June 20th, 1971, Serial No. 00252

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we are
tucked the five
all roads sutra
he succumbed new buddha
he's worried willing to explain his domination nomination
ah to
solid food from and he's another is gentleman buddha's disciples
oh who are
i'm trying to confess
let me just so illness which means
the old human being and or being
of this of human nature
hold things
just does rain was
over all vegetation
a brushes
all kinds of trees and grasses

so voters
ah comparison
it's tenth
human being
i also or something
but different
a distance different
our plants
the thief pick your benefit
from the same same rain
so people are different nature
the all circumstances
in don't
a different method

and second honeymoon said in this photo sutra
in the same manner a sharper
does the ta-da the era has appeared in the wall
like unto a red cloud becoming up
the together
peel and and send things for is called to the whole war including gods men and deemed
even as
a great crowd because sharper extending over the whole universe
in like manner a shopper the target the era hot
before the face of the world including gods men and demons
let his voice and arab these words
i emptied that
on e good a gods and men
the odds
the perfectly enlightened one having reached the shore myself
a county other to the shore
being free i make the
being comforted i comfort
being perfectly at last i lead others to left
by my perfect perfect wisdom i know what this word and the next such as they really are i am all knowing all see
ah here
the company who rather than what
central party or good
photographer and aha
our based on one one and the same essence
like a rain coming from can form of the car

ah supper
i think he i have it playing what
the wanna eat

the main point of buddha's teaching
are using the ignorant tobacco word dumber

but anyway he embodied know
ah you know a you understand
i hope
huda is the a waking one making trashy
or the person for
who has
what constantly
i was going on ready to sell remix
on the words the order to
wait himself
the ordered to
oh wait
to or on sentient being a beer
when you
awake when you are aware of
to have the right of life and the world and the off
each person the person is cold buddha what nike person what the cover odd


so from this point in this respect the buddha is not a detour or fix the idea
we exist apart from our daily life
the buddha exist always our step
each step under the each step
our take done it is buddha
good whatever kind of for whatever kind of sutra you try to me
ah border always give a give as to destiny
please try to see into the to as a
truth is to is the state of human life as it is
open your mind and what
it is first step and lasting
human being must
ah take into account for it
first off you are and what yourself
the next is are the
sentence it says
the i am all knowing all see
because the bullet as the person who understand the all phases human lie all phases of all phenomena
the gates happening in this world
on the water on the enlightened person not so well
every phases every baby of human life
deeply power
why is the company would have said an arm or groin
and all see then next he said come to me
come to me he got some men here role in the group
i am he who in indicates the path we showed the path
as knowing the path being acquainted with path
then kershaw from many hundred thousand
mediate of quoted a beings
come to hear the wrong target
the right
a very difficult to understand
the your
peaches or explanation
the as to humor word
according to like it
but important point is
a phase come to me
come to me
i am he who indicates the path who showed the past as knowing the past being acquainted with par then could jump on many handy many hundred thousand mediate of quoted some sabine's come to listen
a long time
ah well it kind of schieffer huge fight lead
think you will realize
does your explanation is a new you of explanation come to me humpty know the arenas come and look at this reality
come to me mean not come and see me in person or heat comparison
come to me means common see come and look at the flea allergy
it is
it is the meaning all
he come to me hunt
they come to me for and birds come to me a new car to get the anti as a
yeah rose
first come to me come and open your eyes and see the ivy and any the taste meaning i'll come to me
cause we're kind of been any kind of bar b should probably suffer
ah a supposed are
to compile
to be compiled
ah by the
of the buddha's death
he his disciples and to come he of
a parallel
laymen's name
what's that
then you say
that the word me
me is because
to indicates that come when you do like himself

but the was the supra a little different form mar
maybe bibles
the in the bible if you are a think to are you know so well the bugs
the increased scrutiny
he all the scriptures in the bible i have not district no current plans to expand on what by we by anyway girl was taking the you will realize that any are all pictures
it's taken on teaching on this that with your current team by was a little by individual a mitten and the name of individuality like a paul mchugh
and saw
but the worried through the in the buddhist sutra it
try to use always me a world of me me a second money even though it was compiled was written by the ah at certain disciples of second
the day always use the for and just thing the beginning of the sutra than that i hurt
the i have
i think it is a little different
the this type of what is the explanation
ah a little different from the all wow
the bible in to time
from this point
the word me a chuckle many water it's not merely
the to indicates the meaning of individu id which is called subcommittee work
as the men
the this me a this may indicate
the truth
of the ali as is this is meaning of me

ha today's
auspicious occasion
well as discord with independence day panama not interdependent the independence independence day
the yesterday i made same mistake in the game i talked to be the in on and in my kevin he and the time i made them the same mistake interdependent day
because the word interdependent in a way familiar
anyway today's spain auspicious occasion for us independence day
oh ninety six
then we add the thelema in this morning
how did you hear
that's as we can super a new part i mean a cigarette and the man
the we offer
he collected many to
succumbing to learn the first china's pick your body fat would embody download
japan's gross key of the great a dog in neosho
and also made the nation is completely at t with oxygen people
i mean it
in that way
oh i think
you know the
you have already have your eyes
that the leave
a different
our viewpoint
online and the world became
the and people and on end
in can't wrong way all
i'm thinking
melbourne your up
it no meaning or independence
ha maybe different
but that from that would kill the oriental people and the stan
meaning all
the independent
in buddhism
ah particularly in then
ah it and put a strong emphasis on
in big your life
how important individual lively

the value
the embolism
value of and video and video oddity
yeah words personal body
very close the invention way
the existence of idol
you can you tell simply talent breathe
the allow the personal a personal bond
the others
the body of others to smile
yeah rose
he when you see
this personality name category
the bio gift for smiley
but be recognized considered by at the end the world our society boy hey attendant at attained circumstances young birds of a high and all students at
and then
so this personality
must first of all recognize his own for fly and also arrows
the he's on his own circumstances and allow's was other's existence
the prevalence of other people alarm him
this is the value of tonight might be envy i'd
ah embodies
if you want japan i think you will realize many example the a correct example
if you see a prison
if someone of fun my interviews
the his friends to you
japanese people
first of all tried to give you his own name car then that he said i'll hang loop
naming in name card he says
this one teacher of zentangle revenue dining cut you know this is with a real and
and disease that respond with file know reverend dining in dump me
a time
then the assistant teacher aux-in
the purpose of giving the name card to you first walk before he tried to introduce himself to you
that he wanted he wants you to recognize
in what to producing he is
then me people again i tried to introduce themselves each other
they give began
your name cause it's change name car with each other and look at first war title
history teacher of them
with caffeine he had listen
can assist with teach on not the average
this is government way
but england neither faith
the you don't you don't give not cares
to give the your them cause to them
in a principal fool
a prison for his introduced to you with drifting to you
but on just on the occasion of your own business
who try to give you tried to give your name can be called the is some the doubt because you never read the ring a ring your name may be competent
he ordered to
let the person no clear your name
level propagate what that but will cut you
what the best pill
tom cat named o okay a t a g i r i haven't been for you make them
this is purpose of giving me the name car
pompey in can solve your own with that out
the on your business are you get the in terms of the business
the you need
you need
going to say are
ah how bad how viable how buyer for you personally it in you are you been
they have to have to give the your own name car
you don't care if you don't care as he wants the petition you are but in gaffney for daphne's first important thing is a was producing cut the game is then you got the time friction
destiny teacher of cynthia
so a bio oh the cut the gate personality
if vick arrived
not only in terms on
my first smiling
but also
in terms for all
my attend circumstances
then federer or position
or ninety three or a man
not be kept in japan
the order to in order to arrive in order to express express
he local nation
one small montana
the we need
we need is all the his
he's he's personally i he's a ten circumstance offences
st john's then center
or tough on know america
or americans

because the this personality only did personality cannot exist on
this personality is the combined by the conditions
what society
with discord united states called tap out for them better score japan and thought

oh i'm an example a you know
if a bill from this point the an example is
he dumped me sir word kept me so i'll be showing the japanese sentence
why i like a dog i'd like adopt english you say i like adopt the in gaffney i dark like
i don't like
completely be
ah aids are completely arrow grab graph and he group the
oh we're completely out of rod lodgepole and a way of understand
the in english you say i like blog the i a family dog gay completely object of the bird life
but in job me he founded i an object dark completely crop
live together i don't like
but for japanese don't have any doubt
for this and
then people and fan for to a without any doubt i i don't write or you like dot the
but in a movie to say i don't like
it doesn't make sense why i don't like

but in english i like a dog
the i am completely tomlin
whatever happens
no was the first now functional value of a complete a personal by whatever happens
i also to be complete always object
copies of is dumb

but in job needs that way i don't like
he founded an object
i'm completely one
it's me it meant
even i even found that is no object
are completely t
yeah vivi nor different viewpoint the between the two
the value the value with the to have
a completely one completely one
but in terms of
english language i like dark
a hundred completely found the object is completely object

i think you know
they even though be
a wheel
the if a new stage in english
the these a great idea weight the you try to legalize the personal body
as as dark as a favour and the you
but the way home is in good condition
a different to became the way of understanding in europe and in audience
the coins
the anyway all things a created by one thing
what is it
the is always all powerful and human problem
i can be solved by the application of science
then tried to push the bottom of the connected couture
the bad ones

then he left your the from this point is big value for for will be

the only things with with comes for come phone lucky computer
r o reg
oh how all pop
the cold yet to come from the in always very funny because he left the computer is all pop
but let them think
it doesn't come from lecture computer or not but
so maybe in future
ah by the computer i think he can the the human human the all human problems
i will be solved by the application or why get can do so don't it's not necessary to do that
if you want to the a different solution
ah tried to if you want and want to sit meditate in trying to think that in front of that lead to computer
the them
this is progress
so the
the worm level the computer a all coffee

the we have to follow
there are any post
the paul on left to computer
he's that all recognition of any other thing
so about kind relationship prevention a
just the key is kept the always just the became
the and video in
the at the became he individuality and
the actually conclude computer with jeeves or path
not the a-hole whole being
all human life
my body through
the even though you don't believe the body
even though you don't believe
the existence of buddha
the is he doesn't care
the bodies will put them emphasis on
the nature of boot maker
what is what is kept what is always kept by individuality
whatever situation in mediocrity or maybe
you are be shiny or you are buddhist or in our conclusions
what what if kind of religion
it doesn't matter

but and why wouldn't you put emphasis on the nature of human nature with
in underlying essence that orphans to being possessed with is very important point
even though you don't believe
worry through the great water
wherever you are

not all day
the buddhist are also too
also say should be
this bought a buddha-nature is based on interdependent rows of interdependent
the border is not from certain either conception conception of the awesome which is called buddha with you can't go and thought
buena buddha completely identifies himself with
the lawns of interdependent
not worth the value of cosmology
identifies itself with
the by all
hey attend circumstances
the present the presence of other people or society and nation
now all sentient being grass classes were threatened by bushes
all kinds of for bases
the individual and video himself cannot exist at all

and video himself
must exist
a being supported by
your towel and
your society your nation your friends your parents to your test with them run
an odd thing can be
this is loads of interdependent
to get the wrong from interdependent for cold would need you are gonna with human being this that
i am
the interdependency call what it's called the value of personal bug
what's it called individual the
in boys
so would have had come to me and often you are
come to me a come and look at the reality yourself as you are
in what situation you may be
the brief come first and look at yourself and you are with his first important for who first about month open your mouth open

nope we were i able to see yourself but you are and also to see not only yourself but you are and also the attention be adults
but things
i'm afraid d
the i don't want he gave the what i want i will speak a little bit is not to criticize criticize or christian this is just example case
the i want to i want to be different to pretend to know where it's right what what he's got what you got would too bad it's the tough to i don't want to but i don't want to point out with the gut with the path it
i was worried worried me now always good
the crew tiny is not always bad
ha christian is krieger more worries me is pretty bad if not
so ah i want to the sure the them
the amazed if you read the bible and thing
ah i think the all sentient beings are all things are created by god
what is all part of mine with code online
did you got

on the bases all the existence of god with all mine
the person bio a victimize under the name of god with teeth all powerful all my
then he each individual is very well
they live happily is by womb
tom is what valuable
with you by
and then we have to the have to give the same thing they have to help each child
call it will work
it is very good
but the purpose of are helping and a to pay back to pay back
he some some of things i wrote it or not of by and wanted to you flown the got pan through the to what
in other words
to help the people a
to do something to do something as a service to the got with the my and
think so
if it is some misunderstanding and saw i have to apologize in finland
but i'm not
a qualified to explain in detail the principle of christian and this is just general ah understanding through my head

so the they have to have any course to help each other
read compassionate theory
hard for you
through the billions in variety of charitable work
he ordered to show
he can be a kindness
i'm service and service to the god
what is all my
but important to them it is very different thing
the to help the people a to help people to help the people a to help the people he called each individual individual possesses
he was a nation
what did not give him by
not all my
something which is all parts like computer labs to cook
the a where you are whatever kind of religion you believe human being possessed the boilermaker this is basic and stanley
oh boy
what is good we have a precept five precept with ten present
a point of he's not to the present to give given by god as the owner you should do that
unleash the buddhist priests that a to help all sentient be to improve
the heat on living just awareness which is called his own bournemouth
that's why please don't take the once life in vain
it's not something or it's not something like order
the prince of a prince of his aura given by get by thorough be the almighty
storm power
at that time the have you have to have been strong prevention
the personal relations
a ring the almighty phone call
not on the whole
but the buddhist precepts
a considered on the whole on the whole
not to burn he precept is not the innovation became the fruits and eat at the first man for individual and the buddha
he precept is observational precept a to keep that eventually became the individual the including all should be
the obligation of of is to improve improve the all sentient beings
he only to make him he wanted to wait they're running this awareness which is called intimate
that's why we don't take one life in vain
a visit
what is to prison young band the middle of a difference between two
the basic way of understanding is very different
but increasingly they tried to help others the to in order to ah show he
he he added prevention toward god
put a who create awesome to be
so first floor before you open your eyes and look at yourself as you are increasingly there is something something new
which is called got so if you can believe the god
kelly it's pretty hard for you
to let the existence of the presence of christianity can come into being in this world in your daily life
some first of all and any course you have to believe
agents of god
because your television
ah the ancient age to can you and got not you an authentic
the m word isn't nation is of a pet became you an orphanage
the all all seconds
this is different point

so if you if you are ah ah if use some
ah if you're the obey the precept
a thinking critically
we have to the t very strong punishment
go to the hell
the bulletin safe to go to the hill
but sometimes any time you can come back it is for it
but in christian go to the health the top bunk about it in a home
you never come back
how did it and some difference between two
i don't know what you're good with to back that up to you
so i think he each was
must consider what he got tested you agree it
in town so
we are thinking in europe
it came on again
what individual me
what is individually
so i made a mistake by using the interdependent as instances quiver
so i will write to call the independent be in terms of interdependent stay in the united states so i said and also made the nation is completely at peace with all the way
we often see this is baker
not only we've got
not only with car but also but also also we all seem to be this is painful
if you can't believe the god the presence of god that's okay first the important point is offering i first five budapest come to me a look at the algae agree
why should we watch we do cat
visit interdependent lots of interdependent usl term in just a law whether your neighbor
whatever kind of purpose of you'll want
you want to practice loving in depth for for in game depths of the mounting the in the deep mountain
feels good
but even the mountain adventure bay of with evan the give the mountain is also a part of to
funding that's why wait if will come back to the city like mine is completely distracted by di di di
whenever you may go wherever you may go you yourself town is just the along
because your i just
ah and burn the presents all also tv
many things supporting anything pointing not all right now all my many things we support ubi

so the in the a conception individually three body to a
to lick on i
the presence of all stage and be
the individually in conception of and visually
so interdependent and independence day of the united states
he's based on interdependent state
oh man
i don't know really good bye
up to you
mp what you have to do his first is of your i
and cut yourself watch itself
what is interdependent
what is individually