Provider of Many and Varied Opportunities To Experience and Penetrate the Arising and Cessation of Suffering

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Rohatsu Day 5


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good morning
so today
i'm going to do a talk i'm calling sixteen provider of may and varied opportunities to experience and penetrate the arising in cessation of suffering
now i have to say that i did give a talk on suffering about six months ago after our ah spring practice period and i had a bone to pick at that time so my talk was mainly about using mindfulness to cultivate well being and joy
joy in practice
but it's the fifth day of says shane and there is a certain well-being enjoy that we all feel being together that era that arises naturally and sixteen
but today i'm gonna i'm going to talk more about
suffering ah
and the granularity of suffering ways to work with suffering and particularly thinks they've come up during session but first have to tell you about you know there's always on the way here or
i was feeling it coming into says shane a little bit insecure because i've had this back thing and i had cortisone injections and i wasn't sure i would stand up to it i would be strong enough for my practice would be strong enough to get me to rule or i would fail and it would be terrible that had that the demon of the mom
era of you know you're a failure you're not good enough came along so i kind of came in with sad and then a day or so into says sheen hassan came up to me and he said oh by the way he had a schedule by the way you're doing practice discussion on wednesday and you're giving the talk on thursday
he said i think you're giving the talk of they'll get back to you on that
so in the meantime i said well he probably is a maybe
i'll count on maybe and you know get through the cooking and all the other things and see how i do sitting in whatever and i'm really not going to worry about it and i did a bad thing the bad thing was i checked my email
i have to confess
i think it was tuesday may be
when i was cooking or something and i went out you know and it was resting a little bit i said i had just click to see if there's anything really important and there was the email you are giving the talk and first so i thought up so all of a all of the a all of the maras arose
they all came how great would you get asked for talk
how can get talk you can never be prepared
ah you have to give a talk and so did it i'm giving talks
yeah you know and anyway all of that stuff arose and
an eye
i just had to say well you know after well i'm disgusted with them and asked them to please
take a different seat
and they they kind of receded and i thought well i will just proceed with my todd prospect preparation and and think about it think through it what is it that's i'm worried about and
and and kind of give myself a pep talk about you know this stuff or whatever and so that and so i kind of told told peter that i would have to have some special time cause i just wasn't going to get up here on thursday and give a talk on whatever i could prob
probably i mean maybe but
so there are so i i i saw i found a us a means of working with it i basically said i have to i just have to negotiate time and and be able to have that time and then i could then i can then it's okay and if it's not okay that's okay too
because that's just how it is some talks are great some talks are okay some talks aren't so good some talks are boring so that's just how it is in this one will be what it is so i'm saying this to let you know that when i'm talking about suffering during session
i like you i'm not talking about your suffer
i'm talking about each one of us suffering in our own ways and then of course as i walked in here allen had told me i should start using a teaching stick which i haven't done so i got some quick lessons from role and a forensic audit
so that so that's the that's part of our practice also is kind of saying yes certainly is a practice i made a vow to take on when it was a priest to say yes and then to deal with whatever it is and of and to make mistakes and to fall down and
you know
i i i noticed i didn't you know i did it was hard for me to open my saga with the thing in my hand and i'll have to practice that or something but anyway so that's also part of fishing rights were put in positions we don't know what we're gonna do we have no idea somebody has a piece of paper we have no hygiene test on it
oh gee quito
anyway so
so what i'm gonna do is if the other thing that the background i'd better do the background in a hurry or we'll have time to talk
i just got back from bhutan and
the other thing that led me to talk about suffering
it was not about suffering but about buddhism being so really incredibly different tibetan buddhism and bhutanese buddhism is so different but has a lot of bells and whistles has a lot of miracles and people turning into tigers and flying and
some guy
well i won't even talk about that a role get me if i if i say something about that they have they have a deep demons and garuda is and all kinds of stuff and everywhere you go with distraction and
large colorful paintings that a lot of color in a lot of ceremony and a lot of stories so i have resolved after i got back from time to go back to the basic buddha's teaching and say cause because all religions all religions really are made up
thinks there's a spiritual teacher and then all these other people come along and and create this whole michigan around it and forms and ceremonies and mythology that is really gets you far away from the heart of it
and so i've been
i didn't working on that on i'm going back so in talking about suffering today i went back to
the the early pali canon talking about suffering and how to deal with suffering
and i'll talk a little bit about some other people but so in the
and so i went back to the rahul is what the buddha target and some of the basic some of the basic stuff anyways so that the original a word for suffering as we know as duca
which doesn't really mean suffering
in its traditional sense it meant the usual everyday suffering usual pain sorrow misery impermanence emptiness in substantially just the way that the that the troubles of life right the troubles of being that the the events of life
and a lot of but a lot of people since then
quote the buddha as saying that the first novel truth is suffering and pain but further on at the same sutures and the discourses about suffering
buddha says that he wants us to recognize paint suffering that the point is to recognize suffering when it's present and to recognize happiness when it's present
so suffering there is not some permanent condition like non-self er impermanence is always there suffering arises and ceases it's a phenomenon that arises and ceases and and it is it's one that we experie
once and it's one that we
we can work with
ah we can't work so well with impermanence to accept to understand it we can't make impermanence go away we can't have oh my god i finally made it impermanence i have reached nirvana now there's no impermanence but suffering we can say i've really relieved i really been able to to work with so
free i really can do something with suffering is something i can i can practice with is something that's that's a that's something that helps practice and realization so
the buddha talked about three kinds of suffering three kinds of duca and like this first part i did talk about in my last talks out but you probably have forgotten it
so some sojourn oh he says nobody remembers anything
so the the first suffering is called duka duka and this is what we mean by just life birth death old age sickness or death association with unpleasant persons and conditions separation from people we love our experience we like and not getting
what we want and having mental and physical pain so that's kind of that first kind of duca is basically life
it's just life
it's not something special it's not something we can really avoid it's something we just have every day in one way or another are we encounter
and there's there's a lot of the there's there's what there's really no hated to get to get rid of it you can't get rid of any of birth or desert told what you could i guess get rid of birth
but all these things are just part of the picture part of the package we come with come in with the second type of suffering is called for para nama duca it's also x that it is really the way that we experience impermanence of happy feelings and conditions in life
simple to us so it's the suffering from from getting its suffering that comes from being attached to not suffering
if you're attached to non suffering are you at your intention and touch to blissful this or a pleasantness or you know love enjoy joy you know we laughed sometimes it with a personal people are always happy
ah we're happy oh everything's great but that is not that's not life that's not life i mean not a row maybe there are people who are picked drinking happy juice and his life but it isn't life as we know it though so the third form of duca is called some kara duca which is the
duca which is my favorite one actually is the duke of conditions states
i think it's the most important because it's it's it's it also buddha was a great psychologist in my experience right yes he was a great cycles i have to have both validation from the mental health consultant
so if this is really understanding or living the reality of dependent horizon it's really it's really the reality that we're not
separate beings that we're arising and ceasing in different forms every moment that every situation arises because of that particular momentary situation and that and since we can't control all the input that we get from our senses or
all the input that we get into our mind we have no control over the fact that these causes and conditions are surrounding us all the time so it ain't so what sometimes those causes and conditions are great because we are we have a happy or blissful experience of but and and other times many times
we arise differently and as we all know it comes and goes every period and southern when we're doing session we arise as says of comfortable person
ways we're really happy we came and then the next period everything hurts and you can't think you can stand it another minute
and then you think i'm not going to be able to do this i'm just gonna have to go rest or whatever i just can't sit a moment longer maybe maybe i can i get up what are people gonna think
you know what they'll think i'm not a good sense students such as says be still he's he talked about
full lotus i can't do that all of these things so we create ourselves of a basically a whole big messy story that can actually follow us through a whole day or two days and almost always
do we do that but if we look at that duca
we realized that there's this suffering happening because of all these conditions but there really is that but but but but but it's always changing so there's really nobody suffering but there is suffering and maybe
and maybe maybe that might be something that we can actually deal with if we know that is that is so impermanent or we remind ourselves that is so informative because we know it right we've all read it we all know at bats so
so we are
so it gives us the idea of understanding duca in these different ways and getting down to the glut granularity and the particularity helps with actually addressing it mean different it's a very different experience to deal with sickness old age and
def stats that's the there's no condition they're in the conditions are not there are conditions i mean there's flexibility and knowing how to do that but there's with this but there's that but but there's you know there's there's different way we deal with being sad when some by
he leaves us that's a different condition it requires a different thought process that requires different that you know analysis for ourselves different concentration and mindfulness how we gonna deal with that so all of by top by thinking about it by actually discerning what's going on with us it actually helps first of all takes our minds off
beat with will we become much more mindful of exactly what is it is it's unsatisfactory right now
and we really focus on it we have something we have something we feel we have some agency we feel like we have some flex we can have some flexibility or agency we're not stuck we're not stuck
ah so
there's another
so so it takes you know it it takes some effort and
i wanted to read something another another level of a working with suffering from techno hands
touching are suffering which will be able to read what's if with or without my glasses
hopefully okay and that is
ah tick no harm talks about
a buddhist discourse on turning the wheel of the dharma and how we use
three turnings at each level of novel truth
oh how we practice with three turnings
deal with are suffering
so the first turning is called recognition
we sense that something's wrong but we're not able to say exactly what it is we make some effort to escape but we cannot we know that ah we try to deny are suffering but it persists the buddha said that to suffer and not know that were suffering is more painful
is more painful than than the burden endured by the mule carrying and unimaginable heavy load we must first all recognize that we are suffering and then determine whether its basis is physical psychological or physiological are suffering needs to be identified
what and with that gets gets us to again is that kind of granularity i was talking about that you know i'm not i'm i'm afraid
i'm worried i'm uneasy
i'm experiencing anger
so it's he's urging us first of all to recognize and and name that anger
and then and then to to tip to own that anger to be there is that anger
or or there's that pain mit
so took to to actually own that it's they are not try to make a go away we also we say that but we always try to do it
but to be with it to breeze with it to to hold it lightly whatever it is whether it's a physical pain or a mental pain to just let it be not to not to do anything with it and if we have ah
if we can relax and and to stay in touch with our bras we can create an and keep our ears open and our eyes open to everything i tipped him to a wider field were able to whole that sojourn the other day talked about
this getting ahead of myself a little bit but sojourn talked about body scan
i have pain
what what exactly is going on
is there really is is this page something to worry about or not but that's so bit but the first the first turning is just is to acknowledge it and to accept it not to turn it away whatever it is whether they're hateful thought are lots of thoughts come up during zaza and especially if we have
done it a lady when we have subconsciously things come up that we haven't dealt with that we've been denying that we've been pushing away grief that we haven't faced comes comes up anger that we haven't faced worries whatever fears come up they rise up so we name them fear
and just just doing that and just making a field for that to be it is actually is actually his first step
so the second turning of the wheel is called encouragement
after recognizing and identifying our pain we take time to look deeply into it in order to understand it's true nature
which means it's causes
he says after observing your symptoms the doctor says i will look deeply into it this illness can be understood it may take him a week to conduct tests i love when it does this he says these twas tries to make this more accessible by by taking a common thing and inquire what would you
you know what we have been eating and our attitudes how we can spend our time and so on are suffering depression illness and difficult relationship
or fear needs to be understood like a doctor
and and and we are determined to understand we practice sitting walking meditation we asked for guidance and support from our dharma friends from our teacher and we hope through that encouragement we actually understand was behind a little bit behind it we understand its
arising for example we can understand that it's a condition to response we have to a certain situation or oga oh there's my companion anger there's my companion sadness is here again
what how does it feel how does it feel in my body
where is that sadness where's that said this is it is it causing me to have a tight abdomen is causing me to have a tight chest does it make me does it make me tense
can i just again with encouragement and consultation can i just learn how to be with that can i just whole that whole that feeling hold that are think so we need encouragement to help us after we recognize we need kind of a little self analysis of encouragement the
third turning of the wheel is called realization
and that can be expressed as
this suffering has been understood we realized that the efforts to begun through the second turning the doctor tells us the name and all the characteristics of our illness after studying and reflecting upon him practicing the first noble truth we realize that we have stopped running away from our pain we can now call are suffering by a specific name
and identify all of its characteristics
this alone brings happiness and joy
so this gives us a kind of a framework
i'm also so it adds to it as to the fact that we now know we've i kind of identified and it's not so much of an intellectual processes moreover
but we have information by by using mindfulness space using mindfulness of suffering and using it in a very very focused on the to and and very careful way we have we were we're still we're not we're not making the suffering go away yet
but it might sometimes just shining a light and acknowledging and accepting is all we need to do
sometimes recognition and realization said sometimes the realization is just the surrendering to whatever the situation is like you know you just get sorties
that's what happens during session
so it's no big deal
i have i have to discern whether i'm really hurting my old cartilage tear or not
ah can i and yeah i have to discern whether it means that i need to do something like do i really need to get up because it's really an old injury that might be be done dangerous or can i just breeze and say pay the money i think go to a body scan you know i'm gonna do so just as two thousand
instruction or that's kind of a body scan but you can do a body scanner and and just focus your attention on each area of your body each muscle what muscles around that pain are tense often we have a needed problem but but the new problem has become now a
five problem and a hip problem at a back problem because we're so tense and if we actually focus we can actually see oh so i have to breathe into my back muscle or i have to breathe and some somewhere is appealed it does the put the that knees a little sore but now i've created a whole a body that feels sore now i want it now i'm exhausted
and i definitely want to go rest and i wonder if i can ask associate director if i can have a easy to lie and lie down and a community room and sometimes we have to do that and that's okay but a lot of times
i had a talk with somebody yesterday
and the person said
i just can't stand this pain anymore and i'm just gonna give it up to buddha
so it's kind of like up going into twelve step and saying i can't deal with my addiction i have to let it go to a higher power i have to i have to give my
give my pet give myself
up i have to surrender my self holding on to thinking that this being has this pain and it's a big deal
and i have to do some and i me me me i have the power through my efforts and intention to make it go away
and that's delusion
so once we let go of the delusion and realize were powerless and realize that
the suffering is
part of the game
then we can
once we have an experience like that and i think many of you probably have i mean you can just think you're not can be able to do it it is think you're not going to make it through and then you just say oh
something if there's some letting go that happened some like i'm done with this or whatever and then all of a sudden something shifts something changes and you just said
and other times of course that's not true
there's another yet another tool
that is some that has talked about and talked about in discourse good as discourses and that is
to to add to your armamentarium the recognition of what they call the
the a
for nutrients
the for nutrients are those factors that can either ah
help are suffering but of but but also can be the source of are suffering
so as we're going through our process of recognition and encouragement
we get a sense of whether or not a particularly and pattern behavior that kind of suffering were a condition behavior
oh what what what are what are these possible conditions what was it was thinking what what is the conditioning in me that makes me tend towards self-doubt or self criticism or makes me ten towards being irritable and angry about somebody sitting next to me for nothing and they're all they did with breeze
you know what is that who's that it's angry with that what is that so these these are the nutrients the things that in your in your life you may not recognize
and i have to take these with a grain of salt i have to tell you are here
food and drink or that includes alcohol
so food and drink and how you eat and how you and how you take care of yourself and how you nurture yourself or don't nurture yourself on how greedy you are about food we see this you know you can see all of this when you and people get a lot of suffering for you see all of this during meals
when know when people are being served
i don't know about you but you know i used to have this a lot more now i'm so spacey after a few days decision that the they have to wake me up to to serve me but i used to you know haven't have opinions about how much was in the scoop how slowly or quickly they gave it to me you know why does that person with those tiny bits
takes forever and it's making me feel like you know i'm never going to get enough and i feel embarrassed i can't really i can't really wait to get the more food i can't you know and other people who just slap it in and
don't give you a chance to say enough and you know it and have these annoyances but they all have to they have to do with it was some pay these basic things we have about food food food is your food food is for survival so we have this genetic we were programmed about food and as course can nab
nab here you can do you remember the mountains and rivers says shane when the person forgot the two lunches
i say eric
was it eric forgot the lunches or something

something happened and we were there at point reyes for god's sakes you know how far are ways that people became panicked
people started hoarding
at one point a ken says something like it feels like we're on the donner party you were gonna stuff start eating each job
food can can have this provocative effect and during session with you liked it or not i you know why did they can be that kind all of these kind of primal
causes of suffering arise i mean the suffering people had over missing lunch and we it was most like we were in a missed lunch we just divided everything of so that they would be less than whatever but it was very funny i never got over that was tell that story because it was hysterical i was like watching people go crazy on the lord of the
flies or something
and these were buddhists
they were missing with lunch
but you can see people get very angry at servers and servers can get like bad vibes i'm sure sometimes from people and then you see the people who go off you know
and you have ideas why is he eating so much that's greed that's greed
so then judgment comes up and then you don't feel good about yourself because you're personage judges
so you know is a whole story
they have deal with when you could just quietly sit there pay attention to your own ball you know and eat but but this is it so food is actually a nutrient of suffering in in its way in many ways and obviously craving for alcohol or craving for sweets and things like that cause people a lot of suffering
ah in their lives
so if it's okay suffering so then the sense of the sense impressions and i thought that that dumb actually take note hands
ah discussion of the sense impressions was very was interesting because of how we live now
i'm and it we lived and he was talking about how so much of our suffering comes in through our senses and that we when we a lot of times are free floating anxiety
is actually a result of all of this input that we just don't identify so here's another case where we kind of go into recognizing what is this on you know when we're tough when we're looking at are suffering of and being with are suffering recognizing that i can if
that if i checked my email or read the latest headlines before i come into zazen i have a much more difficult period then if i don't and after a couple of days of session when you're no longer having that exposure of a noise of blue
airing of craziness coming in from all directions
everything's calmer i don't have that same feeling i don't i start feeling the warm and cozy and you know it feels like comfortable and safe in a container where that stuff is removed so that's that's it so that an and i'm take nhat hahn and the buddha encourages that when these
that these things these sensory inputs are like toxins to our body
and we have to recognize their are toxins to our body
and if we want to to be more tranquil if we want want to be more centered and be more grounded we will have to recognize what is what other poisons that are out there that are surrounding us and in the same way we go on a diet from food we go on a diet from some of these other inputs whatever they are
they're different for everybody
then the third one is a volition or intention
it's recognize and this is where talked about as if we if we are for example and ah a kind of ambitious person with gaining idea for example i wanna be the best and student i wanna do it so everybody notices
i want to really sit straight i'm gonna sit so straight i don't care if it kills me i'm going to do comedy gonna do by such a surgeon used to call that muchos in
and that that there were people who were really of yeah they were militant in the way they did everything and they were meticulous about the form and they were attached to their
their image this the self image of the best and student or the the that the one that did the bows best the one that did the chanting best or whatever but this is also pick people who have that kind of thing can come up in insertion i mean a out of sight of sushi and it could be
people are really their their life makes it that their life in their make decisions about their life and how they do their life
create suffering that then comes up in zazen
and that's why i think come you know like very ambitious people who are out people who are looking for fame and gain and material wealth and so forth are really
most often not so happy and have a lot of suffering
but they they they may take a relaxation weekend
feel good weekend or something to feel happy and relaxed but that really isn't going to do it because if you're a stockbroker and you know here at the thing making them money i will do whatever that's that's what's doing it so it's only by recognizing that the life choices than the intentions of the value of and the intentions you make and then you can turn that you can turn
those are all of these things you can turn
so that they can so they can they can make a difference right you can change your intention your intention your vow can be to be present your your vow can be to give away your vow can be to be generous so you can the intentions that can can cause you to suffer can also be turned to be intentions
that can cause you to live a wholesome life where i feel a more tranquil a tranquil experience on the last one is consciousness of which is
ah which is really ah conditioned consciousness ah a a consciousness that the fact that that you have to look at and we i talked about that before that that when we when these feelings come up when these situations come up but why is why is this dysfunctional
response why is this upsetting response happening like why would i be concerned about what somebody extra me is doing
you know i don't it's they're really not they really not bothering me i mean there are doing anything to me
why would i be concerned about anybody else's behavior being right or wrong
that's good i'm looking at why would i let that get to me if somebody has a certain behavior that seems uncomfortable why don't why i feel that that rush of anger when someone gave me a correction
no who who's who's that that feeling upset about the correction why did somebody saying no you know you need to wait outside until the bell why would that be something that
that that could make somebody unhappy
why is it me why is it making me unhappy was was really that person being helpful to me or was that person being mean to me a discerning from your own from your own conditioning why these responses happened so being curious so when you have a response to someone else in sixteen for example where we
say because we're vulnerable here and we're all open
don't deal directly with me and i talked to this machine director part of that is just as his order and kindness in general but part of that is also you know you're you're you're sensitive during session
so all your little things come out and your little irritations at your little tendencies kind of come to the surface so it's better to take a breath and then if you talk this shaped sushi director even doing that diffuses it were thinking that you're going to talk to this issue director
so those are the all the tools so there's lots of tools
and we have lots of opportunities to use them the only thing i wanted to say before a few questions houses the other the other aspect of all of this i think is this aspect of the way that we in order to really deal skillfully it it works skillful
the with are suffering
obviously requires patience
oh generosity
equanimity compassion for ourselves
it is this book is turning the focused rather than on complaining and criticism to compassion what what
and you know suzuki roshi always talks about hum
yes we want to identify the causes of are suffering
but being okay and accepting the problems
is really what's important that an order for us to be able to work with it we don't work with it getting beaten
ah over you know of book for forbid for not for not being skillful we work with it by accepting that this is just how it is right now and and completely accepting it completely accepting the pain completely accepting our our our pattern completely accepting at first it's okay
people have patterns when they have these experiences in life this is my anger i have that and then and then kind of surrendering completely to it
so we have all this information and you understand it but still it requires that extra level of acceptance and surrender
to allow the
the feelings of and and the and the realization to permeate
your mind and your body
and then something that might have felt like suffering feels like something that's a phenomenon that transient that you understand a little better
if nothing else you understand a little better and have a little more compassion for it and as you work with it and you understand it then being open and accepting then you can find a skillful means with which to deal with that situation
and that go skillful means can be anything from you docusign or psychotherapy or take going on a diet or whatever they are those skillful means can appear if you have a a big wide field for your suffering and had can hold all the potential
you're gonna be fine
yes judy



this is
yeah that i mean that's the total acceptance the total acceptance no
he say

yes yeah

this is this is
is it


for me personally
i have to really very very consciously i use my breath and and ground myself
oh and make sure that i'm totally
present and my body and grounded
and then i need to jump off the hundred foot pole
there's that there's a there's a there's something that happens fed
that's an that's an opening
if you leave enough of a space for an opening if you if you can if you die if the dialogue is is calmed if the monkey mind is calm
then just stay completely and be as open and aware and then the miracle can happen
yeah john
i am
laid out the have the power of identifying a navy
going on
with step
i wonder i
i heard this phrase just yesterday
but a name is nonetheless used
that that's it that's a dance i think that's a dance
that's a dance is it you know you know not the other thing is of course don't believe what you think
and there was something in one of these things i read about a ah an older person who said
i've spent my life
worrying about problems that i never had
then that's that you know is this it if you have to just you're in the moment you have an observation as sometimes that observation feels like ah
there's a ah there's the ah in your body
ah guy get it now then you have to write it down at one point that somewhere in this thing to take know how does what to just a what at a warehouse unused to do which was he probably still does has little pad by his cushion so when those oz come because they disappear so quickly
that you that you write down your are in a hurry
oh great that's a great thing
there's a good tip another tip i think we're going write that we're going to put that in here
will give out from now on will give out little pieces of paper and pencils yeah
right at them and you can burn it yeah that's great you can eat it
and for nourishment
does anybody thing else it
so a sergeant and say something
yes not don't believe anything you think i was exactly that was a missed both misspoken
a thank you for that that was misspoken
as though have to say eric it just eric had one were christian

suffering in the kitchen
to same thing at one step at a time when step at a time when i when it what has to happen in this moment the minute you get ahead of yourself the minute you get self conscious the minute you worry about if it's gonna be good or not you're dead
you just have to just okay i did the preparation i write it down
got the help i need
boyle take it off as heat drain put in bowl
that's it
and absolutely stay grounded absolutely go back to yr to yr grounding while you're doing the minute you feel a l
the minute you get attached to something
is your debt you know like i was attached to i was really gonna get the brown he's done really early this time
and i was so sure i was so i was a alex with me we were we're had such fun doing the brownies in him and together we did it so quickly and they were in the oven and whatever and that all of us and they weren't quite done when they responded
so then there was just a few moments are suffering not much because it was only a few minutes
the separate increases according to the minutes
well it yeah maybe but i had my moment of like oh my god there and i can be done anyway so that's that's just the same as awesome
why is it seems
we tend to walk in life the sufferings that come up and is you know many
then city was sitting is kind of designed for us to have to feel it and and not by an and not might not bypass it so we provide a container for us to really practice hard practice of being with the suffering
in a focused way so that we can work with a little bit we can we can really get to know it when we're busy but in in the kitchen it's really you just you really have to it's one and many other jobs whenever they are it's just as you if you keep in your breasts and your keep doing the motions the physical motion
that you're supposed to be doing its
you can stay as focused
and you have to deal with all the feelings they come up but you have to still breathe and you have to still cut the carrots