May 28th, 1982, Serial No. 00162

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the sound of stuff chapter
and a lot of a lot of see trout seems to just say how great a lot of such new
and saturn buckfast balance me the especially bad by thinker explaining it to other people
if it meant teach him it doesn't spend much time out name of talks about how great it is a great it is
i'm not sure what to ask you to management just that allows point that's my is anyway you have to really understand the background to start a baton basel switzerland it was compiled his lengthy these towns
three was a stop in know because allows you to was established ah
between that the the first centuries he ride out to stress for centuries
the containing which to kidding off but developing a lotta yeah employees
that it's really a tiny the away
so when naturally lotus sutra or other scientists suture it serves little particular law suits or is so anyway so for first mahayana sutra
so emphasizing a completely different twat the was kinda young scripture said
so it was really knew his not understanding of his teachings that's why it love
the you can from the nectar from the group two different to very conservative groups or voice action and also they are
that conservative want to shed light on
but they and
one was things the first desert he to lizards true
so different groups of bodyside were soundly the object of criticism
by comes out it
so he loves to trace really are the offering a new way of understanding was one employees or the stitch
so that's why van nationally to asset is six effect very good teaching a tried to kill
main the main points of emphasis is a good as not subject to teach us all wireless sensors more exact it's not discrimination is a party for brewers
the boy sat on the see a lot of voices on the a watch
the all seem to be is and once she ran off the ones that is it last let's the auditors are like shit the either choose is a honest could seeing his eyes on

those or did that for niche and schools things
the best answer depends on and ten a dice pools can die as true teachings are really depends on jesus
are lots of contents quality here so that or even adult in danger you really are is pets is rose
so in many ways and physically lobster's those pretty that's what can't seem to south
that's racist once
but according to documents he doesn't depend on a particular
sutra lions
he users see many shifts

good luck
building kinda versions says it's too
suggesting when he wrote an action do it so that nothing left but there was no good
this passage we should do something completely like the fire it
completely burned up
she said
you we never anything she'd do something so there's no in danger
but a couple weeks ago
he worked
description out of up and think was carved respect as recompense
on effect
last oh how those two things is there's always something left over
cause fashion crushing machine
java is is teaching should
nor a dog that means and is so
while not to the cause the effects kinds of for teachings and allow and wrong
what you have never
what would you say are contaminated five or eight vitriol feedings me that thought in us it is a high or low
that's true so
but to say it's are still teaching them the virtues you can see that objectively
so they're not really the law if you see that cause and effect as a allow like teaching
but that teaching aids in it's amazing that that teaching you can see our debt you have to policy because you are your body and mind saw it caused the fat so yeah to deal with their you know your body and mind you know writing your middle
and cause i'm the affair
south africa yeah to hear your life according to the law causation but when you really
take care of your life exactly according to law of it's not necessary to emphasize no college
your life is only you can deal with your active activities your behaviors your david eddings i exactly fits into the rock or this
that time
not necessary to have a lot congrats
so product speaking crap practically speaking you can
wow there is cause law
you mean
dude stayed in oddities in a lie for juni if a car and the the regulation and laws to
and of constitutions if you're my feelings exactly treating into liberation unconstitutional american constitutions he's madness it said to after sets and lots of laws and constitutions so practically speaking the constitution bottles you
so they actually not constitution norman bates there that can you arrive become subnet law firms go or constitution but it's cold war oddity more more refuse so now nor
tuition room and the law ways you can dare in the model sense why
if you like the exactly in a whole lot of way accordingly
i'm getting a call with in was variety well known right
they used to come the day leverages
and then if you are exactly as we are in accord with the religious to streets away while now ready to strike so called wheel
that is colored the race

so teaching his son
but teaching that is a law exact same lines styles bombs
sauce and feeding system
just say crime
your saliva
two satellite to keep your ip bar anyway

how teaching an actual practice must be
live in that
have a fast
he then said i would have to my prayer
only now speak clearly to you
the merits the tank by his man in
based on those means of happiness to all beings in the six states of existence of our and can mediate cortez of as korea
a war and causing them to look ten lakhs ah shit
do not compare with the merits of that fifties person
who killed in a single hurts the law flower sutra
you see see it is joy
the are not up to one hundred one hundred or one thousand
for one acting five hundred thousand the qualities
how he didn't so or compared to new cannot express it as you tell if the marriage and set to fifties person who in turn with years their dollars flower long hours and supra and
and accepted with joy indeed so infinite on this and numbers are like water is the happiness of him
who are not first years in the assembly the same joyfully sabha surpassing happiness still more infinite on this and the and number or compare
ah again and guitar air for anyone through the sake of this sutra
goes to on-screen and either sitting or standing years and we see that a blue from moment fire waiting of that marriage and his next the by the reapers he was
a while must be and time data and
was this in the car in town is a job
harkins and natures and right in so they can cause
the first have the same way to last a few teeth a person
will get
but get and second in second part of hair if the person visit monastery
when placed or whatever reason
invited by friends or by chance for a reason anyway if you can't have a chance to visit would be thirty for mind and said to and
listen to a lot safer
that will be really great man
ha air again
can be anyone could sit down in the place where long is
preach and the web adams com pursued him to sit down and he eight shares he seek with the others that person that
if you are really in by somebody in there take care of hair from share the she's see sarah
i'm piloting to be that is a great help
the loan
i his body the birth will get air chakra see or black or the see for sacred wheel rolling pin
guitar and moreover anyone says to one another
the needs of sutra name still loud law that has go to cater and listen to it and the air who is pursued it here to see that for a moment that person's night
the key is why the universe
we'll call it seem to be born with same place
with all these actors who have attained
you will be of king archivists and wise one thousand mediate it is he will never be down know have some reason to be works press pp
whatever a few from elements of the pan or elements of the miles
ah his teeth will never be a dirty and glad yellow or more in gaps more for not a regular know all crooks is left will not be pendulous what
twisted or shown that cause and wrap know i have hours and
as to
not be cracked and broken wall
ri and i'll shave for neither has taken a gag me the shell have no black have the nothing lost some his nose will not be that or
this toy
carl his face will not be that nor were they being now and long ever be how and impact
have been nothing whatever am pleased to pray freezing and unfreezing his lips and teeth will all will be blue
long high spade is spade around war
he's i wrote hi in law on his forehead large people them our pride inside his side
son of a month with her
whatever age is born you will see the buddha is long and it will see the teaching cape
yep just noticed not stairs at marriage to came from chris
to persuading black person to go and here law is such as is how much more in depth of one with with his whole mind huge leaves it
in the assembly interpreted it to the people and practices away

this is a to extreme fatigue things
and history
so anyway just tactless
a difficult task

yeah some questions about this
when plan to convert taken movie
i'm sure
in a thinker
the content featured
it's my new were instead of america are these things that you just wasted that
the marriage somewhere new useful use the lot of bring someone else to use them
all it's typical marriage that year she
quiet thirty the first became the early
since barkley
ah just on earth means
that he is saying here the i was high and along and exam get off
what this is
i don't think fiscal year in don't delay five
or be to stand and are secure
you can't get except it's act
exactly that days
but some a severely to
lol i phones and said
why you wasted time the if you look at the bodhisattvas and not by pictures and they have of plan i was just a container
have you ever seen
hey i love the a picture for are all he sat all he's
eyes ipos very long
just i can't hear
what this is
police and see if you
steady the last supply
what would you say turn your life for at the and eighty degrees and doctorates be vitiligo
your outlook from the civil war g i made change
at that time about the
not you physically but mentally or say speech to the
your life becomes sir
the time on whatever time but shape of nose and eyes and way
you are physical appearance could be can be by exact
this explanation is little fifty certainly it
well the you cannot be built with just a point to the feasibility going to peaceful by that you need speak to feature
take one a mental by
woe to say
keep the bell
then the natural as whole you can keep your eyes
do that

ha few things i would say so

to say
if you be a good scriptures

they often jamie so for infinite infinity idea of the infinity osman my see thousand and i'm
two thousand cody's and said
how we used to
you just have to be ahead
ah you
what the the married to tame by this man in his tall those needs of for happiness to being in sixth day of the existence of or hundred comedian coaches have a sanity as scientists of the wharves
ah three sound as time some key areas and
caught is
and this is our invitation will the immensity
they often the these kind of ideas are the courage currency in their boots script
to modern cents each area one on physics
ah i see
how we are the weekend or understand
it's kind of the ability to idea of the infinity
ah particularly or the is for
in the this chapter and team on the in order to explain
want to say
just for item on to explain i am
this sutra says correcting whole word and grime the all whole world and do you pass to the war the path flu which was and each times used used to draw the deal with clock will do
telephone that to the the ground the war don't like you are on jobs and gone and gone then that is called score to say i
hey time the idea of for i'm so sort that something the smallest
ah that is kind of the same idea of my chair one fifth
but this is not to exactly and kind of
ideal of arms and
wouldn't you see exactly same last one is because according to one physics everything is logical
and the silhouette
but in this case even though the lotus sutra lot to the scriptures uses that is kind of lived here
ah but it's not exactly large the leg
ah indian to can imagine mountain or shoot warm but it's not exactly brilliant it's not exactly logic lab coats in the so complete be our fifth a geometrical i understand
according to the natural science and you cannot do you see any words anyway
fitting in to watch or feel it for this is attack these people not natural natural side
i told you before anywhere calling gina to science of the he tried to understand something or few in the pure sense which is intact and with cheese and content no contaminated by anyone buy anything
and then signs tried to understand object and it will it be
but guess the idea of object is something which is repeatable and
the preschool are were the pitiful games
whenever you make an experiment anyway
our water is h to all in t and go if no yume nikki you you make your major experiment over water and even though you do now seeing movies up comes out so object is always an appeal
and also your you yourself is also the appeal
you have to be you you have to be what you are and also you have to be what you are today so otherwise you can be compare today in with what you walk yesterday
so you also understand you idea of you watched the appeal
those early really depressing the preston's you must be anywhere now you you are scientist finn scientists exact same us scientists who dies in the past
so you are you become a feeling you become a step in jira exactly do you can to bring your feeling subjective feeling that there are
into where the arctic the often look to lot he should
so they naturally to say
the not going to natural signs but ever see since you realize you will find and must be a radical the feel that but in bullets move
why would they use these and watch
even though that idea of animals seem worrisome it could be feeding into one physics but it's not exact in all these mines nearly got feel like cause ended pupil get this idea
in that format at the interruptions and give people will understand
one more point is
so do you understand islam the so from this point a new character
it took off natural science from of poorest in our voice creatures so being actually in eastern way
he's the real life not time
doesn't that
because completing not beyond the elect one's time
so it's fair to produce is a very original where of
east will find his time
the wisdom to well one standing in country asset
so from this point we can say wisdom well i understand the or is a little i was ten there he didn't more in day out today if you look at the with and pupil in the eastern period or a same you can just doing
he can't discriminate
wisdom wisdom people who are interview almost the exact say
but the basically it's a difference discriminations be chained to you can see them
children to wear of last time
particularly his phone
hmm and also animal point is a just super he said the translation beauties law
translated from the regional task me down
that's a long a so i of the law is quite different from idea of law western people use competitive it's not exact same
in the buddhist minds in law is law is so
want to say
so the teaching our nation by the same some bullet for us and eight years
linkedin on mainstream your family or orderly anywhere all the teachings
taught by buddhist teacher same ah what he looked at call the law it's not logical feel that
ah air the teachings are way to at that time they are call law
ah so but a western world for thinking and i think the long a is completed all not
this will logically you have to understand the object of flu the words using their reading words
using the words and language and try to
learn the a human culture hunted down down from generation to generation and you can learn and the next to you can transmit the is what do you have gone to future generations
ah and to really understand human couches and you are
in this case
ah you have to use our language but you can yeah you can use of language in atlanta
ah lab which is great because this is great needs to establish a base foundation of unnatural science-y
so got words allow me to a chance to build up a natural science
so i do
to ah
used our natural of the language in the best way is it went to do away the your objects in the south to anyway muslim different dark metal metal mrs rochford
a never got next logical
ah ah
they have a t o x p and
but anyway kept
mdc are you can build up with something that is called law
we must not nothing which is yeah
ha circling
while subways based supports many kinds of stuff and walk in your afterlife
wow christian use also lot month and
the signs i was alarmed
the bottom of the copies of lounge and
and also you can draw the circles in one piece of paper
when you try to research anyway
there are so cool a car factory
but the you can't believe that circle is that separate is no essential meaning of the circle you can say so because you can see any a different kind of sofa
so they not sure if you have to be served to walk this sentence of simply using the you are
during this a lesbian
then everything must be an and dumpster without a flaming you are hit feelings and etc anyway need to all time circles superyacht the abstracting and understand trying to understand
the real essence of the circle whities never contaminated by anyone anything
that is a definition so it was like said he is it
then is circle is a real emphasis of
then when you compare the circus which exist the new day we are ah we'll circle you with the park said
so they naturally in the science yeah the yeah to believe and understand definition
that is your says so
so that is called with lol anyway he understand a word it's a lot
the law doesn't come from nights is this way
the law is anyway called
lord a a any kind of teaching a nation by teachers and buddhist pp else would she teaches what tara's anyway of what the truth is that time on teach called of law he order to respect
speech the from bottom of your heart that is called know
so plates
quite good
so from this point in the forest explain it difficult to better for natural science to say go with
people have been better for from saint year think
i just include die decent yeah needs are no cyclone and can understand was so i explained or
and want to say the logically about any kind of teaching
the as item
they actually it's a little gap for you it's very difficult to fit in and sat and western world think
okay not a the politics and understanding is little far for
scientific and law school and understanding but it's really filling into do it means that if you see your teaching pharma doing of pack he's very fit and believes scientifically in far
this creates some yeah so it's a very typical understands as well as teaching while the scientific way
so from now on i think term
i don't know
the eastern people should understand scientific way of life and also western people we should understand something more than say say little ones time
then a few help each other while we could make create work with yeah yeah the same
so because you can get the last hits from of boorish the teacher was teaching
a few really attacked attitude just a wisdom were thinking it's a typical to love and peace
so that's why with nice as pinger are grads the popularity in states
in your that's good
now so western couches goes to anyway is yeah years and they quickly in one of i i only have you are not it but were quickly and what are all countries are mobilized if it's one
and it's nice but don't get
well of such
you know the japanese the japanese are and first to the people working in all
the eastern countries
foobar me pay a smaller in for a lawyer to whistling couch
japanese anyway
turning to the western listen p first time that i am eastern gate yeah it
that's right yeah is a little bit crazy
three one then japanese and that modern that he just needs the pre-modern what which base in that indians
if you go to the you is a surprise you don't you can see them so champions were boosted san
we have complete mar
when it last year the twenty years ago lol japanese the industry or while it's faced my industry now huge industry it on for produce the war in a storm and the anything and bluth sr tr
the concentrating on the producing computers a youth stuff and then small the products moves to the new career and check taiwan's and to so technically
they want it
industrial town
ah so now you've no doubt these the top not
from arrived he exact same on the that
not to do
so i don't know the modernized the if you tried to laura i see how we she will games going to western thinking i'm really happy or not i hope the exhibition helping five
we should tell but
it is a question it's a question of questionable was to help and human games and to modernize the human five see sat on to which would take no when a days a happy
it gets better life steal
so finally at the
we'd have to do
see are deeply into sure like to boosted whale seems that's to
because you can get past the

what you
what way so think is fair or good
i wish the well thinking is better lot of oriental little teaching these fatal crash
bullies getting teaching our well it's love it's a cheeky says anyway
and what attitude you are taking two oz western way of thinking or i'm their think well how much you understand it
then next how do you how you can put it into
this is wrong as voice birthday teach so you can get the rocks with english rock was done little things worse she liked it was the search feature
how she was she weaves dear way to is worth eating only to preserve case
he said a pretty sad which is
he sees simplistic actually
that's interesting
so buddhism is very strong criticism to odd subject now objects in the your understanding in a database of strong pastry our predictions
quit quit quit quit
criticize you she deserves an arctic yeah was your frakking of via a point is sad seats
sometimes to was so if you the attract a point south bay cst object
laws are you and then you can be a children

so is games but turn simon says any age and chance doesn't effect upon and sets out and society is really right it's it so i put it is not
very strong identity through to our what is mixed up
because i was teaching news and nothing
interdependent call or intonation is point you can have on to the voice in which backs in this war
because it is in the entrance
so it's points or from what the basic the teaching of bullies in my new camera criticized for its nice best local it's meets works in this world the we have no reason
so a policeman was via
strong create to anything were to mumbai and subject in the arctic choose whatever ages you live
so that it's a breast cancer is a face you gain a sense they buy a huge ice you can get the last weekend
even though you don't understand buddhism for it because it's prepare for each year from asked is how to live