May 5th, 1971, Serial No. 00333

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the listen to him
the this perfect
primo sort of them
ah has been published by the best day
i an east west center press in one woman
translated by professor must match
primo sort of them
i his translation of
so whole gang for the monkey
the to by duncan's
think there are two kinds of or translation of his book about this book is better than ah
previous translation by
some priest for the dentist know me
this is very good are they got book
ha ha
i can lick men are you to beat his book
yeah them again
ah with my confidence
a must-read or the sheboygan to remove keep his book
it is vicky
ah for the purpose of our educate your priest
but the day
the profound meaning in
i between the lines
what this show the monkey dog and then you want i want to tell us
ha is also very good for
not the
if you have if you have some trouble
you are are called by
have you are confident that waves
i tried to lead
our with our composure
a calmness
you can find our best suggestion me this book
it's all
ha i think it is really
they would show when with is ah entirely adequate
ah to recommend you to beat and to for it ah
by your desk always
and tonight
ah well
study a one on fire
chapters on this book
the in an evening top dog in said
the purpose of awakening to the old stories of the patriarchs of them is to modify while jelly what you have understood and thought up to now under the guidance of them are
even if the buddha you have known up to now is indoor in don't indulge with the destiny distinguish wishing marks radiates right and has like check mooney
and amitabha the virtue are preaching sermons and bring in benefit to the people you must believe i believe it if the zen master
ah test you that the buddha is a taught or an earthworm
you will have to give up the believes you have held up to now
but if you see the buddhist monks he's read a radiance
and the various emergences associated with him on the earthworm you still have not modified your arbitrarily you so the buddha
just recognize as the buddha what you see now before you i
if you follow the words of the zen master and term from do that youth and attachment you will accord not johnny with good away
yet to students today clinging their devoted views and hold on to their to smell ideas thinking that to the buddha is that thing or that thing if these things different from what do they imagine
they deny that this can be and one day last looking for something similar to what they diluted ideas up
they make scarcely any province along the buddha away
when told to let go of boss and
climbing plant into the top of by hundred for poor and then to advance once the fog further without regard for their own body
they say it's only because am alive today that i have the chance to study buddhism
yeah not really following their teacher it must be understood around
it is mostly or two years
since then center have inviting he has invited
hello she or from japan
our to guide
the us
going to bogans we'll practice
the must have fire or the students or new students
yeah have participated in
the training
a pity on
and the guidance of is the master from the pan
now we have fun
that's gonna be notion
for getting the training field
you believe it is natural naturally evades not sure that you believe i you believe a training video pr
ah is
for your great chance
the old name to you
i to
make a good progress in your car
but there are many students who are interested in
this painting
in the training p
this is all right
took the you or she
as a strong spirit and death master
driving you to practice to try too hard to try to try hard to practice
then there
he always encourage
in colleges
all of you practice hot and hot
who you cannot help escape escaping from this hard practice at least during the training
so much see lot you are in has a hot
but the know once i feel a that
there is some trouble
right after tree
muslim students a believe after training field
the guess the season it's not there could be nothing to practice for us month of t students don't think i don't want to stay in qatar in some
so i want to go out of the profound in summer and mit money the money
for the purpose of participating in next to training
i think it is the good
but there is something wrong
something wrong is
you have
your practice rise in a sort of bias
this is waiting to hear you what we have to practice hard
twenty peel with the training p r a
are you just good
i'm new to us
to make a good progress in our tracks
less than three period is not training
it's not good chance to practice
this is a photo by a sort of bias what do you have
what you have a touch
constants near or and crisis
so getting the twenty fewer will try hard much as possible to use then
under the guidance of the them as
there are to training that i came here and look at your party of your zeldin
the there a person and there are millions of muslims he was you
have the part of your login like this but getting twenty fee on your then like this
and the guidance of a different teacher not writing since it
not think it is not a good chance to practice my in dealing the train and get thin
are loving even not we're very think so
if you distinguish if you're this a distinct rich in that way discriminate if your discriminate between training or not training
i bet you you will
you will never make progress in your plants

why you stick to when you stick to the to the concession sales trainee beyond that is not training
i think that such people was a practice the hard with to my case yet then after training for your we get really have exhausted then lots of students to the same dead
with a true team spirit
but practically not from month like that practices like taking a breath
taking with
if you want to take them if you want to take the grim
the as long as he can
please take a breath as not to run the camp
why ah yeah my vision by my of observing what ah what relation in dealing with in giving with your breath
as long as you are your arrive in us
you have to really have to take a breath
he respected a respectable up and it was a respective of the idea whether you like or dislike
he practices like the kitten bless
you have to check bread whatever wrong lets you live
whenever you maybe or whatever you happy or whatever wherever you happen to do
in whatever situation women
as much as possible you control your breath
controlling your breath the controlling the red make your mind com
carried out time out and be successful enjoys them
in for his moods are
why use them say if you want to play the baseball game
i think baseball
a play off
before a a thorough passport
which make you would make the people at what to make the people
no determination
with the loose or we
so as long as you think as long nine zero
this the in playing baseball game
you have photo buyer
a baseball game is to win and any cost
if forgive me for from the sport
what you what you you must have we
then you try hard to play baseball
where's our particular tense
where do you are but this baby with a before game we have certain conception
it seems to me that you praying you play the before game
your words it seems to me that the you
ah not excuse me it seems to me that you play the game as if you are fighting with
a something conception or we have to i have to win
when use tongue your your body a functional your hunting move your body onto our fire mind
i learned over the exercise
and i'm certain situation a clinging to a certain confession i have to win
because way why do you think to at certain conception i am to wait
it means that few you are fighting with a certain concessions
not true baseball game
now three functional your body and mind
so at that time always
you will find some mistake you're getting the play baseball game
but getting the training of the baseball game
you give them the mistake
catching the ball
coming up to you know hard not fast and slow you throwing
you never missed catching the ball during the training but the the much in the in the much of the before game
you may often
the take catching the ball he called you are your body and mind your function of your body and mind is not completely free
because you are the body and mind is tied up by at certainly conception have to wait
but if you want to win from the bottom of your mind
important point is that
you must have open minds
open mindedness
whatever situation you may be during the frame playing game
i need a clinging to the concession or wing know are clinging to our conception on defense
why you are fighting with or something your mind these man open completely open
why do you monday's mouth too often
it means that you are fighting with a certain something that no certain concessions
ha in japanese
a we the we call open mindedness
a kitchen to uk
checking a empty my
he always with feel whatever you whatever you want to do
found the attempt to flee
important point is that your mind is open you have to have open my mind
to succeed to succeed in doing something
this is very important
neither cringing to the said the idea of when or no and defeat
so if you want to practice is not way to play in theory
important point of is first war that you have to have of mind
without fighting with without fighting with certain concessions defense training with a good chance to frame
good chance to practice voters way that is not good chance to practice
whatever you maybe be your my name must be your mind must be open first
why do you fighting fighting with something
yeah it means that your mind to stick to attached to a certain a confession he is training people
what is just interested in the ground grandpa
hot off recall feeling all right
have you have to accept you have to accept to a paddle for her part of your practice

ah then
they don't get say the purpose of awakening to the all the stories of the pictures of them is to modify gradually what you have understood and thought up to now
under the guidance of them master
you know they under the guidance of though that's not what he knew he he doesn't say he doesn't say that newish issued to cling to the to a certain concessions defense training peel
what did the open to you
to make a good to progress to good progress in your practice
of course he doesn't mean it doesn't mean you shouldn't give you shouldn't to practice a hard
you should practice you should try hard to practice during a training drill
but don't misunderstand the myth and fan
the which the only training field make your enlightenment
on the training field make your plants is probably not the big mistake
so in duggan the logan said in the first chamfered
i will leave the temple this event
the daily star story about a month in the assembly of certain them after
the monk or read satanic along with made two levels are liberals i both golden image of the buddha and other relics
in went in the dark dormitory
he constantly are viewed
b u m e d
i'm not offended or over ran a bird or and on burned
he constantly learned
but i insist to them
he comes from had the incense collagen and showed the his with packed with foundation and often
one day them martha says said the buddha image and lyrics that people are are worshipping i will be of no use to you later
a monk disagree with him but the master continued and this is that have you work handiwork of demon
threw them away
a month grow indignant and topic starting to me
but then must cold after him
open your box and look the inside look inside
when the in in length
monk complied e a said to have a found the pointers with me quarry i'm doing
i will fit linux should be a literalist and since they represent the tatar does image and his the many forms and a wrong however to expect
the enlightenment just by worshipping them
this is an error that delivers you didn't rush you into the hands of demons and poisonous snakes
the buddhists are teaching has a published the many or practicing read lebanon's so that the image and lyrics are offered the same blessings too many and diverse
the as does the living buddhas is quite true that a few the year and make offerings to the world of the three traders
you ah eradicate your crimes gay marriage remove the camera that beans to repairs in the evil loans and are diverted with birth and man or debit
but it ain't mistake to think that you can gain enlightenment in this way
you know day
in a mistake to think that the trend only training play on a just a good chance to make your practice to make progress in your practice is a great mistake
come on the rest of failure
yes the same why you do that the deadline for your daily life
is not good chance to make a promise me a blanket
it's it very good time
maple the your practice me to make a good progress in your practice
emily in the guess the thing
even in the city right it was in the country life
i think i am a plane sir
if you stick to their certain concessions for training play on or not nothing
i'm a afraid your practice will become the poisonous snake
if you look at the inside inside of the box which is called the plane look at your a box look at your inside of your path
what's the what's it
don't turn don't turn your practice into python snake
for this first of all you have to have the of man of money without fighting with any kind of content
of course i don't mean
i don't mean you should be reluctant to parties seen the of wayne getting a twenty year
i don't mean you should the fuck yes sir
a hard of the specially
in the special way and during the plane
a cookie if you practice a hard jani training field i think you will find something great and some something some great the instructions for you are
but it seems to me
whatever kind of for great is happening you will find getting training field
he incited and a it seems that they if you are you walk up your mind your eyes
by the the the you know day
the by the electric shock he actually shocked into your brain
what can call the training gear
oh yeah i think the actually shock permit you to make you with up oh
then you'll find something
ah twins are been pretty nicely but after the training hill fit
ah you know that according to the wisdom way or for the certainly than mine
think they now only listening to of people listen to ignore the entropy for you
i tried to research tried to the such ah well understanding
the search
a way of understanding what the mind name
i'm giving the electric shock but amish then there's the scotus always looking at the the action adaptations me your brain
of currency july if you apply if you find them they made next shock to your brain admit you're if you're with us
guide to to go to guide to go in right direction
the guide to find something good something good
the emerging you know the let me let me tell you something you getting for nothing involving
you feel pain
university of mind suffer from p
then there's cause a sky at a psychologist to you say god is the applies electric shock to your vein to your body
i think you have to shove to make you are making forget the key
they just for a why
think so
and then you electrical he never meant to guide to go in right direction wait to go
but but but put like this
but the electrician of excess of don't understand yet they have never understand the all situation on the mind when he is wiki is softening phone p invalid
for a something funky
my mind fuck from p
the prefer wine if you can make you forget the something through something from key in daddy did you forgot
but infants they admit that data to shock
electric shock of make you forget
get then turning and funding deeply the whole of the wellbeing of the mind for a what is something for pain
the thing
the important point is we have to know you have to know what we have to end the stern dp are completely different the whole being with the mind with is something from p
then the master says stay with you p in doesn't
give this good
you can't staying with a thing making and give deeply what for the key
happy before you and seventy four if you if you avoid if you avoid if airport thain thain the way the pain
given the applying the electric shock to your bike
never understand them they're all being of the martin with is something something
then i think been doesn't
ah he ordered to
the make the people understand deeply
what you are in what the whatever situation you make
the them must always says
to to your body
to against the the to greg to you have been habit the bad customer
in attempt to orient yourself in right direction
without escaping without applying electric shock in other words before you before the before you have for the you are curious before you curious of a fine electric shock to you by
the first the important point is that you cracked you you are planning to you i just
the bank poster bad habit
by demonizing realizing on your costumes of local habit
which has been accumulated to from the past staff to map
to orient yourself in right direction
staying with
a pain
the to her right forced her to regulate your by and rep
to have the right course to be a month wise of eyes of a hand
his team to make to me a bunch of all always your body and mind
a be exercised in way as they are
how to make all agency or view our internal and external organs
be excised in put away as they are in as and easements as the subtler saturdays
as difference
and this is loving this is alan
to have a posted to have a right person to have a right course of your mantle your hand
to magnate you read the proper way is meant the to plant this in particular way
to drive you into a particular directions
to plug this in this way is to orient yourself to orient all agencies of internal or external organs
work in proper way would be as there
the seasons as it is says it
when you can do in that way to mind is completely open
your month words in walk away or eyes roots rob away in a boy
your breath he is regulated in proper way
at that time a person your body is
working in proper way
it follows that the a windy a's lucky if exercise in way
what do you mind the a working excised improper way is to have open mind
because your mind and your mind your body is completely me
it means free freedom me a me three is which means that
oh agencies of internal external organs must be exercised whooping
as in proper way as they are
ha then
they do
they a we have a buddha you have long after now is indoor the with distinguishing marks maybe a slight and has like second money and amitabha and tab virtue are featuring servants and bringing benefit to the people you may
must believe it and the them massive power to you that the buddha is a told or an earthworm walk
well as one was he said v often whatever you do it in drown in bell
all practice book
i'm gonna do ruthie
he always set me off
how is that the
it's nine he's i use
this is true he explains that doesn't truth went to this
if you think if you if you believe the buddha a support a a so for image
sort of the image with discord the second mooney or amitabha
all trip and to
you try hard to watch it them from the bottom of your mind
often uses
but that the dog than sense
you should you should be as you'll be careful
she'll be careful not to turn the image of buddha wash and amitabha or kind of bodies and to her and into a poisonous snake
if you believe buddha is buddha rides will arise in only the av kilter second money bureau amitabh or
like this
yeah after training after training practicing are worshipping hard offering is is offering forge a with bow you bow
you will find way imagination
you will find the presence of for appearance of the buddha
in front of you
haven't uncovered a wild pitch one
ha amazing before the one on fire
enthusiastic and serious enthusiastic or at adherents worshiper of amitabha
was already
and be a was about to pass away
ha before
the he he thought that before he she passed away
and he wanted to invite serve
a priest
i'm standing pleased
he has been no
and respectful
the he asked the winner the peace or came to his said to her bed
and this already asking him
i am about the am about to consulate
what shall i do
he said
let's turn to the name of on top
but she tried to a hard shot and she try hard to and the town chance the name of on top
my nuts no one us
a few minutes
he he stopped as she stopped returning
and asked him
i found
i saw there
a beautiful i'm thomas
coming down from the heaven
a with is
are many component
a being accompanied with third his disciple body
day he said the the and said please come up on one this way
that time what he wants i hesitated the just for a while what to do
he was completely are attracted by this beautiful see what's in it
and she opened her eyes and ask the face
sir i had solid have seen
toddlers and thomas come down was pretty down from the heaven
many bodies and
it says come on his face
what can i do
he asked the peace with her
he says
let's repeat let's continued to chant naval them tab and
that this are very continue to turn eight
after several minutes he saw something there went for a gate
that time he saw the many artifacts way sir
i miss them for faith
now misa
sometimes the albion case so on
the with the boy had
when the barfoot
that she saw as he thought that five credit ha ha
coming up to her
and saying think more this way
that time she says she was she was also a haze thing what to do
and she opened her eyes and asked people the feast was cycle
he said
some of the same way let's continue and the name of one
you know a thing whatever you whatever kind of foreboding fantabulous or buddha image
why hot
it's kind of wood us
our body sagged when you see see you can see
don't want it
when you see when you see on a hot
it just a bow with respect for
with respect
when respect for scale
when you see when you see the a body our is why mine just bought
with you need of a nuisance
when all had it
ha that's fine nothing
the this afternoon i told to some of you
in giving the instruction how to set
when you say when you said that that all on your non-christian
some of you are rushing infinite around the christian i felt that the bed exactly

but because you think that they suck the people at things thing think that nothing is
to sit new push you away for a particular parcel
your body
your back of your head a hint
so to stand up
before around the pool before you run your own person before you is it
it's not to plat map
if you think you can do ralphie kill it
can last even to nice into the tyndall and to fit
but when he was turned them in one of the around cousin from a base also practice
this is great chance to a great chance to make progress in your pants
if you stand up if you're standing in front of your hand chrissy
please stand up with all heartedness i said they are with wholeheartedness
yeah was and this can comprehend dp
yourself for a spurning up in front of you
we that applying electric shock to your wife
what i'm kind of for have it will cost me to have i think of the in our view is not always easy to islam even as to stand up for you one of you
because a eighteen the video have a certain habits or customs or by the process
even them math says on the strictly of your i'm christian then you think yes sir
and i'm slightly but your question like this
we need
oh that's why are we have to practice and guidance all of the teacher
i even though you for you believe your party in right
like a mission remember rightly is now with like
hey it is important for for us to orient yourself something right direction again and again
under the guidance of his fame
whatever you do and your land question since permit
with all out in this then next show do custom
then next wow
come around bow again
now that the already to safely and lungs
this is this attitude is painful
at five and didn't says
any if the buddha you have known after now is endowed with distinguishing marks ladies night and has like check or money and i'm tom virtual fitting the sermons and bring benefit to the people you
must believe it if they must have tells you that the buddha is a tall or an earthworm
what is not the image of check or money bruno
i'm a look this one
if their mother says to stand a base your practice should believe it
you know they
in what is in the conceptual buddha is divided into three coins
the my acer
the against him with the in japanese jason is present body and boot up there a buddha always present body
against him with the a's that and symbol or kyle buddha
what enjoys that the word of his label
in the world is some okay a second money who knows one barn
in india
twenty five and twenty years ago and came the enlightened
this is ancient
some okay
and second is judy puts a huge is to hold to name came with the a buddha
maintain the buddha which you are always maintain
are you to is i
i knew my nokia
the other was the buddha incarnation of the tools
i raise my is like the
the amitabha is like i'm tommy you can see it can see it the and tavern he wants nine born it's not boring in this world
he ordered to guide the human be
because i'm calmer is
the symbols are true
a buddha incarnation of to
ah that so easily tight a tiny bits of time with the a's the love
fundamental or intrinsic buddha
i would just call them bolkiah
ha fundamental or intrinsic pura means
my fortune by what all things all sentient beings
eight am i
in the way and there
not only human being
animate beings in anime beings
the innocence say the easy for us easier for us to worship
the son of a a bot or award them mckay and mnemonic a have
to watch have the universe to worship
the second money border of burn
he endured than twenty five hundred years ago and kidney nightmare because history history go
atonement was completely uproot
and to work your and to wake up there would i incarnation of the to
on the contrary it's not so easy it's not really the to us to worship thirty privacy the a fundamental what intrinsic for
because the it to watch it is a a means to understand deeply profoundly
the existence or nanny make on an animate or inanimate beings as they are
that's fine
the are
ah many ways many ways of but soon the same study or buddhism a bright guy or philosophical
one any just leave
ah to make people understand much better
the worshipping
the fundamental in or intrinsic for
not after speaking
what is think he was having a tough cause speaking they think they're
the intrinsic i aids represented by is mighty of and thing or emptiness or nothingness
why interdependent or on an air conditioned origination and song
so smooth the practice zazen we have to understand this point
people are friends the interdependence
why do you when you have some doubt way you are white we should what we should bow before you sit through the land christian to the students said fitting that the next day
i think the seemingly you sit by yourself but i don't think you can't sit by yourself
even though you said to you and your room by yourself
you can sit without any help
even though you said the actual act alone by a thick by yourself
even though you sit them on that your move
you're nothing is affected the way
the situation or your room
the situation on the outside
hello to sit it to sit
to sit there i used to fit with our since you mean
it is true
the second way
from the moors the and town of mammoth mountain
any situation on external internet

john that you think the way them together
an answer to it is true that he should bow you bow before you said
no student i'm sitting next to
because and are the students