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Summary of the unrecorded morning talk. The practice of just sitting. Remembering stillness, letting go of 'what next.' Training to ready for this moment, and for death.

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so i'm gonna give this morning talk over again nunca he could
so there is so bad arm
we practice just sitting
and but it's hard for us to understand how to practice just sitting
in this in the sense that it
that it's meant
because returned just sitting and to something that will do
because weight when the word just sitting appears and consciousness we think are just sitting so the art thou be another thing which i do
but he just said it doesn't mean another thing you'd do like
like walking or talking are sitting it's not something you do it's the practice and the prettiest of practice
it's not something you do it's something we are doing all day long
we've been the practice of just sitting is what we're doing all day long
and so to touch the practice the practice for talking about and then is the practice were doing all day long
which is buddhist practice or mood as practice it's the practice of what we're doing all day long buddha is what we're doing all day long
and what we're doing all day long
being what we're doing all day long is just setting
but will hear that was like oh i should i should do with that just sitting or i should do what i'm doing
already so it's it's hard pressed to understand
plus the this is the sense of self
and and therefore we think it can do what's going on
it it does it's it does it's cohort rather than as with its core hard because of that sense of self we always think that not or know it would often think when there's a self and we don't understand it than we think
what should i do next
what's next what's next is short for what should i do next
and what should i do next is putting the anxiety
have no other of having a self that we don't understand when you don't when you have when we have the self when there's a self and his daughter stood there is anxiety so that knows what what to do next what did your next
and letting that sentence where should your next letting that be
is not something you do
but you can allow it it's already happening you can allow it and be compassionate to it and i'll allowing the thought what should i do next
is just sitting
or allowing the thought what next
to be that
it's just sitting at allowing i thought to just sit you don't make the heart said it's already sitting but if you don't allow it it's like
you're not allowing it to just sit
your something i do not know not just let it be
that's hard pressed to learn
but not impossible

and we also have this which i i say over and over i say i pray that the great assembly remembers silence and stillness
i used to say bc actually say that and gringos tour i'm an hour trying to change that we say be silent and still
but it's company you don't like you know you don't hit on to stillness
it's more like it's already there just remember it and then when you remember it
then you can see if you're new remember it again and as you remember it in notice maybe that there's a sense of well
what next
or can i just sit here and remember stillness don't have to do something
what'll happen if i just remember stillness
one other words
you start to notice you're anxious about the simple thing i remember a stillness what's so bad about remembering stillness well i i might not do what went on to her
so this are you remembering stillness and silence kind of tests our understanding of ourself
if you can remember it and allow it and some to at that moment you're free of self you feel self cleaning doesn't mean yourself is eliminated and just you're free of it is it's the i would have come on the attachment assault isn't
interfering with you spend your life remembering just sitting or stillness
so if you can actually allow stillness and silence your you're enacting freedom from yourself connect

that instruction test to see whether we can let go of what next what next what next
and it doesn't that instruction does not say get rid of your anxiety
it sang if there's anxiety remember stillness
if the horrors remember silence doesn't say get rid of them

he says
just sit with them and just silly with them liberates them
without trying to get rid of them they're liberated inner can they're just sitting
and what's buddha doing all day long the buddha's practicing just like everybody who is anxious
help anybody is not the boat is practicing just like that person
the practice of the buddha's is the way each of us are in each moment
but allows all of us to just sit no matter how we are
but you know this is something we were training at
we're learning

and now we have this nice coffin nice newly made coffin
up in day
in the room dedicated to the bodhisattva of great compassion who observes all coffins with eyes of compassion so my and often the compassion that
the coffins up there with with all the compassion also
want to thank the ts for repairing our the bell tower of stairs know i have a bell tower and also have a bell honest
if they want to the hearing it by entrance
no so who
maybe later when go ring the bell
brett gonna ring it oh here we go
now we have a little beautiful little bell tower
as for the coffins up there and somebody says asked me about how i
guys offer some teachers about how to prepare for death
for whom does a bell toll

thank you
so ah
i'm not exactly preparing for death
i'm more like
training at big ready for it
and the way i trained for being ready for it is i'm training for being ready for this moment
and by the way in this moment i am
i seem to be i'm getting feedback that i am dying
people do not come up to me very often and say would you please die
when i was younger than they used to say that but
now they say would you please not die would you please keep living little longer list on next week when i can come and see you again would you please hang in there for us
why are they saying that to me
you think it's funny how
please don't go why they saying don't go
the can i tell that i'm going
can they tell that i'm about to depart apparently wouldn't i don't can tell but they think i am so they say please don't please day
the coffin is not as doesn't mean i'm going right now it just means the coffin i hope to cough and means that i'm ready to go
i hope i'm ready to go i wanna be ready to go now not later not next week i wanna be ready to go now
and people are telling me don't go when other words people are telling me you're going
you're going but gone to don't go too soon and we know you're going but not now
i'm going on
okay all right i'm going i get it i'm going okay so why should i do i should be ready for this going that i mean that's what i'm doing is i'm
i'm i wanna be ready like hamlet
hamlet hamlet hamlet he said ready readiness is all he was ready and they died right after that didn't know he was just a kid
his karma played out differently than mine
but at least he woke up to his job
which is the same as mine is to be ready and then he died right after we didn't get to see him practicing readiness for even a whole day armenia was a day i don't think so but not definite he did it we didn't get to see this wonderful young guy practice readiness
when they'll be wonderful
to to see another wake of hamlet
after he woke up
the same with king lear
he woke up
where did you wake up to he woke up to who is daughter was who he thought betrayed him actually it he saw this is the way she loved me the whole time her love was so wonderful i had it the whole time and i didn't see it and now i do how wonderful how wonderful my magn
efficient loving daughter but he didn't get the tragedy he didn't get to spend in a week with her
or not to mention the rest of his life
with his precious daughter would have to he woke up
did i fell a wake up at and to the to how wonderful his wife was
i don't know did he wake up
that would make the tragedy deeper
so he can he he thought he was unfaithful in his delusion which can do he didn't make by himself is diversion you know but i mean he had this guy feeding him seductive illusions and lulling him into insanity
so it he
he doubted
his wife's love and when insane and killed her

i'm not exactly preparing for death i'm more like trying to be ready for are ready for ready for it ready for it and
and if you want to when you coming on board you can go if you're if you're not too tall sorry eric when you consider to do with your knees up
he welcomed him to go
meditate in the coffin for a while
and and practice be ready when you're in the coffin you have it isn't handle
your bela lugosi sleeping car
yeah he got yet
john donne the great the great poet also he didn't he didn't sleep and gotten out think he meditated in the coffin the guy who wrote for whom the bell tolls he used to meditate in a coffin in his office
so this place is kind like my office and i have my coffin hair for everybody to enjoy
and you can enjoy me
not preparing for death
but living my dying process mama by moment
hidden that grade
can i join me yes
because you might be dying to say possible

not inevitable i'm not talking about inevitable i'm talking about now that you're dying now are you dying now are you going dilator are you gonna do the dying later know
one can die you can't do anymore dying
now you can do dying
i'm i'm ready for dying
now i have to wait
for something inevitable
by the right one note that the picture and that other room now is tilted
and i'm i'm i'm i'm like accepting that
but i wouldn't mind if somebody adjusted it
okay well
where's that what i said this morning
now kind of that was kind of what i said this morning
that's our practice has been ready
what dying for death and be ready for this moment
can make ready for trying to avoid this moment
like that guy was with you know standing by are dead friend why can't we always be like this and none of which why can't we just be here
and just and
on the sidewalk like this
what we can be but we have to train
hello you know
and nobody has dead friends you know moment after moment we can we don't always have it all that support
we can do it with little or things but it's harder
tartar to just be there for the small little horrors of the daily life but there are that what they want us to do
and that's what our friend wanted to do he wanted just have to stop and be there with him and we were
and we honored him by just being there with him
and that's what every moment as asking of us
and every month asking us to just sip
and it's asking them to do that but it's also asking us to understand that we don't do it even i just said we did every moment asking us to be just sitting together with everybody and let everybody help us to them
this is our last sitting up the year thank you for another year of sitting at know about
thank you
thank you
thank you
and now you say thank you
thank you yes
the intimacy the invitation he are the intimacy invitation to the conversation yeah i forgot to mention conversation
just sitting is just sitting is conversation conversation is just sitting
silence and stillness is where a conversation is living

and the see to getting your car home thing to be invited in ice
i i guess

it is helpful
oh i think sometimes you when practicing and why i think they will the this route
by myself
tapes how in it helps in the process so when time comes from any of us to lead the around a random conversation about it or were invited into it
to be a pile
hey it's beneficial kid
you're welcome any time