September 28th, 1971, Serial No. 00058

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ah first ball oh right to introduce
ah new priest
ah for lived some dead center of few days ago who his name is ah
i am i do all your mother
you know
new thing
ah he will stage united states for two years or over two years i think song and how since sarah practice with us
no i'm new boy mm
i'm very happy to meet you
ah i
go america on the twenty first day on this man
the day was a new layer diversity days you gonna wake up in japan
young as a means
been a new one
allianz the energy
america is the another show
being from japan of cause
this is a telling on this is a
july guy telling the other show goes
need a profound meaning
i think
i know i don't run on a pint of america
in this zone center
yeah mind i think
yeah they kind and a honest
we go

this building i like
good this futon
i am i am
most guy no smarter
does not like you talk a bit smug
moreover we are very happy
and to out
supreme teacher
and he says accuracy and it's continues
someday i want to be doing my mind to become like them
i will endeavor
i will go as avenue
our study we knew

and a member who
how for my english was when i came to san francisco
a particularly when circular he introduced me to xenserver students
it was so my english was really poor
it was beyond
was was there beyond would you say i explanation
it's awful
but there month since say are way games
we're very happy to invite such as a
new priest for speak good english

i don't see my english is
good deal for now
ah well


if you study
the history of zen buddhism
i think you will find
ah famous zen master of war is founded of soto zen in japan
named dogan zheng jie
ah you'll be familiar with his name
because they must have as circulation i always talk by dan duncan bench
who is
he found ah
note he
a seeked i
no excuse me he looked out for
the light of zen master
and any other buddhist teacher
ah he ordered to r
is pick doubt saying
the all sentient beings all human beings are based on buddha nature why is it we have to practice
to seek the buddha nature
on this question is
was vey heavy for him at that time
day in day out
ah he looked out for famous same master
or another buddhist teacher
in order to find the solution this question
the unfortunately he couldn't
they find a solution this question question
thank you made up his mind to go to tyler
ah to see
to see
the old zen buddhism in china

them when
the know after
excuse me on arrival
of tyler
ah he had tons to see
ah famous zen master of of who had the petition of kindle
of who was the old age
ah maybe his seventies
our seventies or eighties were anyway this all day master was hale and hearty in his seventies or in his eighties
then at that time i she came to
the tongue to find his to to get the mushroom he ordered to serve the monks
the docking asked him why is it you have to come to the town to get the mushroom because you obey old
why don't you stay in the monastery and studying the reading the book of the
a embodies
because there are many young monks
ha of who odd i took over your job
instead of your instead of all age in person
but at that time all this them master says
a young monk
you don't know exactly you want to practices

on that time
the token didn't you don't know exactly what to practice is
then he asked dogging asked him what the practice what the practice
the them master says
ah prop at the same muster says there is nothing to be hidden in this universe
on this is practice when our wiki want them master wanted to tell and the token what the meaning of the practice

ah let's consider
the about her a duncan's are picked out why is it we have to practice even though we are based on the buddha nature
or you should keep in mind that their lease already some question already some question the moment when dogging have don't can make a question why is it
we have to practice even though we are put nature in an lying essence
i can't make a question we are more on age we are more on each saying we are born in each young earth to make a question see as the buddha nature on watch on with
everybody is based
is consider his consider
as our consider a considered
are comparing with computing with another idea
the i am not the buddha nature i am a camera people you know
yeah the earth compare compelling with a pair of ideas the buddha nature and com people what enlightened man or unenlightened men
then when when you attack to the idea of enlightened man that time you have to have to make a question we are what what did right and man did some say mainland
then next moment when you see when you look upon yourself oh i'm not not man i'm not qualified to be enlightened man well if so what an enlightened man
you have to come you have to continue making prison like this the movement with your tats to the idea of whatever
when the moment when you see it
the idea of enlightenment or only nineteen
the but in buddhism ceremony buddha's teaching is based on a middle way
okay the middle ways very important teachings
by in japan know
a middle ways not to the merely middleweight k what she you are you do supposed
the independent one of for governments
ah the government sir
code as spoke ah not excuse me one for governments ah
he described the policy of his own
when he had when he had to campaign or for government's campaign or got government
on the street
he said
i don't belong to
our democratic
i don't belong to
ah the policy of the communism
it does belong to the middleweight
at that time one among the audience said hey
be careful not to crash into the streetcar for woods which runs in the middle of the street
don't be careful can be a priest be careful be careful not to crash into the streetcar runs in the middle of the street
what this is point well let's imagine than the disease sir
i think maybe and it a sir
and twelve inches long anyway
too much deceased
i'll tell when does belong along
if you want the middle point of this of this trail were inches
what is the middle point
what if you want if you want to find a middle point
how much
yet six points has sixteen to see you then i want now to get the middle point then
ah you got the six inches you got a you will get you will get the point of was six inches see you then this is middle point
but this middle point is
not to ignore
the zero point or twelve points and twelve inch the this point
he ordered to get this point of the six inches
how can you get how can you get this middle point of the six inches
can you get let's imagine can you get the middle point on the six interests ignoring in morning
the this size this point or that point universe
the torode the totality of this length
k u
i don't think so
if you if you want to get the middle point of six inches
you have to understand first this this point and that point you're the world's yeah others you have to understand the totality of this rings what is called twelve inches and that time you can get you can get the point six
if so the idea or middle ways not to ignore not to ignore the idea of enlightened men or the idea of an enlightened man okay if you
want to get the middle way in life you have to understand the totality of the human life
oh who are based on who is based on the bus
an a men the idea of enlightened men or the in nine an enlightenment
and that time you can get the middle way middle way in life
the middle way is not to ignore i don't want that i'm dude and if you practice zazen in on the you ask always how can i get laid off my doing to my thought i'd say it's impossible it's impossible the more you want to get little for doing
do or thoughts running through you add the more you find lots of thoughts
even though it will know you can get rid of the one one of five thoughts
then next moment i don't want i don't want the another thoughts so you think i don't i want to get rid of for second diligence yeah there was another diligence but strictly speaking what to think what to think i want to get laid off for
the delusion is already diligence
is already rent in the middle of middle of the thoughts running through your head
so strictly speaking you can get you can get rid of that the your thoughts your diligence
so if you want to get rid of for your diligence to use hearts we have to understand the totality in life including the enlightenment including diligence including thoughts
this is middle way kate
the middle way in this respect the middle way is
that the self that the that you must be expensive expansive
into into not only the diligence now only the a idea of diligence but also into the idea of enlightenment euros that you must be expansive expansive into
the tone early in life it was it should be open anyway first before you are affected with the ideal doodle or thoughts or enlightenment bureau or got ends on whatever
the you are the self who is sitting right now must be in expensive
at least to this self who is about to set
before you are affecting with your diligence
then while you are attached to what you are looking into looking into the what the and what to the enlightened may is you can understand the exactly
the sofa is expansive continuously always into yourself into divulging into the enlightenment
into others into universe anyway
then the master said dog and and says
does doucet do doesn't consider as containers can cause i is you should you should be expensive
to the thing itself today yourself
before you suffer before you suffer from the thoughts or diligence
and any other ideas of enlightenment buddha and song
or this is practice
by even i even dorgan
the suffered so much fun the idea
why we have to practice but even though we are based on purim age
that time every token
looking into
a one sided idea but just called enlightened men
oh buddha
he didn't understand an enlightened and was he didn't understand the totality or in life
the totality of practice
including night to mint including diligence
that's why he asked the know all of them master you are so old that it is not necessary to come to the tongue and
to get to marshall to serve
the monks
why don't you ask a young monk to come here and get the marshall
at that time the duncan says you are very old
you are they or this is already question and am young you are old
see you are american this is all very questionable

well absolutely am douglas a can get rid of this reality or you can get rid of this that reality
you are american
this is true
but the least something more than
so to discriminations
before you suffer from the idea of japanese the idea of mannequin
the lists there is the absolute praise where you you can be expensive into yourself into hours into all human being into all sentient beings
that's why you can say or poor boy when you see poor man a poor boy
whoever the day are
this is practice this is practice
but that for dogan didn't you ask are you are so old that there is now a side to work hard why don't you ask a young monks
it is already question that find them have says you don't know exactly what practices

my master a passed away the eighty hitting five years old and to the eighty five years are
until his death he walked he walked
i was faye amazed
when i went to watch them or when i became a zen priest that time he was some ice thinking he he was the sixties
he was not the hale and hearty in
in the even in kids sixties and seventies but he worked continuously
smart to see can he could
sometimes i thought i thought the i thought there
cool my master
why don't you take a rest
please take me last please take a rest
why don't you have a coffee break

pace he just the continue
and that they said don't worry about
my body's my body i know so well my body
if i think i need some rest i will
the why don't you have your breakfast is already knew question questionable in
because i pick up the somewhere do you are old man
if for example if you look if i look at the small tiny flowers and to siren of
at the side of the rod
a tiny further but it is beautiful
you say i say or poor fryer
why don't you brew went on to bloom there in beautiful garden
where everybody pay reputation to you
why is it you let to the flow of your life force room
as such a place
where nobody pay attention or poor father were in a stimulating drugs
all he asked to do is to let the vote for his life was bloom that's all
whatever i say for what you are very beautiful

this is parked his for this tiny flower this is practice for in my master
how order he was
i don't mean know you you you push you pushed to the old man to work hard it's not say and all me that kid who don't wish old men
to work hard that's poor really poor man
so priest prays de consider it was offered to a man on ma'am please take a rest that's all right
but david's you should keep in mind that there is something which is called practice what is called practice on what's that the young man or old man must be based on based
why he has to do it is what he has to do anyway
you can't send the presented tive
you can is sender is representative
from and zero
i am happily so there you are they old please pick a list
then i will find some my representative for help from the zen center students you are then send center one of those that are students said here i am kind of get it's nonsense and sciences

oh wherever i am
poor english or good english or intelligence or not intelligent
wow great them monster or poor their master
whatever i whatever i'll defect to pull myself wherever you criticize me
there is something there is something were to have to do you
the goddess of the idea or poor man or good man
this is practice desist practice
that's why they must have says oh you don't know exactly what the practice is
then the dogan now nonetheless that can and had very strong desires to seek what the practices want a buddha nature is then he asked what the practices
they must say there is nothing to be hidden
if you think if i if you think oh i am poor spread them pre them students it ms
it ms you immediately you look at yourself in this add the corner of small box small box and same for you are correct picture take the amp a speck of dust from the corner to small box
says carefully
and they you find oh i am poorest fifth period to xin created dental students
the in a big word you're not big box that pays more bucks
not in the middle of the box at the corner of the box
whatever you say i am good spirits of them priest then students
the moment when fine when we you find yourself to be a good spirits of xin and then students
next moment you will find yourself to be poor spirit of design students this is really true
there you have to continuously to kick up a technical aspect of does with discord a good spirit the the students a poor spirit of zen student going and coming pumpkin and for us you know tinder universe in
that's why it lead you to one confused to another

they ever do it and even poorer spirits of the students or good spirit to the students
existing the same word
same word
not in the small box in the big word which is called transit see the principle of the transience discipline or the transit
what everything is in perpetual for on the move
like a stream liver
you can't pick up
but do you bring our own mind wanted you want to pick up a speck of dust the moment when you find it
by it is not the practice it is not the practice true practice the to practice is that you are expensive expansive through and through to the self to the south
who settle on for settle himself on the south
you must be expensive to yourself to others and earth as long as you sit on the doesn't
you sit zazen you must be expensive to zuzhi itself
before you pick up the a speck of dust at the corner of small box
spicy mustard says there is nothing to be hidden

let's imagine you are on the airplane the airplane

the as long as you are inside of the airplane
what did frying in the high ears hire
you have to trust on airplane
you have to trust on pirates this to addis while others and yourself

the airplane is a praise
right on the street right in the stream of fire water
what is cold
what is called trans nc
what is called perpetual phone move
the now on the airplane including you and including you others including pirate including stewardess

but when you look at we look at yourself and others an airplane
from the getting out of the stream of the water which is called airplane you will feel you feel you feel fear off
oops scare

because nobody knows
what is in his for in store for us what will be in store for us
in even even in a moment in if you think it if you think of yourself if you think of where apron
immediately you feel fear
decor at at that time you will find their lp a which is moving so fast
but strict is picking you have to be right on the stream on to get liver
when you write in the stream of the river water you don't understand your talent realise whether you stream a stream of the water is moving including a airplane or yourself
you and others and even me a are praying seem to stop

but anyway important point is
you have to be you have to be right on the airplane
yeah was right on right on april right a d right on is to trust yourself to trust the on yourself to trust on a airplane to trust the on the pilot and stewardess and saw everything
including circumstances see
at that time you feel comfortable

then no more or less
ah there are many things many things which crops up
if you go to japan i think cars to ah to serve you three times
serve you and you have to eat of big meal for three times
about for nine hours maybe twelve hours with the money or treat
when not do you have to but if you don't want i don't want but you you say i don't want think not thank you that's all that's okay but sometimes i feel guilty i have to eat
two honest to honest so eight three times
i felt us a good in stomach was looks like a swarm

and ten that time wise to a why they have to serve three time for for nine o'clock for nine hours it's nonsense
dang i don't want you know i said it's nonsense
we even though it's not what what is what i think it's nonsense is also a one pie one or for that is so long my good friends with discord transcend see you know which is called the stream of the river
even a nonsense the idea of nonsense three times meals are all moving with me with me and they raped in the middle of the stream i say all one need man says or does good delicious seems they smear
this is a good miss key stake in
why don't serve the green tea
next time next town so after right out to dinner the this tour the sun the champagne while some king
now and then ran out the champagne sure the sprinter whiskey while risky
sometimes i said i say oh it's nonsense it's too much sometimes oids and this site to serve as compare to dinner
because them were already for have no spirits pip is geared for praise spare room to to pull in
but whatever whatever ice i think all things in together in all a movie
the lp
not out of the aop you can't
right on the streaming the airprint
are those are not to tell rule events
but old tema de for hijackers makes appearance in front of you he or up this is calvary vit
when even can hijacker is part moving in moving in our industry move the river
in the airplane in the mp
all things good and bad nonsense or good taste or whatever you think all things moving in the same stream same street but the moment immediately military when hijacker mix of
parents in front of you are pointing the d
pointing the gay do your test to withdraw revolvers hold up
you feel i don't want to die so p scott
don't let me die
it's ms already immediately you tried to get out of the stream or river stream moves are in a statement river
stream of the death scream with death i don't want
that time you feel scare
but actually let's imagine we you are about to die
withdrew revolver found revival when you how do you feel
you feel scare don't think so on
all you have to do is just to experience bit shock one picks up oh that's all
and then this one big shock is identical with death there's no fears no fear
let's fight them muscle that them mustard the though when they must was killed by the soldier visa slot with one strong
that then he says sir
ah he says a fresh of sander
cut in peace the breeze of the spring breeze spring breeze
something like that no fears
this is for exists you from that's all
but if the height of go try to slowly you
in the point against your chest with knife very slowly like this when you really scare
why wow
wait a minute
please wait a minute before i am die i want to delay sorts of things to do some
i have to tell my wife i am about to pass away priests were on
now i have to tell my wife while much money have much money i live i will leave please wait a minute but even the whatever you say as your goal is longer exists
can you wait for this death with calmly composure is pre art
because you are already looking at the death you know out of the steam the townsend see and was cream with death death even death is already moving bay quick
even a birth even death is moving
in the airprint
the sense that nothing special
but when a hijacker does a lit the his knife moves slowly
the you can we help looking looking looking at the nine death out of the stream of their death you can be you can't be right on the stream of the death you can't tell you you have to always to cut the fire you
but the woman when you are right on
the stream of the death is on a death before you are way off
the top
and then at that time
now only you
it is not necessarily
for now only you to die but also everybody die now all word completely
disappears right guard commerce shuttles
the tall
to when you die everything is disappear
this word is completely disappear
but am still scare
to the death it's easy to say in that way
but it's pretty hard to experience with whole your body and mind
that's why we need practice
always just just continuation or being right on right on
we use them the birth when you say this is bruce
right on being right on
the stream of the test would you say this is the death
you have to be right on the stream of the doesn't when you say diseases doesn't

was it is it ms that you are expansive into yourself before you suffer from the death from the birth from the doesn't for me pay from your thoughts
we do it
there is nothing there is no better way than is no better way to settle to settle yourself on self with dignity than to just right on the stream of zazen
bow walking
chanting eighteen
that's all
if you ignore this practice you can't understand you can't understand you arrive about your life
the fi as they master says to dogan zingy the practice is that the lists nothing to be hidden that is nothing to be hit
even the death even births are always moving
and the same stream of transit see of airplane which is called translucency would just call perpetual movement for

this is our practice this is our bronx
the practices very simple a simple
it is so simple that you can understand
the disease when you when you pass away it's very simple
no amount of discussions how much i feel i have to feel pain
and why you are waiting for the death looking at it out of the stream of the death
you must be you must be always fair
must you must always fear
and at last it did you to one confusion to another that's all
i'm sorry for you turn this is true
so something is the quit citation go
the something is the essence of are practicing life
pullover you feel
as long as you while you are sitting
you must be expensive frankly completely into yourself into the south
whatever happens