June 22nd, 1971, Serial No. 00250

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the other day
the subject to discuss with you was
the top
we have a quick one
or buddha
what your cards in both sleep
hmm hmm
the seems that my talk
has deviated from the main subject but that
not only you the everybody the it is pretty difficult for everybody
to understand what that is
me in a lot simpler
the from the first chapter to last
the lotus sutra is a bot to explanation of the human being based on the rule of law
is know
the nature of our sinfulness
no lifeguard nirvana sutra
oh the other hand
are you will notice you will realize that they are not school or bodies in japan
the just called the shin school
founded by the
he particularly strong emphasis on human being based on
the the other side all pimples
ah carved into the human mind
but then bulletin
ah doesn't it
ah emphasize
so much
decide on fire
the scene with human being guess
i'm particularly dogan zingy
ah emphasizes
are strongly
nature of a buddha
which i made being or inanimate
in sheboygan joe rogan says and for
one moment
you packed a few this again
the sanyo
the sign of buddha nature
simon buddha nature is shown
on there
on the
three com recovered is to calmer a mouse body mind
on the coming of economy
mouse body much
not only
on the three comic body my mouth
mine are also
oh you live
when the world's sign or good and nature
is penetrating every inch of of the on you
if you do that and even warmer
but it's nothing easy for us to believe
dogan statement
this thing
so i'm like to
look at
in one attitude and shakyamuni buddha
our teaches
who a human being
who as variety on top list
so you want it to explain what the buddha is
i will like to consider what the buddha in what attitude shakyamuni buddha teaches to every
so i will like to spend
the little more
but to explain what the buddha eggs
the other day
i mentioned
that shakyamuni buddha for the emphasis on
how he important
the the research on the research of dubna is
when he
a tejas
a person for is about to die
and for wanted to see chicago river
right before he passed away
but check or money what it says it is of no use
even though you can have a chance
to see me foods is somebody pays about to decay
oh you have to the ace to see into what done by a
they also the its services is
based on a peaceful all
rising on the ground or conditions
in the ruins everything it is produced by condition
the summer schools are dumber is
a for all rising on the ground conditions
ah the rural dumber comes from as a as i mentioned
the merge ah the the weren't number comes from
ah to maintain
or to preserve
for my is to preserve to maintain
i would is going on you are going beyond the check through sense
it's mentioned before
the state of human being
what do exist
he regarded as
what cheese maintain or preserving
it is a sort of question what to make you arrive
what made you grow older
what make you
get a ticket he clipped
what made you die
regardless of whether you like or dislike
you cannot escape from going order
going the equipped
or the death
is this true
you know you don't you understand so well
the what's the next word with com will happen
the in front of you after your death
nobody knows
check money order always brings up a question
what make you grow older what make you alive
what make you equip it
instead of
i've sort of freshly
where the by the birds the birds hands
where the words the as patch to create
while who create this war
the secondary as question is a very different forms such a question
what you were reared human being can
when the road again
who create the world
second movement are always brought up question to ask what made you a lot
what make you grow water would make you get credit
the thing ah
he will talk or speaking it is cold
the study of ontology
have you found a familiar with the word ontology
i plainly speaking area code the study all
the viewpoint of right
are not new point of the world war
the classification all the ontology mickey dunn the presented by there
about the kinds of blog category
why is that
oh thing
is the creations
do you understand the creation
the own thing in good clear a god's creation according to the christian
this idea
he has been
ah greatly contributed to
the viewpoint on the wall new final the human life
up tomorrow
this is
the time
the second years
now only thing they consider it a consolation are considered
well was the or the rest of your are suffering from especially in greek
as to be a beings
a day of excuse me too
the study
all things they've all been all be
ah where would you say their technical term for
in philosophy
an end and in more than in
or be a b a b
a be
are we think a ah
he got in and regarded as
the being in itself digging in itself
dove with news last supper
trying to study through and through
to see into
ultimate a being ultimate being for ultimate state or or be o thing
and are being a

i think they
ah they are
naturally philosophers
or not a scientist
not to scientist or natural philosophers who put the emphasis on a study in studying all been
as a being is
hello rose
ah the are they try to research
the human being
the in terms of
objective viewpoint
and this is think second
idea of
the some is
as they are a state of human being
he got it as regarded as all beings are
in a state or all flat
he got it as all being on findings
this is the third new point the viewpoint of in time
did you a check or money go to put emphasis

ha ha
the substance of
id on conditions by what all beings are produced
in prize that everything leave tangible anything a in a state or black
a plan let's begin
and we can gain streaming constantly
puppet yo
streaming perpetual motion and flow
every attention is directed to this point
not everything is
in the state of perpetual
our motion and floor
like a stream of war
when you consider what human life be what to the world is with the construct as to watch the structure of the world is
it looks like a scheme of more it looks like a female war
he's always going on constant
stop him without thinking
even for a moment
if so
can you understand the what to human being in term song
in chapter pursue in check to pursue
oh she will be
he took the pursuit to
existing state or human life
yeah birds
can you think
that there is possible to analyze what
the what the existing state of human life way
in terms of intellectual puzzle
as a
you tried to you tried to unify
you immediately to put your mark on the phantom small bot
when you
ah with you
ah pay or to with you failed to for
whoa down
the big question euros
what do you have them would you have kept
by mistake you know
let's imagine those a bot
situation on the board
and you
oh the who is riding on this part
and also
there a kingdom circumstances
what are you buying the in going including
the everything is going wrong without ceasing even for a woman and that time in the fifth involved in the system on a perpetual motion and roll
but mistake you for down a prescience journals
into the water
then mediator you trying to put the mark on the side of body here
he ordered to key your memory where you for in fall
you fall you fall down not the where the gifts precious duas for down into the bottom of doors in dinner
he's too late
because worried going on including you and worried going on
then i ask you can you think is passport his passport to and to analyze what the existing fatal
human life me
in chance all intents in favour of egypt for sense
and if you find to fight to put martin side of boy hit you on to memorize
where it fell down
hello kitty please difficult even though you can any party even though it may be password to put took the mark on the saddle water titled board
but it is not the to or and standing you a true understanding all
the whole situation including the broad including you including war
the all a kingdom so good
allowing the boat water
and human be
because they we mean going on
then at that time
how do you understand
how do you understand yourself and the board
and d'oeuvres water
no saw their attendant circumstances
it's pretty difficult
to understand
the whole being sought for existing does
this thing state of for your daily life and the whole
no not the the in terms of day
i'm arriving
way of understanding
the in order to understand clearly what happens what happens in your daily life
at any cost you have to understand you fail i'm a whole including not on the your situation not only the existing state of your yourself
the your a tendency or all circumstances and for the including ours
including the circumstances
casa ha
i'm a whole mean you have to understand yourself under her
ha but
how can you understand you sell our home it is made great good question
for you
but anyway you should remember today
that everything a in favor of patio washington from
game at that time in one attitude you'll try you must understand you must have face yourself
the what all we're a things are in the state of a motion for is
who off
the peaceful of allies in on the ground and conditions and was it
the savagery of condition
everything is produced by the condition everything is under the conditions looking exist in at certain conditions
now also secondly buddha the des conditions create something was his condition
a bring about me about
team to human being
why is this
the i am by no means company
my name is covered me when i say my name is covered you would never have the gate is a sort of conditions
company when i say when i call me have a a years already happening and thorough happens
because company a a born in the world
andover a certain conditions
my father's became my father from my months
then i was born in japan nothing and ninety states and also i was born in tokyo not in yokohama i was born in small town called
the not a day i was born in austin
then i brought up in know he was a that in small town named suga near the of them in a masters
when when i call me company a for probably
nothing from
for live circumstances identify again with sort of check on me fit
but this condition is luck to those sums current challenge of sort of some out what do you can when you can ah
i'm clinging to cling to
way strong attachment
because condition is always tangible
condition are in a state of perpetual motion and bro
this is condition
the i was born as a princess for the prince at the been in japan
maybe i won't be that interaction like so like
maybe i wouldn't even have heart
they even though i imagine i will write to or even though i'm thinking i tried to cling to the i'd tried to claim to the a certain conditions i would i wish i could be the prince in japan
it's month
because already it's a so the i am already named the company
what i tried to the cling to the certain a condition or wish he could feed a dream
is like got the trying to mark on the side of the board he honored to memorize
when we call me when i call me kentucky
he condition condition a cup of tea
must be in the stable for petrol in a state or fact a patron fuck
it's not necessary to
ah keep my keep it it's magnified to keep it
a constantly with the strong attachment i am the i am caught know it's be hard
if i keep myself from this is happening if you can forgive maybe it make me a read me to one confused to analyse him
companies okay the important point eight
i have to get
certain conditions which is code which is current you
because condition a conditions are real estate or pension plan
without fitting even for a moment
in the domain won't be changing
how a how is something passed the house and a passport to him to arise to rise to bring about the something
check or money buddha said
because you have

when i take the did capital yea it make me as teeth
from stiff
i am not free in the same
but strictly speaking a cup be included the kabuki a
instead of for perpetual plaque
the moment when a stick to our stick to the net category
it make me state
which means not to be free for myself
that's fine the condition
yea some conditions if again can read the thought of something condition blink bring about
the something something informed
he don't have air conditioning
bring about sort of something
in fonts all
oh he she will find a pattern or
he was born into paranoia he were a he became a previous that by agent for at the age of five and eighteen
so fact
then ah
shakyamuni buddha
the emphasizes
does he have to get rid all
this attachment
get off
i pad you too
a condition patch him to conditions
he already to
you can flip flop
he ordered to attain nirvana
this respect to the obama is not the new banner doesn't exist apart from ourselves

he i like to pass be more that
if i continue to talk
to spend or over time of leg of the time so i liked to the spend a little time
led to discussion with this customers
he would i made
so today anyway
should keep in mind that
the boy aids the person who ways
who attend and then he gets awareness of we'll see if we can see into the to
can see into the dumber
that a samsung the a's
the principle on rising on the ground or condition
and also conditions is
and stayed all the pigeon flats
in at that time
how in how attitude to you understand yourself in the main mangrove
the domain off perpetual watching the role
you're are
this is an important idea off
the torrent
the viewpoint of blog
it it's not a matter of discussion in discussing what the phone when the word begin
forty eight wrong
what the beginning the first the beginning of the human life a was like
as to come in the border brought up of this question what makes your life will make you grow older or the better

david the world

the wedding
what a what had happened
maybe i can never knew
i'm a writer
right people
ah pushing is not mat on what to the broccoli games want to the debbie
did you understand this point
the question is not the bow
discussing what the bird is what or daffy my efforts what for the category
what's the panicky is the to discuss what with haven't gave a to judge he is good or bad something like that
important point is what made you ah
i'm open to follow up
the it is not allow for what minute it
and the my maggie a good girl bad girl
he said that they they don't care they're didn't want to death year this is very good state of far as been of month
i think it shows that the how big how good your practice these problem
in fact it is meant to public for well
not it
question is max mara all
you are whether you are a play you fear of death or not
what can point me what made you what make you hear the death you are what make you not that death
send this point
i think the morning
and work for the background and
tonight i am
the time
right looks like that the absence of mind
or and smokes by car pulling a patient to just one thing
tampa and can pay any attention to our answer to anything else
now the rug he will you are crazy about doing the funky
don't care what happens a manager
not into it
to be that away and aware

garden wedding party here remind them

now is not detected a man the doesn't distract from your mind
and i'm a fan wanted to tell you the
coping with day it's true
gotcha day was super sexy not all human game exists in the name of the brutal sport
so it's not necessary to suffer
what you have to happen
what made you give classified
what's okay you don't care and don't care the death you don't get the birth but that's all right it's not like not important model to the test
important point is why you have to what you meant what made you to classified above
what's the birthday of what the devil or i don't care the but i don't care the i look to adapt
can we would always try to act you have to himself why
what makes me asked to myself
he say are the there are there man and woman that you have getting man
the there and then
he important part is not will be not love the captain and varied back are lower than me a back
what you why did react reacted the cat and mean that a man and she never good
because man
the the past the fans with the men exist already nephew describe meeting with the fact what well
what was then a some sort of budget and condition
when you discuss what the menu
the condition is
you're not there
i'm trying
yana fan gamify in the gamified as he met am and you know
yeah right
the com
the confection is what a paired with black
that's why we have to be cat what what what black it
the what what seven a left on we can say it did what and that can what is what he peered way
fatal why is it that wiki a kid with luck
this is condition your word interdependent
when i say when i call me cut tea in time
my current investment
in file where i was born
in file
there were four gotta give you give me to r nathan
it can impossible that category to mean category and with system
when a call me perfectly
then fall
i'm rocky things were to add paired with happen
play japan
then i have one with chrissie after to my therefore i am
funtime fine i was angry with my father you know
why was it my father to the
the concentrate concentrate more on educating the his children
my father doesn't even care
the fortunately my father my father was a are
not be you are the just found
he said

the that question is
ah concerned about sad
i like to the viewpoint of life
he second reporter asked his disciple
what do you think about what do you think about a thing off the world
hey not for human life was them off for all since you be
the one day second mini bowler the stand at the river
ah the tools which is going on constantly without seeking for more even for men
that time check or money for always have could be the found question
ah forty with are you ah situation with captain farm team for allowing the decided
have you exam
your company buena as the titles
do you think the deep river ave stop they stopped screaming for a moment the problem
it said preserve i don't think so

the estimates to be said of human being
do you think a human being this
the pharmacies
what they can attach to themselves
he said was then i don't think so
everything is fine him
the everything is plunging
moving a
in the state or federal rap
if so how do you feel
the yourself
who are a existing
oh for a existing in the men or
the potato washington the floor
a prison or empty
getting pleasant or in empty
how do you
nonsense sudden center says course i'm here not for well a few empty
because everything is t to
we can use change
there is nothing to check
however you someone a fab
the grill all
the a man a man he is good guy

in the reality of the and the when there is a man from a speaking well or you guy
it seems that very of fire confession good mental that
when the need your good
do you think the nature good a continuing one minute
without change
he saved some time
thank you were right you're talking to us
so it mean you think if you think my talk is always seeking good
whatever i don't think thought
today in my top aides my myself maybe
tonight my top each minute
i so good then next next day think ten ten hey can i turn on faith
my talk will be good

so at that time i feel that the wrong i feel i feel unfinished
even though you say thank you very much and of fever
even get good a native get a changing and talking changing and largely t nothing to get
beneath nothing to catch it in pies and human being a based on an easy
how does the title says no i feel i feel comfy
gatherers detail up when something in an easy to hear i e on a
if for
how can i the then the the check or money wanna face
if you if you're if you feel unfinished
do you think getting something to cling to
we gotta have a good woman who ran with you when you say and will much to talk of good
the sample says no i don't think pump
the gift from fulfill and prevent the everything him so he can you a for a powerful to claim to something you feel empty
normally normally clean no longer claim to something that you feel empty
this is eagle at this is practice don't touch don't attached to anything bit on the basis of
changing he's got change things for condition
of lighting on the crime of goose
no attachment is
the put put the ad particular a sudden and certain people ideas into the
something would keep this in the men of conditions or the changing
then ah
then then we have to
you know they
the he ordered to attain enlightenment the onto to fit into the nirvana shakyamuni buddha says ah
doc a queen get rid of the attachment
the attachment no attachment days
fuck kids to will he go at evil as
yeah the rose
in all day
we got a package tour he might mitel but to call the cup of with a thorough or conditions in a number of can name the normal abigail and let the from my parents my second
the com
without cartoon that the parchment with that apartment
i have to understand myself
it means
it means to accept to accept
who is
hooray naughty boy
i get in the member for a changing in condition
okay for my team from
yeah road
it means to accept myself and a whole
for getting the all commitment
in the memo for a change in perpetual changing
with that being in how attitude
i pay
even and thing
but you come into account with
the you order to be into his dumbo on the kids for the changing the please for condition faithful of lighting and grand condition
we have to pass is
the new through affecting my the our town
and we are
no even throwing away any kind of for conditions
a game mcgee a coma
got it
ten buddhist the war christian christian
what first of all you have to open your eyes and the into
your south
the how situation your life is gone now

this inside that this way to wow
ah to put the a pit crew on their independence or team changing conditions
to know what do you life
going away in any conditions in agree with you one of our moment will plunge into the plant into
stream find into the water but of his training continent
why the is such and palette of them and spanish for them
the news
instead of most perpetual motion wrong

at me with bad or something
how we will have to our will all ah i'm gone family
because everything is
you clap
then it's nothing to grasp
me too
i always find me
he's is off an a human being can have a cable
whenever you are
then check community of things like likely house
something is not the fifth round bar before se
something is
focus on something is to me you to know the human being to fit into
he said

have you know to daddy have if i knew
new i need
what's that
the name title for poacher flat
even though you are lhamo for living in the deep month along
living living living in the eight mountain is also a paddle for perpetual motion and block
the moment make you're going to come back to the city life mine will completely distracted
by the busy work
it's nothing to do
to a pleasant place where
a blink about the things about me you man with brings about
absolute absolute the
it easy
i'm still healing of the easiness to you
clinging into that he only the mountain and a living by in the different give much
delving into the deep mountain never meet the blinking
do you have to happen
what's my yeah i saw it the of by tat
he should know that every living in heat monkey part of finally finding what
and then she lived
how can me and an and team again always few and
because if we can use team
having something to clean
and here i'm feet

yeah mean nothing to claim wish i was you
get going away get and throwing away or anything i do
the shining or even confucius
we should affect me open your mind and the into yourself the depth of yourself
forgive just find into your life