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i wish to continue in this year also to encourage myself and others to devotedly attend to come and consciousness to our own
karmic consciousness
in the famous case of the book of serenity case number thirty seven
the ancient master
question past his great disciple young schon
our says to it
his great disciple young chan
all sentient beings just have karmic consciousness boundless
and unclear
with no fundamental to rely on
how would you test that in practice
he on sean says if someone comes
i say
hey you
if she turns her head i say what is it
if she hesitates i say all sentient beings
just have come a consciousness
boundless and unclear with no fundamental to rely on
and question said

this statement is not intended as an insult the sentient beings
we're just hearing from the ancestors that living beings holy god is kind of consciousness
that's pretty much the sum total their problems
and these problems is kind of consciousness problems are basically all that to have to work with all they've got to work with his their problems
however paying attention to these problems and testing these problems and probably these problems is the path to buddhahood to and
studying these this carmen consciousness and understanding it studying it properly and understanding it he is the work of the buddha's
this is what i
a proposed to you it has been proposed to me by the ancestors
but sentient beings who only have come a consciousness would rather pay cake pay attention to something besides their problems
i got enough problems i don't need to pay attention my proms want to do something is not a problem
it's understandable that's a characteristic be of a sentient being
comic consciousness does not generally speaking want to study karmic consciousness
of consciousness does not want to look at the problems of of consciousness
it needs a lot of encouragement to do that
but karma consciousness can study comic consciousness is possible
but it's not easy so we have
a sanga
we have ancestors who have sent a message to us that this is what we got to work with
and if we work with it it will really be a big help to everybody
not that we will become buddhas by such work and all buddhists have done this work
so this year
i don't know if i'm gonna be able to follow through the whole year but i at least i'm inspired to vow to start this year by studying
carmack consciousness
whore another way to put it is
i vow
to start this year
and continue throughout the year
to be a sentient being
i vowed to be a sentient being
i also vow
to realize buddhahood for the welfare of the world but in order to realize buddha for the welfare the world this year i'm going about to be a sentient being

was i'm an avowed to be a person who's only got comic consciousness
boundless unclear here all day long
all day long i got comic consciousness to take care of
but i'm not just a sentient being on the sentient being who vows
to be sentient big
not all sentient beings vow to be section pigs
i do and i want you to valve to be a sentient being too if you happen to be one
and i have a feeling you are

but i'm not gonna be like you no pressure you to be essential bank i'm just sent telling you as a sentient being i want you to be
what you are and i will try to be myself which is a sentient being

the earlier this last fall the fall of two thousand and nine i offered a course at the yoga room
and if somebody called it a course on zen meditation and the title i gave was
i think something like delusion and enlightenment or perhaps enlightenment and delusion
one of those tours a title and
the subtext said
who will study the dance of enlightenment and delusion
and we did
and i
i remembered and brought forth a text which i was inspired by
in the middle eighties and the name of the text is the inactivity
ha all dharmas of all phenomena
and one of the teachings the mayor that one of the teachings in this scripture is the teaching that
for a sentient being to be a sentient being is precisely what we call enlightenment

the condition
i'm a sentient being the nature of ascension bag is itself immediately enlightenment
and the sector goes on further to say something like or i would render the suzhou to say such such that way
an sentient being
is a sentient being
they realize enlightenment
another way to put it is one a sentient being is a sentient being they are not moving
you don't have to move to be a sentient being
again we do not have to move to be a sentient big
so for essential being to not move
it for a sentient being to be a sentient being and for a sentient being not to move
is itself enlightenment

the year two thousand and ten then will be a year of not moving
a year for sentient beings vibrant
sentient beings to not move moment by moment
not move not move
not move from being a sentient being
and not moving from being essential to being is precisely
and it occurs to me as i practice this way i started
before today to try to practice this way when i practice this the way it does occur to me this is the most boring possible kind of life
it's the most boring it's the most uninteresting the most undertaking the most on fun
that's not true what i just said those are just things it occur to me
when i'm being myself finding myself has kind of like brought despite this is very entertaining
other people are doing all this entertaining stop at me i'm just being myself nobody's gonna find out much fun
and in fact a lot of people agree with that
and they walk away from me and go to be with somebody who is more fun
who i don't know what their practices but i have a feeling they're not being themselves i can feel doing something which is a little bit easier
but much more fun than being themselves
it's not that easy for me to be me
it's not that easy to be green right
and it's not that hard either but it's it's not very entertaining or fun i don't feel like i'm making a big contribution to the fun in the world
my grandson doesn't find me very interesting

yeah accept
not very interesting granddaddy he's just he's just himself but so what he's just him he added him so i yeah right
but these feelings of like this is boring and not very interesting i'm not very entertaining i'm not very scintillating
those thoughts are just more comic consciousness they're not true they're just more cosmic consciousness commenting on somebody who is trying to just be himself
once again this will be for me
a year of stillness a year of stillness a year of silence even i'm talking
i'm silent because i'm just being the person is talking
silence stillness being sentient being another way to put it is this will be a year
of delusion
i'm just gonna be a deluded person this year

i've said this before i said again if you'll excuse me the point of san is enlightenment
it's maybe it's too perverse to say the point of zana delusion
so i won't say that
talking that way is typical zone way of talking i'm telling you what i'm not gonna say that's called apathetic
speech i'm not gonna say that the point of his delusion however
it kind of is
if the point of zen is to be
enlightened or as enlightenment
and for a deluded person to be diluted person is enlightenment than kind of the point of zen is for a diluted person to be a diluted person
not saying for enlightened person to be a deluded person not saying that i'm for deluded people to be deluded people for diluted person to just be a diluted person that's the point of zen

the point of zen is to be not move from being what we are
and to not talk about it just
be a person with no comment
and part of the reason why i feel good about such practices because i think i feel like this as good medicine for the zen tradition
historical record of culpability in the zen school of overemphasizing enlightenment
like mentioning enlightenment but forgetting to point out that enlightenment is totally intimate with delusion
or you know yeah somebody say yeah the enlightenment and delusion are totally intimate and then forget to mention that for a long time and to say enlightenment enlightenment enlightenment
so i don't want to overemphasize delusion
and i don't think it has yet been overemphasized i don't know if one could ever overemphasize it


i will be looking for ways and i will invite you throughout this year to help
ah caught
authentically living
our delusion
authentically living are limited nature
not to try to get rid of our limits
not to eliminate our limits but lived them wholeheartedly authentically how can we be authentically
deluded people how can we be authentically sentient pigs that would be
ongoing wonder

we have this famous statement from the game joe cole on which says when the dharma does not fill your body and mind
he's think it's already sufficient when the truth does not he had feel your body and mind you think it's sufficient
like for example you think
i understand the truth fairly well so i understand the truth sufficiently well i have a sufficient grasp of realities
people sometimes think that and that is a characteristic of when a when the truth does not feel you you think you understand it enough
when it does feel you you realize there's something men there's something lacking in your understanding
the more we grow in dharma the more we grow in enlightenment the more we clearly
discern our frailties
and limitations and delusions
seeing more dilute seem more about our delusion is a growth and enlightenment
so i hope we can expand our horizons from our personal
to the social to the cosmic
and find that we are
realize that we are intimately interrelated with all beings
all who have only karmic consciousness
we are related intimately with and we are one of them

so i
i bring up my name again which was given to me by
references key
and yet the first part of tension
which means the in in colloquial jack jack chinese it means naive come like a child but can like child like
but also means
in buddhist and book in buddhism and also in buddhism buddhist terminals and means ultimate reality
naive child is childish childlike
an ultimate reality

and when it does occur she gave it to me on the day he gave it to me he said tension means rub is rob
tension means markers mark and jimmy is jimmy and patty is paddies
tension means carlos being carlos
tension means a sentient being being a sentient being
like a child has been a child including no child is dreaming that the child
is it is a neurosurgeon
or a mommy
or a grandfather
but the child knows they're pretending to be a neurosurgeon
they know they're pretending to be a dragon
and took being diluted in a burst person
and then being them
them exerting their child like naive kay
that's tension
and free for adults to be more clever
and to think that there
i don't know what a lawyer
a priest an artist
a grandfather
i retired government official
if you're completely be that way that tension
and that's also ultimate truth but the second part of my name is sankey
which means the whole works which means dot which means that the whole universe is working through you being you
it also means that you are the whole universe is based on you
but if you're not home to be yourself and you miss the universe that's based on you
and you miss to you it's based on the whole universe and this is called
that's a problem

so the name tensions enki means that when is rab that's the whole works
or that's the whole that's the working on the whole
when karen karen that's also the whole works when michael michael that's also the whole works
when a sentient being is essential being when a human being is being herself that is the whole works
an human beings are deluded
the way they perceive is not the way things are
and they can have valid and invalid perceptions both of which are not the way things are
i think it's a valid perception
i think there was a valid perception that for a sentient being to be a sentient being
is precisely enlightenment better that's a valid perception
but that thought
it's a delusion
so the statement that it for diluted being to be a diluted being as enlightenment is another diversion
and to be the person with that delusion is enlightenment

as deluded people often think okay now i got like a had valid perception of buddhist teaching so when i think of that than a not enlightened anymore well that's another example of a sentient being
and to notice if you're trying to get away from that that another example of a sentient being
and to be willing to the purse to be willing to be a person was trying to get away from being a person
to be willing to be a person who not willing to be a person does enlightenment and most persons are not willing to be persons
or even if they say i'm willing to their sometimes too busy to actually practice that

another name which i was not given as tension cameo
and call me out ha ha is softened can be translated as right light
ah kow is the word for light and me all means like wondrous
so call me i could also be translated as a wondrous light our spiritual light
or sacred light and the like if you look at that she did the the buddha statue in alter it has a kind of bullshit has aura around it that little bit shaped like flames
the flame set or around buddha statues
i can't buddhist i do have or is like over there there's more buddha statue to have put pictures have their whores around the aura of they often have flames those flames i call mayo
so that that light around the buddha
his called chromeo
kanchi and como
i'm not cameo i'm not spiritual light
but me being me a spiritual life
you b you his spirit of radiance
that cell phone being itself
buzzing exerting its deluded the function
that is spiritual flight
the feeling you have about that sound
being itself is tension his spiritual light
the working of the universe is spiritual light everybody in being themselves is the working of the universe is spiritual light and to devote yourself to being a him being means devote yourself
the being permit consciousness which means to be the whole works which means to be spiritual radiance
and dish show other people
that it's okay to be boring
but it is
not how does not that interesting

that's kind of my spiritual or as you say that's my new year's spiritual commitment and i laughed because i thought of what somebody said one time have what the definition of a zen priest is it's somebody who when you
ask him a question they give you a half an hour answer
so when you asked me when my new years resolution as i talked for
forty minutes
but really
that is it that's my that's my new year's commitment
and i
i wish to do it not just for the rest of the year but for the rest of my life
and i hope you do too
hope you have a year of stillness
and silence every moment
i hope you have a year of being yourself
for the welfare of all beings
who need encouragement to be themselves for the welfare of all beings
and as smokey the bear says only you can be yourself
only you can be you nobody else can do that for you nobody else can do that for you
and you cannot do it by yourself
i cannot be myself by myself i can only do it with your support and i'm so happy that you support me to be myself including that you keep telling me how boring i am
or how i should be more boring

so as usual i welcome your feedback i welcome your opposition
or i vowed to welcome your feedback i love to welcome your opposition i vowed to welcome your disagreement and your ah happiness and unhappiness about me

by dreaming that you're not you're in by dreaming that your something else
i'm not noticing that that that you were dreaming of being someone else
so basically by you know in attention and like a mindfulness you can not notice what you're up to
yeah and you can notice
if you're a person who has an aspiration to be slightly or greatly different
like you can aspire to be
a supremely omniscient buddha
despite that and you could think that that that's somewhat different from the way you are
and then you can realize or here i am aspiring to be that and i'm going to be this person and by the way i'm
i'm yeah i'm kind of garden variety
zach sentient being variety diluted while i make this aspiration
but not just making this aspiration and forgetting that i that that was kind of consciousness that there was a delusion
i'm i've i honor that i recognize that i accept that i'm limited by this kind of
process and i and i say thank you to this process
i welcome this process
have me being somebody who wants to be something other than what she is even though i know that's not enlightenment
that's what you mean by boy
i actually i don't get it doesn't go any further than that just stop right there i kind of know what i know it boring is in the sense of i know what the comment is the comment is to distract me from my work
i don't like try to avenue a dialogue with the i you don't have a dialogue with i really am boring or not or you know that are the positive signs of being boring i guess you don't do that i'm not gonna criticize him that but i just say oh there's this resistance to me being me in a form of boring
resistance yourself yeah resistance to myself there's some part of me that resists being this being me and a manifests as boring or enough of that or own not bad again
the most uninteresting thing to study
from the point of view of the can establish resistance to enlightenment is the self or to put more simply the resistance to the enlightenment is the same as a resistance to studying the self if you stay in the south resistance comes up to try to stop you
and wanted to go to put around go back towards not study yourself study or other people study in other problems don't pay attention to yourself that's the usual program that's the momentum of sentient beings
if you turn around and star studded yourself the momentum says boring boring uninteresting you're not going you're not going to get invited to the problem if you go around being yourself and in fact he can say yeah a lot of people who do that do not get invited to the promise it look at that weirdo she's such a sitting there
be yourself his funeral
a lie people will not want to hang out with you some justification to it
but people who are trying to be somebody else they also don't some people don't want they want them to it's hard to say who is the most boring from other people's point of view but for me when i beat myself and i think well this wouldn't be very interesting to people that's me trying to decide
large myself from my job that's me trying to get myself to move off my seat
so i don't get a i don't actually getting to know what i am i am reborn i don't typical boring i don't usually don't do that and i people will often say yes if i ask i often that out
so it's it's a daemon i i appreciate homage to what's his name baudelaire
charles charles baudelaire at the beginning of his flowers of evil
he points out that you know when people get over like greed hate and delusion and they start like just being themselves
then the big guy comes on we
the big demon is boredom that's the one that comes when you're like getting close to the reality what's reality
your sense of be
when you get close to being just an ordinary person like you are
then the big game and comes says this is not really going to be very attractive
people won't like it if you're just like everybody else
if you're not alone that snazzier than them
well i demon high boredom i mean higher accusations of boredom
it and it just not got much fun
be yourself it's hard
but it is the path to truth

what he says heart
we are said days anyway
why are they said you'd
whether or not
eight ways
letting you reading it
yeah but you have to practice letting and fill you up
so sentient beings who try to be hearted our whole heartedly a sentient being who's trying to be half hearted you cannot get away from it
you know and that's right you cannot get away from it even if you try the harder you try to not be a and being the more years and to more completely you're not the more it's done more if you if you if you try to be wholehearted your soon to be if you try to be half hearted been being if you try to be a sentient being
sentient big to try to avoid being sentient being years en-gb and matter what you do you a sentient being if your sentient big they can't get away from it however if you don't practice that you can miss it a little
and if you miss it a little that's sufficient to basically missing it entirely
people miss it the people who miss a little can suffer extreme misery and cause tremendous problems people miss a lot can suffer extreme and cause lot of problems no matter how much a mess it miss a little bitter lot the matter how much you don't practice it you can miss it
and major way
so let's practice at all since his a practice of being sentient being this is the practice of studying delusion of analyzing of getting to know it are becoming intimate with it and when you become intimate with enlightenment have pursued me when you become intimate with delusion your
you are becoming what the other thing that's intimate with delusion
enlightenment is intimate with delusion so if you didn't want the delusion your your intimacy with delusion is the practice of enlightenment that's what enlightenment does it hangs out with delusion all day long
it sits in the to tap all day long happen and a bobbin and saying some all that is a birds on jaybird street love to hear enlightenment go tweet tweet tweet
enlightenment is always internet with delusion if you're into a delusion than sentient being his intimate with enlightenment but if you're not into my delusion
if you can do it with enlightenment than your delusion
did you say well i'm enlightened whatever that's pretty good idea i'm not so bad
it's okay to be will be more interesting to me
okay if you don't want to be intimate than your delusion if you want to be intimate delusion than your enlightenment
if you don't practice it emitted gotta practice it enlightenment is in that sense practice it's not just a theory that enlightenment is intimate delusion it's the practice of being intimate with delusion
and comes out we have division to be intimate with right now
and i want to take care of it
graciously mindfully gently
energetically heroically

i cannot change with it

well you say you can't change the delusion but you do change with the delusion but there is a skill in learning to be abreast and be close and and sort of to call the delusion have now and not be ready for the next one so again do you think now i think i'm with this delusion but this won't change
ages and and i'm not ready for the next one because i'm still holding on the last one so we can get better and being with the rhythm you know are being with the rhythm of the dance of the changing delusion enlightenment dance but you do when when you change the your delusions change
when your delusion change you change you are actually with it but you have to get with that rhythm and that's just that's how we get better at practice is by
going with the cage and also
not missing too many moments of delusion
that's changing all the time
yeah but yes yeah but
yeah you wanna get it all and that's that's that's a delusion
are you with an intimate with that do as a delusion i want to get it all
that's not getting it all no no getting it all is there's no such thing as getting it all the however there is the delusion of getting it all delusions are not real getting it all is not real
that's not real that's a delusion
and not getting it all is also not real
yeah that's a no delusion is now you have getting it all plus you have the that it would give you what you have with this delusion gives you and that's right it does give you but does or delusions a new he knew you were done by cosmic consciousness if we're not talking about reality
he there's something about the way you say that that supports me to have a delusion that you think that that's real

yeah and you think that doesn't i can you think that and you don't notice it that's karma consciousness you just
you just told me about

is not jaime consciousness i want to use yeah i want to notice it as it is i want to notice it as it is that's an example of karmic consciousness
which is calling for summit some intimacy with somebody
a new your way as i want to be
whatever i want to be whatever the usual way is to go with that rather than turning around looking at yourself who was thinking that
i want to go goat i want to take a walk okay fine i want to get it all fine are you watching the person who is thinking that are you noticing that you're thinking that are you just thinking it
yeah so i'm saying now turn around and noticed that you're thinking that no end in the next one
don't lose track of study yourself why you're thinking you are thinking human beings think all day long happen and bobbin singing their song they're doing that
they do but they don't hear often turn around and look at themselves doing it
they are happen in a bobbin that's fine we can't not do that and you have a certain style of hopping and bopping like i want to be intimate with this i want to get it all blah blah blah want to be grounded that's your song
okay now we're talking about his turn on our watch homa sing her song
i'm watching you see your song but that's easy for me to watch using your song what's hard is for me to watch me sing my song
and what's hard for you is to watch you say you're someone but i'm here to say home a watch home a sitting up in the tree top happen in above and watcher
i love the way you pop and bob
and i would like you to watch
home hub bub
if you want you don't exist that part of the reason why you we don't want to watch his can we watch you lose track of holding onto your existence
i know if so watch yourself when you say you want to exist in then you one exist
but then you can recover and say okay nod should i take it back i want to exist and also i don't want to look at myself exist because i look at myself exists in i i won't if i look at my desire to exist i'll lose track of my existence i will be able to grasp
yes that's why it's so hard as he when you study yourself you can grasp yourself when you first start maybe i can but we really get into you lose trust in utensils and boring boring stop this caught off
don't do this this is not good for you go back and just sing your song
i want to be a good person and help all beings
that's better but in iraq that song it's a wonderful song just talking about
please study the person who singing that song
if you sing the song without studying the singer you missed the path to reality which will realize what you're singing about if you're singing the song of one of the welfare of all beings that's a good song but he want to realize the welfare of all beings you have to watch the singer if your vowing to save all sentient beings great now stuff
the that person
a lucky test far wants to study all say of all beings can get is really consistent song every moment save all sentient beings listened to listen to the suffering in the world every moment totally to do in and studying herself not just studying all i love you all i want to help you
a study in a person who wants to help everybody study the caregiver study the caregiver if you don't study to caregiver
the undermined the caregivers practice
and it's hard to study the caregiver
because when you start study a loser
well we will or and then you'll and you'll lose your boring stop this just be a good caregiver okay has been better unstudied
unexamined good person
that's easy just be a good person don't look to see what that is
hannah talking but looking to see if you really are good person
because that can distract you to to study the person who is looking to see a she is a good person
stay the person who's trying to verify that she's actually helpful it's okay to verify with know that helpful didn't help you that's okay but when you ask study yourself studied the the little person is trying to find out if she's helpful
stay diluted person who thinks she's not studied the diluted person who thinks she is helpful
study the delivery person doesn't know if his helpful
whatever but study the one that happy now that's the one to study and that's the hardest want to study it's easier to study the one yesterday so one yesterday is better than nothing but then come cover today so people come and tell me about themselves yesterday that there are studies a great how about now low boring

is it
that's the thought isn't that a little bit self-centered is to thing i'm asking you to look at so when you said that i was hoping you would be looking at yourself when you said that
and if you do look at yourself when you say isn't that a little bit too self-centered you will not be able to find you know people find the the self the person who is too self-centered the person who isn't too self-centered the person who is just the right amount of centered you will be will find any those people and then
you know you realize it just not possible to be too self-centered that's not really a reality

yeah right so
yeah and i would say to him welcome thank you thank you for talking to me
welcome him and why you're welcoming while you're saying thank you
study yourself when you say thank you
be aware of yourself when you say thank you to this person who is telling you that he wants you to come out
and then you might you might even say
does that seem like i came out there and he might say no
and then say thank you but when you say thank you study yourself when you say thank you
you when you say thank you when you say no thank you
that's a sentient big
what i'm saying is be that person
and in order to be that person you kind of have to pay some attention to her
if you are looking out
you're not fully being yourself you can be because you have the capacity of watching yourself when you're doing things
so is a delusion to practice accepted and sincerity
in order to cause enlightenment
is a deluded to practice x sincerity in order to cause enlightenment that
sincerity is enlightenment is certainly doesn't cause enlightenment but can't be both delusion and sometimes they are simultaneous you don't know that delusion isn't before or after enlightenment their simultaneous they lived together
and to pieces and sincerity is enlightenment because enlightenment is enlightenment is sincere
but it's enlightenment delusion enlightenment is being sincerely deluded
yours sincerely diluted rob anderson
and some other buddhist priests a see
see he's deluded he admitted it
whereas i'm not

but it's not like when i admit it i'm deluded than the people who don't admit mentor diluted to that they are and i'm not when i admit i'm not deluded k i'm still deluded it doesn't like okay if you admit you to lose your not diluted in my know it just so when you admit you're deluded your greatly enlightened
but you're nevertheless deluded
if you don't admit you're deluded you're not greatly enlightened you just deluded half-heartedly you're missing the show of your life as a living being as a boy sought for
but send some people do not admit a deluded so they missed their enlightenment
or they think okay i'll admit my delusion and almiron and mid are now mindanao and finally have a minute so much it'll all be enlightened and there won't be any more delusion know
the the exertion the partial and complete exertion of enlightened of delusion does not proceed or follow enlightenment their simultaneous
but to realize that requires
being herself completely and being ourselves completely turns out to admit that we have some problems
you can't really be yourself without admitting that you have a list of little bit of a problem
there aren't any sentient beings like that
i have no problems that have no karmic consciousness
or i have such excellent cosmic consciousness that it's not the slightest bit of an observation
to sincerely be
obscured to to sincerely exert
are obscured vision
is an essential element of the buddha away

by the way gloria when you asked that question you came out

you're welcome come again sometime
ah well we could have a lovely
january lunchtime now
we are blessed with i just got back from new york city words little colder than here
chris you know it's wonderful there but it's wonderful here too
this is a wonderful wonderful universe that we live in
and we have this very challenging job of being ourselves to do in order to appreciate that fully
so i really i really want us to do this and out i i don't know what i'm gonna do but i commit to do it or not i will but i commit to be myself
for the rest of my life
please join me
may or intention
stand to the very beginning

the way
to stay with them
the borough
the down
the us
and japan
any signs surpassed the borough
to become it