May 11th, 1971, Serial No. 00295

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who is receding father
like to
need for you
ali loves about
i'm taking deep breaths and will be right to left before you your doesn't start
you fondly as deadly didn't
all last week
i think they explained
the whale while taking care of your body
well and particularly
the the way all
how much give me your legs crossed clauses
oh is very important
in terms of baby
it says they simply couldn't be is circle shape how can he is sufficient
it doesn't it's when ah country is so cool in detail of how are how to take deep breaths
hmm before your doesn't start bentley
in the council or vendor or the away all practicing our past the way or practice
ah off a hey shinji he received
hmm it says ah in japanese so can he nine get are whole pennies sheep
our concrete is simple kobe's height is the to you yawning
a yawning i keep his ah spirit filled
hmm can keep a circle is at exploration and it's for it according to of thing says of is sufficient
so i said to take deep breaths and deep breaths
in the chapter window he says co-pays who can be see er okay is to lift the body literally meaning to get to the panic
so current is several time
is i to you so several time try to your by to young now lifting the ban the to the bad
hmm lifting the body is the other rows of the stretching the whole body
i think you when you when you're you're taking young
ah you take the rap
not only does not only breath not going to take the breath
ah but also you'd take a breath opening my mouth and strengthen your body with yet
like this this is human this
so a super county is so good is time to come in restricting your body stretching your body and the that take deep breath with and mouth open
open your mouth opening your mouth
so it's pretty hard to to yawn or with call your mouth
it's be hot so cranky kind a yawn
so with you a practice primitive it's so good
i tried to open your mouth
and i take a breath a stretching your body stretching me about it up
like this so the effective you feel like
then leaning your body backward
when you in jail
at this year and such a you feel like restricting up your body
but obama
hmm then
you insulted you feel right leaning forward leaning for
and lifted a will fail to breath out
through your mouth
so ah
the you to read ah
take your breath taking red face the is taking our with along with a laugh
the weight you can deep breath
the land
ah it's expand my weeks and and
i think the your breath
ah the when the love the expand
as much as possible
your breath the web
ah goes down naturally
don't let your breath it's pan then goes down it's a expense the
expand and tour down or wrong berry nor that
then a time the ah
our which is situated between the know barry and than none
ah it's not for me it's not read the it it led to a diet plan goes down naturally weight new with you take deep breaths
yeah right you're a man it's become fully
know your diet diagram both down mantle
then at the same time wrath gone down more than
i live with open your mouth
indeed breath
ha that's why are in the tucked to i'll bend or for a way or practice the feds co-pay so fantasy
ah the simple term if you do so at this practice
i'll make you feel the mit the this pancakes he never see you can be nice i'm feeling all intense a thin
the inward and the upward anyway
the a nightingale whole can see i'd say in japanese nivea open tonight is inside get a elsa so a word want an outward into rings to release though an elite phone a feeling of kids
you have kids so the cafe silken are taking a deep breath and several time never theories from the feeling all the kids

what's the point for what's the point with make you are confused

mom won't be there when you take a breath now me
yeah at the time we leave nothing natural lives natural that the line of itself it's
wait you in here
it feel you're being and being that the man the lounge or contact
at the same day at that time the the muslim the very muslim the adorning the is type in
when you inhale deeply
the the that it's can play and at the same time the muscle and and on it
he's the god
the at the same time nozoe the diagram goes down
because you see if the man convict me the take some deep breath get to them a call from for breath
when the sun

ah so it's so it's not necessary to this and and discriminant with you fast long you've been the lounge
the the language fun fast war a later that when you can the where know it makes it the land

make your opponent and diagram walls down go down
and make the muscles or abdomen out things out
when the the purpose of the
the purpose of the taking the deep breath is to
to release on to release form the feeling of is
the word an outward
an inward and outward the hot it's thing what he was
anyway he was a says speech on a mental case the outward a and the physical things
thought to take the bread that before your thousand start between the ah
a's the purpose of on that releasing missing from a feeling of kids you weren't an appeal
hey than that the in japanese in the pin doll or a you can see naked poker
and next day so
the way all whooping your body is delighted to the left
the kind of thing we are currently a sheets are you know him ship
ah just to say your voice and say you eggs to the left to the right
oi thing is to move to sway back
so when your body to the left the light
ah kim
in the
ha in the
awakening of fee is he a book in the bug are taking the awaken awake new on faith
ah it says our first of all
the body i move your body
the in japanese it says hey those c k door
hey is he's snoring and more directly martin
the move move your body ah rory i'm more like me
and ah she said toward happy she is a and and ah set for a ah leng
what's insects or khaki is
think ah
the two hands
i've divided and the shoulder
why advocated for disorder
and it
the the david
two length
i've bought it from there the bottom of the bottom of your trunk
they when you they find the moving with your hands or by moving your leg
it's a be able to have the stiffness or sourdough or stiffness all their what would you say with with our going one west waste
so a
when you experience with you when you have her
if with you have five massage
i think ah
the must forgive
my suits
the zeus
the says
ah the stress on down
ah bad thing you have read it really does the sauna and west because the most people
how was stiffness
of modesty shoulder and west west
so the
because the lead
if your everyday life
your hands your legs are always moving
princess ceo or unconsciously
so it never you are
in italy they have for some fun to me father statements
and so
the she said george that he is
baby louise from the travel
oh the west and saw the stiffness of shoulder
travel on soda from trouble on the west
the episodes are swinging the body
i would like me and slowly is are to release form a triangle on your shoulder a step stepfather ah the round the stifel are west
a it said in ah
no new k door stays faithful seductive he that he is to open
to release
then he you have new oil glucose to have some or seven or eight eight four seven or eight times when the other several times
this way your body would briefly i'm throwing
he ordered to the
on the stiff shoulder states west
ah and air
i'm a
you have does steep sure that you have a steep shoulder massage
so ah
it it's not enough interested to move your body like to the left into the right
the solid their to move your body slowly and moderately a purpose or nice make you are stiff shoulder and distinct west soft
our life and given the given the master muscles
hello also be in the vending machine
i genuinely meal again you'll mean new or get news
ha gregory
i tried to pay attention to let your body are to wrap it up up ah to live the body move and to move them the body
the first iphone found the bonomo the trunk bottom of the trunk
know your attention your attention ride in the coming up on the bottom of the truth
so don't move your body there are recklessly or carelessly
so first
i've tried to move the first the bottom of the trunk
then it means are going phone right mostly
too small
holy and more
your attention while the go that
who's this
now at last
they move your neck with your head
the from the bottom of the term to the top of your head
who they hit
this is the practice of for moving swaying nearby
the perfect song to saying your body to the left to the right
not wanting to the right to the left eye forward and backward
so they invent new thing it says thing was how you are then was hailed then were there is for and what is backward a ceo is to the lab into the light not only to the lead to the life and also ah
for and badware
i'm because the purpose of fame your body right into the leg forward and backwards
the third played the much better the smoothly
not only that to release form the stiffness a stiff shoulder stay a west
but also to
ah tucked-away smoothing much better
if you have when your house
these definite song for stiffness only shown obvious west
i think it is a it is the cold war fire
the bad situations where second but that's bad circulation of blood
to move your body right to live to live me to the like to forward and backward is make a plan to circulate
a smooth way much better
he'll be
there with you our practice
moving your body or taking a deep red
our please put your hand on your thigh the to comfortably
then takes address want to move move your body like that
then after that
the how
for have movement
the last week and as mentioned
awesome some of you have some of you have a voice of your mover
is like this is like yes
like this
not like it
here and for themes of the above man
i've put together new or fifth
and second line on your middle finger
i put together
this is the
the a week no way all
a postion now it now we are moving
but it depends on the length of your finger or please adjust
the your real thing but originally he you remember the middle at the mine the second line of the middle fingers put together use them
then all he wants
put together in order
then fans
ah me and keep up in job
at that time
the the fans are meant to throb me download that so that
the and was the bubbles down boundaries and by of your phone
don't i may not form a fly on where things are simply
and yet
if you do this
why do the the your shoulder ah this kids
the passing
the five pounds found was that some thumbs
make your shoulder niles know and stiff now and stuff like this
so don't do that then not like this not like that
the top of tip of your hands
the past tip tip some your thumbs
ah is in the same line and the same right and he was man i'm belly button
not like this nutmeg
no so
i don't rest your feel like can on the left me
quickly a test
if you do so your hands they your list goes down
and your fingers up
then like this
now or they
the weight of with of your life and left-hand a fair
ah a fingers at the fingers of your right hand against a list list of your right leg lock and growth on
that's yes
he did
it's pretty hard
you were you will have soon you will have served the stiffness and sean
the stiff shop
so don't rest completely the your right hand
on the left the here that left here
just pass
neither rest completely
ah no safely
i just touch
now if you
ah for your forefingers towel my fifth now it is
the way be hard to get her to meet your your pounds and pop for each other so what if not a files the of whole thing with the strictly
my bit
in stiffness and get in ready
it's make your shoulders stiff for
so you should remember the originally the second minds of middle fingers and put together
and then tried to
make your fans back then
if you find the fan that potlucks a tip from your fancy the app little bit like this
try to adapt to the thing we have all the fifth
until the sun
me too
guy or not try and fit
now my way
the old you the kids a little her limb her
the the you can keep your thirty knows little prayer

not like it
when i saw
i touch your hand to that
a roar anthem
take a few feel the movement
a few the moment with used for him to sleep
you'll move her towns
the mood was is nikon parliament bombing
how busy you are for you fall into villa you fly into sleep for
whether your mind is a ufa
the minding his answers
of absence on
the dogan then says
a first the wall how the and physical force proper physical for
then a regulate your bread and
maybe way
the your mind control your mind
to have proper peaceful costume
is i didn't go i didn't go away
the hearing a debt free
ah the body and mind faced the phone
our complete essence all me
ha in dublin
mason they often
the consideration for careful what issue
a paraplegic faded
every inch of your body all by
a formula head on a pole tip of your tone to the head
ha with you
how will you deal with you
ah handle
consumer occasion
ha observing what nation endearing with
your hand
i know for body and your breath
that spatial sense
these cold
the smiling kill somebody
our practice
so even when you ever the movement of your body
the lamp light
he's very important
a point to fill up
last pill
every time when you move
why you left
move your left leg was being challenged
a will wait you'll take deep breaths
a degree of course you on your hand
i'll give a great influence
aren't you
a lot of various troubles in the father
but neck
so please be careful

he's i tried to our new to collect know
when and a fine
don't count your arm
through the body a bit
you get your hands by the window
new one
so i'm hoping for
you on
not so you are all
i'm current state
if you will so did you are armed
the boy commands with his
right away with it
little that
when live on the him
when you thought