March 1972 talk, Serial No. 00177

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true opening open to everybody
you're unlikely even even though your enlightenment must be alive whenever you make up
so enlightenment were tranquillity his turn to enter into new one if you're excused tranquillity you feel you feel always want to stay in the hut the month and a want want the city life
he get his some distributors it's okay it's okay but the experience way you want to make the experience of the tranquillity alive in your daily life
one the tranquillity must be transformed into new one into a new violence is from query is you have to see you know everything we can as it is
in other words everything is living in the same and different differentiated dimension so cold
timer we're teaming same rule i came in
i came in that came in
completing that came in of the way saying what can you see we
that's the buddha's enlightenment
who doesn't that that's why would a says he
the first important practice is to see something as a k
no you can read japanese negative sadness she is wisdom
kate is to see to see something as it is
i'm a means to feed everybody who lives in same and different mason the code night
that term your indictment is completely alive it means you're in madmen is alive if you if you have inside this discriminate or you're not you liked me your i am in that
it is not real make it is called for vision roll back
means it's often just to you
not too
for this we have to put many hours on it
your enlightenment
will be alive
in dimension of your arm and in the dimension of and you
this is the meaning of the sentence from quality cycle wisdom and enlightenment
ha turn to enter to you one

how come it can be a problem
how come he was probably for food and to explain
right right

he expand everyone
hey everyone says like

the everyone they in turn so buddhist site eyes of the one
a king knight this is very true
but important point is mentioned before even though you are keen give them know what it even though you experience tranquil
what in college with sustain your life as a backport living in peace in concord kate
whatever happens in the couches
adam the life
the as a backbone is have a tip
topic this is like big
but even though you experienced tranquility
as mentioned before
if it is often just for you just too
if tranquil that tranquility is not true trunk way
because that tranquillity create some trouble
within you or within hours
because i am from a cat twinkling that's why i want to stay in the hut monte
i don't want the path i don't like them
city life completely there is already from discrimination
that's true
this is the moon to pay you have you stick to you stick to the experience of attachment what is open dash to you that to heavy
his top is but your aaron expanses of ever how how employers in
a problem
he has the product that they don't spare
or how can he he has trouble he has he spent trawling that he goes it
he take a truck oil didn't expect
the same year spring
so on way
excuse wish me to explain again
the wise communications
why could this be why why you spent so much time
wow because
you know
a you have to compute are deeply
dub reality that you are born in his work he says point kick his first book you are born in this world
say what your barn is to say what
you already acting
to something
another to say what they mean something white with cheese that is something which make some trouble create
because sense since consciousness consciousness start work but to say what sir what to say what you a buying is to say what the six kinds of sniff already start work
this is probably is all april
six consciousness by birth itself
both itself a if not i'm not
kick this is faye
it's pretty hard to explain this point no room between there
i have to england for trails or company for and to begin plucking explained that no room to kitchen and satisfaction watson
this is to no room no room between satisfied for and satisfactory is true
nevertheless why the secondary brakes playing this point
i think if you decrypt the point of sale you will understand it
a particularly good
kit and fans over so that's way over and cube
that's why i o of it's bob
always bout buddha to my matchup
no room to the moral between and satisfaction of
it's we are split

when we die
why why did he have to die
oh yeah
oh anna was a college student sound one of bar
scott us or would we are at that time i was a president of buddhist association not
buddhist institute
buddhist association is institute had to come though university so i invited they want to flash cards
to speak got something
then after lecture i
i sent him to his home
dr my asked him with invited is i don't i don't remember the name of for than novels but that novel says that story is the end of the story is a man who is really honest
who is any honest if bay kind
but one day he
he cross of gulliver
ever meeting crashed
foil into the river that
then i asked why is it he had to die
because he's bay kind
he is honest way why is if he had to die
he said well
it can a
you should think
sip you should think from seem more than that
what and that means nor own a chain
between the two why that he has to die way that he had why is it what is not it he had he had to die
mother words we have to consider the moral between the two whether he had with a war that he had to that
these foods
but i didn't understand and that
i kept quiet
now and
well fuck
when he them martha says when you die when are about to die proof to die pinch that to the
some as a husky why i have to die
said when you die you die

spins or tranquility
secret wisdom and enlightenment
or not
hoping are not war in the individual experience
they are in bulletin it must be
our experience and they're on a day they are they must be a experience backed by nirvana or opening up to everybody
this is what originality
our nation by technical
your company in poorer for emphasis on the practice to a been into new banner rather than the individual are night
this is very interesting point that's why he after that
the buddhism is divided into two school in ion young mafia them mahayana buddhism emphasizes
ah that a buddhism must save
adam's first
than saving yourself self
but recently he my on there is something wrong in mahayana buddhism because
why on a buddhism
a spend a lot of time to
the best advantage
he ordered to learn
the what body from is through keene ionic breeze or mahayana buddhism completely
could say okay cake
my on a buddhism
a sweet tooth from indiana police
then now mahayana buddhism
try to
my and poorest and puts the emphasis on saving other first
rather than
the experiencing individually enlightened
then independent many with buddhism buddhist over save others first building machines
the also the other hand
they tried to criticize a keen eye on our booties
well that's a keen eye on we are much higher we've not gone to much higher it is a very dangerous
hey things so far mahayana buddhism has made every possible effort to sucking vincent juice flown within on our bodies this is fay good that's all right then after that now keen eye on a book
the to criticize nyanza pulling from his math good
that's suitable for more than them more our days
the teenager we are completely suitable for modern day modern society
despite the office bill effort make an effort to build myself
that's a big mistake
ah i think in america
maybe for a scene
guide to the settle united states from i don't know where bet on tibet or china or india that's all right
hundred years that hundred years maybe american buddhism well developed so that
please don't criticize
other places when it's brought up in other country
because we're now
i've sought kicking taking it seconds we ah we have we are making every effort to sucking the faith sweet honey
from the
diana bullet more ohio
coming from different countries
but human being office
have to make a mistake please pick you
that's why sat for always take always do something be kept focus
the because the bodhisattva circumventing our paychecks d c
straightforwardly human desire
if you to choose the energy of human desire and you can you tell do anything at all
buddhism receive straightforward a human desire
but the we have to use a human desire the only to in on pick buddhists work but we always tried to make effort to get small word what's called make companies which called doubt
need for it which is called to bad employees
we're always mistake in that way he killed
that's why
he after all he said come to japan
many fallen priest indian or indian peace with chinese priest came to japan
the are come to is you know who i understand so over how difficult they are you gave me every possible effort to teach buddhism to japanese
but now japanese buddhism criticize in i am
it is a big mistake
so of course the buddhism we have two employees
we have to say was it should be
rather than saving you the saving cell
it is pay good idea because shakyamuni buddha sets
tranquillity enlightenment
ah should be night human experience of enlightenment or wisdom but by nina been
because he have to see everything
which which with tears which is peacefully i'm honestly in the same emotions so cold night
it is nearby
but new bonnet day
guess the day new asked me why should company buddha suffer
why second have conflict with difficult it is key for it to the peak it's it's very important question
because everybody are in night in night and one why to committee poor why does have communion food us to suffer
from kit
your study buddhism
we have to understand the tooth buddhism buddhist teaching
from the two different animals
what is
what is called a three game is inside of immediate a proceeding or dakota
saving the
i think i feel as it is according to the shakyamuni buddha's teaching the inside the inside of immediately to saving
the four noble truths for know
by and defined wished
lol anyway plainly speaking
first ball
when you want to study buddhism we have to
i have inside
to a thing as it is is his first
second is that the second is called gotten your his practice actual practice kind is inside
the inside of immediate trip to saving a face in terms of actual practice
ah then the enlightenment or western
undertaken by second minute
the after he
practice meditation and a bodhi tree
it is called a night
a nightmare then he said i attend a complete a complete came in to enlightenment simultaneously with onstage be
ah this is the truth but this truth is not something abstract abstract not something abstract
from actual ah babies various phases of human life
this this is the truth which must be alive in human die in a human who has in moisten
emotional basis can who has marshall basis universe who has feeding faces who has six senses basis
yeah the earth human and men who has who has six sensors or emotion or many kinds desires and song must to see this true
then secondly poorer
ah completely understand what a two-phase where what in what dimension a human being all sentient beings live
moment when he a like
so after that he completely can look at everybody who lives in same and different differentiated mission peace harmony
it's not something abstract
it is very true
but he understand keep the same is true with is mine with its body
who has he has moisten desire coming from six senses
this is then
nevertheless he he doesn't stand up quickly after in item
to go somewhere to teach buddhism
he he walked he is fake careful what to do
ten heath's consider
for said p what shall i do
if enlightenment must be must be kept by myself or must be open up to
you still care for careful can be thinking of this point
if the enlightenment is something as abstract
by extracting from various faces of human life
i think it's not necessary
for him
to plunge into just the middle of middle of the suction mount necessary
he she'll be she'll be delighted he should enjoy himself to live right in the middle of enlightenment
why he has to trying to into the something which all since you've been experience
because he see he perceives he perceives the tooth with his file mine invited me with immortal he also years completely a man
and also you can help he can't help escaping from human being from all sentient being who suffered in the data
and then
in college himself compelled something encourage himself to start to teach
because the tooth or enlightenment is not for is not for check or poorer along
nightmare or wisdom if enlightenment wisdom are true
they must be shown must be shown
you know in pubs
sean to everybody
but it doesn't mean that check or money bought a tried to test his experience to see if it is right or wrong
the second when he bought a want to realize
what they liked him and his or truth is through human lie
who if who are suffering right now russia
that's funny he has to suffer hester's
he's me


james payment gateways
wait to in me

i know
amen again in
right lightning
why a day and they can

keep a
i will
let me talk gilmore can doubt that piece of communicate it

second many bullets enactment is not the conception what you have thought usually
but it gives me

a buddhist enlightenment is
the truth that helion eyes how to live out to live
regardless of whether or not human being
the realize that experience enlightening
he knows he complete a complete came into the way ms he and his time through and through how to late
as human being who has emotion so many things
the i admission
have something what would you think is right
what if something would you think
is right open to know you
but to anybody
we have to see you have to wait for for a while
whether or not it is right one
because you have to see the same things are within the others right
it doesn't mean it doesn't mean you should test your experience and see if it is right and wrong
new everybody whatever you think that something which is whatever you think is right you right is to is based on the to
if so we have to wait for a while
what does enough to see the same things within i was lives
on right
dave you see if you say the same things as well as your experience within the annals life
it is called to
because it is often the neighbor
yeah earth tranquillity not and must be alive extend it into your daily life whenever you may be
it ms as to community buddha says enlightenment tranquility is a current turned to enter to nineveh
why is that secondly secondly have suffered to teach teaching
because he completed the attainment of the true
if the tooth it's true unfortunately the tooth must be shown in front of people
he can escape from gsp
the other words
ah second many poorer must bring up this truth
two assembly
add know
yet the at a
human society
consisting of hundred and eighty diligent it
he doesn't like maybe so but
as long as he
perceive the tooth wave through his emotion through his desires
knowing how to live
it is really to not something abstract if so
he cannot help bring up just choose to
and it