November 5th, 1971, Serial No. 00279

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night he didn't a will have to
ah explain
about ah it's just a ceremony
according to our
quiche requirement

oh he

the in japan in
the big temple with jazz
we judge it's on a long history
can have
the a regular training field
or twice a year
like in a monastery in know saw gg monastery
they can have our regular a training peel or twice a year
winter and split are formed with a spring winter
i'm also
old the big temple with jazz its own old history
can also have our regular cleaning peel
as well as had to the temple
because lord's temple ah
the damn monastery adequate to or practice zen buddhism in japan
but now they now a did even a big temple is the the situation on the present situation of even a big is very change a different from the before the in the asian time
they usually are strictly speaking in a big temple the adequate to r did
then more monastery
ah there are many monks were practicing zen buddhism
they like a circular his temple ride is a big and also it has
they owed history the other day the
his temple add die
five hundred and iversen
celebration celebration for five hundred and the bustling
they usually
the in the small temple
they cannot are for lincoln or training period twice a year
ah winter she so
on you win
our newly
a master of the temple
oh dear
ah not day
ah only when
about them that tempered change changes and a was on the when they have a newly master of the temple
are we making a route to have our training pee on four hundred days
so from this point the about newly album of the temple must stay at the temple four hundred days with she saw
with shazam
but now we when we don't follow in that way that they have far they are just one day celebration just for celebration
they don't practice anymore
it looks like on
looks like a festival of the art newly album
gathering many many months wailing a fancy law
and he drinking a fucking and eight
fancy food
just celebration and looks like a festival please to festival
via nonesuch
there is you couldn't you cannot you cannot find the any meaning
it's sleeping just to festival
then the how far
the shins sunset money
the this ceremony is just for the new albert the temple
the i think dick will have the same ceremony a prison in san francisco
they're in a in the morning the how for since on ceremony for the newly abbott and afternoon they have for special sam when you sure so
cheese sauce any money then the thought nothing after that gave the i enjoy themselves to get funky the eat
no practice
but the day the hub far does the ceremony they they have a maintain
just a formal ceremony
ah went to school and has since he has changed your hosting the true meaning is dumb my fight fight a since ski a ceremony the same money on dumbo fight
this is special salmon for as you saw
so in the fair money the monks or make question to so it's just the answer
i even that this and in question is bay former in japan
before you have family as she felt tried to make our questions questions please make answer
the don't make answers special extras
anthem thought they a issue right the question
that's for you then the ceremony you look at the paper not and questions then nature yourself before same and he could try to concentrate on memorize
what if right
i did
what i did in go away
no me i i didn't understand the question and answer to
just a mouth mood

i don't know our exact un
this question the ceremony of the question and started
they are strictly speaking in dire
yeah during dive a twenty year period
a lasting four hundred days
ah local key and look chores you look choice you is she saw and chucky is she saw shockey
you saw key
as she saw shockey his secretary of the temple
sacred valley and the scar is key for the guest
one new month
the scar
kiss or his chief of the live audience
and kyoko a kyoko is that chief bath keeper
and then is a cheerful far the buddha hall
the field season
so locker key and lock choice you
one by one
a tried to give a lecture according to the corn
a the they can they can pick up but any corn as the like
they picking up former hexagon brooklyn nicole or another show your local and song
then no on by one they tried to give a lecture about the corn or one of our chapter of the blue cliff what
they in the tokens life
they dog and dingy are asked the his disciple named angel
of a was second patriarch of a monastery
the to become he saw and the one evening
or to give a lecture on the a plat home
standing on a platform and give a lecture about the one of our corn
to all marks
and at that time the they can they try to
make a question
concerning of that she saw select
and she saw answer to this question
he said
the ceremony of the question answer
i started
i started to from my dawkins age that time but the a formula of the question answer is very different from ah sadie money wouldn't we have hot

i think if you need the blue cliff they're called in the another the bucks exam books are name to show your lock concern
ha i think in china also they are
the policy their practice in their daily life are making question to his to his master what the buddha is so in the day in their daily life the at the their daily life is
really darn what would you call right in the middle of the discussing die from after the the buddha's teaching what is buddha or what is dumb what is the fun and song
when the monks in the map month came across the famous or fame are an outstanding them must on the street they tried to answer they tried to make a questions what it's poor
always on their life their life was right in the middle of them the buddhism itself full of teaching self
so i think internet it didn't have a special promos ceremony of a making their discussion make the answer and the question
but now the
it thinking ten center the tassajara dig the you can you are completely v
ha from the question as you like whatever you whatever kind of questioning you make
but question must be concerning concerning our with that some aspect breweries
husband bodies


the voice them so
ensure your local
the caddies
question is as follows looks like an something like that
the month asked the the them masters
i have been here out of the sea and heaven and earth are completely tranquil
how can you deal with how can you deal with such man
universe you don't understand this question
i have been i have been here out of the sea
mate make the heaven and earth quiet tranquil completely
how can you deal with him
see in the in this meme anywhere
i am completely a person through a k enlightenment
who can completely absolutely control universe universe in the middle they completely in the situation on trunk credit
disguise be enlightened men great men can control all universe
he came he can affirm that the see the see his office very busy
it means that day he becomes a you become feel completely free from the worldly affairs where do you live
and then he attained enlightenment and who is disturbed deserved to control control all universe
how can you do with this man
this is question
that time the master says so
they couldn't enjoy is garuda
garuda day garuda is a king of the bird with a gold wings
many or with many companies companies
many his companies pay huge huge that huge bird
and it is said this burg
eat the dragon it's drugs
so when he does bird flies in the air
the all ocean that the water in the ocean in japan see completely dry up
and then the dragon who lives in the bottom of the ocean and dependency
the suffered so much because one a dry out then is bird few
edit it eat it
this is called are cringey toll garuda
chris ponting buddha
the them as says
take the bird garuda the bird garuda absolutely class pond to the whole universe
call universe i think so
when the this bird fries in air now water completely it makes a water completely dry out
yeah how can you how who is for the man for sticking out his head
two def universe to guess universe where a big garuda fries in the ears there is no room to stick out your head
because this garuda completely had a strong super super powers
he makes a try out like a desert
if you try to stick out your head in your head disappeared

and then the monk asked there
how can you do if if i meet
if admit if i mean that a man who stick out his head to to the universe where the guard garuda fries in there
how can you deal with him
then they must his show you the to nature of yourself


it looks like god the the as mentioned before the monkey in monkey add the monkey who who helped the a one our priest
one of the pleased tried to the take them to the then traveled to the india to get lower ruthven the sutras
hmm this monkey has have super powers
and is a proud of himself so much in one day he tried to the fly at they tried to allies fight to fried to the end this page then that the the for a while he found the for
four paws in the a and read before him then he stops look at the poor while dishes poor i can go through and he put the mark bottom with the paw

and then he's he thought i i
he thought i beat i lead to the end of the plus peace in the space but that's end of the space is just in the in the severe of the buddha's hand
then the moment when tried to come back to the do the human word
the boot our grasp
they put a grasp the little monkey

then ah this monk says
that them the moment when the denmark says all you have to do is to show that to nature of yourself then he said well if so awarded to go back it's go back to my to my place now with cashews
will statue def a buck of we go back to my to my room and song limbs okay i'll go back to my place with chashu
and that time of did did they must says you shoot it
because like a monkey me he's like a monkey well i i reached the end of the space completely then he tried to leave the truth make making a mark x a parramatta poor
and then he want to come back to his place the human word and try to repeat his own some stock
well i am great monkey
he wanted to cloud or himself that's why stupid you are still buena grasp where are you going
you can't escape
then they must be you are stupid
did at that time the to be this stupid the them must use that did
a particular term
kiesel your kissing will give the is that the is a story concerning the technical term kiss there
in china did a man tried to build for a summit with someone
at that time but he tried to try to find the foundation does small rock or and song that he couldn't then at that time he found a total big cuddle
then he he tried to use this turtle instead of the foundation
right and beneath the poor
then the twenty years and thirty years later
these men died
then that he tried to ah ah
tore down
he tried to r
move this house to another place at that time he found the total war game the also at that time turtles tied to moved
the for twenty years or thirty years he didn't get total didn't eat anything at all nevertheless he is alive
you stupid the
you will like this term
without eating anything and then he he is proud of himself well a key like
that's why he said they mustn't set your stupid

this is our dear
the example of the question man's between the monks and they must

an ender civil ceremony that she also use a hippie cupid in like a stick a long stick
i don't know either or when they stink use started to use
but the the customer for using the stick a
a has been started since the ten century or so
fucking kick your zen masters fra list
that time
the seconds step my the second master
zen master
one day asked the second are showing the stick
what would you call the stick
if you call this is stick
it mean you attached to death stick
if you're not caught if you're not call this tech is think you are against the nature of the stick what would you call how could you how could you call the stick

that they invest ten feel so
oh dear
the them master a think that them master used to so much simple
he ordered to guide the monks he ordered to watch means to cut to eliminate the human diligence
i think this is the simple the meaning of zippy
zippy is not the sort which is used for hierarchy
it's mouth soup is not the sort

and issue so
i is the person food is selected
ah flown among the many monks in the monastery
who is
deserve it too
ah guide the monks
instead of for instead of but the about them master
so shocked when the to company buddha they find a person named a behalf a who was a the
a deserve to be successor of should come in poorer that time he said
he said a will share
a half of my seat
hanzo pockets hands i'm in the half of the seat
so she's saw the other words that we call a shithole hunter
penza is half of the seat
ah because food he is the person who is deserve to be successor on the second mini bowler
our teaching the discipline of shakyamuni buddha side
a eastern or shakyamuni buddha
ah in the tang dynasty
it think
ah they used
but they are a day appointed they appointed as a person or to lead a monks
all to teach something
what is called shazam with just cause you so
so it's just saw his head of the monks head of the people
that time does she saw his must be the person who is acquainted with
as the teaching off or the teaching of confusions confucius
buddhism and toys
the sun are the some sutra says does
ah she saw must be the petition of the she saw must be given to the person who is intelligent
because this person she saw his must be person for is completely acquainted with teaching of the confusion confucius buddhism and powys
the he's very intelligent

if you read so from this point the for his way in cage and person intelligent person who is disturbed complete the the store and deserved to guide monks and people
if you read broke flag code
the any other books them bugs
ah there are many pupils
oh who have we have the condition of the you saw and ten vol and the album to the temple
but you to the the those
the the kindle the people who are cursing the story of the den
the who is given to the petition of the kenzo a's the outstanding the outstanding their master they pay outstanding damaged
the next great zen monks is disha
kenzo his greatest them master anyway with your curves in the history is the stories of them stop the story
if you need the brooklyn flag got there are many pupils they're installing
as tender as a gisha and as chisel
but next great many great monks is disha
a next the a shuttle
but the schiffer is the in the story
not complete crescent
of coffee his eyes is open
but not complete
that concrete
for instance in the stories of down then
ah bucks named show your luck
ah him
the keyhole
ah zen master that time mom who was he was given
to a given the tradition of the gisha
or six sold them master
then when the sex or their master passed away
ah she ah
he was the disha coupon
that was be concerned about successively
there i think that time the in the history monastery as you saw was great person
so he asked the that chisel
how how have you understand six sauce that the disciplines teachings of six souls them master
if you answer if we answer
what is set source teaching
in pop away
i trust on you and i recommend you to become successful this temple
the dishes says
the six or there must always says
it's pretty difficult to translate cancun coconut this sour kangaroo cuckoo days are like our trees dead trees like go cold rock cone rock
ah you should that you should leave immediately like a person like a person that that tree or cold walk
yeah it was you should be there you should be a person who is the nutri a away neat an open heart and the fished fast
leave behind you
if you
if you drink a cup of tea then
you should leave required to suckle if you don't have anything to do
if it is not necessary to live there and to stay there
you should live
the after drinking a cup of tea
when i was a the of my temple has been master the it was i felt off with alarm rendez-vous song it was very happy to come down to the village
the to shout to go shopping and to go down to visit the the village people's house to performs bot service then i stayed in wrong
after the ten kings true
with chat with tat vietnam
the i was sometimes prevent to combat to the temp must says don't know the circle
and priest must must leave
it really is not necessary to lead to stay there
if you don't have anything to do you shouldn't leave immediately after drinking cup of tea after ten performing for this was all scott must

ah pity
our can coconut this our new a you should leave
if you don't have anything to do
then the shuttle said well i understand i understand that that to teaching
the bring the incense burner three the incense bomb like of this like this
putting though taco in it
then the guitar brought the instance been
to him and put it for him and the hewson said
i am burning incense part now
then before the incense burner is burn out
i'll try to die
i've tried to talk
then the incident in some borrow the turbo
smoke rising
the she saw it just set says
the moment when the for instance bodies burn out he died
then at that time jesus said or for his or
rubbing his back of his back or poor guy
you never understood you've never understood what to meaning of the sixth source then teaching
poor guy
it is not the ten it's melt the buddha's teaching
by if you do so then you can die like this if you do that then strictly
hot and hard you can die will sit
doing the then you can die it is possible
in the the were the in the the first our first to why one japanese soldier
get the died does this candy
the moment when he was accepted but but but most people fought for down into the ground but the defaulted to standing and die
you can do that you can do
that's why tanzania you will always tend to that's a new book that that's a new board that that means are you you can die it is passport for you to die does we just keeping the petition of the city
does seem doable is candy
you start keep standing and die
reads not the
our enlightened men
as like a buddha shakyamuni buddha
by the
if you practice if you practice hard for many years
staying in the in depth of the mountain by yourself
dang and out to sit
a morning off
whatever whatever kind of things happens among him
whoever suffered
whoever they are suffering from their divergence what is this sentence
he doesn't care
to sit
it's looks like god the st it looks like writing them
but for dish out kyoko new they named tuco said oh poor guy you have never understood
the true meaning of buddha's teaching it is not to buddha's teaching
on the other hand if you go to japan though the priest of mahayana buddhism the put the emphasis on we are all body cyprus bodhisattva are person
who are tape for the who doesn't that t enlightenment
nevertheless he tried to save all sentient being from the assumption
the body sagged would try to save or to being from the something before they attain light to me
then the preacher in mahayana buddhism in depends
always running the to the east to the west to an orphan to the east
he ordered to what i don't know
if you go to turn you and the stance over
the four years ago i went back to japan at that time i was face surprised because our priest like a businessmen
they are very interested in a building the big masons be huge apartment using the territory using the buddhist
buddhist top
sure merchants the in tokyo
the businessmen
and he said this is body set of practice
ways was trapped
of course they can if you go to big muslim yes you can accept that many people to stadia maybe in a sense in his way from good the practice of buddhism
being from southie

but it stops right months it's far out
has from
and you find out if you know her
even though you try to is map buddhism why don't you see us and they don't understand
because they're already praised the business now pleased business model business of for building
business of performing funeral service
nimoy answers

ah ibn
i think
duggan's and says doesn't is comfortable parties
the thing is comfortable practice or you say or the comfortable product for it's sick did actually relax
why didn't you have a strict questions streak in the post it's nurses don't because duncan's than than says fuzzy is comfortable practice

why don't you are practice why them to practice through and through him on a to
the only to get taste of comfortable practice
with your whole body and mind came
through that the same through the straighten but parcel
day after that you say well the says comfortable practice that's all right but before you do you did you don't you don't do that then you know
i think you do that and just four to two years of years of five years and it's not to practice
he have to practice life of dr
and through hard practice hard practice and you should get taste of what the comfortable practices
don't look at the just one side or what a buddhist teaching comfortable practices not marry comfortable practice what you are usually think
if you think so you will be counter japanese priest job is priest who for interested in building the big mansions he ordered to save all say to be
from the south it's nonsense sense
so she saw in the history in the story of the then book zen buddhism she saw it
not complete monk
of course he is great men great monk who is good deserved to to keep sitting and to die
like our de she saw in the six sauce their monastery

during training you as you saw must our polished his practice again and again
and get good taste of what the two boys needs this is the petition the this is his pants pay for the sisal
what he has to do during the training
and also his this practice
i'll give a great influence to others monk
ah the same money is great opportunity
what the progress what the progress shoesource practices has been making
during training
we should first of yourself and crash into a chisel with question there's some aspect the body
she saw must answer to your question with whole harkness
just so must show
whoa full capability of the experience of his puppies which he has experienced
during training to you
this is just sad