June 24th, 1971, Serial No. 00255

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based on
please for times i see
ah the principle of writing
run condition
yeah the words if everything is
pantheistic all
a tv
i make you have king
how how you will deep how you with me in this world
this is the viewpoint of life
the to try obama

the nice a story
what family buddha are discussed or with his disciples
ah one day
hmm we would have stayed
are you i the app to after gallery
the course
ah he's dead
and is a tear
the river ganga leave
it was rowing in
rushing stream
wiki site
second will buddha said
to the disciple
look my good friends
the ganga river is
rowing in a big why y
man man or also is just like this
let me secondly bought our wanted to add describe from have to his discipline
he always first the wrong
some examples
what guess what to make and which main appeal land someone you or at the site
what that time you can now let's imagine
what a situation what was situated in the man second money for and said
it's a company for that just step and act of the gambling what was flowing in running stream

the name she was a bit powerful
what do you think about this combat with was rowing
then second minute when i said look my good pen
he gonna leave my a morning in washington
we are big wow
for exists
man also is just like

i think that disciple
immediately and the stiff what a company wanted to tell them
and this was it was they you do way all
ah explanation of his disciple of his teaching of his feet


and second report said
no food that's their i
i shoot see into the river
and it
they will realize
when the motion of the to
that believe nothing
the presence of its possession
oh it some anxiety
and on the attachment to it

i have a minute food i
i want to be so what human life is like watching a vivid living example what happens around the secondary were alarmed his disciples so look at
a different
which was growing in the big rock rock

getting from this point
what do you think about
the swap swap picks wow
which makes what makes a few months family

and will make and well i'll keep it and well
keep going on
for a while
showing a big block
maybe in the middle of there's russian swing

i think
i even the swap
doesn't really mean
the same
ah same condition same situation it will for a moment

because in swap
makes appearance in front of the second money more important of them his disciples
on the ground of conditions
according to the wrong on
which means
everything is team
woman the

that's why check a little more said
the for has gone for have
yeah the opening my open i'm hoping i
must was born into the situation with the liver situation on the wow
and their attendant circumstances including bank including niche
this the situation on second ebola including the situation around his decided
known for glass and things and a fan
dan mungkin live
anything else

he calls
it's really impossible it's nearly impossible that a single to exist along
what isn't as wow wow
only the army
as well
that we exist them all
by itself
there are lots of the number
hello poor and miserable
a mantle for condition
people for know people who are looking at wow

and the sky
maybe at that time into and rains or
the leaving the skies are cause cause victory clear
it depends on if there is up to your imagination
you're a ransom conditions yeah lots of conditions and it's an impassable than just the only a single we currently to exist on what isn't it is with impossible that the only a single man now
in the cupboard you exist along whenever i vehicle
i maybe half an hour and maybe you san francisco and maybe in the be for the mountain he ordered to attain enlightenment
it's impossible
you can then i'm not some conditions which which of boring with the supporting myself
constantly or any kind
livers human human essence of water
five ten the sky good thinking
hundred number on conditions allow myself when obi mikel
me sad
of a to as and do a
then second movement safe with the ball go if you have opening or if you have opening i
try to see into
get live that situation of give me a package from different angles
and then you should get plenty of the all

nothing nothing insist on
our nothing insisted on progressive
not not be on the presence of that
jensen know
yeah earth and i even though you can see the swaths well in the villa
but you tell you you may say you may say it is a wow
but strictly speaking there is nothing but you can in fifth on
putting the name
putting the name on it saying why
but as far a always going on
but our interactive friends of mine to pick up
which doesn't exist
so it was given nothing to tab
to the swap saying vp slot
this is what they're what i want to tell and then this is what a company go to work
the safe
the leaves nothing insisted on
the it possesses the progression of it all on a found even though i am my name is happening
but a convenience a convenient for me to court a that the people the for me people call me again if i don't have a name the everybody confused we had cut me
how can you how can i have can i call you
everybody compute the five temporality inquiry and need a name
but name
what did call again is not real
young person young you need you all
if men
the we'll need to all you make on this man is something more than the me when the mit
it is maybe true nature of comedy
true nature of happening
doesn't have a fetal fixed idea with the cold
a viable to
a a level to never meant to be passed away
buy it new
or condition
japanese zen priest
what pepper in a in the vein center or is an assistant of city
that i am looking to hope i am system from teacher and video
my name don't get moving want it
wherever you call me a different teacher or the inventor or think
true nature of this man this guy
this with this
writing for the sky to with him the a nature to me to picked up
but a woman when you call me kinda gave up
my mind way and move bad the movies
kitchen sensei
my mind we had moved were saddened for me
one for
sometimes you call the this entry at the reverse you are with was it
my mind that the move backward
when can you at
i often in a movie to work to the right to live
what and backlog
because everything exists everything needs pay based on like the number of comfort number of conditions
category teacher assistant teacher and i can may completely company


the debbie snapping
to be insisted on
the the petition on its own
of a of charity some fine sally
the even though even though you call the ganga river even though your quarter wow
what it felt that would have a symptom fun side
ah so for speaking yeah
the it itself in itself is completely free phone whatever kind of navy put on it
wow a mouthwash or wrong
and on the attachment to it if phone and is nothing to attack
how can you call how can you call
dan cohen by the think porn
how do you call how do you call this swap
you say someone say some fans this is why
among thieves or it is not swap
what is that
what the one
wholesome robot is not right
compelling nothing to put
at certain ideas on it
because everything is working away


you know
getting happen to attack
see it
to of it
how can we be
no do you like
then secondly water five to analyze the practical aspects to human life
it is a good from all five scandal five m
ah by obligation as engage them to the five

emulation the new m u l a t i o n
can you raise

ah and five a by an accumulation was found sources i will get
that is the component ah
and intelligence be
specially acumen be
the way our group
a new concrete is for or
madonna with up
which means feeling watson faking
hi sonia
ah concept that consciousness or perception said
a fun car
which means our preparation or
a purposive and then as piling
state of mind
it is from com
it is
which means
commission on commission or life force
so on
the components or
human being
a divided into a to kind categories going to a days five scandal
why day some physical aspect of human life human be it is called rupa
he's got material as yeah
the last four or scandal
our professors
ah revelations
condition for like four
i live representative represented
ah in the explanation of
they know
the represents
this guy is described
the mental aspect to spiritual aspect of human be
a function of human mind
vedanta is getting funny sensation
consciousness and deception
they're the moment when you see
an object
you mind me it is that rock
it is it is
when they first the favorite bar plenty of mine which is code
the than a pity or sensation
to accept
to accept
mommy when you accept mine is that what
this is donna hay or said
greetings was sensation
the moment when you run the fat work
delete function of the mind with call the consciousness in the forms of the crisis me right
getting some work done the village a fancy believe something thanks to me
in which is called ah the consciousness or process

then the both the fincar a revelation which means our purposes and as piling state of mind
in on the
for certain function better than perception the perception
never the human mind to encourage to empire to empire to act
to what
object was up
this is basis a first basis of function of mine the accident you will actually be
this is some car
the indefinitely going to go for a literal meaning is absent deep
but this day in bay foundation
and in essence on a function
oh human mind
notify me
as it turns me to fix it is this action is
photo revelation or a purposive an aspiring and
then the next few days yeah it is
ah a might these least something which is called mine
having into be
this is like for
or combination
nana is collision or like for
they the fundamental essence of bar
human life
laura for a second movie or to safe
he ordered to explain
those five aggregation

the phone
for me
i've come to achieve that not cupid
the neurotic your team
ah spray of water
youtube way of work
get some narrative
play of what
so far enough for help
whatever it do
you will be intact or that was fast the hands of livers whatever their
ah a consisting on number is
accumulate you
cumulative kimmel mateo
play or more
so for adam
what have i mean tiny things
which you can see what you cannot see
alonso de nombreux and number long
as humor attempt failed water a ap to disappear immediately
like after making appearance and quickly
feeling disappeared given the nature or far
he's failed by war
some for everything
here is to invested after the all
the all thing is like ah cumulative the a what
the feelings or for safe feelings towards and phaeton ah like a porn or bubble
i'm a woman
this is some faith
or pity
i think you have with is
how strong
your emotional feeling
he's easily growing up
woman will see
a man
he wouldn't laugh
a quick
getting new that sensations are like for
they protection
while consciousness
i like the air waiting with
ah a good pub some
the protection or consciousness or like car the airwaves
but you're waving repeat do that
you're waiting
with kit

ah it's pretty difficult and it's really impossible to catchy
you're hoarding you your mind if he's my absence this is michael
cause it looks like it looks like
ale waiting with
a preference more the and highly paid of mine ah like a banana bread man of that
do you know the banana i think everybody knows what banana tree
but i think the

you will
a be a neighborhood to a figure out
the hard the hard person ah
the nine a trump
even though you keep peeling wrong
the pop back on the banana tree a man and plunk
you never get around the harm pushing on punk
that's why somebody would affect the lazy
the perfect and with a hiring the fate of mine and was busy so they will
plain speaking it is with a human well
against them well
the a ripe banana pie banana
no to continue to keep are feeling love for it
bob that banana plant
funko bad but the back of the he well
never figure out a higher portion it is my will
the past
the cognition
or line for the like
ah and it's a difficult the elusive appearance elusive appearance
ah like crisis and life for a condition are like
fantasmic affairs
unpacking the affairs
the through three working here
looks i'm like the looks like got something in funding
just be martinez
you cannot see it lieutenant quarter
he said
he said added to been to hours depending on which means king's murder of the fan
ah or be
epson the tribe or what good was born
he saw
he added to bundy
kinsman of the san
which mean i'm good
for me like car a cumulative
and since taking or like whoa
or bobby
perception and consciousness are like the ill waiting with him
a human will
ah is
like a banana plant
grissom or my first ah like listen appears set to come with work

so from this in this is pets
physically and spiritually
ah you can realize that the leads completely nothing to whole
have to touch
i'll wait a certain
ah conception
with a federal center idea
our this is
the analysis of human life making by secondly buddha
if so according to the physical on five standards are engaged
how can we live in this world
the delete some conversation between chef america and fauna
ah is one of us have family food and seven
a buddha as go to sauna
one of his disciples
sora what do you think of the fall of the for
the make you are promise or empowerment
what do you think of the porn
the make you all permanence or improve
donna says a big pat on one
of course is have in common
what it says
if it is impermanent
how do you feel from it was the for
something or even
the something in his case
are using the model word i think that something was q something which you
i'm ah
play the rubble i'm pretty uncomfortable
this is something
so shakyamuni buddha said if you say it is all in permanent
everything is infinitely
if everything is impermanent
how do you feel how do you feel wrong everything all be
something or cream

he wanted to ask if

if all on being
what's your comment or impermanent
which whitman
i'm a i'm britain and pretty level or figure
a comfortable income
this is
what secondly would have wanted to ask
the first he said family would as concern or what do you feel that all things
what does exist
you feel a permanent war you feel empowered soda says on course they are of implement it saw was a community would ask how do you feel
one both wrong all be
having war
the sauna says
the grip on one
makes me and the goals humphrey
i think you understand so well why sold
an answer
the second secondary important question in no one
of course the big on one improperly
makes me suffer makes me uncomfortable
do you want why

i hope you will i miss fans or well

i know one feel
i believe no one leaves and no one i believe no one feels comfortable
a facing on the changing
of the human body
the growth all
the key
ah the crappy to

are we every year
he can feel welcome to
it tried to see the tried to see yourself
the fracking in the mirror
i think i got there are lots of wrinkles alarm mine eyes
thank god
things are twenty seven years and my age
or much wrinkles that the among my eyes
woman when i see myself and affecting all in the mail ah
but length and my faith
a here or how old that out
yeah when i when when one of my brother was twenty seven years old
that time i pod he my brother once so on on the guy
i am now more than twenty seven years
anyone tried to see yourself
defective in the mirror
try to see your and in the enemy
how do you feel
you feel comfortable or uncomfortable

and buddha said
everything game
halperin and changeable
when i would it be crossbow for you to entertain
the ideas all
attachment to
an object what belongs to you and the home to it
julie ego to selfishness and to at south tyneside
if everything
his triumphant
a sapling from changeable
would it be possible for you
to attach any way to attach an object
what belongs to your on
and hold it
to your to be selfishness to your own selfishness
and to
it took was some time south

young bruce
the work the second one who gonna want to ask him to sauna
if you're at touch if you attached to
something saying received mine
according to in terms of a selfish idea
according to a certain it suffers from anxiety on it
what just call the thief month and a whole

it won't be funny
for you to attach
the object and i'll get an
your selfishness or a favour from side
because everything is funded

i guess is truth in this is the menu of the all beings are they are via
this is true
what do you feel uncomfortable
flow on your physical situation or your mental situation
and is to implement you have your pin configuration or mental situation and via
if you feel uncommon
even know what you what you feel comfortable if not
mystic idea
it's not a sudden idea what you must get rid of it
because the feeling uncomfortable feeling or i'm is an be kidding
what the feelings are feelings of uneasiness or uncomfortable
in prize completely dimensional on beings as they are
voices the if and see my reflection in a man in the mirror
an ipad i figure out number of countless the wrinkles on my face oh my goodness and like with my face but a kit
the what i put the empathy i put from idea on my face i don't like or hatred
thanks i'm really something wrong
the link or even though the were lots of countries and wrinkles on my face this is the nature of my face piece of paper you unique
this is true
this is not the businesses are not moral for a certain idea with you i have to
keep away from me
but he said
to what oh true
then was what should i do that's all wow
does not countless number wrinkly from my face
how this is my number
a one
i don't think of one point at ease but even though if what if i say how what before your is how miserable you okay
strictly speaking or a have to do is just to fit to see my fantasy in the mirror

hugging my face a written off with the number of with
the top
for i mean some always all you have to be a guest to accept just have that right now thought

with the development of bar
the body through in has been in its history
wrong in giro
the to china to japan
a lot but definitely a bogus different schools
i'll be organized

what didn't say what does what to have insisted
on and not which each school has insisted on
different physical

but tara speaking
i think there are two time for to type of fire a principle of boarding school like is
the based on
the idea which human being
is inherent in
a major our sinfulness
according to a in school
the other one is
the idea the facebook
what to put emphasis on
the buddha nature would human being is in here in ireland in

the environment for or rotten super emphasize
animate beings or inanimate be all things being exist
and ah
hmm and are
these pins ah it's plans on buddhists wrong
this is
the baseball by nirvana or rather syndrome they want empathy m fact

but ceremony money water
i didn't
ah attached to one sided ideas
make your human being who is inhuman of nature or by sinfulness
one for each in and in the making of for purim major
he never attached to boss

the he
the human being or all sentient beings who are inhuman in
mint you all tarzan's family
a changing
riding on the ground of commission


he first of all new ceremony buddha one that has to see to that to aspect of all sentient beings what what is inherent in convent

strictly speaking
can escape or
the essence of the essence of happiness uneasiness
it exist he a inherent in nature or funny
first of all the ceremony will want wanted has to fit into this point
when during doesn't even though you see a got to think
not me mad nation
are you think graham and right my w right my daddy is not right
the through rather than sometimes you feel of my life he is completely positive
what sometimes you think of my life likely not positive
what what would you call
never can meet all my life is completely negative
what should i do
the president was february
the implies that you have to leave
the mara
the mara oh
the in introspection
they buy that is positive iraqis narrative
before you say why can't you accept
why don't you accept white and to can what me through rhymes what your toward the sky with your body and mind
if you want to read in components or invest
the president meet you always move bad to move
what can i do
my love is completely positive
how to move
it's make you fat move
yeah well it looks like a house a moving on what was to the left how can you live in peace or invest in com
nobody can make

it's new tried to you already star
experience or a big as a shock of the earthquake rocked flat while like the people
right to the left woman well when you see something ah
good the bad

so in the of the in the men of the trunk and to work
and then is no better way there is no better way to just effect
even the good even the bat
then to leave at your home in your house
being canterbury
being kept very comfortably leslie
when decorating with respect
if you are you are moving why you are you your houses moving how can you pay respect to your house
where a human where you are where it is possible to read
in fact
when everyday written is back
it's impact
of course there are lots of things inside not some furniture
cares companies are instrumental japanese managers
when is called the cafeteria with discord there
crook or no sir
warlock the blinkers so my faith
many lovely policies in the house that's all right
dogs are those are the patients key
ah set for
we sit for new are all right
two at once our vantage you can stand with me
workers whatever they are both or day or ave princess
yes even a good even about
what's set for your on to at once to advance to have been to our bus
not to advantage
at one time
thought he saw and saw you have to arrange that so far from funny get inside
the order to make you feel comfortable have any car and us and thus conditions are certain conditions
if you're poor if you are for you can you can buy luxury goods
gorgeous so badly polluted beach or coffee blanket you can
with your needs with the means you have to live your life
making your avenging on anything month
weakness with months
what are you will be up okay

that's why you should the movement of so would it be possible
to my pat
an object

your own selfishness what to
need to add to it happens and side

ah if nothing to escape to hate
she said
he trigger complete with the unfreezing
so advisor for william porter says by being something every something is lacking
to feel that is complete
of course is true it's not the metal subject with you it
i pay
in their writing them the men of middle of the uneasiness unfreeze and uncomfortable
you have to rise towards the sky at command is everything this
you do practice in that way can feel the you can feel can't come from account
through uncomfortable be
the buddha's but