September 20th, 1971, Serial No. 00272

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voice sounds muffled background noise

Auto-Generated Transcript

i awoke in the world
when fine
the okay
why do you think
ha that gave not five here
have you take one live in vain
hmm the proof
one of the present a lot to kill
take one's life then
not kid
let's it
it is
one thing which we have to lose faith our lives
the new something
consider the as
the our own our own
what is offered for care
how the world
let's consider again and then there is something when you called i felt
they call it yourself
a fixed idea what be called himself
what we have to take our alive
the did
when i was sixteen your goal
you know so well i don't get done
last time i was prepared
on that
how did you know i have some doubts well
the anyway i asked to fill i said to myself over
i out and i'm prepared for death
then one day i wrote a novella to my father
i am already prepared for that
when they
about to go back home next time
i will come on
see you
in a small box from by actress
i worked
oh well
i said to them
of it
wait to try and was like a nightmare
so i don't feel i don't care what was my life my body and mind if
hey some of you said and thing like that the same way i will feel my body and feel my mom
we feel right for with where i'm aware i am
he said that over
anyway i want to know like that
then what is a was bad
avoid that that's very important to be a it
anything didn't get out
no he had done
oh we have to visit
patton by the phone
he did that
how was it
but i worked at was i said to myself i am already
no one day
the have two coffee
it and not yeah
i heard
one finally one
when with a free well
get up
ten million i have never a put a in for
they knew about time because back
every night
i had to give up
the any job
any time when you think key
have you get up
but i have had to be prepared for getting up me and get up
that your car
one fighting but
it took familiar one thing
a bit less than two
at the action was very quick
the with you can month
where is it
the able to to buddha to do that when you kinda absent
the to reach a couple of as commitment to a quick to do
hey can i couldn't feel inviting
how quick i can do i could feel anything
i never i had lived with people
of anywhere and step out and and dumped down in july
lol that that that all
you know that can get with your
for anywhere in is that a while the girl that many many whole many whole
ah but protect the kids and to form a debut it
raleigh got it i for it was about thirty five which is a fifty fifty one
and the think it was
no cover no mockup
then i am for my friends
damn damn damn quickly
that's true with the ahead for the from the only one
not even so well and is no
they say whoa
like them in that here
if picking february
i couldn't give
i'm calling for
summer i go on
i thought that the fifth of fit
then roaring
it might get
they are throwing a
what they did
made that
do i lived half my pay
we should that
as pay for private the moon
come back to two o'clock ahead
the new the same attitude
a bit back
for them
i i could see i could see anything even if we will say
we didn't do anything the main accused immediately for will
at that
right me writing every year
he got the upper thigh
when you season
like for
right i could see i to see the thin fit the bill
then we could i found that if right
the right over the right over my head then the that have been more know
get why
i'm afraid if from a cafe
then again a foot of snow
then at that time
i'm constantly i had implications of board of
among the women the materials that can fly day
have cool
i bathe
that well
without but
the that
below you
of fiscal your own good
i heard indication of any particular
then their video
the amendment the father's
we get it
have the independent
before the implications of will name
i flew with that
as a kid
the death
only when i'm done with the down of the all
hmm had it easy for me
where is my life where they will they lived many lives computer as my what i have to kill himself
hey i am for clear of death
hey kim
before him taking a of man
why could get that as my all my life but i had feel it had been killed
african be the one when i had the intention of to the snake was them
what was meant for why we see an and by
by oh wait i have killed at it
this is different and also like to be quick
and then after the war were
what you mean unfortunately i came back to kill home
or which was located in the field of the a small up
what they have
then the woman really alive
my name name's cooking and courtroom
my home has it
the fuck
but got a book
been surprise but the other lock them up very quickly
no house
well then what
ah i had to i had to look out and when i actually looked out for a film where my favorite work
i can be fun
for me for know
no good
it's to kill you
he did
you asked the people who aren't the people of are my parents at gone
but mother the with
they put the time i realized well
any calls and had to
yeah from work today
oh and life of i'd consider as my all which i thought before i thought what have at am i want i am compared with a phone all then
whoo i have had to whip
to find my way my period
based on a phone with really
what is that us
when different than this know enough about
what you would i insisted on
you killed them he said
what it fit to they could thing
they absolutely are to week i found a kim
but importantly again didn't have a hot
can find a house or i had to build
then a problem
he might need it
look fine with you are looking out for all have
we didn't have not been a new house
i have for years
they might one
new i thought had to go
had to go by all house
then the time form of here
next time it's mobile well
i asked to myself
we have been no food
the element of five
that know
didn't fall between wealthy your for
lookout for the
then i anyway i had to make a movie but he was painted for for me to find a new job
better what is it better it's better to the current form
going on
in a grant from the database
when that and said
but money was not enough for love
in what
as the phone in me
the be more either end
the for a cool
i said no any knowledge that every more with the phone anything and have to be
they've found in
what my life but if my life by which i thought
i am i had to kill myself
it's gone already
then now life is going on
get through the
live on yep
then i had and got the death
but the wolf man qualifies
it's that a five
love myself
because i felt
that funding
and he's been there
i am a pastor at once like box
the company
we've got me and into your engine it out
with power
the lesson of com
how's it going
but i'm my a always not real life
well i go i was alive
he says the boy in water
and for it
ah put out on a lot of the put it
im a bit
hey about five opinion
boy right
completely like a full do
but with replied kids
hey you could you couldn't be bad credit file with you are funny
three or for we i didn't have enough right
the looking at camp
according to run for not be here to feel of it
then at work i work at it
completely rusted
but what of the issue of mars
one my thing was founded
the been both always worthwhile
feel the group of gift box with light bar
if like to encrypt data
ten office i was funny
like the hungry ghost
and anyway had had food
i didn't forget
getting the commonwealth be
the walking off
a bit but the more i i'd go myself to get a strong word live
what can you qualify myself

maybe that's then i can not be
then know i went by a honestly
that plan and that new any that you in
i'm getting from the market
name as not sure
they stay are wonderful government
he said if you will do buy them if for one movie per bullet
that they have
it got full of life
current into the otherworld
in order to climb into the of
open on a week
imagine what the book on my lap
the wedding ring my life what he called by all right where you can pick up from one fill my to
one thing we won't be
and then what is wrong with each category
this is my life
but now you're right now you're like that live cell line the shown on the free
the book
if you want if you weren't you know by all right we have to what you feel anything wrong
they found lots of thing
what your life wearing ribbons my life
what i have had to attempt be fun to myself who had to be who had to be killed by myself
that took the wife
this moment of that the moon
well fung energy to the very next woman that route for any
that completely my own right
i a have kids
what if what did the fail within felt there to fix the ideal which is called herself then capital
what to be killed
nothing for kids

when you think well and how i have something to kill that this is my own by well
the before i it with my by
oh if i kill if i definitely hit by it's called follow him
i'm kidding myself
those are the mighty was driving a car crash
a rebellion i got was closed down little on my been
next moment might say the magic my friends but why or nothing
when a lot of but so ruthless
then and them them differently on are grown
that's my favorite game
but it was
locally i didn't find
the goal
no tabled by the
nobody is pretty awful
to identify a
tell them with man
i've taped my body to a hotdog with the job the
and for it in the equivalent of
then next day and planet
attend attended the articles the newspaper company
if they
he had the the classic as
on the bleaker street food
the was to be hard added five quickly
with is if we know that
in a week normally look for them

and then big love not them a lot of of the coffee
question can you put
my body into
then camera with it

the name of a yellow
that the with for a while
baking with
at the waiting with
the wrong
i am very
and ah yes you feel
you already to get the as
the small smallpox
thank been thinking about bathroom
the only thing for the year
blame them for their what would be caught
they were doing
and before that can be happy to for performances human said
definitely are these men because the police
performance and twenty five
maybe take
the with
that is the
great deal of fun
after the war
did you go
where is my body with the has to have it's my bike
when i think for my bike who i am
while for forgotten in the
then you may say or i would i get i wouldn't i wouldn't i couldn't help but the pale were talking because
be careful good driver
but the moose what will have an intimate
one of the benefit of human that money and went to atlanta or two then out to truly came back to the prison system on the freeway one one
today was
located on of roof
this kid by the hand
what is my bike
if you what the have your
he couldn't get it nothing that there is nothing which will have to kill the onset
because there is no idea of the felt when we have to attack this is my body with his myself
the actual get the thing
let's consider carefully will be the fifth killed been
one up one all you have to be a team
to be compared to your bike to hit by
with no idea of caught with it's called my back
one woman oh have i had to be a to think of person to death
well it i identical riding walking
then secondly buddha
that's one of five i get excited
ah what you like outdoors with me he came from
he said to you won't feel other things
that your foot
what alphabet
villa in it what could he did
that to get there
well i still up
the thought as the i don't want to a
my own thing
but my love
they will face
hey all it had to keep was be off
and made by rabid
picking up together

then this is my fault he thought well written difficult different war with flow is my own
even again when you consider by again on here are you sure
his love
small pp of the cloth from the bathroom
with you
oh it's not my own
love is something that can call my own living by my kid
maybe my head
why my education living by education isn't my own on i i went to school
then my kid anymore and not know
then you can feel that even get
but you are
if you've got to pin if you want them to town and the study at the college or high school
yeah money that we want to learn that the it
and you have to follow you have to find w money or a older than much
in can do to make me hit for
how can you again
my son's more than the one from from fiscal
a quick way to run run
when they fifteen
welcome since
mover make things done
one i was fit five from five i couldn't on the phone for road
because he is to take your name
one day i filled with you are using a visa of well up there
they say he should go
about play
but well why
what can we tell a it
daddy you good good
a room
i didn't find it a of a complete opposite get really
one day i went to their sometimes if the air for the that he wanted his father off
the he was found the town that a good thing where between to five
then he said goodbye job
then he tried and tried to follow him
why to follow
you through the infants the airport that often
about that good day i quote
he said one
i won't go with him before we create the phone for me that they won't go up one other
well maybe thought and then fall for me
that got the truth when were not combat
your pick

occasionally get involved
fifty six w to kill to hit him
i wouldn't say something really new with you run for to work with captain
well as if they wanted
would the actual cause of the levels from bad luck

but if megan live anything could have than what it means
well and worrying that the anyway
but with been to listen to be a row
a kicking in indefinite or equal to the pip
only way to yeah
oh it
and me nathan was instead of doing
in fact that
completely vegan
couldn't believe it or on fit
the game american
you be too hot
there is very young
so why is incapable write my own education i believe you are a doubt it
i believe you adaptive
the think that with that the case he picked up both of them
we reviewed the kid
he carried himself into the americans and gets up
why they keep
when mtv would i have had to attack if the japanese education it is way is it is it
then you may say maybe admitting to for this body only the party by by oh and they fit
well that's okay maybe thought medicine
i said for all over my dead and nobody knows what kind of here i have a
you ever having how can i get a laughing
but i always kept there one month i'll bend it like here are getting again
denver of saving my bit to find it
there was an
why there
what is before
well i'm liking i is that help

then people would to be offered
how many how many offer
then why not
look up to a look at yourself in the middle
and thought that you're the one to fly

then roll over
why is family
a man
you feel good that so
you can control
if on your own but would live the kids my body
i can confirm if this one
even if one
what if you can buy pick it up
what's that
exactly new wife is

oh my body is also love my own
but if it my by wanted my body works and have to insist on
my own boss