October 1972 talk, Serial No. 00339

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aboard the board she used she uses our sale she takes the terror he paused the boat along
my life itself
as i mentioned yesterday
ah entirely
entirely transparent emancipation
it is like
no empty cup pay empty cup

you can use a sale
you takes the tour you pause the board along is you can you can use any kind of far any kind of face you can pour the milk you compare orange you can pour the google who can pull the just water
the life itself is leery like are empty cup
they you can use any time anywhere as he like
that's you like
yet the border collies him and without the board he is not there
of course that's up to you it is it's out to you whatever kind of stuff you put you put put into put into the empty cup
but there is empty cup that fi you come poor milk and orange do you like katie
the all enter the if we're empty cup the least not mp empty copy you can poor warranty milk and just water

you cannot do anything you cannot do anything without an empty cup okay you cannot do you cannot cross on the the other show from the dishes from to the other shore with that a bot
that's why he said yet the board to carries him
empty cup empty cup car if you carries a orange juice or milk and water wherever as you like
yet the board car is him and without the board he is not there if you ignore the empty cup
you're like doesn't exist life of the orange juice orange just doesn't cut doesn't come to come
into be
the by writing in the board she makes it the bot k
from this point mt company companies very important or our jewels t v important empty countries jurors for you
but do it is not the duo if you don't if you don't use the duo
do as side doesn't make sense
even though empty cup is job for you you have to use you have to use it
pouring the pouring the milk or orange juice or just water whatever
that's fight logan says by writing in the board he makes it he makes it a bot

i any cost if you have a job everybody had to do a so called empty cup empty cup you have to use it
you have to use it

you must concentrate yourself with to studying and penetrating this vey time gay


a question is
question is that you have to concentrate yourself to study and pay trading when you use get when you use empty cup

the moment when you are when you pour the milk
you think immediately or milk
milk with my life
we more the moment when you poorly the orange juice into the empty cup you say wow
is very orange juice
but duncan says of course you can use any time and you or whatever anywhere
you can port but at that time you must concentrate yourself to studying and penetrating this very time when you use k when you use
and this time at this time when you use
oh is the word of the board
oh in the or always the word of the board
when you ride on ride the bot
the board occupies all over the world
empty cup occupies milk key
because the way you poor when you oh wait you or to court
spelt still out nuts go out of it
cloud pour into
moment you call what
on a point
spill over
spill now
anyway what you make it the mtr game okay it's please
pour out
anytime you can pour the milk and orange juice and feel like into the empty cup
but whatever you poor
okay and m o whenever whenever you poor
the orange juice or milk and know just want are always the word of empty cup cake because you can pull pull out
you can make an empty again
ne if you want another grape juice you can port kit
the way you see we rent board you can see the they beautiful scene and trees and mountains baby of
well when you ride when you ride the airplane and then look down the mountain dew down the earth baby of but sees very different okay between the two
what you write the airplane the airplane occupies all over the word kate
mountains and trees are completely are all absorbed into airplane
when you ride the board the trees mountains and the skies all are completely absorbed the into a bot
that's why you are they enjoy riding board or wow how beautiful when you write the airprint how beautiful this seeds very different a few different form
that's why dog and says at this time always the word of the board
the heavens the water the shore all becomes a boards time and they are not the same months time what is not the board
everything is empty word the word of empty cup
whatever you put milk cup milk and water group

it is for this reason that right phase what i mix to exist
and i his i is what rife makes me
that's why that's fine you can make your life okay
that's five life phase what i make i make to exist when you the moment when you pour and pour the milk into the empty cup and is your rife can erase your life
so cold milk from which is provisionally is called milk life
the way the moment when you pour the orange into the empty cup for visionary and it's cold
orange juice milk life

and i i is i is what life makes me dislike library sir
what what makes what makes the orange juice life life kate
empty cup empty cup makes the orange juice rife our life key
the moment where you pour the milk into the empty cup empty cup make got milk rife life
milk and orange juice or completely absorbed into an empty cup any time it is empty
that's why any time you can comport out and different jobs you can pour

there any time when you can pour anything
that's why when you pour the milk you can make our milk life and then you you have to take responsibility for milk life k
nobody takes normally it takes the response pay for milk life because the airport
if you pour into into them to come you have to take response burial for the orange juice life
but this orange juice life is also based on absorb to into the empty cup is it is really great great
gilroy reality what he never was a man to fuel to leave okay
alvarez empty cups orange juice milk arrive on in life and one arrive
i getting fresh live whatever you say
are completely afford the into empty cup you can are you so in essence of life is empty
yesterday i mentioned essence of life is always pure
antifa at nothing to stay
that's fine you can make your life anytime anywhere do like if so please take responsibility for your life
if you want to go to than thinner yesterday i mention any time you can com
day if you want to you if you don't want to stay here please go out any time
my life is something like this are life is always free okay
as to empty
his life is really to empty
to satisfy yourself
that's why my master says wherever you make what everything is sleep
it's a briefing in see
i don't like a dense and said think i will go out and to say something and belongs to another religion and sign
well i to what you want support what are you supposed to do you to give same thing lucky
you want do you want to pour the milk orange juice or yes and you can port
because you're empty empty cup you can pour the milk or into the if you don't want melbourne airport and orange juice and grape juice
the after every activities you have to take with sports be

and then next time the next ascendancy is very important in boarding the board one's body and mind and the entire surrounding environment are all the boards
add dynamic walking dynamic watching
abbas entire earth and space are the boards dynamic working
dynamic walking and it was the dog lead nine dog the user can come miss are literally meaning is a piece of mercy which produce life an energy okay
where to come guy is a piece machine which produces constantly life and energy like manage
so this translate are translated the dynamic working enemy
according to my word empty cup k empty cup

so a boarding boarding the board to one's body and mind and the entire surrounding environment are all the boards dynamic working
so what what's make my life real life dale what is the very important point kate
which we have to a marked what is the core of life
where is the the core of why would we have to a mud
not fight dog in says
you have to use you have to use
empty cup can empty cup
but this empty company is not do it
that would you have to use the empty cup as just conception okay
you have to use their function and dynamic working on empty cup cake
don't get says you tried to us
dynamic working off empty cup

dogan says
will you to wait

our fish or fish looks like a fish
when a fish sweeps k
a bird looks like a bird when a bird fries

ah huge expense of the sky
as much skies space penetrates heaven chemistry heaven
limpets war limpid the water penetrates penetrates the bottom of the liver
get a fish looks like a fish when or fish or screams in the water

okay or looks like a looks like a fish
but lymph which is your fish it is a fish with to for is swimming okay seeming right now right here this is real fish
because this fish completely uses uses dynamic working on water itself okay
the essence of life so cold water

now that can fish can swim
in the water the ers which can use fully
the essence of water
what is empty what is transparent
the moment when you look at the fish which is swimming you tried to explain wow this is fish this is fish
then you try to expand what this which seeming wish is to your friends
the fish you would you can see is not real fish and and roofs like a fish looks like a fish because and it is explanation of fish the other worse even though you can expand compare
exactly what this vicious like
all you can to do is
i to in furs and to him for the mind of fish mind fish
not real fish
the real fridge is fish which is swimming okay for me this is real fresh
because this free you use again
a on piece of machine which produce life and energies
what emerges from water
oh fish lives is so what is life itself which drives a self

let's fight dogan says the i the is living
the i that is living the life that is i is just like this just like this
ah cut the gay life
a real cutting you i fees and no name
new york funny life is kathy live which is seeming okay sim
then when you everybody can see can give life with to swimming
if they're a team capable team people explain what mcconaughey live for kids who is seeming why aren't i figure life is so very nice or naughty little bit to crow crow clumsy or loop with foggy and fine
in someone says what your life is one of grade in a play where you say whatever you say you always trying to say in the world of comic rife i his comic life
yellow earth does the explanation promise
so real gotta get little regular life is life what is swimming seemed
by using on a piece myrcene game which produces life energy belongs belonging to cut the new life itself and so can cut the gays circumstances around can do life okay
and petition want to have
place age men using the a peaceful missing key
which produces live from the energies belongings to ages times and places men
this is a great deal the think thinking your life but don't cut the gay rights doesn't need more your explanation what cut a gay life is all i hampton all your cut the good life to do is just to accept
if you say you live a little bit foggy yes sir thank you
no complaints no complaints because i have to take responsibility of category lives so call orange juice help because i pour by myself
but real carnegie's anyway always seeming can see me
what we see me
the owners live
and sign
if you want if a only want to know foreman's is woman has to same okay vividly
they're me three explains one woman is where it is now real woman's key
with bite that the explanation or normally you expect it now's a good
why don't you make your head calm and more tried to understand me much better
but even though you say them by live woman's real understanding or woman is to solicit okay
that's all because all you have to do is to use a piece of for missing what produces life from the ages
this methane belongs to the essence of life
so-called circumstances so called a petition from time so called japanese his so-called american
whatever you say essence rivalries always empty cup
and that that's why it is dynamic working
a piece of is not that conception
conception while conception what produces live and nh i don't think so

so from this point
our woman alone knows so well what will my is that's why if you read the if you need that wrote the sutra buddha says
the on the border knows what bullet is
we yes that's right this is right this is right
that is little freedom okay
the majority of the people who don't know what to freedom is

soy women are some kentucky has to know
from company is
of course
according to the my curiosity
i want you to understand from kentucky is that's why sometimes i explain it was flying in japan a part of for what part of the pay are you born yes i also come with what if the off
how to explain
i want to i want you to understand why i am
when that's it no it's not necessarily pitino bite
but if you don't understand for company is them
my curiosity weren't to bite what smarter and it
that's a home and sleep a privilege for me then they come from
the others don't know who can get his
unknown cut the unknown portion of his life make me free or can make me free this is freedom
and nones the unknowns make me feel
and those of woman's life make you free
don't bite
at that time was the people are give up for the life
because you don't know exactly
sometimes by fighting and you keep up your life
i don't give up your life how halfway through
even though others don't know exact for you are
don't give up
you have to know who you are by yourself through and through it through and through
to know who you are by yourself through and through is to use working a piece machine which produces like router images
whenever wherever it is it it exist to


then dogan says
explaining about this a peaceful machine what is what is this piece machine
which produces dynamic right for images he says this a kicker anyway this translation is dynamic working readily brings about rise and redmi brings about the death
and the way time this dynamic working as thus realized it is not necessarily large it is not necessarily is more
it is not limitless is not limited
this is free
this is freedom
so this dynamic working
exist a move there
in your life
you can't explain it is back where it is more

no worse than there's no explanation
all you have to do is just use
this dynamic working
it is not wrong or five short one year
once present life exists within this dynamic working the this dynamic working exist within this present life
so from this point where his life simply speaking is dynamic working
other words buddha is dynamic work
if i say so you ask me like a monk what you up or currency in the history a monk cutler earth warm into to can
they asked the death master
what to to had a brutal nature
them must say don't fool yourself don't fool yourself
but he doesn't understand
because them muslim says dr phase bullet is always working vividly life is bora is what buddha is not conception
conception created by human noise que buena is always working
then look says rook
both piece of worth what i want movie
the movie
according to this month worrying is born on it but this moving is already concession created by him okay
is now border that is now born that is not your real right whooping is with you can not here
but em is ten time maybe it's kick time

ah this is
this is ah dynamic working
dynamic walking is your life
dynamic walking is completely beyond explanation or you have to me is the same key
the say
and then
the each of us just
friends mind
but don't worry about
even though the other son standing
doesn't beach the of your life
that's what that's does
because you want
you are free you your life is dynamic work i was life is standing walking dynamic walking is campaign beyond okay
attempt attempt to reach towards this whole of the life with intact