Our Practice And Our Everyday Activity

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Tassajara on Saturday, August 30, 1969
About this talk
Saturday, August 30, 1969 Audio Problem Set CM first pass
Source: 69-08-30-II-t.mp3 digital audio archive from DC. Problem set. Thanks to audio work by Angus Atwell, transcribed Transcribed by CM 09/05/12-09/10/12. Audio quality fair, largely audible and fair distance from speakers. Audio grade generally C, with probably something around 70% audible, but with some worrisome flucuation. Some crickets but not many which muffle speech or affect sound being picked up. Unfortunately, a large enough amount of the audio is unclear, causing inconclusive meaning. Tape cuts twice: once it resumes (and is "relooped"), but the second time an unknown period has passed, possibly even a different lecture. ??? denotes at least one muddled word, or just a stretch of bad audio. ?? denotes a guessed word, with an added open bracket meaning a guessed phrase or sentence. Ambiguous words (such as homonyms or where an "a" might be an "un-") stated in closed brackets. *** File name: 69-08-30N: our practice and our everyday activity 1 speeds up 2 is new lect or 1 is 2 an 2 1 [?Transcript in progress. Problem set. Needs further work, checking. Many words in doubt. Notes on transcription methodology follow transcript.]