June 1st, 1971, Serial No. 00296

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together tools
ah i wanted to ash
you one more chance
to give a lecture
tabor to buy a shit rosh tonight
but i missed this last chance to my regret
so yesterday or her instant of her picture i have to do

d e e
the the monkey
dogan didn't you have says
ah dogging he instructed
it is easy enough to give up on one strife or to set size of one's flesh he she saw it
this is travel would just called tuesday through
i don't know why i cut his father
every tuesday night
particularly when i give lectures
i got to travel so someone says it is court tuesday through
yeah it is easy enough to give up one's life or to slice of once flesh hands or feet if one feels so inclined
worldly affairs the same things can be done because of an attachment to fame or profit
but it is difficult to harmonize the mind as it comes into contact to with events and things
when students conceive the desire to discard their lives
the huge claim their minds they should come their minds for a while
they should consider whether what they have to say or do conforms to the truth if it does then they should say and do it

the is they once more can i will read it is easy enough to give up one's life or to slice off once flesh hands or feet if one feels so inclined
similarly in laundry affairs the same thing can be done because of an attachment to fame and profit
but it is difficult to harmonize the mind as it comes into contact to with events and things
when students conceive the desire to discard their lives they should come their minds for a while they should consider whether what they have to say or do conforms to the tools if he
does then they should say and do it
i had done
oh one on my friends
oh who was
the doctor was a doctor for ears and nose
day when i discussed about buddhism with him with sometimes the topics
ah concerned concerning the medical treatment
in our day
during discussion
he said there
they interesting point
the circle a circle do
he said since it a circle i i forgot though the main point before and after what the this doctor said about this circle
the anyway he said the a so-called concert and consist off
are nonetheless ah the the a is apexes of triangles
two industry
this is fay interesting
did meaning is very simple at the stories a simple a circle consists of
is apex is so what trying
so i that and that time yeah that's right
but i thought always a is so cool i didn't notice a bad thing
soco consisting of for a novice apex is so for triumph has right
but as you know so well
the when you try to understand
his circle or saku saku as it is this is very important point and very difficult point to understand to catch it
to grasp it what the truth of the triangle as and a circle as it is
t i think are the i think the
and to solve that the tooth of a circle
when you try to understand
is not too
it's not the the idea of for cool
socal that as so consisting of numberless apexes of trying when you analyze it
to consider to ana to consider what the numbers the apex system for triangle is
so what is the to so far circle as it is
a truth of consent so cool as it is is not the idea of so idea of so cool
consisting of anonymous apexes of a triumph would to what what is huge as support it
a nor too concerned to a thing to consider
the to consider day the it's a component factors hill
andrews not to analyze not to analyze the so-called pill
the truth of the so-called is not the idea of circle and nor
the ape number of apex is over triangle
so er what is it what the truth of a triumph

according to the maybe a western thinking a fee car the laser
ah couple of whale for a day as few whale for understanding or something object know
take according to or and
a electric
dialectic will for dialectic where one standing
the which ah hago hager consist hager a emphasized as
thesis antithesis and synthesis it's not necessary to explain about this point because of or of you know so well

and then the this is one way of understanding of so you
the tooth of the so-called the gather one second is
a second were a the the second way of understanding is according to the
now be killed kilgore i think so i thought i don't remember it's up to anyway
the way of understanding in dialectic than dialectic way of understanding in quality
in quantity
he on the earth in a day the lease are alternative detriment in alternate judgment is open to your blade to visual brains so you can make a choice or something and the toys you can
to this or that
but third point is as mentioned what as mentioned to already
the tooth of the soccer is not the idea of struggle
young earth day
the a of yeah and neither the idea of a circle nor
the number of apex is so far trial that detroit
so display in according to this way of understanding in a dinner to ah
the you know the according to this way of understanding the you can denied the boss you know
this the idea of circle or the a apexes of trying
he owner to wait you trying to understand what they're trying want to soak ways
as it is
so at that time what to do what shall i do what should you do
then i think when you try to understand though the truth of the triangle is like there is a to question
the a day the implication of the circle implication of the true aspect of the so cool
is represented by the two questions how to see how to deal with how to receive
the truth of the trying and truth of the circle
and second is how to deal with
how to receive you is so in how to receive how to deal
it not soak the to understand the truth of the so ways not to understand the idea of a circle or not to analyze the number of the apex is of triumph so how to accept how to grasp it how to deal with
this is question
and also this is true to his tooth of truth which that the so cool
itself in tears
how to how to deceive how to accept
then in buddhism this point his point is code the king key is opportunity opportunity
opportunity is as fishery as you to ah what would you call to in the as coverage of personal relation with something or socal
when you come into contact with some feature
hey this is opportunity so the question is not within not within the as so queer itself and not within the
i do at the ap number of texas of triumph not within the
myself who is trying to understand it
so well is the truth of the tie as so-called you
but buddhism says second buddha says it is key the opportunity key an opportunity
two as wish the personal irritation with a soccer itself
so the
devers everything everything the that it comes into contact with
exist a is turns in
for essence food essence of regulation the liberation which ms the opportunity
which is open opening in front of you in
opening in front of you
so not only they're not only the subject of the circle
in the but also the same is to be set of any kind of for things which you which you come into contact with
whatever you do rector
so what the truth of the letter is what what is the truth of the vector in it in terms of my opinion
speakers as pigs what's the truth of the electric
the truth of directors is within the speakers that i don't think so
within the reason i don't think so

the buddhism the dump attached don't touch don't touch to any kind of things know i will you try to comes come into contact with anything
so buddhism says the opportunity
because each run each one the and speaker which is called kentucky
is complete a free you know that to you envy listener is free as a listener
i cannot i can force you can force you to stay here

so you are free as a listener a m free and speaks
so important point is written is the truth of her listener of a speaker
the buddhism doesn't tend to stick to a any any things anything's because it is always changing throwing in the stream or river like warren
so we have to think that five buddhism and put emphasis on the opportunity opportunity opportunity which ms
by what by what everything exist everything exist in full revelation in for reparations this is the key then the dog and and says it is called zinc
think they is now whole
key is up to me the whole being deal for function full function of money have full function of what would you go off it's pretty difficult for a warm for trinity
the do you understand and full front
the for essen so far up to me
revelation or manifestation
to everything exist in the domain of full function of in regulations as speakers and listeners as a tree and grass
even a tiny flowers
which blooms which blooms it anthracite lot
we're normally attention to

the this full function is very important
full essence of opportunity for essence of revelation

so are important point is
how to how to use how to receive full essence of revelation
who essence of regulation manifestation
by would everything exists as it is

for this
i think in or there
if you understand this point you know
when you try to understand the truth of the circle as it is
understand the speakers as he is
lesnar dismiss as he is

the you have to understand the whole situation not only the a motto and not only a matter surrounding a about you not need not only the matter of your own yourself
but also the whole circumstances so you have to understand
he the the if you understand this point
you have to and know care you have to deal with you have to receive something carefree carefree
with who had needs something like that very carefree trying to understand the yourself and all circumstances which around you

so a now the we we are making the okay sir
ishida rashi explains so how to make the case of

the we tried to make those or
incomplete the arrangement of materials colors and measurement
we tried to deal with my tales or curls or measurement with careful attention with care for teach
based on the full function of your brain anyway for of food essence manifest a full manifestation of your brains and thought the mind and body then how to deal with it how to receive with

and this is fay important so they must first to the these students are think or i don't want to read the book i don't want to study and just does i want to
they want to just the to sit meditation without studying without her consider consider him the himself carefree

knows the this us something wrong you know
because everything has everything is everything the shores its own for essence of manifestation reveal which ms the truth of their circle to serve yourself
we have to understand this point
for this we have to deal with something with care for tea
so as not to disturb yourself and also others
this came for teaching his fame
so when you try to make an okay sir
the buddha always concentrating on
making a case out so as how to make the okay so
so as not to disturb himself and also alamos

a order to to improve in order to improve in order to cultivate personality
cultivate the buddhist practice

for this that we have to understand their the situation of your physical body
and the situation of state of your mind
human mind then you have to make your case

this is practice deceased practice with the bureau they put the emphasis on
and then next moment neck stiffness and then as the next step
you should forget you should throw away any kind rule in you should forget throw away the complete arrangement over materials and colors and immersion
then how to accept then you tend to the a name for i take refuge simple

in the he have to forget this any kind of rules
would you the deal will you deal with with a deal with you handle when you handle something with careful attention

you know dave
dueling there
the case of crass i always have been help i have for n
ah been looking at the situation
of the case a crass of the crass and also the pupils situation students situation
you know they pay interesting i've i have fond you
particulars titles or private prisons in pam personal you went to the each individual possesses
will you try to do something with corporation
someone tried to show is on the is showed the type of for a grossness equal business or husband assailed by egoisms eagerness
very interesting
i'm rocking a healthy looking at the situation the case across all tip was the situations students teachers with carefree care flotation

i think they don't know exactly what they do

he know the
when you try to make okay so when you in will you join
the cross and don't kiss of class
listen tree is she's always said we have to make we have to finish in okay so your own case or till the june sir
so the priest help each other's
we don't have enough data to we enough time to finish
of course the in individual must try to try to make every pass for effort to finish
his own or and also
other socks or two but
the students are asked to forget
the helpful for others so case

before is this when you will you write this thesis
the on the occasion on the occasion of graduation from scan carnage you
the teacher said that ryan is such and such doing third you have to it he able to concentrate on writing diseases
from the day morning to night
this is true
the in no case of class innocuous across the issue either oh she says please make every possible effort to make your own okay so and also a help others
because we don't have enough time

but in this
this said sir
a couple of day i found a vey interesting i events in the morning some students the sword that you
i think it is all right now i am meant to cook
criticize having the crowns of java
you have to understand what you are doing now
this is very important not only you owe yourself but also you have to understand others

i don't mean that the dupont fancies not wrong
that's okay you
pets all right but what if you have a time
to the making the japan why don't you the mit the concentrate why don't you the trying to make a whip and try and why don't you the making they ever possibly over to finish the your own kiss and
if there is enough time why don't you the help others i want to i want to tell you this point
not criticize so from this it ms you have to understand whole situation you not your own yourself but also the whole situation you have to understand cambridge what you are doing

ah then think the with with the interrupt of sense you understand solo flute you are what to philosophy is what they years
what zen center is you understand so well
but he ordered to where you've tried to understand the truth of you have you on the truth
the true aspect of yourself have you arrive as it is
on occasion on the occasion of making okay so
oh joining joining the making the or of crass
we are apt to miss something
that's why we need to practice and the guidance of the teacher teacher says you should do this press today's please do that

you know day one of for japanese calligrapher
ah explained very important point are when you tried to plug his colleague of japanese calligraphy
the when you try to the study the dampness kangra faith i hope i think i think you you made study that what k graphy is like through the book then you know
no you have an some ideas
how to how to make a inc
how to hold the brush

the ice i think
you know not only i'm the you think you know
it is very easy easy it is where is it to make an ink on eye on inc stone which is called the similarly companies
a with ink stick interesting

the inks tom has pinkston is lay flat as torn with windsor with the tent
on on which are water is kept

the month of the craig references to you please make inc than okay it's crazy easy to make a ink so you pour the water
they point which is court this this dent a dent is called in on the dent
a dent pot that pot of for inks stone is called the ticket point
the poor the pan and pour water into the pond know recklessly and then use contours rub down route down in on the width or an ink stick in a kiss
you think and not only you i think so
but will you try when you want to master the calligraphy calligraphy
you have to understand how to make inc you have to understand the the situation of the thinks town or inc stick
all the situation of your physical body situation for your mind
before you draw rights as little

then we need we need a practice and the guidance of the the dave teacher of calligrapher
the teacher says
you should make a inc in that way like this it's and so on then the this calligrapher says
he found the some very important point
what is a secret point secret point

the the teacher
i put the just a drop works not into the pond
no flat plate flat surface just the one i just drop of the water then he rubbed down he rammed down again and again
and the in the water
is a getting a sticky and getting sticky
and then
the he
put the one more drop of water to thin this fic inc
and then
they're pushing this ink into the pond with you not their ink stick slowly
they did this full of the calligrapher of they gain enlightenment something like that like because it's something so defined that something like me that's right
how to make a inc
but actually
the thirty dollars to very important secret points more than that
because he doesn't understand he didn't understand how wrong how wrong he should rub down
and how size how how house bigger how big
how much how much you know how monster he should to put the i dropped from water
even a drop of water depends on the container and safe
if you use a big container in a big drop of work
he didn't understand how how how big size of drug war should be put on it or how wrong he should rub down
then he tried to he tried to practice and the guidance of the teacher to master this point
and they he said after that he should he said we should forget this way of making ache

at that time you can master you can't mastered the way of the calligraphy
why do you stick to the rail for making egg how wrong i should rub down to minutes how many times how many times seen the for our ten minutes you would they are new
it's it's something like strange you

of course through raise low
but if you are tied down at the rule you can move an inch and last

to do something without tying and to the being tied at the room
you have to practice and the guidance of the teacher
this is fame
it ms to try to understand the whole situation or the whole situation of you arrive and also the whole situation of all circumstances

then dogan than says it is easy enough to give up one's life for to slice of ones fresh in ends or feel fit a one feels so inclined
similarly inwardly worldly affairs the same things can be done because of attachment to fame profit but it is difficult to harmonized mind as it comes into contact with events and things
if of the mind as a comes into contact with events and things when students conceive the desire to discard their lives there should calm them minds for a while anyway come down
you can
and what to what to over yourself
what do you are doing
they should consider whether what they have to say or do conforms to the tools
if it does then they should say and do it
so thing is not to emphasize
doing something at random
without any irritation mean
we have to handle anything with careful or consider considering occasion
then after that you should forget
he ordered to forget this careful attention
you need to plunked and the guidance of the teacher

i wish had on this done
the circle
i think er en
you shouldn't we in order to understand the socal as it is you can ignore the presence the presence of the numbers apexes of a triumph
you cannot be more day
the idea over socal also
then how to do how shouldn't you don't win
there is nothing to handle
but the list just one things to be left behind you this is opportunity this is opportunity the which ms which is represented by for essence of the link revelation
by what everything exist
it is called zinc
his name think the whole beans for the whole being so functions with everything possesses
the truth of the so-called is represented in the form of the to question how to receive how to antwerp with
that's all there is no question
there is no no definite to finish no definition what to do you should do this there is nothing
then there is only one the only one sick face
which is open to you it is the opportunity
it is opportunity
you have to deal with this off to the

when you do doesn't will you do doesn't

please enlighten me
think of what enlightenment s

what is it doesn't
wait for you are
even though you'll continue to think for you are what does it is like
countries there is
no definition definition what something is food you are
but you can leach you can lead you can lead nearer to the goal but what is it seems it seems enlightenment it seems the complete explanation of zazzle what they can
eight explanation on food you are here kisses i but we need the moment the district before you're trying to catch it
he's gone

a completely nothing nothing too
this parts
his point who you are what does it is like then always you ask yourself what says he is who you work for i am

this question is v input

so are you try when everybody are busy or doing something to with doing something
when the people run
we have to run don't walk
when the people walk with calmness you've tried to walk with comes
even though at that time you don't understand exactly why i have to walk
you say oh i'm busy

so wait you join new a kiss across you tried to understand the present situation which is going on moment after moment you are you have to understand the situation or case across whole situation
k surprise whole situation of yourself
and then do your best
to accomplish
to be successful in doing something
this is fay important
so everybody did the all students are very busy finishing door case their own guessing
the if you have a time
if if you have
to help the others after finishing making your own case
why don't you to helping the others instead of for making the your own javan
any time you can make advance
but to kiss of process or is very difficult to handle case of class anyway
you know
i like to give our opinion about the g place
that said it's this class has been gone on long time oxon did you know i am not the what i'm merely is not the criticized to criticize okay
the massive not
okay i understand it or hold a website like those of us who are able to come in to on
doing so but there is a limit to how much you can do without becoming teeth and become careless and work
working five hours days a long time
same small yeah it's good idea
why didn't you join
why didn't you joined the japan no i didn't die it's army
why not all running
there is no reason there is no reason why have to response this
because you day country compared essen for essence of determination know those determination is not within the tape
consideration or not or consideration
your device you should do it that's all
the you should in the domain move to just doing this point
do you think there is er somewhat the a some amount of discussion why you don't join the cocaine into the two bunkers to why or case across why don't you join a case of seen here for days
when some reason i mean yes i didn't understand that
i don't have them my life in terms of doing with the group does not seem everyone run
i don't understand my life i know what you're do much when i want do you know what they were running rivers but you say it was joining the group
even if you wanna do a you want to practice or you know one virtual of helping others
but you also say you should use do what everyone's doing even if you want to do something
handstand to mint
i mean you said we should they are walking you can learn a it we should walk him
do you got something to do is so so the row and how others saw the road but you see everybody else is doing something different there are also unsure why don't you just join them even if you want to do some individual half day very different situation now
woman and moon cake
you have your own situation
he knew a student who join a guess across however their own situation
which is called joining the case across
he should understand yourself why are you are joined in some cases there so don't look round here
i mean that you when you when the people ran you must run
it mean that of it
it don't walk around when you look around you have lots of questions why
of course i understand
mammoth different person you say not to look around but then you need to train with you looked around to understand the whole picture of what the people were doing you want
the practice and how they saw another person outage it's like been so we use a natural around because you come up with too many questions for example you came up with the question why did you bang life
that's already do you are the what you sent is already into introspective processing and sets or something like that but when you don't wait you jump into the war of you
don't put into the ocean it was so unfortunately you can sweep
can you can you and can you consider their local on do you have enough time to walk around
i don't think so
the second morning bullet says when when you are somebody hit than poison our view the someone immediately someone tried to pull off you said oh just a minute what do you tried to you can do you think the you would try to understand
land and what the kind of for poison is or for hit me he showed me
i think there is no no month of discussion in
he not take
individual have complete different situation style you know he have to understand this point and then nevertheless the less a place to base a case where you can you can cooperate
wait you're understand your own situation based on the completely different
at that time you can be free you
for years since you are ill looks like or fish in the water
if you don't and while you don't understand and for you are am not finish and will like a water
you can sweep
you can tell you can see say important point is you have to understand yourself based on the completely different situation one afternoon
now your situation you're listening
but says peters speaking in the situation will be mind is very different in woman after the moment you have to understand this point not on the physical viewpoint speech of view point you have to understand this
and then and they have to have to stand up stand up right in the middle of your own situation without looking around
that not do
does to stand up is to understand all being of yourself yonder was the idea of homes zen buddhism says the idea of wholeness which you can never be poor tries to cries
and summed up
it can this his whole this is it
in the back in no project away where you recommending i misunderstood i thought you're recommending that i've examined what the others are doing and to evaluate
see like you looked around and saga nor you know you talked about two ways it's breaking the circle and i thought it was doing like to look around while people were doing and to evaluate it was similar to things it would be a person's and then your head to do that
first important is to accept straightforwardly your own situation right now ratio k
and day if you through this action trapped you understand what
what you are doing
and they you will it comes it comes to understand the it's component factors of the so-called or yes so great a consist of for known for it's a texas of tribe the understand carefree
you mean that if you just saw and you just repeat the are taking hammered in the water you will understand the whole situation without him actually look yet
this is important
this is see that absolute place
the absolute praise by a you are free
you are free


don't misunderstand k i was just meant one music
it may have to work overtime already
that's just right
i'm psyched

but that's just take some
the understand how how much care for attention how much you deal with something carefree

this is seventh example because
if she didn't realize you have started to new okay so yesterday
three three more days left
how came finished the making this kiss but he did she did
let's cock she did she does not
nevertheless even though she she's glad you she brought home at his or her nose
she started
because she understand the whole situation in
even the is anyone even among prison for can't make finish make your caesarean
so as to attend the ceremony special sam
she cried that will try that not only see
we have to understand this effort

eh eh
asked what
to understand once jewish
i'm working
sam work that's what i should be doing that might ask i'm work know that's one
that's what one understanding
but said see how i you're sick
i'm working i'm also sick
working and sick sad hope not
said that's just a small
and with a teen vogue
this possibility or conflicting understand conflicting
conflicting her understanding so the same situation think no one would say to continue to work because that's what i'm doing the i would say to stop or she said

sacred self is not something wrong k
so it's not necessary to stick to attach to stick to the idea of as safeness
too much but when you sick appears have to take care of sick k