September 23rd, 1971, Serial No. 00276

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oh god day she said in
the iron ring it was
above my head
we've right
thickness of jonah and wisdom
i never lose my inktober brady
even though the sun becomes call and the moon hot
even if even cannot
break this tools in pieces
a college of the of the elephant moves like a mountain
how can the monkeys stands in his way
a great elephant
does he loiter
on the robins pass
great enlightenment is not concerned with details
don't sander the sky by looking through a pipe
if you still don't understand a well said it separate for you
the capability of your experience in the then to me
love if you try
when throat erosion
but a change it
higher plane crashes
even before the hijacker good support
no class she a train
hijacker appears
all our a bottle
challenging components to lollipop

to follow the precepts
is this son
by sitting designs and of buddhist in the patriarchs
some time
we should make a be possibly afford to maintain the precepts because the contents of the precepts
it's identical with
the contents of the tools
it's why
there is nowhere to escape
all with all your energy
they should make every pass payable to make like
if you're not sitting zazen of the buddha's and patriarchs
when you rise from size in
is there any possible way to follow the precepts
no way to follow the precepts we do the us and or you have to do is disputed
thank you doing

there's nothing
nothing can
to wit
nothing coming to whip
do you have some place some fish to see to let it go

i one of this new and one be by that more purpose under heaven
one can have more purpose they wanted to school he is seeking than one being right
the more purposeful the hundreds
human being she is more purposeful
is there more purpose and were criticized the
a year a anything more purposeful
for human being
yeah my name
can one if is one be have more purpose
mean what's up
right here
i don't seek the purpose or take the purpose ways
st she slept on the south
do with
it totality of the south
he says purpose in life
what i'm saying also is that find do that than i won't have more purpose in life and a man who doesn't know
do you have a special purpose
do you want you want to get a special purpose do i know this is the essence of their purpose in knife mentioned by buddha is just one

what are we doing we said sessions
once your step
do your step

sometimes there is chest breathing in and breathing out
my sometimes it's just completely delusion
but sometimes is something in between and they're pushing against each other
it seems that in that middle ground is where hell exists
they concluded that in in between where does that he
is where
where hell exists
don't struggle
he subject
what to to bell was tech
make some
they'll make a sound
steak make a sound between
the space between spectral bell like site
those travelling on seeking for this subject
seeking for this
don't you don't seek
don't seek for the solution
see what the solution guess subject
i don't know if
it's ah
is it is that's is as struggle always there
trump it
no struggle no happens
no something
the on the sun
the on the presence of sound along
and here

i can't find a place for a question

if you see
i'll leave for us
she'll realize
the autumn has come
in this whole unit

i have no understanding and like a practice is
property c s
right here
it is absolutely full and complete
says pumped

i understand quite true nature of food and nature is manifesting himself moment after moment and then whoever i am speaking now and just along for the ride will have to drop off sooner or later and i could just accept
said no
still extra the south who is speaking in making noise
throw away his self thank you very much

why did the buddha a message and the his family
the his family is fun

he seek
the truth
he ordered to seek truth
who knows himself
and is only arrogant
let them let second community buddha himself and his
oh funny
settled themselves on the truth

why is it said difficult to write on an airplane of transparency why is it so hard to bear the when when it stares trees one by one
snap specialty
electric car it's not sufficient
giant get a playing it's not sufficient
greider is not sufficient
also you yourself it's not special
what's she do that it's nothing special

what can the dragon see was no i

the eyes
the dragonflies me five
it's not necessary to get the i

and why practice
this is the shoot realize
the or to
has come
not only in tulsa
in whole universe the moment when you see on the leap

isn't that a finishing touch this is finishing touch
isn't that practice is

throughout this valley we can hear the sound of water running where is it going
is no special direction to go
don't seek
something special
in which direction to go

you rely upon
streams of living

all you have to do is
to rely upon
the stream of never it's all
don't expect special election

sometimes says that buddhism buddhism is the religion of suffering and pain
i'm a sickness old age and death
god damn
please tell us where is the pleasure and zen
i know pretty thin
after suffering prettier whatever you say
buddhism is crazy
the truth is true
don't think don't think oh
something we consider as something greater
by looking at your own telescope
by looking at something through your telescope
you mean by sledding the sky by looking through the pipe is
did you dream

while we use are so ignorant how can we have confidence in our daily activities why while he was still so ignorant how can we at each day with companies
when you
right on
pick vehicle of intervals
it is not
why are you are
fine too
get rid of it
a woman's is all which party
right now right here be right on the the people of the
do you

how does it wasn't for the show compassion to all human beings and everything at lives in days when when buying some of your actions are what been actions may be compassionate to some people by that to others resembling things for not to others
your car died she says
ah look at
the picture of this world human life
he thought your own telescope
the all you have to do is
to show yourself in for revelation with compassionate
a being compassionate
thought for to yourself all sentient not
don't expect some suspicion
more than that

why do we find it so much more difficult to entail
then to them out

at sale
in a sense
you fall
wait you
it is
a as a nation explanation
when you
i'm consciously or consciously
it is when you exhale
you are are to lose up to be advices
oh mine
spicer installation is difficult
could you say that once more and chartered terms maybe
i didn't understand what she said
it is easier
or human being to it sale
than inhalation
an examination
you're apt to a human being how the tendency of
routing the concentration
in exhalation in sydney
it's by
he it's my sip
you are completely killed by your point wait you say
not in jail
what is the nature that tendency
the tendency not to be conscious and an exhalation
the this
no ground whites why cause exile nation itself is in here and in like that

i have no question
this is shows on someone
know better and then for it
this way
your pick
she'll speak
in silence
you should listen to yourself inside these
you speak
a number is
thanks to all sentient being in inside
i don't pretend in this way when shall i say to her
she'll speak with to your mouth
the your mom

who asked some questions
nobody knows
who's who is asking
the cell
who is asking

he's self is
the be why

the universe

thank you very much
he heard the music and hey billy graham but i in church herself
is it true that there are also other sports are they don't watch
is it true that there are other characteristic aspects and an illusion a crank call of innovation nine percents
nothing else to express to explain wisdom and tranquillity
our quest pointing to iran would on a ha
a true self
that then
tempting sutra
walking on the street
keep silence
speak something
what you do

on this blog where it goes i go to israel
on the train but then i'm not looking outside hidden
but you seem very important
he said
he's got a question
strictly speaking
dogan doesn't leave
any trace behind him
to sleep
if you find some traits
behind you it is not to the kitchen
it's nothing to look at through the traits through the tray
this doesn't there's nothing outside and time don't
is there any difference between human nature and buddha-nature cruelty-free
why why why do we say sometimes to answer sometimes brewed major
why why do we say why do we sometimes say cause something human nature sometimes we call it good nature
but the human nature would human being arts and forest is monastery covered with inwards
why we have to have peak explained on it
but is well what about the ignorance isn't isn't a human nature to have a noise
a woman she is also patil human nature
but if you see england
a tour at it through your telescope in woman's is completely environments which creates some trouble
when you see a woman's through as telescope buddhist i
is not able
this england's is human nature
we useless if you do that then
when you see when you see your that and through the doesn't
just it doesn't just yet
a wait and see that then through your eyes
you have to suffer
he says

nothing much seems will happen seven days mr lived delusions coming and going
you don't be over answers about
want them and throw them away
and all you have to big is
hi to to repeat yourself to it to sell
when country
right now right here
why isn't satisfied
the be over the supply
go ahead his weight his
which is great a container or units
through the buddhists eyes


this is the hijacker i wanna see something of my ignorance
yeah some special a moment
german and
the whole the hijackers jupiter
showing i was going to hijack something that i get afraid because there was really else's and quiet and calm
about my especially in february

right on precepts
to and tranquillity
right on is there no place in the zone life for sensuality
since what
james green begin to say i please
is there no place in the zen live or essential yes yeah
yes there is some place it is a place
for since you are
but you should see it
not smooth sensuality
you should see through
something more than ch rie
says to sell
this is park this router practice through the doesn't


in am i practiced with people what does it mean to class for a money you are in our practice with people what does it mean to trust another human being
first trust
oi yourself
if you don't trust yourself on yourself
if you don't trust yourself on yourself
nobody trusts you can't trust anybody

please show me mad hatter
i'm calling or call me
the colonies and mountain
sort of things mountain parents named her connie
coordinate is here
it is and county
when it is exist everywhere
don't expect a codename a month according on the in japan
if you expect mountain corner on you when you call to turn
you will outlast be upset

stick em up
this is a hijack take this zendo claim to the other shore immediately instances to get to finish them
hands answer to
i follow

here's a question

ah like the
you are right for us
the completely

reviewing around around time i don't i'm going to say that means ninety one
thank you start something

he said the for in destination
the way going
but they different
now sufficient destination
if you know you have take your destination
why should you do
what immediate return of it
turn off oven
your wedding
you say don't tell you what to know them
where are you going
the bottom of the degree
he's good


sometimes my mind nights too much noise
can rely upon
ah nazis
every time when
the wait
having fun east
this out
i shouldn't rely on it you desire
i should use the noise of my mind them know
i said just lie on
want to do i say what does that mean no expectation

how can we waste time on the time
waste time
on the one railways back
how do you which turn on one day
one real laid back she speaks of that
has been destination
a really small the this nor month with time wasting time or being of avail
to use to make better use of
what your arms pierre time
all you have to the is
to be right on the way

what is the origin of all
the origin a fear
don't have any particular sense
in the bottom and foundation
there are many kinds of things
with just
times year times
on work
it's called a glance
including fear anger
by those
is a week call which will they say we are suffering
but actually on the only thing to fear
has no special
if you see it
wrong you know swung the surface of war
it is completely fear
via com when storm convincing
of bottom
on noise out the awesome
there are many things exist here
your softly
you have nothing to do with
okay sorry

i can't see the water through the mud and the more i looked more murder in the mountains and the most experiment and combat and nine
mad is a people with see my eyes
but it's painful for you i
don't trust on your horse eyes
author u i and classed on mad
there in largest follow

are you happy to be in this world
maybe not maybe solved
i have to gut
to get robots away
the for nothing can happen
here's your phone line if

you've got dicey us says again
right here
it is entirely full and complete
if you search elsewhere
you can't see it
you cannot grasp it
you cannot reject it
in the meanest of not again
that condition you gave it
it speaks in silence
his peach usually it's silence
a great way as opened and there are no obstacles
our practice is as yoga day she said
it is true meanings it is true meaning of scanning taza
that you are eternally full and complete wherever you are