November 27th, 1971, Serial No. 00282

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no we believe
bob exist first before i think i see
that's why i can see the bob
according to the buddhism
the first war
the image of the object to which appears reading my consciousness exists first
and then i throw
my emergence of object with their peers in weaken myself
into this bot
so this blog is not a true bought this book is imaginary bob would call a at projected protected my feeling my image into him

so i can see the move went down when i see the above
i can't explain what food is bob

but even though i it's pretty described for his bath in word
with my whole heart
forever can explain it can explain a true bob
yeah the earth i cannot hit a good deal mark he hit the mark and can't
because this path is already imagine not in bob you might know person projected from my image protected my image into him
on the other hand it to the contrary if the
there was
object there exist object and substance which is called bob before i see i see i see him
this bob is to bob
so i can't explain i can describe this bob
and when you see wait you'll see the bath you can describe a part
add that can disk at that it's a description explanation explanation of bath must be seen as my ex colonies
but we are absolutely i explained above then you can be you can image you can imagine you can imagine tweets bath
then someone someone come to the tough guy and see the bob and then he explained above to his friend in the san francisco and days the the imagine what freeze for yes while we set inside side
the second gathered guy come to the tarzan science either to see the bob and it's great when we come back to a comeback at the san francisco they he explained a different way
you know from the other guy
the people on this confused or freeze with and wow
why we eat people each people's you know always each people create first image of the object put the peers reading him crisis in his first then he tried to our image
uat he product he product his savage into his boy and then he understand who is bob
that's for and also unfortunately that he believes
that and set to understanding is too extreme to describe
true bath
that big mistake with mystic

so from this point
you cannot see and then you cannot see the to set a tool the sphinx
you cannot see the to bob
however you make every effort to see the to bob you can't

if so you think you think there is there is no true blood
but to bob is exist here to bob exist here

so i'm any cost important point is we each other have to see how to see the both through bot to bot means a ball as he is
because true bobby exist
the other any cost we have to come into contact with the to bois
whatever you create image of the object what appears within your consciousness

yeah how can how how to contact the how to come into contact with the true bar
base our practice
why is this the lease so lucky margin on the deal old the man
who got to see the his friend one of his friend
he stands first wall in front of his friend's house then not the doors
what custom
first he pushed the bell or first he not the door
but nobody answers
well second time twice he knocked the boys
nevertheless nobody answers well
he think i should try again
no door for three times
nevertheless normally answers
that time his mind start work
well what's mud
nobody nobody is nobody's in this house well
he his mind that he his
is taking a trick
the start to start to the take the trip in the different they interstate interesting work well no way nobody is in this house
then he tried to touch the doors
an open the door
unfortunately he forgot his friend forgot though to love the door
looking do i can open the door
i should they saw he he he thought he thinks a shit make sure
whether he my friends is his house or not days he tried to question the bottom button bell again
but nobody answered
he sure nobody hits
the he tried he tried to say to say to himself
i use it is sure it issue are normally see here
i am about to step inside step believe
may i may eyes that is
the i got into this house
but nobody answers
next moment
he said the he says to himself wow
am i am about to go into this house
now is good chance
to let me stop
going inside stamping stepping inside
now is good chance
and is a their novel is there anyone who to stop for me stop
step in the inside
but nobody answers well i am am going inside and take the one-step
nobody there
then he walked he stopped walk inside
and look around well nobody is that come with living room he found he finds a very wonderful things
which is a very all
i think to one hundred years ago
it looks like antique
well i think he start to think if i sell it
i can make a reminder of well
let's let's take it
hesitated to my home

the day he take it he takes this all the teats t zone and sell it and make lots of money
but let's imagine on the other hand i visited
two one of my friends not for don't want normally answers again twice and knocked the door nobody answer as car three times and not again in order to make sure
no it it
if i realize that there is nobody
i think i i will come back to my home
but this guy you know open door
and stepping before he stabbed me he said to the anybody to somebody i am i am about to step in clean now is good chance to let these topics that to stop stepping in
yeah anybody
nobody answer well i well thank you take a one-step for
are you sure there is nobody days you take the second step forward
third step for step days we are not beat navy will we find and keep take it
that's a whole story
what's different between he and i
both people path he and i
can handle the same empty house seem empty house
the empty house is no different
same empty houses empty house empty house makes it appears in infant boss
i it
but he
his kitty as the his mind start to work in a different direction
start to go in different jackson and i come back to my home
without doing anything
then after that
someone says all he is so dig route robbery he's a he's a robbery
he said robotic nothing program brother robert
he's said robert

for him for the robot for the love of empty houses not from nearly empty house
to not true empty house he first create some image of the object with their peers weekend his consciousness and robert
in in the severe of the robert was word he creates some areas this is empty house in within his consciousness then look at empty house why
this is in camps
so this and chaos is not the go to not to real to to empty hours this empty house image my house empty hours
created by robert this is true that's why he create
he's all word
and last ticket he take on antique and make money

but nevertheless empty house exist to empty house exist
if so the our effort must be focus on how to touch how to connect how to connect with this true empty house the other was practically speaking how to handle this empty
house as it is
this is our practice and don't you think so

the here he leads iraq your lives around this is a looks like our own fasten
in our day the even the in japan nobody nobody use a map
but we are very into me we feel that the away intimate with familiar with a slap on for some bad
no doubt
we accept the straight for his rump one of a doubt nice people
come to come to the khazar and look at the desert wow this is all run on fashioned back
think he is surprised as seeing this on festival
because he leads the united states
nanny state is more borders than dab hand
can but the make it a japanese people is said
thanks to be surprised at sea
seeing the american food is use on fashioned up
this work

but anyway
important point it is
how to
how to relate how to relate
true nature of empty house true nature of bob true nature of your friend true nature of yourself
this is our practice

that's five dawkins says that five gorgeous practices practices the completeness lists all the way completeness of the way is
is that there is no room to insert
a discrimination between good and bad into
yeah reverse
wherever you describe this person which is named bob
if there is there a one hundred people
one hundred people described in a different way
but nobody tax nobody make me nobody hit the the to mark named buck

but as long as the to broad exist we have to touch to we have to describe we have to come into contact with to bob
this is very important what we have to make a possibly know and daily life
if you want to live in peace and harmony
if you ignore this point we are always fighting we need to look at the word
even then you someone says oh i like a please dance employees non i don't like a doubt me then i don't like a dump nice than
i don't like the taunting a to the supreme japanese please transmit immediate

there's someone says or and i i tend to the suitors in doubt nice wouldn't you want them to follow attempting no i didn't follow the our practice
then to guy always like
wherever you say you cannot come into contact the truths employees if you continue to discussing that way

as on zen master says
spring summer autumn winter
are all connected interrelated
function with that
everything comes comes forth in the spring

attend to do we have to puts us on name on the spring when they everything comes for us because they and it's comfortable
to read our live in order
tentatively we tried to put some name on the screen when everything comes for you
is called speak
but strictly speaking bring doesn't exist
the car is a few ignoring if you ignore
the present sold for summer autumn the wheat you can
spring doesn't exist

what to say everything comes for us
autumn winter
must exist
must exist
that's why
dorgan didn't says there a practices or completeness of the way
the for all for all four seasons
are completely absolutely based on the completeness of the way
when are all for kind of seasons are interrelated functioning without separation
can you put the some ideas into their into this one of the seasons it is called screen you can obvious district speaking
if you say this is green
it means you can kick out
oh some patil the tall be
in calling summer autumn
so to a spring is
spring weights
opens up
endress war
the completeness of the way
which means all four seasons
a complete me
interrelated without function without separation
there you have to see the screen
this is for

so first the point is
i i have described first in first point our practices completeness of the way
so whatever you do
i've tapped his must be completeness of the way
we have to understand this practice
a your practice
is going beyond discrimination
a whether it is good and bad
your practice is must is complete mess of the way completeness
the cease your practice since the guns
that's fine the second point is undefined the practice is our practice and five practice is attacks

the your is not
it's not
limit it
the concession good and bad even the neutral
your practice wherever you are if you practice your practice must be completeness

then sewed point is
it is not caused by one song
and another's
if i ask you why do you come to cosatu to practice setting

maybe you think
your destination your determination your determination
tell you
to be in tulsa and practice

and do doesn't
i think everybody think so
why it is speak mistake this big mistake
according to the buddha sigh
you can't you can't come you can be in us
and do that then by you on or another say foot
really flat out
it is to it is true in it's fatal
when me explain anyway
well i ask you
what make you cum will make you make you be in tulsa and do club to see you say well either two years ago
i heard the zen buddhism from my friends then i am i was very interesting then
so i started to desert him by myself
white years ago and then from that from then i started also to lead the dem boys
to lead the book of 's embodies it by a synthesis of city song

then grad to the the you can't you can cause for you can have for roots of noughties of the same bodies when your brain
every time when you lead
but examples
damn buddhism wake you up are one wonderful
then why he has a golf you hurt cause a higher density from your friend wow one it's gone data
the mitzi matter what is as then you as a words out what a employees
how can you how can you know how did you know zen buddhism how did you know the zenpad tassajara vincent monastery
from a friend for the black
and they you create summary amish within your consciousness first
see down well it's got a new you can
then the damn good doesn't you create
you you have for you create your own image of the sand on cause has and monastery
what zen buddhism
the opposite well
why does the same reason i don't like
ah this is doesn't
but nevertheless you believe
your big determination can tell me to be here and to practice to deserving
what is your determine it seems
they doubtful
the buddhist determination except the buddhist determination
your own determination is very doubtful
because the first create some image of zen buddhism or than a cosigner monastery
we think your consciousness first
then you enjoyed your ideal i really it in looking at watching the those the them and doesn't sensing details our monastery in there anything else
but actually
the fact is completely opposite extreme to your imagination then you will start to suffer
this is sam booties
i have never expected such set to zen buddhism
i have never expect expect the subjects kills throughs us him
when you are with you i'm a monastery you do that and i do i did does it in a democracy because many many monks there many months encouraged me and kinds of three in visually
the he
unclench see or kaiser
many monks in college to me too
but seven
so i was a happy
woman when i come back to my temple it was just to pick i and my last while that's tell
i cat always swung rendez-vous
nor a moments
the in the temple and points made temple is situated in the foot of the month
it'll fall out with the new far for my beauties
and was unfortunately behind my temper
the graveyard
i'm fourth movie the village people have a customs to burned dead person in the graveyard behind my temple and i tell you
a dark
just two men
then it's to set it it seemed to me that
the life was complete dreary
i completely disguise to practices as him

or always fear we create first
some image within our consciousness and he like in looking at
and for those the emmys
we expect something some many virtue
from takes bits
the big mistake the a big mistake
then you have to start to suffer
i don't like i think i don't like follow the any itself it's kicking it
and to think so you'll always see have for experience in delray adventures and
quizlet state

so this point doesn't you do is not true thousand
snap to choose us
a you do a try to come into contact with imaginaries as and create protected
form your consciousness
there you have to suffer
a for substance use our sense not to soft
but actually as long as we have for mind
it is nearly impossible to get out
they the fact that we create spontaneously we create some image of the object with their peers reading ourselves our my consciousness
it's really impossible that's all right that's our
but the point is don't believe
wait doesn't you do is true thousand
cruisers in is anything else was on doesn't you do

it is sure that he's sure this doesn't exist
not part of for apart from your own practice within your products that truth as exist
that's five dogan says logan's says
practice is not caused by one on an amount of airport
book make me that the birth of them were is make me do that then i don't think maybe so maybe so but said deserving is not true something that's why you are suffering

the fourth does first point is
it's merits its marriage is a maintaining the cell from the others
well how can you how can you tax how can you touch
two two thousand to see the important when how
then put them where his movie says you see yourself as you are you see the tree as earrings you see the bird as it is
wait how you can do you see the bird
the stars to sun as there
this is big corn
the car if you take a few things is pretty hard if you think it if you'd think what it is how when's

you'd think it is that really flat
you can have bleak
duggan said also eighty you
duncan says very important point
to describe a bulimic
the principle of buddha nature is that there is not door
prior to becoming buddha
it is indoors after becoming after becoming border
the buddha ag is unquestionably realized simultaneously with becoming book
this principle this with specifically
a penetrated in most assiduous concentrated effort even for twenty or thirty year
point is buddha-nature the buddha nature is unquestionably realized simultaneously with becoming
don't expect enlightenment before you practice
for you practice after practice like mint is dead
and also the
enlightenment becoming border is yeah that was true practice is unquestionably
the eyes simultaneously with
becoming put a universe with
for for me to cactus performed

when the how
mama when you do the events

the elites
true's or then true thousand
which is
what is living vividly
as dynamic present

then you can to thousand and do thousand according to your imagination does in an imaginary zen monastery
then you suffer
most people complete key
for down on the ground
by this selfies and the town get up get up
because they don't know
when how they can
come into contact with the truth as in
to their monastery to kasama in monster true yourself yourself you are as you are
they don't know that's why you they completely failed for fordham then they can get up
if they know you can not cite people
right could dim light
they can't get up

so two dozen is you should realize the true zazi must be the arised
simultaneously with
i'm doing as and right now like here
the tried and says when voters
a when buddhists are truly buddha's there is no need for the perception that what is a buddha
nevertheless he is a confirm the buddha
performing the confirmation of the
this is the best way of coming into contact with the through practice

wait you become wait you wait your doesn't win the doesn't become truly does then
the is there is no need for the procession that your the thing is true them
zazi your the zoo is a confirmed buddha confirmed the zazzle and performing the confirmation of the zen said
and this
is it maintain maintaining your life
to this into leery of absolute
this practice this practice this doesn't
is in maintaining your own the then
a your you might need much knowledge as in is not the maintaining your life
because your imaginary zazi he knew make you suffer he kissed her

that's why dog indian says it is the for not caused by once on on on sale for it's virtually is in maintain the safe and also others
saraki them master days the set to those deeds as him by himself in his temple
we're in iraq
and the little girl came up to his temple and look and found the saudi regime sitting doing the same says in see look that said
his face
without saying you immediately turn back to hit to hard can house and said to her mother
the priest of the temple because he can't put
this they must didn't say nay nampula he didn't say anything out
we end the season local prefect sizzle perfecting their was famous they master kisses our awesome
in that districts district on new one great the master he was kisses ours was
he gave a lecture
he did doesn't
he had a small group

he didn't say he didn't force of people please come here and listen to my lucky you didn't say that
just did says in and you let your when he had to do
then of the many priest lived mounted in alarmed temple they in the britain a number of pleased live
in that district
why completely educate you buy this them must
if you compare with another pull the rest of the please the more than priest in another district
they are better than none of them the best of the priest who lives in another district

the his
tools or then
he's true doesn't
always give a great influence to everybody
do him not only to himself but also to everybody
i'm also maintains his rife and others like
as a priest as they are
this is true
why don't expect
all students who are interested in zen buddhism united states
must be enlightenment must be night
and great dane students i don't expect
when do you want president isn't enough united states
it's enough
if this new one person who is who can come into contact true through the and to zen monastery monastic life
it's enough
two kids
to everybody to maintain once and and the south and and others