November 30th, 1971, Serial No. 00284

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no login then he said
pinball hall a real fluffy
it's your guys he a shoot

the practice of the bullets in patriarchs is like in the way
they cannot be separated in a separate is separate on the way
a presence of the danmark
the practice in to be
without a download the club is internal be walked into existence
i'm sick when everyone safe
three when a woman
everyone asleep leaps
all activities you must be in accordance with everyone
it is useless to attempted to exceed the others in the plug in to take a different way for matters is not like conduct
give be firm to experiencing the skin flesh bone the now of the buddhist and patriots and whereas the casting of body mind
before at therefore this to be videos
the plug to seem like or the airport this reveals a practice enlightenment to for png without regard to ones on the allies alization
it is a corn given to one before his parents were born
it got this is without waiting for the rating lighting
important point is sick when everyone sick
i'll sleep when everyone three
all activities must be in accordance with everybody
it is useless to attempt to see others in the club for you to take a different way the models
it's not like conduct
when it was a monastery
a italy
training during the twenty three
i was so
that time our venue or my
las bay district panties
i always
i'm fighting with his practice
the day
nine carpet a big fan of the after everyone sleep
the think that
it's second by myself
that time on and a month versus new blog
to the in fact that the time i was paid and with him

i thought that and one that's come up

the other two twenty pm
two months
why fighting at not an advert nine o'clock
yeah because
one month
try to
your outfit
extra time
kelly with that his own round cushion
killed them
yeah the guy
he said yeah you're right
he said well
going through them
the bad guy
sleep when everyone's feet
if you up
as a young with him
but he was just the time the after does the app has taken while run a young guy all young japanese
not content
he has transacting one contact with this
expressing the family
but he didn't actually get them yeah
and his bread to them complete like the

then that time i read this part
mason by joking
when everyone sick
the made when everyone quits
it is useless to a camp the think two feet above in practice law
it's quite a weight and gift pack
by anyway i would like to be a i wanted to
a path adults in the package

ah paris this waves and as eating at this is not easy way about that
why we should consider our team and a day of why talking been said you outlet
i don't sweeping
ah we're up to
i tied to the south and touch though i had to sell five years and control center
according to the three worrisome whatever we do
the we are up to how
ah the for kinds of the mood in ways
we ourselves little town
in england in regard to the evil
the second is sufficient all the mean to the eagle according to the while
and so is self conceit
the both ways says attack you
don't for kind of accept the reason for eludes
the difference to the ego
always make a field what i you do particularly with you do good
people will you do go
he's for kind of legal make a few
pretty hard to get rid of them
hey the movie
is that they will do
what did coming up from the bottom of your mind what i do you do
i think that and taking you know so that's what i felt guilty
your mind says to yourself you know i shouldn't i shouldn't say i shouldn't make a complaint should all i have to do have to file keep that that's that that
something coming up in the bottom of the month
he can't stop it
even though we will do something good
thank you comes up from the abandonment of mind
when sufficient
they still do what
i need to
attached to your
he could thank he consulted guide you
why do i experienced the them
when the answer to get through that the thing
a new
i believe how great doesn't the it

but that that time such loving and we can consider the weather's of the daddy with good the fact
the to that or not
ha son is several feet
we are always method
we are always match up in one month out with another
with a that
like me and was eight months trip
who we are up to compare
our practice with
what's it good
when you find something good in your pot
you are up to cloud
have to be proud of yourself
this itself attachment
what kept the one yourself kept whatever you do
all the those
for the region
always make up the in your practice
hey i to get rid of and them
a trolley
what to kill me
when you do go
what's fight dogan been says
but it's useless to attempt to see i don't see the practice
here safe
it's pretty hard
to just to follow
the schedule when everybody of everyone dies
he got
the kinds of or consciously we have
blue thread
a man of five ambition
her jazz
one wanting to attain enlightenment by am
i want to be good
to them then
one to be got to them i want to be some pass on that
with a practicing
i'm not only doesn't
your daily life
the sons of perdition

hmm the follow the practice of the following the nazarene

but our practice
not too
oh attain enlightenment not to attempt to pass on to the plan
in compared them with other
her of get into ah
he says our practices john
the means
mean that the main team will to a platter
maintain the puppy
as dating profile me
why is it
if you follow that your own life
you can get a baby
it's not easy
according to the buddhist eyes bonus tokens or a bullet a ppf size
how practice
your practice
what teaches classes
are all based on
a limit that
going beyond
a before you criticize and before you get created
my perfectly good for my fantasy back

the all pups must be practice beyond the discrimination that good bad
then we should sell on yourself by the minister of that yeah and discrimination of good and bad
and so you cannot family
random it can practice language

each moment i walked to you is
a to imply that rest of your life
hey if you
ah amazing think i've mentioned before
if you didn't the team be tapped out the fundamental single of purifier
let your body
the guy in of canada
usually when you when you do our urinate on pc
we have conception
really need from pieces are daddy thing
what absolutely according to the would of eyes patriarch size dog inside
even the removing more cases
i'm not something when you ah with oh wait to be honest today
the category
our discriminate
looking back that kinda good for back
ha bergen says been
through the mind body through the body and mind is assuredly and to a list a method or to reply with
are you tonight and body and mind
sure we identified but the leave and never have thirty five a body and month is is very important than not believe to get the kids to bed through your plan
you understand it's over everything in bournemouth
her master file mother please
i'm afraid
we are we understand his point definitely with our pet
that's the everything is tournament with an old buddha
he ordered to get taste a bit too i'm know
we have to tap and continuously
if we understand this point even with your head five to
put it into practice with all hot
the boot your customer when you do best when when a the money industrial
here is the method for a purifying a one's mind
ha what he is not the case on the for the body and mind but
incline also that are making the earth or trees
on earth and themselves are not the target
it is a buddhist bow to terrifying them and even after team
ah what a threat will be continued and seats it

her earth even earth
haven't they haven't
every the faith where you live in
even the place where are you making a living
a young too
buddhist world me
hopefully is undefined
never left sunday's a method of to the buying
the body fine
will fine
when we are
the classic
you use the bathroom
the then says to do
it means
if they mean something even the insect
you are do are go out of my way to corral
i am using i'm doing more
name is
but man but every ground everywhere
a bank by
and so why we have to move at a fifth
simon's to be settled by human life
if you do something bad and then the policeman take you that to and a dell
please friedman says so you a bad guy
you it
so chris you push you into their of in the dark
david that because the that's art
when the time when the time comes to have a meal and you go to canada via yes
he looks like m p four
crowd fun
but when in terms of good aside
in a bullet if please policemen why buddha
you know the buddha says
when to pick it for a while you down
cause if you are in the five
i'm afraid to the wrong the turf and like of you stay here test for a while and kill you're a waitress
his main influence very competitive
what's the difference between two
should be thing jr
what effect the seem to stay on the down to for work and carry you a waitress half
because you're gonna make you worth
i will like i will let you to to be in our
do that
but if you if you a few join us your office to curb out of that the would like cute baby without the throw up
this the articles they couldn't get different
they applauded a gap the big gap between the heaven earth
that's why google and says everything is everything is cure and to fire but that leads a method of purifying
what everybody everybody buddha it's not necessary to succeed hi
two miles over other cities that have you had a medical
but this method of practice
because if you don't do in that you don't plan it
and a at all
i think i'm afraid you will go in different different he when you have ah it's perfect when you have never picked it before
ha ha ha
consistent with er visits for a competitive
he also took him instead this the first
experience the school baseball and mao of the buddhist and pts as well as a testing off body body mind
this practice this practice is not merely puppets with you have thought
i'm for killing that via habitat is if they if a they've come visit our conception of by
practice with you have once to have understood somehow
but we are packed
a little more than that
our factors must be and more ego right to medicine