May 5th, 1971, Serial No. 00334

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if bow is ace on the fence for interdependent
when you turn bow
is to understand to worship the intrinsic worth
that's why i said when you bow shall bow waves while hunting
need to bow what you can buy with whole hadn't net is worship with worship
fundamental and interesting
one this point intrinsic my mentor was interesting for existing over your uncle of your deadline
ha you will have done
you will have to give up the beneath that you have for help helga and to map
ah but if you think the buddha's mass hey liam and yet his virtues associated with him on earth one worse still have not modified your avatar atlanta use of good
just like nice and the buddha what you see now before you i
know just the nickel nice just an equal rights and the border what to see now before your eyes
had to bow to stand up with wholeheartedness i said to worship intrinsic for
number okay
but it still
it means you still you still have lent money find your avatar use on the beach
oh you have to the edge and just a ninth and the border what to see the now before your eyes or you have to the is to stand up like all had a nice that's enough my dog in fifth with visit to it
check for and mikhail
if you followed the rules of their massive massa and turn on dinner the news and attachments you will accord naturally with brutal away
a few planted in that way regardless of the idea whether it is planning to your is not nothing
hey some person ask ave often to me in the kicking how to plastic in proper way
when it was say a huge modesty
i plant is that i am they are lucky that i'm pumped is a good practice and guidance on the famous they must mean to report
ah his wife found completely as dog in then says in the circle ginza
even when he was a faith
he followed the all the style of washing his faith according to a dog into the desk so i have to
if you follow in the way when your wife make you stand up in or was in vain
when you enter before you enter the bathroom
you have to bad he had to do a show and bomb sick
an open door
and the standard the standard thing that now but think of the car i see think
chiesa bar with vessel
and to take a take them to rest
and kansas pick your roof
have you for taking the for taking their
a wash your face using a one
matthew left turn to the verse first that for you have to all in cash on you have to do that show a hallway and do them
is it good and can stay good friend
the please the rhythm love
and he already bought before he were shot
and we're the laugh
next when he where he is ready to wear that kicker
and we're
but it's practically for
the even met what what i've been listening whatever situation you maybe it is too easy for you to do a son who had before you do them it's free
the rather kill them doing that because your and back
before you deal with something
before you did you trying to read the book
before you opened a brother i do think i saw making your point partner
us storm with and
in popular this vital buster bomb will open the book
that's why bougainville fence and what i ate what it is not very immature for a second one in buddha amitabha mark fishman
when i ain't taught or as more
or agent
why even a speck of dust
who is even a bunch of glass
yet students today cling to their you know the news and the hold on to be a professional ideas thinking that the buddha is this things on that thing if these things are different from what they imagine that you know that it
can be and wonder last looking for something similar to what and devoting ideas ah and make kids me any progress along the way
now what should we do
in than says when toward to let go or both hands and feet after climbing to the top of the heard of football
and then to advance once the fall
down a go for their own body
but less common thinks it is only because i am alive today that they have a chance to study buddy
they always i can they can throw account let go my hands full
after climbing to the top of the hundred foot pole
of course the and is not so easy to believe they don't require border and it was the to or a principle of
interdependence or flint a physical of time lindsay
when before we have some doubts before you try to think of it
when you have to stand up when you have to bow
you should let go of your pen and foot
after climbing to the top of the hand of foot an old day
a pause which is called bow is called the van which is code standing
it's called regulating poet and breath
it should take a head further one step further you should take one step further
ha if you think in a sauna because i am arrived today that they have the chance to study buddhism yeah not really following the kitchen their kitchen it must be a
understood thanks
sky color from telling is not merely is not merely opportune practice of thousand
come to
standing up buying washing your face
the important point is
as making me in the beginning of my talk
you have open mind of my first
and if my needs
i mean it
unevenness of its surface
the view mirror is
and as surface
think the infection of your face
is exactly a spoilt by the evenness of southeast of middle
my opinion
if during the test the season
hey good chance to make your plants make make a good policy pump
was an enduring done in moving in training
because you for you will find
lots of agitation
emerging from your brain mind
by applying
applying electric shock to one is called
they're this type of guest

hey you think or tassajara life is mostly same same way a way as city life
this seasons very good practice for
what have a kind of electric shock on a of a kind of for guest come up to you and make a complaint
tried to first cash you're guilty and listen to it okay
may work
ah friend of mine for years taking the commas and komodo way university
always do a
when see the sun person off
when you see some person off
for whom she hated he hate
have a person
people you
and every morning that he fasted he found
many bots in front of buddha pain think in the teacher
i can think the name of person
his teacher or they any kind of the any kind of type of player there was anybody
where he like like and hit
a big money to pay me he pay for money expect to the people through the hate
amen dentistry and by and the new kitten
so i think they've had to be
come pick me up an infant whatever you make whatever you are you make it in wherever you may go one empathy trade you
castro is a good atmosphere