Kyogen's Man Up in a Tree

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good morning
mary machine was posted a talk today
but she apparently had a dying student somewhere then had to attend to that person and i was asked at the last minute to give a talk
so i shall
so today i'm going to comment
i'm very interesting go on
from which appears in the moonlight on
mr movements collection of god

no go on number five in in his son
so this is and i'm sure most of us are familiar with this scotland and commented on her several times in the best twenty or thirty years or something
gokyo games man up in a tree
so i'm going to read the case
and then ah
i am
comment somewhat on kill games life
will read about killed guns life because killed his life is connected to the case
so kilgannon it was a m a disciple of master each time i'm using the japanese names
because the saw chinese
killed and your son
to a recent major disciples and the eco school and five schools of then to eat your school is named after
ethan and kill son he kill
and i killed in was one of those three
he was he was
the three of them hung out together a day
and there's some stories about the three of them but i will go into those today
kill again said
it is like a man up in a tree hanging from a branch with his mouth actually for his teeth
i would say
his hand grasps know bow
his feet restaurant know lamb
someone appears under the tree and asks him what is the meaning of body is coming from the west
if you just not answer he fails to respond to the question
if it doesn't answer he will lose his life
what would you do in such a situation
that's the go on
a dog in a as a festival where he talks about his colon if a wonderful festival
it's a little more elaborate but this is good this is the epicenter of the on
now i want to talk about a killian and presented to go on
so i'll kill gun kilgannon still seven seven feet tall that's pretty doll and was a scholar of great erudition shows a prominent guy in a both in body and mind
his learning for a long time stood in a way of his enlightenment but he and his teacher recognized his him is his innate ability
so one day eastern asked killed on kill him
when you were with our teacher hacker joe jaco joe was the teacher of eastern
and apparently
kill him was also a student of
chicago before he was a student of ethan
so when you with their teacher
kyoko joe you are very clever enough to give ten answers to a single question really smart guy
very intelligent and hundreds of answers to ten questions
great scholar
however sagacity i think that's the what you say that sagacity
does not help you in study and then
in fact it can stand in a way of your enlightenment
no i am not going to ask you about what you have learned from you're reading or from your study of the sutures instead tell me this what is your real self
who are you when is he real self the self that existed before you came out of your mother's womb and before you knew east from west
in that there's a lot of them
in then it looks it seems like study is frowned upon
but that's not really so
let's frowned upon if
at are substituting
her addition for a reality for the thing itself
so ah
you know as dogan says for as it has said you can't eat
the painting of a rice cake
so if and is telling him priest
show me your rice cake don't give me the picture
without giving me the picture show me the thing itself
so that then
it's okay to study which you will study of we have a great library visit my time to pitch from the library
the great books you know
and as a matter of fact we've been trained to popularize a little bit for her people will know it's there and and one time i invited people to come in to the library i think it was actually the residence
and i said everybody go get a book and and i just picked the book at random and then opened it at random and everybody read the page
that they had a book they had picked and it was so interesting really think so any book you read and then is interesting from our bodhidharma is interesting so i'm thinking doing that again
you can fun thing to do so anyway
show me show me this your rich herself which is not just an idea submission to this them is about

in alachua anyway
you there
so this question
kogan was stupefied and did not know what to say
he racked his brains and offered all sorts of answers but and brushed them aside he said no that's not it at last gilligan said i beg you please explain it to me
and if i replied what i say belonged to my own understanding
and how can they benefit you our minds way tie
so kilian went through all of his books and the notes he had made on authorities of every school but can find no words to to use as an answer to learn he said to and can answer to his sons question
so i saying to himself he said you cannot fill an empty stomach with paintings of a rice cake again
sometimes know if if i wanted to give a talk
at it will i'm sure
take out
a look at this book or that burger flipper i cannot find any i have a whole library are enormous library and nothing nothing fits the question
that's really interesting and then it's very last minute something occurs and i worked real hard for an hour
that's i do today
and under pressure under pressure means you have to let go of everything we checked if has nothing rely on and you just settlers your space for somebody to come up by letting go of everything dying
that's the case is about

so then he burned all his books and papers saying and will give up to study a buddhist from in his life
i will remain a rice gruel monk meaning just know guy in a monastery we just talked about his business day by day
for the rest of my life and avoid torturing my mind
sadly he left his son and coming to none young navajo where
don't know yonge
a monastery
where the remains of the last national teacher to were buried national teacher
was an this national teacher the there's always a national teacher or there was in china
a selected by the emperor and to wasn't i apparently a disciple of the sixth ancestor know
so sadly he left eastern and coming to nanyang was the remains of the national teacher to were buried he took on the self appointed job as grave keeper that just take her that is monument
in this spirit of dejection he found this humble task best suited him
for they are freed from their own to the house
ah yes so one day when he was sweeping the ground a stone struck a bamboo initial very famous story right it's always use an example
one day was sweeping the ground and a stone struck a bamboo
like that the sound echoed through his mind as the sound of a falling nut rings through the empty valleys and hills at midnight archaeological like cartoon
the cat thread bug something like that
this is the intuitive
and so this is the intuitive than know the author here talked like to talk about the first and second and third nan nan means a moment of ah one conscious moment
one singular consciousness moment
i was a moment after moment or thought afterthought or something like that this is none one afternoon one complete moment of now
his men
he talks about three lens through out i will read that it's a little bit
it is related
a point replace
this one day when he was sweeping the ground a stone struck a bamboo the sound echoed through his mind as the sound of a falling nut wrench or the empty valleys and hills at midnight this was intuitive first men ringing through his clear mind and making a
rec pure cognition of the object through trying to explain his awakening
coggins stood speechless
for getting himself for a while
then suddenly bursting out and loud laughter
he became enlightened phoenicians enlightenment is consummated when pure cognition is reflected upon but a purified action of the third men which is henceforth the master of the mind for article just a little bit about the three hands
i'm the first then i characterize like the child sees the emperor's to close
everybody else there's a big parade you know that an average cause
the emperor you know
the ultimate
in ah
inhabitat surety
the emperor had his his seamstresses making all these wonderful roses and in the end
he he
i'm trying to remember exactly why
the ultimate closed is no clothes
that's great know the ultimate closes his nakedness fell for some reason
he's he's got this big parade and is showing off his new clothes
but it doesn't have anything on
and everybody's doing what wonderful close when beautiful coat and then is located either word how come the emperor they never any clothes
so this is true seeing is the first name is seeing that the emperor has no clothes thing without any
i thought about it just direct perception without any mental
ah ah construction
just live the first name just as moments reality real seeing the reality for me so seeing what something as it is that's the person in
the second name is when you elaborate on the first man to start thinking about it and then you name it and you think about his characteristics
the third nan is elaborating on a second man
which is further thinking and and
it but it takes to it the the second man and the certain take you away from the first name the direct perception but when you're enlightened the second man is also the person in
and the third and is awesome the first name so the problem we have with delusory seeing is that we see something we start elaborating on what we see before we are
and accept the reality of a thing as it is
so that's how we get confused
because we don't see the reality of the thing as it is before we started elaborating on it so we we get so used to seeing the world according to our ideas
without seeing what it actually is
that we create problems and when some people at it after they grew up a little bit only see
i'm through their idea
and so our habit energy
creates the idea of what something is and we never really see it as when it went julia's until we're ready to die and then we say oh my god what fifth
so when we really pay attention to the first man were ready for that for dying and we understand what it is to some extent
so when we realized that everything is only a flashing
moment after moment and we follow
the reality of things as it is then we know by the time we are ready to let go of this world
it's not for difficult
oh boy

what i can get back to
to go on
so killed in oh show
he's talking about himself he started about his experience that's what to call on is about that's why i read the biography because
this cohen he's setting up the scotland is that this is what the this is what i discovered
he said it's like a man up in a tree
earth like a person is like a person up in a tree hanging from a ranch with that person's mouth
teeth mouth
her hands grasp know bow not going to angela does nothing for their hands to hang onto what is them an end and m
the feet are not netherlands just a mouth
yes just enough
someone appears under the tree and asks what i'm eating a about diamonds come from the west
we've think this is crazy but this was a great question in the tang dynasty and and after course but
the famous question why did bodhidharma come from the west because podium of course
right on a jilted west
to china from india
answer that question why did he come is what it means is
what is the essence of them
that that's meaningless but is expressed as why did bodhidharma come from the west
what is the essence of them basically
so here's an example
if he does not answer he fails or if off know if it if he doesn't answer he fails to answer the question if he doesn't
he keeps holding on
and if he does
if he doesn't answer he will lose his life
so what would you do in this situation
the one thing that we don't want to do yes our life
but you have to do that
no matter how much you try not to you have to do that
so basically it's like don't wait
do it now
but what does it mean to lose your life
basically what we what do we call our life
what we call our life is our ego that's what we identify ourselves
as i like
sorry go
when you think about it consciousness we don't want to lose consciousness
i don't wanna have to explain the the transformation of consciousness into wisdom
am i have to i have done it before
the transformation of consciousness into wisdom
but i want to continue her
so life because thicker
we can identify our life with her ego
and some and then and buddhism the main thing about buddhism to let go of our ego so that we actually can express our life in a true way
ego is what is what keeps us from expressing or an art
our to life
our essence of mind for to speak

what happens when we do let go
so how do we answer the question
question of
what way
the west
for a noted answer that question we have to open her mouth
you can do it by keeping your mouth closed
but we have to open as career you own fell and his name is his book read you have to say something
dogan as there's the thousand foot cliff
history is an seven thousand for clip so in the know everything is metaphor if you take everything literally you can visit them
the trees are life
and we're hanging onto were hanging on to life with our treat with our teeth
with her mouth there's the and if we open our mouths meeting their life
i remember reading in a sandbox
die now and forever
love you like the receiver to life but a christian is just the same
in order to live to receive your life you to make all of it
but i would i was always scared that and like wow what what will i do have a little if i lose my ego what will i have
have nothing
so in me was like but nothing
but nothing but problem we have is that we fall into one side or another
this is a big problem of her life
that i were always
given the decline of
do a wonderful duality
the duality means that we we split our life into
it's either nothing or something
but nothing is something and something is nothing
this type of emptiness emptiness his fullness and fullness is emptiness
and unless me
let get in unless we let go if we don't understand this and this was killed guns problem he understood all is intellectually
but he didn't experience it because he depended on his intellect
instead of this is where recent doesn't
doesn't is letting go of our dualistic thinking and just becoming one
as well as to
but experiencing the oneness of duality
that's awesome
people say well if we said thousand a piece of mind and so forth yeah well peace of mind means for one is the duality
but it's so hard not to fall into duality
the place where we have all these questions when something comes up
whenever something comes up we should always look at the other side
include the other side
but and this is no one piece
piece contains war and war contains peace
but if hard to see that
because we fall into one side or another course we all have peace right
we are some people aren't just all what war
when you're a little kid
like as boys i always wanted war
that's something i'll never grow out of it
he grew up in any realize you don't know he can if you love for to come in and then you are taken over by love
and peace and so forth
but we have both of those in us and we have to reconcile buffalo's that's tough part
but you know peace next most of us
but it's still one sided
so it's really hard life difficult to reconcile the dualities
when we sit in doesn't
for a long period of time
we have pain but what we want comfort
but will we give up her will we give up our need for comfort
and accept the pain then we have comfort
if we cannot accept the pain we don't have comfort
comfort comes from
they can conciliation of pleasure and pain
we didn't pay there's pleasure with an their spain
you can not get out of it
difficult to somehow how world for some reason the painful world
look what's going on around us
painful world
but noted that have pleasure we have to accept the pain you cannot have one without the other
so he only way you can do that is to let go
what so we're always dealing with his ego centricity
our self centredness when we can't let go of the herself as the center then we become a part of the universe
i'm a element of the universe and the universe is the center
our universal self cosmic cell
then we have comfort
because we can accept everything as it is the first name
lumens comment romantic watches a
who collected coins he had been although the comment even if your eloquence flows like a river
he's talking about them
kill him right now it is of no avail
although you can expand the whole a buddhist literature is no youth even if you solve this problem you know so if you solve this problem you will give life to the way that has been dead until this moment
what he means by dead until this moment means your delusions
living a delusional life is sweaty cause dead life
and destroy the way i don't like destroy i was to let go the way that has that
you have been a am

he says
if you solve this problem if you solve this problem you will give life to the way that has been dead until this moment which is your do this year
enlightened life
and destroy the whale has been alive up to now which is you're delusional life otherwise you must wait for maitreya buddha and ask him
so much maitreya buddha and supposed to come five billion years from now
you know that they give different numbers but
ha and my chair you know if the buddha of
my tree riches ah
love is love and kindness
so then master newman has a verse
kill gun is truly thoughtless
that's a kind of interesting appraise thoughtless usually means you know unaware or
but here it is
well without thinking without dilution thinking
this thoughtless
dog and says the art of doesn't he has think not thinking
think not thinking what if think nothing remains beyond thinking and thinking doesn't mean there's no thought
if true thought
that's they can be true thought
not the lucifer
his vice and poison are endless
thank you move on
i'm talking about
he spreads his poison around music and poison to kill her ego
i don't think we should kill the ego
we should put the ego in it's rightful place problem with ego is that it depends on the ego depends on our dualistic thinking
we have to think to holistically because we live in a dualistic world
but we should not be driven by are we should know the difference between true thinking and elusive thinking between
complete thinking and partial thinking partial means dualistic
in you divide into parts that's necessary this is you know we're all sitting here a different parts of the same thing
we're all one piece but we're all different pieces of the same piece
unless we realized they were all one piece this dualistic is nothing but dualistic thinking
that's delusion
oh so he stops up the mouths of the monks that goes back i think to hanging by your mouth
he stabs up the mouths with the much but it really means stopping her delusional thinking and devil's eyes sprout from their bodies
it isn't a problem with that squeezes arrived in a flimsy little
rubber things you know
this bob
anyway that was before bowman i'm is after pneumonia so
dog and says and has come in on her fishes
only if you let only if you lose your life before you answer can you help others
i always say to people who give turkish on our practice obstruction
your well
how do you how do you answer somebody's questions
and i would say find your bottom line
when somebody gives you a question where do you go with her question
when you go to you but the bottom of yourself you can you don't answer from here is mean
that may seem like you're answering from here are from here are from simply but actually the to answer is going to the bottom yourself
whenever you ask the question and that's why do you give you wear your response comes from
ah and
so you actually let go you lose your life before you answer
because if you don't finish just coming from your dualistic mind
that's the difference between just answering people's questions or cavalry conversation and doing
docusign our practice instruction
and of course we should be doing her off time
people say what how can i carry the practice out into the world well get are you do it he always you're always coming from your essence of mind
what's called dying
let's cut many come to life he counted that's true like that makes you happy all the time
people so what is joy
joy hasn't various levels but true joy is coming from your essence of mind which is like a river this subterranean river
that is not subject to
cause it's always there is always available always available

so someone said
this world is a tree and a person climb this tree and must leave his body to this world
she must done abandon the human standpoint
we think to walk that the universe revolves around us i think the world revolves around me it seems that way we thought share the sun revolved around we used to think it's a sun revolved around the earth right now we know that the earth revolves
from around the sand that's a big change and he go
fl who you know
we're not
wait where earthlings with revolve around the sun
so which is part of things were not
there are things that revolve around us or life does revolve around us but
we're not the center of the we are this universe but at the same time or not as difficult

we the thing is we can let go of our dualistic thinking and our ego and and still survive
and and but were hold on so much we need something to hold onto
and that's a problem
in the national geographic to last time for a guy yesterday
as the end of the nomads iran you know traveling
have you no particular home
but knowing where they're going
the is that an end right
ah because people establishing their immovable hands
and monks and have no home is very similar and away
so it's like they have to be awake and know anna an alert and understand the earth and the movements in the can live the seasons in the sky in them and feel it you know the vibrancy of
immediacy of the time and relate to the animals

ah but we're gradually pushing on that way
covering it up
tibet benito examples
as because we we want to feel safe and secure and you know is great but we're not
we have to understand that we're not so it's partner
and then people the amazon
great article about it the last people on amazon
i would live in in the garden of eden
no clothes

the children play with the animals
and he'd grown up to play with the animals
i'm a question here is
what would you do in such a situation because that's where we live
we have the situation all the time
it's not like some time years holding out your teeth were always only i'm malarkey our mouth
how do we let go because eventually
if somebody said to me
i'm dying
i have fish net
and i said we're always time we're living and dying at the same time
how do we die so that we can live
in a true way because everything is soon as it appears it's gone
do you have a question
okay john
if people expect me to have
a handle on on like to be graphing a reality and me with that question
oliver to them
about you know what i'm professional a
of course i like that
i know like a for so am i
how we work every day
consulting as a that
and i say
for example you want to start an iv move out of the house they don't fix it
that mikey on spontaneous answers that
with i can a the healthy
how do we get around it depends on what you mean by the house
i like leaving home doesn't necessarily mean you were the house
this dumb
so you have to get down to where the to home they made me thinking about the house but you have to take him down at home
where's their true home
so in other words i would have been drafted
yes no professionalism
no pay people think you know this person to priest and like he was disrobe and now i'm just a person and
i know i do this but it was
it was laid on me until i carried on
i'm gary

this movie


you you have that ability to
take on
to let go and find your way you do have that ability

and i will

yeah i the

the ancestors

and somebody asked me if i'm doing docusign i don't have any thought in my mind about
just open mind
no idea of know i i know who this person is but when i see this person i don't think about that i know who this person is
given the opportunity to nut
not be known by me
neither would i don't know who you are you know i know who you are
i can't not know my experience with you but that doesn't mean i know you are
we don't know anybody actually
because we all have so much
in us but our essence of mine meets essence the mine that's knowing

yes yes

he had a teacher who am i at this moment yes really left and she had like a home
she she'll just kisses you know i don't know why i had to do this is just i don't have anything else no agenda issue
this is what i did this is what i have to do and that's you know real courage to let go
after safety