June 1971 talk, Serial No. 00303

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have to the proceeding
our father
a lot to are
some are possible
tap the file or wrote sutra
a war along
who are good
ah poop out who is from time to attend this him
i have one
to contact you
a long sunscreen
one long one
the company the wrong hands
but being a right to baboons
constance who tang from time
jump the prime
ah many goal her
who at that time
a world on on one are proclaim to maha the chopper
and the great disciple
good good chopra has well stated
the tatar a real man
truly it is as he has said
the duff come one
let's come one moves the power
the thus come one also have to come to ago limit price of marriage
if you were for incomparable million are conference to tell of them you could couldn't finish
his support you are to know
the love come one is the king of the dumb
oh he has anything to say it is never been
we're all dumb or confirm
why we don't to with them and how cocked his head
he said them for
the dumber dumb of the he reaches all without exception lead to the round of all known who all knowledge
the love from one see and know that to with all downloads and that to work they are
are the dues
he also known what the profound hope of all living beings do
penny plating them without of the on the top ah
the latin
while the more with respect to the bomber is perfectly clear demonstrating all manner of wisdom to that be
casa is like grandsons three plan and or forest
as well done many a
many know heard their allied he said federal the name and com each different what's the mountain and level that go against and volume on the
are you on
a thick crowd spread out covering the whole universe
and raining down on it he born at one and the same time it's including reaching everywhere
the grass and trees
the chance and past
on the medical or medicine or her whether a small small for small branches and small name was on the middle middle top middle branches and middle reel or a ride you
lonzo right granted and large dream
also on the big and small with a high middle or low
the the thing summer wind
what was rained on by the same crowd in keeping with its laser vein who far in five and it's rotten and
read out and blue
no produced by the same or

ah much to and more stunned by the same rain
yet the grasses and trees or how their differences
the next new paragraph
a chopper
you aren't to know that to the thus come one is also like this
he appears the in the world
and the great cloud rising
are with the sound of his great voice he forbade the world
with they've gotten its men and it
a demons the stars that red crown coverage the lines of the our universe
in the midst of a with a multitude
you're pokemon
on the world
i am the last one
the one runs the rookie on offering
he weren't on right and universal universalize
you are poor quality and conduct a perfect
the well gone will go one
the one who understand the world
the and it found worthy
the one who read my name of his project
the teacher on god and man
awakened one
the world down on one
don't you have not yet closed crossed over i'd never to cross
no who do not need to understand i paused to understand
those not yet a p i put up there is
no not yet
in nirvana i enabled to attain nirvana
when this age and for later age ag i know thing as they are
a am the one who knows all the one who sees all
the one who knows the path he won't be opens up the past the one who pages the path
he think he
the how bust
he married all
targa top
eight needs painted by the way of introduction of this chapter five
a fortune taking the polygraph
in this link fence
wherever you are nobody got me
a clever were war or poverty
where would they are
man is entitled to leave only see
american war of one essence coming down found the big crowd
and they wrote
we have great growth
and witness
on one earth
and the fame
the for
you can resolve whether you are crucial for all
why not
in the new
what it says
the birdsong the buddha is like this
like the water or one for one se coming down from the crowd
hobbling the whole unit
when he said i am a target
on the palate
i am the ta-da i am the one was he a warframe
i am the one or right the new tonight
i am the one food quality and conduct of perfect
i am the well gone one
i am the one who understand the world
and be a it sound good
and one who niggling men have patched patched and the teacher gods and men
i am awake new one and the word another one
i would like to er
what's the town at the me
it filled the taliban in sanskrit
our means
the something put on the one from a
going and coming in function in fitzpatrick
when jays nakedness
and the world's to of days the one who has
very same path
and the anime to supreme enlightenment
how which is
he frequently
the epithet on the buddha
you know so well the buddha east
one a boy is a regular one
melrose the buddha age the one who has
continue to constantly to walk one by one step by step
wait comfort
the t a meeting all would
if so
the delhi fun
the interesting question ah
the gautama buddha fame
to his disciples and to he ah
hello ottawa
as to
the buddha as to the waking one as to the pilot
the in the most of the oldest in august two for with this code arguments
ah the the least the may interesting story
our which
the buddha gautama
our bridges
some aspect of buddhist teaching than disciplines that all the buddha butterfly
to the person who was about to pass away
his name is on
when the mccully lived
and the in the ah
he got the name of file named of the pounds in sanskrit
our and magadha
the my god
the country off the manga
i with the apart to by a serious second
then he decided to stay
an actor
sanam his house
ah as the hot as the house where a feminist
our one of the hasty been lee
he ordered to take care of a second
when he couldn't so
fine all
he covered ah
he couldn't show a fail mcconnell
and the his turns and is it's tentatively commonly he said to be hopeless
then buckley
thought that
he wanted to see
ah the secondary buddha shakyamuni buddha
are these dying
the collection
the the bucket friends
i'm serving
our one cent
add to the secondary buddha
who lived
at the bottom five monastery
when a company water
came to the buckley's you
he said
the think the face
the last day
and ah
the last day on my life
so i want one too i wanted i wanted to see you even one and my time limit
that current secondly would have sent to a balcony
he's about to pass
it is of no use a absolutely have no you
even though you can have a toast to fee
gautama buddha
think of bali a about to decay
we have to see important point a you have to see
the dumb
important point is
the second one would have said to the the buckley who reads about to compliment
he said to her
when to stay with
statement said to the bay and in the statement to the buckling
which seems
what seems to be the shark great
to the buckley going to be bound to pop
he got he wanted to see the upcoming europe
i immediately he said in a of are you even though you can have a toast to see
gautama buddha of food
the physical body a about to decay
important point is that all you have to do is to see the dump
the thinking the testimony buddhist life
okay imagine how difficult
the second many bruder the explain the pharaoh a difficult a principle of would have one
are you think
the wacom vocabulary in sanskrit or pie in way
he i think
the was
nothing else would count ronnie would shut them when he would i can you
the order to its place hurry
the the for a ruthless
but and that kind
the word was second wouldn't worry you
was dumb
so dumb with a very important
he asked them to voters a body to
the answer
he asked on buddhist philosophy
how the done my ears
are literally speaking
meaning wrong
ah maintenance or pub meal and nano not maintenance
neither was down my age to see putin the thief or to maintain
we weren't done very traces the oh it's so
on the word
main or persevere if its way into the point but we have to take into account
in this one is the dumber what you mean to proceed on to add to the thief or to maintain
in something weights make all beings exist in the work
who understand how well or not
hi thinking man in a park goal aspect
i'm from the bupa from the viewpoint of last
probably you may explain
the viewpoint of rise with the viewpoint of the world
what if you
how you street
our seniors or speak to
food pursue
a new point in the locker lying viewpoint of the world
he turned from philosophy
he turns on can talk to aspect
i think you world a little nice
does the leaves
a big questions which evade all attempts at the solution
and also
anybody can no one can understand what it is
the alan shepard and the water two percent even though you try to explain what a for
in trouble appeal the time
you can be what in is
he can be learned that really a big problem with you cannot have
you can we help having some dust picked out what human life here who i am boot
why even though you don't understand who you are what the new point ride and of the world is luck
one exists
like now like here you exist like now live here going beyond and check this page
what what getting young earth the real question would make you exist what mint you
what make your life
this is the question and nobody know what make you won't make you a not
and also would make your life
he makes you makes you suffer
this you fucking
and also nobody knows what make you fat
the other words would make you
what make you what made you god
what make you grow all or

you can we help for having this big question what made you alive
meghan secondly move up put the emphasis was emptied on this point the what make your life what makes make you grow older what meet you
god what make you grow the death

then ceremony be removed the world tom
what you meant to be to proceed to maintain
you don't know what if you don't know what a but anyway something make your life what is it may be code number with me something the theme you from team support you from him maintain

and this is a dumb
what is question a what a what is the morning the dumb
as mentioned before he done with his them but is to perceive the a threat at the to perceive the presence of the to perceive the human being
in the reality of the present moment as moment
no there was what the what what what is it thompson what did it up what what's the thomson from the done
what make you alive what makes you a lot
what makes you grow older what make you
go the death
then secondly buddha he explained explain
at this point using the word
a teacher from of powder in sanskrit
a picture some pot
ah which mean
i'll rise in which means the alighting on the ground all condition
what some time it's recommendable reuse the word
but madonna madonna with me
the trying down to flying done to or foundation or oddity
meet down
getting the pharaoh
and unique
our different meaning between the two madonna and a teacher some potter
i need to have put some emphasis on things
our conditions and by what all beings a produced
the condition sounded a condition
a addicted somewhat cannot be to put for emphasis on
the being in its nakedness
the all being alive or beings are produced
on the ground off
the condition
and this is a teacher some part
so anyway from this point the dumber our a's for shakyamuni buddha
he being in it
being in it nakedness
or the role role by what all being produced on the ground up condition
c e m money through

the question
as mentioned before
what made you alive
what make you grow older
he ordered to explain
the summer the path have predicted fruit powder
a being in its make amends with or being for by condition
ah secondary water
try to
the the that on
conditions conditions
he ordered to subscribe subscribe what made you alive would make you grow older
he took when boot up question
to check on buddha asked to his disciple what make you alive was make you grow older

it is
a teacher some of us
the being in itself or being in itself would all be
alison on the ground all condition
no so
the second would have says
his disciple

the good friends my good friends
oh right he
are protected from panda
the other was what is
what a law by what your being
iraq are legally allegiance
on the ground on condition
michael fence
the own and the death
rb on
the discipline of her
ah convincing
the old and new to death
a been found wrong and know
but what all beings are produced on the ground new condition

an hour so
are you can be rather than
the principal all the old and the death
yeah the rose
you can even didn't
then the route on
attachment to confound the old and the death
but this is the statement will be happen when you do that
tell a told the one he'd be fine
have thought that for even the for all
the picture some of pardon
the conditions or even in a naked man
he's not married
i've fixed to convict com sexually
what's with jay-z harmonies
what gym this long
in check to
i'm faculty
the secondly more wanted to power
the old and death
he wins the arm
he's for all a teacher some pot
which means something
the produced by
the condition
anyway all in the death
he's based on
no condition and this is very important
to produce something on the ground on conditions a
nothing to attach
nothing to and touch nothing to rough when a strong attachment
he called everything to a existing exist existence
on the beach is all
the arriving on the ground all conditions
moment at the
there is no fixed can conceptually what is called the old which is called the death which is called a couple uni
when it's cold calm when he called a bot called nancy
and it said
everything they exist
when the ground of cleavage
two am i to allies on the ground or condition
that the probability would you tell what you if you cannot get me wrong
the conditions the conditions
have you cannot the eradicate eradicated the root of all the council condition
a root of condition
you can't get rid all
the root of attachment the root of all the something come on board and the death
yeah bruce
is subjectively sydney
if everything a producer on the ground or conditions
and the least
nothing to grasp with the fix the parchment
will please even and a thing
who come into contact with moment of movies this point would in our daily life completely speaking
yeah was hot one how do how should you handle how should you handle the events and things
on the bases all the principal all
these some addicted some pot
that everything
the arising alighting on ground condition
how should you have
this is ready for how should you handle that means nothing to graph
where the pertinent details category know
i'd say and for you you add the you i will a fight
if i am after by you for you and
so yes i am putting my name is me how do you knew
that's okay i don't mean is something wrong
but important point a the smacking to grasp
with apartment what it's called cup you
you can't even the memo or even the name what is cold cup a day
he's ready for on the principle all people salute pop arriving on the run on condition
if so
how she how should i handle myself
him and i what discord cup again even the test
the south know as know well for wow
what is called company is based on principle of get from a pot
it's nothing to cat
we accomplish attachment what should i can
including physical body including speech will be
why should i do
but unfortunately or fortunately i have a phone you know great agency on each of you
when i see the moment when i see the maverick
my mind start to act to the object which is called the manor or me ma'am

and then add that com media g my thoughts are compelled me to think something or in the could very beautiful
the good

this is nearer to watch me the unfortunately
you can get rid of gift back
but strictly speaking second money would say gotten a buddha says there is nothing to can't wait a cat man
saying or mcgee is my dear god
the he had can't to if it's a continent or really
a moment when i when i am my phone confound me to think of your love
this is already have tattoos with you can get what i can catch in my hand of yes
wave was when you sit and you can you can see the beautiful and right listen know why he lied to me to a body download i film about this was from many of these
sometimes beautiful around sometimes you're a fool later
he between
singing schemes are going

they you think wow that get it
do you think i can see right to thing with you or go to the them a up room the confess what you experience in your examine
saying that the nike
he made in my daddy
what do you think you might say no and sorry for you
it is also sort of division

so you can be completely nothing nothing to catch with attachment what should i was she right hand to myself
if i feel if i fail to give for doctors are not well and not give elected
him but if my leprosy is not so good the sky so poor cat you
but you just my thoughts saying for cut the need to myself that's all but the actually that it's nothing to catch with is cause for company with what give was cool it
if i attack if the if the something to grad with a fat man saying or work at the day
i can give a lecture anymore
no i don't want

but it is nonsense
to understand
how what why how a huge fan myself
in town so
the principle of pizza some pot
rising on the ground of condition
so how should i handle myself
moment after moment there is nothing how you i hand
then frantically subjectively speaking
how i should handle myself a
by what attitude i hate myself
by what attitude i should be confronted way a present from myself
on the baby so
prince of
a moment of the moment
to understanding or myself with this cold category a based on the pizza some particular nothing completely to catch to gloves with strong patent
then should my do

if you in i've met you before if why if the leaf even the slightest like to be to grab raid a party
saying a poor of me
it means they leave something having something to catch with the taxi saying

what is calves lipstick of to have you

on the pie
getting something to cats with a pattern and theme poker game mean that i create
i create
someone some conditions some condition
by whites
by what something is produced by it
lemon when i kept it i can say for
it means i can i produce and for use a thorough conditions
what i can envision

so important point is
he ordered to get rid all a passing coming from on or doublet
to get all the not to create not to create
at certain conditions which you turn invisible this is saying fuck
he said kathy saying this is probably it me a thorough case fell know for well
who a difficult for me to get law
so in order to handle myself
the arab i am
important point is not nothing to create nothing to grasp
nothing to create a certain a certain conditions
which i won't be enabled to
wouldn't be able to invasion
by what
i won't be able to create something
they strictly speaking
in terms of actual practice in daily life
important point is always getting something important points left behind me
what how should i hang me by what in what attitude should i have to myself
by what attitude i have to the them when i am comforted comforted with seven

always believed over questions always questions
when you think of it when you are when the fuck is
when you think of when he jumped the sense that is always question by what attitude i should face
then as a admiration as i have to that
what prompted by speaking
the is nothing to think he gathered nothing to come couldn't compete
to think of it with into your sense but gave me something to show to reveal
to reveal his attitude real he added with called it
what is possibility would be possible to loving woman after woman
by one featuring what attitude she liked and to that handled the them when i when i am confronted with in the ninth
but the moment when you think of what loving
equally it make you admit you compute
one confused to honor was nothing
my even if nothing is based on the case for pizza from a power needs to him so how should you pay with that then
moment up to them you can think of it but leave something to show to reveal that is to hit his energy in the
and choose what you can show you can show moment afternoon
then the dogging than said
you do then
go away everything every the even a good even the bat
the six seven thank you can see in your imagination
she'll throw it
you can see you feel bad you feel bad to form of your dragon
you saw what you should know
then you have a presence of afraid
well but but nevertheless a thorough sort of real reason comes up through my head
what can i do
what we should throw away was that good
when you have some fun doubt
oh okay i sure as i can throw away what the question what i i i won't do it

we've and there is nothing to happen to do
we should slow way that it's nothing
then you have some down there is nothing to do it's masses to do that
no still slow away the idea that is nothing in these mountains to do that

then you think that the new features
she'll throw away that didn't
then you think are is it
what is it
did you know where

and then you have some doubt and you breathe
you believe me it looks like on money
it looks like a trip
he should throw away the quickly
just throw away thinking against a trip
when you think god practice hard can you can experience sort of imagine on different see like me that the
no wait legit
and then so what should i do was shagging when when i have to fit
in the reality of the pregnant
as i have to do rather be in small christian west
and it's nothing to explain
it's vegas all the clips
but there is something to show to leave a catholic
live second
can't cover is by what added to you are comfortably should confounded well as they would you have to do
span spouse week stuns sleep
names sleep with whole how to live
leave with oh how to live called can sleep a
the week
which meant by what attitude you should be confronted with me
as it is
given it's nothing to describe
why is the real party on her sleep
can be that you can
but you can show it can shot
it is attitude and he added you what it's called sleep when as you come into contact with a present threatened of
the young son point
can you sleep can product
but if you think but the even though you're in the you make every past with ever constitute
do that and based on that come with had a myth
you do something with or have the woman app month but the mean something some that
by what attitude should shipped to japan
that's okay let's help
why is it enough in a good enough to handle something as a with or hadn't
and it's always questions left behind
but pleasant n always and means
the v
something to show to review in favor of thinking of a with inches per cent
first choice to revere
the amity the attitude in bob in the in the reality of the credit
this is called stumps is called
why in time for would a five-year this is called dumb dumb
twice a company who a poured the bakary who is about to pass away
and a of no use to have
even though you can have a chance to see me move
physical body a decade
all we have to do is to see the dump
damn to see the damn what is on what altitude
the balcony should be confronted with that said that

that's all
face to face all you have on he has to do is just to face the death
mentioned that some on sunday the one of our ready
a who was that ah
the follows all things cool
your i'm school
one can invite the famous priest
he ordered to ah
make her mind the in rest in peace
ah on the occasion me oh on the occasion or her death
when he asked for her
our please make me rest please let me be can't let me come to bring in last and cheese what can i do
please the says rep turn to the name over me tom than he is already had to attempt to the name of lung power now manager of my love
then see some beautiful manipulation on about this right away sir
but though many a number or body fat then and then they said mom come this way
at that time she was the haiti
what he should do
then she asked the priest was fun i do
the chest
okay lets the time the name of on top again
yes yourself she chanted tank the naval one power than a national dex the moment she father me imagination of the them please ah with the seventy phone
read the the same the head
with the barefoot
and then they said come on way monday night
have you invite you to the pilot
that time she was hate it was should i do
why should i do is the question what would i be something something what and one key things up immediately immediately the moment and saw how we might nation or beautifully like
body fat them free
but please say
all you have to be a that to continue to tenth the name of on top
does to continue to chant the name of uncovered me by what had to he should be confronted way
wait you're a fool imagination or and the know
just a with said that death
reality of the death
without being ready me away with passed away by
beautiful or ugly
imagination or unifor agree roof
oh body fat faction war ally
oh she has to do is just to continue to face
president from the death
that's all
that leaves nothing to say wrong something with death
when he met his phone her
he checked your sense
if you chase after the the day we thank you want to death
we've think checked her into to sense
the probably they may have to continue for him to ask what can i do
which i do a means to be tossed the by post away by
her interest in safe
and is no complete
it's no kids no that
if she wanted to piece to have a piece
have you
he's been rest
oh she has to be a desktop page to page of death
the same as to be said to have our daily life
all we have to do is buy what adage and should he come from the way
have you come into a current of with woman at moon
when you understand this point is
code with
he's code
dumber in turn so
ah principally body

next time i will explain about this war ah
i'm taking and something
ah funny there's some story
oh or children
the company buddha
our mentioned children
he's decided