October 22nd, 1971, Serial No. 00277

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i'll go home
so ball in indoor
meaning of sober though
our goals way bad
i me why could he has gone
come on as lifetime
oh well
ah he was about to transmit
what does it blue or a common buddha's life
his disciple named a sharper
bali is very simple
ah in
ah when
one day second buddha
i try to
a peak
he sat down with kinda of coupon

add to the assemble assembly
on the bachelor people

his stance
at the stage
ah and
i sold
a smile on his face
are holding
a beautiful flower on
i'll do that
he had

that time
among the
about one million is congregated body fat
the base
one know
the second one would have to decide to name a chopper
on the chapel
i heard
add to this to the second more buddhists attitude
showing a flower or dubai
that time the second moon buddha says
i have
so ball didn't go i have for all kindle never notion
chapo can tell you know so you know the meaning of the shop or jennifer
the i am credit on seeing into the depths or be so bored in newham notion
ah it sent mine
a based on nearby
second you would have said i have
sopo dental never moisten

i will want to
the cash shop
in two
the secret or bullies when you call soap or involve nahum me ocean
he go he gives the company will not give
the focus on what is wrong and all your que
to a job

as a pool as the approval
which a shot by a
a qualified to be some fisher
oh check or money order
this is for shot
u m
but if you
or if you take interest
and at this story and the glory of his to be left behind us the captain training a hundred ten five hundred years ago
he can happen in the buddha and he's decided

i think there is a legend

acquired without foundation
which all you have to do is take interest in
this story and the glory
oh the buddhist history the captain twenty five hundred years ago
i'll bet he might an all captured
oh the circumstances
what captain
we can check on the buddha and the one million congregated body fat them
add to be a demo on the bunch of peak

i think i believe the woman when kapamilya buddhist turn add to the day
on about a peak in the pregnant of in the presence of one million com get in body fat
make all congregation
quiet calm down
any more
dusk looking at her community buddha
if you let's imagine if you see if you see this thing
all the moving picture
he produced by
each human being live in our day
you will find the thing for me
august him
the moment when the second minute rule of thumb that a fake when the bone

but at that time
nobody nobody's kids
everybody keeps time
i think in or the the imperium from second william burroughs
aren't you
a from beyond
know they all make making what you can make
the goal to common in europe or versus
the all berkshire
whatever you will do
if you read the sub a lot of you will find you will find how rate second by year

why is this one of tampa so by to sutra
a tidal a preacher the future
the corrugated body fat was asked asked
shakyamuni buddha

what is important what is important
paul off
to be about you
know when or what is the important
paula's to do
ah before been tried to treat
for months pepto the board of kitchen
this can cause i bought a suit
that time check or money mover gibbs
the three important things to
the all congregated body fat

kevin would third you should you should do so
after having intranet entering having entered having after having had entered the board of the power
the after having put on the rob of the photographer
and occupied the pocket of the salad
nanowerk the before you breach
you should be in the room in the room or in the womb of the pilot
we should be you should be show put on the border throb

and you should be
on this page of the top
ben cathartic friend what if what if the award of the photographer
it is abiding encouraging all climates
to all be
so before you preach to say what you are what you are in the room of the parapet days
to be kind to be considered it to all be
and the world compared to be compassionate to all be
know what is the world of the power whatever we have to we have to where we have to put on the rob a flop
the buddha says it is up or
raids appraisal of the top line for
or gallon your bill
but to to say what q what you put on the buddha throb but if to pay what you mean
in the subprime
closer beulah

the is the puppet helping to the co-pilot
raise the entering into the void nothing
of all v
but they want you are
what you are at the stadium that pile of it is
say what you are
in the feel of the nothingness of all thing
in the feel of the nothingness or what
but everything is based on

that least when the ceremony war ii is about to
a key kid something
at pick up something whatever they are
he's already in door
the buddha of compassion
the long for building
the to thump emptiness or nothing
that's fine
a bit ah
i've been cages
according to all congregated body fat with
for the boot of attitude
standing on the t
if something beyond
your own imagination you can do
that's why or people they are completely
keep keeping quiet
and the looking at a comedian

he called the moment when they look at check or money buddha
the feel
the heel
i'm going to free growth and within
in the presence of a community buddha
it is white car
boggling wobbling person

let's imagine
how important how important the baby
how important mother his mother when pokemon for hurt him
al one k k u
according to the baby wrong the marvel for attitude a something beyond the all imagination would you can
whatever kind of fire a know whoever we're here
even when the bitten for cry
a woman ranking of when you look at the his mother
think he stopped immediately cry
a boy she tried to give the something can be to to the bit
i don't know why
you don't know why
just a bed

he doesn't have a debate the the fund what kind of far my mother you
a wigger my mother is my mother and my mother have every faith or with universal face
the weekend he got know
what whether he moving now or he gave we only raped been
she doesn't she doesn't
neither model it doesn't matter whether or not the mother a smiling or be a with him
oh river he have every faith or miss universe universal it

the true nature of the baby require
just the present for all his mother
hello for the poor baby himself he buckled under fun what a what if my mother
what do you mean what yvette
oh available
he'll make raised up to make him stop crying
he does on the stump
but i think in the depth of the baby
he knows he knows
the something
beyond the all our imagination the by the ban on the might making you can do
but if era flag

what would you call it a reply a the dim
image or
the marbling smile
what kids situated in far away
or you
the he can be he can't grasp it but he knows he knows rear to their image or borrowing smile is
it took five good it it's of f the would have thought you a width wow
he not the situated
in the prevalence of all you
in the dark room
then get one the like
he won't a a lump
i'm not be different again
oh why
dem or rail for late
re of the like
is coming up through a would of fake
if the gym even you can see the gimp image of smiling would have faith
long the dark room the front lobby

that don't you feel
the go
oh you mean because
you get right mood
what titled
i'd been badly
one to get pumping but did nothing
love that time
the game with immature but the smiling would have faith make up here
one dark
with give way you're right
when you can go but we don't know what it is
but you know
but it make you feel a glow from the we ah then it make you feel
it meant you get
a them
very well written assurance and relaxation of your investment
i think mother mothering person has this nature
when he is confronted way
the hurt me
why baby stop cry before he tried to give them
because mother she is already
add to the ender buddha through
embrapa by
i'm passionate about four miles
and being
in the fail or
fuck why closer view

a barn the sometimes the train the fee in san francisco
a young couples that every in every week
a leave
a their babies and home
we ate about the me the two or three years old
every weekend
the when they leave the baby at the at the home of their house and
go away
i don't know what they will do
maybe they will go to enjoy themselves
do something at the park coding get park war
to see that movie what to play the golf
i'm on the beautiful
then very gift will be over
always look at the look out of the wind wind or look
look we're outside out of the window
he can open the window where the fight game character he always had with her face to the window and fifty looking at the outset
at all cold house
if every every weekend in the every weekend the they go they leave
what i'm playing
the order to enjoy themselves
what if what do you mean by the raping to alpha he will be

that time mark but the theme makes me very kinky
why is voice what do you mean by that making the raping the children as she would be
of course it is all right though it may be all right to enjoy themselves
because they have a right to wear
ah the parent

the from the see
to tell you about what
a diapers
or given the milk
or giving the phone fraud
are giving the roof of toys

i think
the all be
as long
admitted excuse me if you become the model
if you become a muslim and christian
will you should know it should know the yourself
ms being in the sphere of the sublime close viewing
which means to kick you off a bit her bitten off a human being
you play
thou benefits offered given cake
he called
the children as a human being neat
a great
that need just a clever on their mouth
we're carrying
even though they do anything they didn't get that they don't do anything at all
they need to the pedals or
we can
that time then he'll grow old we
based on relative security
our very existence
because they know
they know the bullet compression children no unconsciously
the compression aid kit
competitive spirit choose to show compassion and spirit if not to give some
nerissa was a common border is
in the fail of nothing but empty
why commanded by them in person
but she never expect something wrong
from the bench after doing something after taking care of
it will though mother taking killer a bit their baby from pc
he doesn't make it
how terrible smell it
without expecting any of word just can to kill off the baby's needs it
even though
the mother sobbed growth
ah pledged
not be even the bedroom
the pleasure
he he
you mean
they know a bevy as the mother for close with forbid you mean
he never made concrete
he just a smile

i skipped is taking human being needs this attitude
whatever you do
all we have to make every class for airport a to be
in the of go
based on and not be more the wrong envelope the by compassionate
but for a skipped
to be in the world
on the someone close to view
to be the compare off
nothing that
envelope of by any exploitation
home anyway
good you do from you need this outage
need decided
if fell pockets
if few more gift point
in a problem of outrage he'll care for you
why not
i want to keep away from
whatever out of here
oh you have to make every possible airport to do so in that way
at that time
the us
he'll of a feel
i don't feel the growth of a living
a moment when they pay you

that's why
they all congregated body fat for
i'll keep quiet
then at that time the company water show
the beautiful town of would do well
i'll dump along the is
the legend tali tree and lot of by reading out
what if what you thought of gloves and one in the three thousand years
one the one is dubai rooms beautiful flower
once in the three coverage year
then he shot he showed beautiful flower of dubai
and he blinked he lied
why it live
ah it means that to reform the beautiful fall of the odinga what you fall off
i thought
two block from the one for him the three found here
the real opportunity
right for for community
what can you shouldn't miss
young earth
you know
the on earth
re opportunity but you can't miss what you can never miss a
when be radically what you are in the compiler and he gets a grip
take the fitting moment
in the tranquil
your ip be going on
this case get now i'm here
now i'm here a moment or be quit popped great opportunity what you are in tougher
to blossom
a beautiful fall on dubai
a booming once in the thousand three thousand year
this opportunity to give speaking can never been can come back again
because everybody is investment on the big you for all the changing of the mods folder you are very often
you have a often listened to this point
will you say or i know i know you know my life
which is based on the time vinci on that changing shame of key
but actually
it's love for easy to get case of it with your whole body and mind
why you complete the as mentioned before even though you you are killed by the be more direct
hijacker on an airplane
with developers be bothered
it is very simple to die or golf all you have to do in just to if a big shock the thought then die
i'll never let me think well even though i die live work world is didn't fit the world
the with other
love for you say you say well please god let me let me alive you can go i die
you say you pay
three take care of my debt dead body
saying through the to your and friend
please perform like funeral service great you nursery
and the rebel to wiki
on arrival when you depend
because you stick to your body dead body
what kyiv
hey at the same p at for certain period during the second tier
then you think to
please keep my body
every faith
we've carried my body to the you can
in order to perform he will sure
a poor mom would make sure
whatever you think anyway the airplane you're going on right there
your debt getting your dead body and with other your friend who is who are alive
then right before the airplane landed on land on
he had claimed the for into the ground
if you pick up
who gets to
complete there is nothing to eat cat
if you want to expect
of course you may say that vivid something where he called something that the move
just me just something be in move in perpetual move on the floor
dead a got going got the is good dead body is going bad
even though your fair please keep my budget party faith
what you know
you get body even where you fed to keep my def alive or the living body shape you kick
step by fit your body is going on twat from direction but you have never expect expected before
i'm sorry for you but there and fell for you and forty for propagate you
i'm sorry for the made from for program the importance of the pan
we can make based on the same features
if applied to kick off your crop expectation well now i didn't i got well
you know peach keep my kit my dead body faith to keep your dead body faith
others and think
oh you playing along to go
the airplane or others also are at your perpetual move on the floor
what is what will be in store for us for them
what will you know
all they have to give all your debt party a the right on the t all water the
that small fishing for taking after each other's on the front face of the war
come from a good featured the it

the water is just going on
who keep
who can pick up his or murphy
being gay as the same place
nobody can
the water and fish with dwarfism big fish
be on right on the stream and the war
functionally immortal emotion that thought
right on something in motion
what you can't put any idea of into it
you may fe code privacy for it is called perpetual through on moon where area called the to from king king
if you pick up the death the from were in that way it is the you
actually what to eat computer what is the king you grieve and puppet you're moving the floor
this is pretty hard to cool cat to catch it in your hand easy
of course you can catch the fifth of to from the changing in your head you can
but we cannot catch

this is true aspect of human life
they find the tooth of kenji
what should i do
what you do in the face of this change
kevin for even a brightest space to put the idea into it yes guess if enlightenment or defaced the region you can
even though you say to with me i'm i've got three got let me alive
maybe a hydropower give a hint to get into new to you in a okay
when he would take you to japan to your destiny in destination
then you feel the heard read ah next moment

pompey into a tasty

this is for you have to see more
through this true aspect of life
who are true

if so when you pick a fist or a muslim but mark or biologist faith if the video nothing why did you make a bar to put up
why is that you must you must the practice the event
a wave for the way that there was a victim time
what does preferred the felt the key
does the rookie and the robbed and shot fat running through your head
def the watched how cowboy your my what a thought
why get we have to pop
maybe they make it
if he reads nothing with nothing can expect to touch it
the everybody with describe the truth of mapping as intimate
on which everything is pitched
even i find even a pivotal even the violated
lol a day
but they don't know what to do
oh they have to do may be
not too not to be interested
practice making ball to buddha
i think thought
the what a what is what is something i wrote it to you
when seeing your life
the plan which you moving swiftly
but you have to catch the felt who if if you want to the south for a dignified
we have to catch you have to be gif time which is working with quickly quickly
i've mentioned before it is too
to be refined a heavy griffin a pain for on the plan wiki warming fifty lucky
yeah earth a pleasant a just a the people of an empty
pinpoint of the time what gave what is emptied by what
rapid stream to work
get get speaking there is nothing but the coupon
all the time
what kids are with empty why
the street
so i can i fit you have security the tinpot
this is this pinpoint point of the climb is something i wrote to you right now right here nowhere the in you can do from the can do them

if you want to see the you fell who video living very often
then you can
the point of the meals
you can move
every inch
you can put the any idea for into it
hello rose
the you can do but it does depend on you had to depend on you home make how how you can make the best use of fifteen point of the time it depends on
it's not a unified whole rear diff point of the time com it is not necessary to think of it
important point is how to accept how to accept and handle take care of fifteen coupon of the plan would do
why is it
but there are many numbers from to pinpoint on the plot
the of the fifteen point of the plant located the female me you live the bullet taxes
they must go the each individual think of this
buddha statue in the different and well it is the third little fat
a common far from from person from of you think well or from where the country plant
then from of you think well as a or patrick video here you by harriet in the i can get love if four million dollar four million dollars if you are antique
when then some of you think wrong it is the of for object of worship computer as idol
why the way that we need to make about to set the factory
it's not necessary
the some of you think wow this great cause good a bot
think there are many different viewpoint
very different viewpoint of looking at def of pin pinpoint of the time
it depends on you it depends on you how you can make best use of this component of time as the boot of fact you ever the win

you can create
you can create in a different way you can create that many things in different way
graham just the kin port of the time can either as good effect
then for instance the let the emergent that can form of the turn the computer and of event
a more you hear well i get indictment wait for you will you think well