September 21st, 1971, Serial No. 00057

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you had or board meeting
we have to spend all day
ah for a major saw it didn't i'm find enough time to
prepare for my note
thank you so anyway i would like to
i spent ah
most of time
with discussion tonight
you but before discussion and like to speak something

ah as miss you avail food the main purpose own buddhism is ah to be free from yourself
ah of ah variety of or something come in from our areas aspect of human life he
i think it's you know
want to know what is freedom
because you have for studied for wrong time by policy
new in buddhism to be free from yourself he is not to escape from yourself not to get rid of the variety of july
ah life
the to be fruitful and yourself or from the south in coming for mob
dahlias aspect of human life is how much how much you can drain a couple far couple of while i'm here is aspect of human life to the drinks
okay this is to be from this is the ideal of emancipation human bodies
the kelly's ah
ah three kind three types or running
ah using the technical word team buddhism
it is called sengoku in japanese a three tile sung is three types goku is running three types of running
a it is three types of running
ah precepts
ah trunk quality
ah wisdom
what are considered
all the aspects of ah poorest the doubt tree and to practice
and this is called sung ago in companies three types of fire
ah running a order to be free from
who is tied up by
summary pleasure
or and any either
well christianity buddhism i am vain aids
ah the three types of by learning is
ah entirely
monel characteristic of viewpoint in buddhism
what you you can hardly find the same the same things i've it
a lot of domain walls
it also fee
ah knowledges region
what psychology and so on
the why is
he prints
precepts a second is
trunk where it
the third his wisdom
important point is that what wisdom is
now the shakyamuni buddha and many patriarchs
i'll put the emphasis on
a seeing in into
reality off
the human won't a human life
his schedule
i'm pursuing
i've found that off
what is got what is border
instead on researching
what the idea of buddha is what the idea of zazi is
what the i do oh
the schumann d the purpose in life is
according to a certain principal ideas of josephine psychology or knowledge

the we have to say
into a deeply
the reality in life this is first important point where do we have to do
the immediately before you research what god is what buddha is

but it doesn't mean by it doesn't mean that you cannot completely leach
the depths of human life or the idea of god like the idea of bullock
you are ah
ah discriminating mind discriminate you mind you can do you can do
the if you study buddhism
i think you will find her
i doubt thing
established by us keen eye on on one of by hinayana buddhism
and also one of mahayana buddhism
accept accepted at this doubt train and researched ah more deeply
about this
ah discipline
i seeing from seeing from my psychological viewpoint psychological aspect
ah it is cold

he's called on
for forgot the word in sanskrit
anyway that's okay
it is a thorough was buddhist psychology

ah the this the buddhist psychology
through and through
analyze various asked to human life
a when sin when same from
technological aspect
are using technical word for his seed
or are you virginiana
oh wait
a wandering our fears a human affairs are based
but it were kind of i dare they use said
a human life a which in a were human life continue
ah from this war to another world
this is this is corn seed a photo was miss mysterio
a be
but actually you can find in your mind in your daily life by anyway seat
well it is a thorough common it is sort of com
but even if you think calmer
you believe are all my camera is a bot
because whatever you do
you can hardly be successful in doing anything so at that time and say or my com is bit by
my actually tellis the it doesn't exist the doesn't this exists a third of common with you are usually supposed
all would you cannot handle
oh it is far away from your daily life i don't think so you
for em buddhism that is pretty interesting idea even even though it wouldn't be what kind of for idea you use calmer all seed or are a virginiana or manas v
banana or sixth virginiana
ors five senses with of fire fences for engineer on

the it this and always the even the idea of seed
or i virginiana
don't have
particular type
what would you is what would seem
to class point to you since such thatcher's good good or bad
what is it that said fit
or are i a vision nana are based a characteristic or
i'm neutral neutral morality and route from right

if you say unconsciousness if you say if you use the idea of unconsciousness you say you try you the unconsciousness he never to take interest in what increases in his ear
they researched the you how to research psychology or human psychology of food psychology

ah according to what over scientific will understanding the idea of unconsciousness
it's pretty hard it's prepared to understand what they are
there is always something which
navios which is nebulous
well what if what into unconsciousness
who is thing though you practice rather than me if he was asked by someone will result in new you you can't know pretty high pr to explain what are the disease as in you
but there is only one way with you can would you won't be able to show this his doesn't it is just do it
when i was in japan no one of my friend asked the create christian priest what he's got that time disgraced their through where the his own bibles hate is got
maybe so maybe so it's pretty hard to explain anyway
then and he say i am i i believe i believe in bora or ain't got
oh mine the carol reach it with in tokyo since the other words because it is far away from our sense you sense you're there was because it is a russian now
that's why i believe
ladies okay it's okay in a sense
by if you see it if you see this added to the life
wrong different than voice and say tippett can you know scientific will understanding your wife
it's pretty hard to bleak know
such as i such a god said the buddha
because there is completely irrational in assam

uncle same buddhism
that particularly them were isn't
they don't think don't think duval and you
what is why why is it that them must say don't think don't think neither good nor bad
yonder was truth is anywhere far away
truth is beyond our you and since
it means you
of course
but it doesn't mean it doesn't mean you should believe you should believe the truth because it is irrational now
you can report
is some way the lisa a way
oh humming access to
a to
it is not the mana of be certain metaphysical being
it is a model of thing into in reality in life
that's why buddhism says but psychological buddhism you know
they said they say they they even the idea of seat or the only virginiana ah
capitalistic of neutral counter new troll variety

okay this is why it is why is it that they have to put the emphasis on neutral morality all human life
so all of you
ah characteristic of
being in the domingo mood for morality okay moved from like
that's why you say i'm free
yes it is you'll see a empty

you free that's why you have to take response we'll viola you
because you can you are free
you are completely free that you you can be always entitled to make a choice
all the way what to do
want to do in which direction to go you will always free to
this a central morality off your life
nobody can force you nobody you should do it's not it's not something to it's not too it's not the to employ someone from for their you shouldn't do this
able to the idea of a precept in buddhism is not something which he never and what's ah something to forcing in your life
not autumn

you can always how
primitive nap privilege kate
privilege to make a choice of what to do or in what ejection to go to talk to you if you don't wanna do something that's okay okay
whatever you do important point is seen to that reality deeply in you in life
is that off
a whole thing you're teaching on memphis goal the surge

and this is the reason why the buddhism must have put the emphasis on the neutral morality

dad mentioned before
the wisdom is not the day
some some idea is not something is not something which is it now or which is far away all your life

as mentioned before you can you can discern you turn meet the lease or way you should keep in mind that there is a way to how to our access
to have access to the to
det discriminate discriminating discriminating mind it
gatherers your mind with your mind

the input isn't the idea of holiness you say you you you can use are holding the idea of holiness is a you have a familiar with our idea of holiness wouldn't do you think about the idea of holiness
according to the western will run the
i don't know i don't know what what do you think calling the idea of holiness
my aim for isn't there is very interesting it is fantasy the idea of holiness is not something something which is far away
oh wow our lives holiness is something would enable your mind

ah the delays sir
getting some verse millions of viewers
oh commandment
a commonly taught by the seven borders so past
it is called the stewards of two k gay in japanese
verse of commandment come they taught by several orders of past
it says
you not commit evil
do not commit evil
do everything good
purify your mind
this is the oh this is the teachings of all the bullets
well it is very simple and is basic that fire in a deli some interesting story one on fire famous sir
a king mean not key
emperor in china as could the the famous zen master what is boonies where it's forms of buddhism he says to not commit evil do anything good
the the same process wow
it is very simple
would it is sir
i didn't know i didn't know that data is a buddhist teaching
the she said there
if it is poorest down teachings of buddhism
the able not the title fears all
new so well a it i think so
the parents always scored the children now on the fears on
don't do this
them monster says oh yes oh yes haven the time with three years old knew so well about it but even
but the owed
old man
but it is pretty difficult for even old man to tally into effect
this is also true

voices the other day i retained we have changed that some ruin in than though it
or don't do do don't go this way please go on behind because the shuttle and wounded surely you
and then when you are key here please don't go this way please go wrong please make a struggle
a people who sent make of so cool here not over there
someone said oh it's complicated i don't feel so well
i think so
with pretty difficult to come to carry into the effect
but almost a month to was the for you think a simple is simple you know
simplicity is simplicity on course it is simplicity simplicity how can you learn simplicity

from were wrong with that dance as impressive the idea of simplicity com
your head
i think so you're here
but the moment when you say this is simplicity you
the you mind already there you have some some different idea appealed wide year
come complicated
so to ideas complicated and simple
so you what would you can say that simple as simpleness or simplicity
in indicates that you have one of the ideas the your mind in complicate
so you have to run the simplicity of from not simplicity you from complicate
this is true then that's why when you do that and please open your eyes see
but wants to people think or i think good closing eyes comfortable because you can you it's not necessary to see you know they forget our fears with captaincy see in front of me
if you say this you know now only the there is now on the commie
khatami it's at this point is not merely this point new you will find a wrongful things except more than this point beautiful right flashing right sometimes bureau face and body samples in this point
sometimes completely darkness why
like a shadow of camera
but you already them must say praise crooked the saddle point or you are you frauds are you sail always looking at
that time he fly what's happening
like this

the doesn't in zazen please open your eyes
open your eyes is very important to
to open your eyes is to say many things you have to see many things
and that time you can see you can see one us once of it

you cannot do it try to try to do that them with closed eyes maybe you
now what you cannot seem
sames can't move for you but they're inside for you are closing my eyes and it endures sleep
but smith you make your for to sleep
the evening and sweepingly you can see many things in your head you
sometime during sleeping you can feel comfortable
then immediately when you are when you are the moment were you aware of yotel access
you feel well maybe i got to enlighten me
maybe i i had to complete concentration norms then but they don't think so
it takes
so to open your eyes is very important to open wise is to say many things and then from seeing many things you can learn you can learn one thing one thing how can you how much how can you open your
eyes you how can you open your i comfortably without disturbing your own wine
without disturbing your imagination
this is one point one things one concentration
then some them master says just hope we why not use your for realize how can you
how can you are how can you open your eyes without using the roof of your eyes
it's pretty difficult to explain what you can do that in can do
if you want to do this you have to open your eyes and see menifee

ah then
i think wisdom
so the
do not commit evil will do everything good as seems simple as same as simple to carry into effect do you think oh yes it's invasive but it's very difficult to carry into effect to put it into practice
for a when an old man for even them lobster
maybe difficult

ah the did it ms it ms
what do you have to do is very simple way a single way
there is some way some vilify effort please i fought would you do not commit evil and do anything good that's all i saw young worse
if you do your best do your best using you are
a to mind and concentrate on
what to do what to do in your daily life
the earth the truth is not something which is a irrational now
which is a rational a international
irrational or in consequent not in a which is inconsistent
pray think pray think praise consider what to do in what jackson to go using your discriminating mind

i also important point is
please concentrate on
continuing what to do
and doing doing something
a with all heartedness whole alertness is very important i do pull us

of course if you do
if you if you make some miss a mistake if you make some mistake
you feel as you don't feel so well it is not your

but i don't mean i don't mean you don't feel anything i don't mean you don't feel anything you show feel and we're she'll feel if you make a mistake or i don't feel so the and a smart but most people if you don't feel so well concrete like this
he he can't bring up he can't play that company
oh index if only
right to the rye or two of them that's all

but with wholeheartedness is a say it's not sure you feel
not so well you don't feel so well if you missed mistake
that's okay
the other tokens and says in of tanzania do that them with that
throwing away both the idea good or bad you
do it

so peace
chris dre
chris rain pay was something or the ideal good but
through and through to the drugs in
the in last nickel your life and mind
don't accept don't accept with your sense of level
if you accept center for a few accept something central with sensuous level you'll always sway to the right to left and then you can spring up spring back in

and then must think them western the named so in job in japan said to the student college students always i don't kill whatever whatever criticism you give me

when the grid and make an emulation
with the tell who criticizes
he said i don't cares
got this i don't care it is not
this i don't care is not to ignore
the adult population and tell who criticizes given by others
k accept both and domination or the town will criticize
he tried to he
he ugh
he gets a deep breath test paste all bot domination or town criticise in the inmost the level of his mind
so he doesn't care
but he accept how much he can't accept
he can accept he can accept anything in the image post low on mind it is called tranquility truncated it is called vendrell
they if you practice if you practice again and again configuring after deep consideration
and doing continues me
considering what to do in what to do an action to go

the you practice
the based on
they discriminate your mind
will surely be turned into
the higher level
on spirits which is called wisdom wisdom yours it is
crabtree a collector is taking completely speaking in your daily life way it is
when it is actually arised
the new daily life it is called truncate tongue quick
a stillness and okay this is the second second point
oh three times and running i explained or the last one wisdom
so you can learn you can practice you can practice your life you can practice anything in your life
i using the discriminating mind
with wholeheartedness
at that time the practice based on discriminant mind
will surely bit turned into the higher level of spirit which is called wisdom
the wisdom is with me name for men to
accept to accept
dualistic dualistic beans
satisfaction was satisfaction
was something more crater

young earth you can see again you can see again you arrive with
very different and would you have never experienced

they suffering the mostly or something can do you live
something in what you have and goals
what you would you have and gone
has turned you live so far
so you say i don't want i don't want something i don't want key
if you aren't confronted with the to where the falcon
so something make your eye is something in every and something create your life something you
you cannot do you don't you didn't create your life all life the other is something with something a create your life was something to your life ms to complete a fell for down like this you
cannes came back six
well when you understand to stillness
trunk wedding when you understand you will you acquired the tranquillity
you can see you can see your life the again
with different on would you have never experience
so at that time trunk way wisdom tie your wife terry your life for years since when you while you don't understand what zazi is you always your life is your does is always way to the lied to the left or like
nothing or no i don't like thousand hit
the some ask you why do use us in well i don't understand you don't understand why do use doesn't it's nonsense is western well if so let's give up us in
and sometimes you are you have you got the great inspiration see you through the zazen well yes yes does is great
that town well i want to do to continued to dissolve in
this is true
you're only whatever whatever you feel good or bad it's all into indicates to swayed to the right to the left
yeah that was the good about tie your rifle with that's why you say or i don't like or the i like this i like this you oh i don't like gyms and i like mahal is a group for like i ha
he always like this in
but if you understand wisdom it was truncated
oh which your life is based
or the and satisfaction or salad function are based
what's something or prater are based
oh i in is or comfortableness are based on

this is stillness if you can see again your life
user then
or you're paying
you can't not accept you can accept

you can't seem to bar whatever it is comfortable nest or uneasiness
or paying
what does in or bow
but it doesn't mean you should believes as in because it is irrational you should think you should consider one suzie is you should do that and you can understand what he is with you're discriminating and swipe
boehner says do do not commit evil do everything good this is very simple
if you do does he is good tried to do try to do
to do this is not to believe something because it is irrational it is in config quent
you have to consider what to do or in which direction to go what it is who i am

this is trunk wait to say his trunk wait
so it the idea of holiness
as mentioned before the idea of holiness is not to no idea of buddha or idea or body santoor idea of amitabha buddha
what themes far away from our life well i'm tower where is it way they

the idea of holiness is
in buddhism
tranquility tranquillity okay trunk tranquil on which they the self is based the sophie's based this sofa is not to know something would you can perceive
perceive it with
fences level
hey y'all think your rebel code so many things you know
comfortable nestle easiness one danger or happy or
but actually listen and no fixed idea what to which just cause danger which is code
he wrote the happiness son

it is my danger it is no danger joe way you are when you are in the airplane
it is now danger it is not then to wait you walk on the street
welcome and straight along with the kamikaze taxi the runnings
in japan
you feel all it's very danger you try if you go to japan of very dangerous
i'm causing toxins that five people call west people quince says a kamikaze tuxedo
but but the people who sleep he is comfortable house
was killed by the car what's the rush get into his house from the highway
yes this is true
well is danger
you think a comfortable you feel come to way you will use three point in your bed would think so
i don't think so
maybe it's my morning oh what's mara hey whigham
you didn't say anything
and phone for you
but maybe it is to know maybe it is true

so you have to the consciousness and the central level
can perceive many things and also wants the people were swayed complete way to lift to the light
the with by the kinds of incentives level
by the this perception all of central level on the central level
but you have to see again
many things but you can accept perceive
where's central sterile
from a different angle which you have never experience it is called find quiet
the universe is called the idea of audi's okay embolism so holiness is the idea of accordingly seen worries me is very different from mine maybe the idea what you are supposed


they give you practice if you practice in that way
everything would you can perceive haven't got even bat tie you arrive into buddhist world into buddhists for which elevate it and calculate to
late your personality your personal
it is entirely impossible for you to cultivate your personality by status level okay
we have to find something was and safe level
this is trunk weight says true way
for this is the food is the way is not her something is not is something which is irrational or what is far away from your day life
then three times so far the running says
precepts prison is
to live your life to live your life according to regulate regulated rife
okay you control you regulate your eyes regular to your life

the radio that way on regular rainfed fees are is a very complicated as well as your life your life is your life is based on variety of various as
specht life
so you can learn many things and then from the many things you can learn one thinks what it is this is truncated haughtiness

this is present this is prison
so maybe for it is it seems and nonsense for you to follow the complicated rule complicate kid rule in vendor you know you should go this way or now way don't do go
don't cross the in front of the chosen one to show me it seems nonsense because he have never experienced before
but that's okay that's okay
try to run a complicate complicated miss key
it's not to the idea of rule
the rule is that out main purpose of our practices not to to force you to follow a certain room
eight men prefer solved our practices to learn something one subset on the complicated this if you are confronted with a complicated this tried to run

how can you run how can you run the simple simplicity in knife
because you are will be alive
based on the competitiveness that's why is a you want to seek simplicity

of course sir
i don't i don't ignore i know ignore western rail rife war i don't ignore your i would you have never experienced them will last a life
of course i understand so well that's why i want to change a little bit you know my way might ways always flexible
now only my way your way also flexible must be flexible

the frank school cannot be run by the of on the flexible on on forex bonus okay
it's july know what to fix wellness he is
through stiffness she is different
you to sell them
you you realize how stiff how stiffness how stiff your leg vs day after that i said please take an exercise after taking bass he ordered to make your legs flexible
yes you can run you can learn facts rumors from stiffness
semler to be
all aspects of your life

ah this is
the idea of three types of
ah running
as sung ago with discord sung m
presents tranquility and wisdom
to have question