and objects
in cup consciousness appears and disappears appears disappears arises and ceases
and when it arises there's mind and object or rather there's mind which nose and mind which is known
mine which nose and mind which which is known they arise and seats together
the teaching as they arise and ceased together in stillness
when objects arise they may seem to move
when my and when object to rise they must they must be mined arising with it
if active mine is not arriving but just present there must be an object in consciousness it is no object there's no awareness is awareness to must be awareness of object in consciousness
that's one translation of the of the original text of this samadhi song
the translation is in stillness
mind and objects
mind and objects
oh mind and objects
merge with realization and go beyond enlightenment in stillness mind and objects merge with realization and go beyond enlightenment
but literally
it says in the middle of stillness in my in the middle of stillness
and the character and also means silence in the middle of stillness and silence
mind and objects
enter realization
and leave awakening
but i would say the text of the say so but i see a circle
enter realization
leave awakening
enter realization
leave awakening and to realization
i should we leave awakening and used to chinese words one means realization and the other means a wake up
in stillness
mind and objects enter into awakening
then they leave awakening and enter realization
then because of realization they enter awakening and then they leave awakening
so this is what's going on
in stillness
i think i said friends
please remember and practice
and transmit this holy communion
one way to do this is friends please remember
and practice
and transmit stillness
in daily life
and again rim remember a limited stillness
and remember the immeasurable stillness
in practice it
practice the limited stillness which you've been doing this morning
and why you practice delimited stillness upsetting
remember also the unlimited stillness
michigan which i can't see and you can't see
i have faith in him
kicking the measure of the infinite immeasurable stillness by sitting with this body i have faith in taking a measure
of the immeasurable holy communion
but i also have faith in the whole immeasurable holy communion which i cannot take the measure of
sorry i tried to remember and be mindful
of this limited body being still
and i also try to remember
the immeasurable stillness in which mind and objects are entering and leaving
entering an enlightenment and letting it go
and by letting it go entering it again
and entering it again letting it go and thereby entering it again i'd try to remember that and practice that and trance mid i tried to remember to transmit the transmission
i tried to remember the holy communion to transmit the holiday community
i have a story to tell but also i want to call on charlie
and i don't know
how i come to be calling on charlie
someone could say well you're calling on him because he's sitting in front of you someone else might say you're calling on him because he's sitting in front of you and he raised his hand someone else my site say you're calling on him because he sitting in front of you and raised his hands and you love him someone else might say
all that's true but also yeah your eyes open so you could see
but i really don't know how it happens that i happened to be calling on him how did my calling upon him arise i don't know really it is inconceivable
i just told a story about it but i could tell others
but the main thing i want to say the main story i wanna say is that why i calling on him my i will call him someday
is inconceivable
now you can gonna it's can appear now
there's they can be an appearance hey yes i'm going to make us good
make this good
make this holy communion good
what's the difference in the relationship between awakening in realization
well the way i'm use term and not everyone will agree they weren't with the word awakening means awakening from delusion
you know once i thought we were separate
and then i awoke from that delusion
and i i suddenly awoke from the delusion
now that i'm awake
i give up that awakening
and enter realization which is freedom
from freedom from delusion and i was realization you're not holding onto
that liberation and when you're not holding onto that liberation from the delusion that were separate from the delusion that there isn't holy communion going on
when you give that up and when you give it up you can have another one and give that up
is saying and i awoke to realization in a different from saying i realized awakening are they interchangeable and away what is a verb the others two now
i wouldn't say exactly they're interchangeable but i would say they pivot on each other they they are in an intimate
transmission with each other
so there is there isn't a tradition some sense that you can suddenly
suddenly wake up from delusion
and then
and a delusion is like poetry does you wake up from he also then open to not diversion which is
a measurable delusions measure
so when you wake up in the delusion you like god delusion and you open to the immeasurable the realization of the immeasurable
is a is a in sometimes gradual process where over time you integrate the immeasurable with the measurable so first why you wake up from believing that the measurable his reality
then that awakening launches you into a process of integration
of the him without giving up to measurable you know you integrate the measurable which you now no longer believe is the immeasurable you integrate the measurable integrate the measurable which means your daily life with the immeasurable that's the process of re
realization to make what you open to when you forgot
that your limitations were
in not limited
to integrate that openness for in that openness in that stillness sexually in that stillness of the openness to this inconceivable world you integrate the limited
with the unlimited so in that process will continue for the time of awakening from delusion until realizing complete perfect buddhahood
such as a long process as of integration with reality long process for verifying reality
so you can verify that reality is inseparable from are limited life
so there's initial awakening from the delusion that are limited life is reality
and then there is a long process
of integrating the reality which is unlimited with are limited
reminds me of recording heard yesterday somebody asked ernest hemingway how did you go bankrupt and usually money and he says well
gradually then suddenly
that's kind of the reverse
it is kind of the reverse and this is a e i'll go into more detail on this but
it's can one one direction is you have your wealth and you gradually throw it away
and then i finally thrown it all away completely suddenly have none the other way is you have this wealth but you don't see it and then you wake up to it and then you gradually integrate the waking you wake up to your wealth but then you gradually integrate that awakening
until you fully realize your wealth so one direction is sometimes called the dependent core arising of our true nature the other one's called the dependent arising
of karmic ah consequence
thank you
so the story
i don't know how that happened if you'd bet your hand or came up i don't know what did that the story we don't tell before i call on simon
but before i contact i just want a court charlie
the vicinity quarters hemingway i want to call a book called him and about two months ago we are talking here and he said so it looks like a bodhisattva cannot have their cake and eat it too
bodhisattvas cannot have their cake bodhisattvas can only not have their kit when not bodhisattvas can not have their cake and i've seen nobody can have their cake but bodhisattvas can have their cake and eat it to some people think i can't eat my cake if they don't have it
and smart people say i have it but i i don't want it but i also want to eat it but i'm afraid to e-tickets and i won't have it bodhisattvas trained to not have a cake so that so that they can eat it same thing i've been talking about today
but here's the story
once upon a time
one of the two of the ancestors of our lineage
juan's name is douche and the other one's name is union in chinese style means ah
nice path awakening or awakening to the path awakening of the practice
dow and the other person's name is union which means cloudy cliff so union one day was sweeping the ground
i'm maybe be raking the ground
which some of you will be doing today here in this temple
very was
now i didn't know if somebody's going to be walking around here
making comments while you're working
but in in that temple long time ago
the wonderful ancestor union was raking the ground sweeping the ground and his brother came up to him and said you're too busy
in union said you should know you should remember
that there's one who's not busy
and then
darwish said while then other two moons
and yeah raised his broom
and said which moon is this

you're moving too much
you should know that there's one who's not moving
how those two moons
which one is this
so during work buried today lunching take a little break but during work period
when you're working
someone may be walking around
and my come up to you and say
you're too busy
the or you're moving
i got you
and then you and you don't don't do recall don't evade the indictment
just received the indictment year moving
just listen
but then you get to say please remember
please remember that somebody's not moving
and that person might say on the other two moons and don't say yes there are no the art
although in a way yes there are hidden away northern road
but which one is this
is this moving
where is the stillness
so please remember
and practice
and transmit the stillness
in your daily life
simon did you want to say something

could you say it louder please so that cat can hear you raise your hand if you can hear him dead a raise your hand if you can sign when you say that again simon keaton here the do you
he did
okay some people didn't hear loud or simon i'd like you to tell a story about transmission
i heard you say that i just told one did you hear it i did not what you you're going to ask that question before i told the tutorial transmission
and i don't know how that happened
a picnic
add another story
to clarify
he said
and sometimes i remember to transmit
something like that
yeah there a difference between
a realization that transmitting
well there's not a really a difference between
realization and not realization
but there seems like there is
but there isn't really
in order for there to be realization there needs to be remembering what is to be realized
and there needs to be practicing what is to be realized
and there needs to be transmission so actually for their to be transmission of what
have holy communion which is in wish there is no so difference between the holy buddhas in the ordinary people the holy buddha's teach that there's no difference between us and all living beings who have not yet
realized perfect buddhahood or there's no difference between us and those who are giving us a chance to tell somebody that there's no difference
even know the other boaters would listen to me if i told them really they don't need me to
if there's only buddha's i will not going to talk
i'm not gonna
appear to move my mouth and tongue
but in the realm where i talk
some of the people who are listening to me think that they're different from

and or not
i remember that were not different i remember that we that i do not live without you the boot is remember that
i remember that we're always in holy communion and we don't have to move to realize it matter of fact if we move we get distracted i remember that
and because i remember it i practice it and because i practice it i realize it and because i realized that i transmit it however
the transmission has not been realized by everybody that i'm intimately communicating with some people are resisting this transmission
even though i'm i'm transmitting
and i'm transmitting and i'm remembering the transmission
and i'm happy to do so
and i'm not in a hurry even though i would like this to happen
as soon as possible
and i had wanting it to happen as soon as possible gives me more opportunities for patients
and patients is part of the holy communion
it's full of patience and generosity and so on
so all the transmission stories are stories of remembering this intimacy
pack practicing it and transmitting it
and sent in some of those stories
the blessed friend of the teacher
it's angry at the transmission
like the bless the blessing student says i already have transmission i don't need anymore
and the teacher says oh great tell me about it and a student tells a teacher and teacher says ah what i thought that they did that you didn't have the transmission
and a student gets angry and storms off and they didn't thanks
while may be
maybe i should reconsider
he supposed to be a good teacher me i didn't i don't need him but he supposed to be good maybe i'm being too hasty and while the students
walking away from the teacher the teacher thinks if she comes back she can be liberated if she doesn't that won't be good and but she comes back in most the stories we remember
and they meet again
and now the teacher makes the offering
and now that
a student
except it it was always being offered
but they were they wanted to hold on
do something
it's like this magical creation of hindrance arises
and it seems like it's sufficient to feel like it's
think we failed to
realize the proper tune
even though the teacher saying we already have the attunement
please accept it
but many stories when the teacher says that the student has to
say no we know i don't agree so the teacher says
in the perfect acumatica says as to what i thought i i thought you didn't understand anything that's that's the the atonement that's how the that's all the teacher with perfectly attuning but the next response was no thanks i don't need your attunements i don't need your offering this is not well
i'm not going to welcome this teaching
so many stories of great students not welcome in great teacher stations
and then sometimes when they realized how kind the teacher was an offering them this teaching which they didn't want them when they finally see what the kitchen was they realize they sometimes say alexa is not much to it
because it's just you know
it's just us being together it's like it's i just it's just us in this intimacy it's not the teachers and have much the teachers and have anything more than that
teacher didn't have anything and teachers enjoying not having anything which is the way everything is the way everything is there's nothing has anything
so and yet when the teacher offers that it seems like something which you can reject
but if you come back for second helpings
sometimes you're ready to eat so part of it is an opening the throw it right

yes john in the story from the show rookery dollars is it down or yeah news the teacher
which is which is a teacher

a teacher is their relationship
and they are in this case the two players
who demonstrate the teacher
well and also the broom
the three of them
and also the ground
the ground the broom and the two brothers
the way the dirt a communing that's the teacher
and if you look at that will you look at union is addison master is alison master
or if the earth is and master
is a broom zen master
while this brute you know it's all twisted and most of its most of the straw has fallen off
previous in their case of bamboo room room
it's that's pretty crummy broom could that be a zen master bedroom
and i've told you many times a story about when i visited a a noted zen master and in japan
and i knew him when he was younger
like a new a million ways in his seventies and eighties and then i met him when he was almost ninety
and he was like his eyes were watering and his mouth was drooling
he can still sit in his chair but
he couldn't say hello or goodbye
and he was a great calligrapher
and he couldn't hold a brush
maybe you could hold a brush but i i don't think anybody wanted to see what he would do with it
and i looked at him and i thought
where is the zen master
and at that time i was looking at him where is a zen master over there i wasn't looking at his some of his students who are sitting next to me cry
nine years later i realized me asking me wondering where the zen master is in his presence him being in communion with me and me asking the question in english which he couldn't ask where is a zen master who is a zen master
what is a zen master that wondering about what a zen master is what a teacher is and that in the relationship where that question arises i think we have a zen master
if you walk around this place and take care of it
who's the one who not busy
if you're wondering that wire taking care of this world i think there's a zen master in the neighborhood

some very high i'm happy that we have erica lane is a wonderful street
it's so welcoming to your cars
and i'm graduate friars lane
but just for fun we might secretly think of it has zen masters land
or maybe not even that
think of it as
who is who is the zen master lane or what is a zen master line the lane in which you wonder what is a zen master
does she get welcome to come here and wonder what that what is a master is is it a man is it a woman
what is it
and to be filled with or why you ask to be filled with amazement that your life has come to this
and are walking around on the earth wondering what a zen masters while how did i get here
and also doubt that you know what is and master is or that anybody else including the buddha's knows what as and master is
but i think i proposed you that that wondering will realize
will realize this holy communion i propose that to you
thank you
come are you happy
well thank you very much for attending this morning
have an ad no abode and now we're going to have an afternoon
please enjoy it
the and to read the place where
matter the survey the
amber less
to say them