July 31st, 1971, Serial No. 00263

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over here the day
one of
ah summer streets your consciousness
hmm in buddhism
today are no right to
explain how didn't more about
the its nature it's made you sound by nature some crisis the nature of some cases mind
bees are based on
would you call i
who doubt nice looking
moral make you of neutrality more lethal new it
the in buddhism these subconscious mind is divided into two kinds why is models consciousness ah what is considered as the root of root of
be gone as spiegel
ah the other one is eighth mine on a big no-no with cheese cook which is considered ah as
you call i
bit lock the mark of life when the war human locked
the allied with neonates the meaning of the huge a storehouse
hmm anyway today oh why
the is it the buddhism put the emphasis on the nature of more the more you and team
more nature of new tried
towards sub conscious mind subqueries
anyway the mock manners consciousness is as making before the root of evil due to eagle i think ego for something to ego is the big questions for you you
that why is it the you plug in new plant is the then you
i think some some of you are want to get rid of his subordinates regal what you have
by any way the eagle a the conception of the something to be eagle is question of with to everybody
not go please now only doubt nice but to human be anyway
but the root of the eagle
is based on the nutro are neutral nature neutral nature of morality this is very interesting points and very important point
ah so the ego itself you got itself
doesn't have any particular savage to show me in some stage and be
you say i have a you say sometimes i have very strong ego even though the more the more you talk is that the hard thing the more you find you find the strong evil and was stung route we evil
i can you cannot get rid of the eagle
maybe some a try to try to ask them must how can you how can i get little the eagle
maybe them month says show your evil right now
wait pretty hard to show the eagle picking up the picking up and picking a it up for me or mind this is eagle in a pr
but anyway or whatever it is whatever kind the whatever type of by igor it is
ah it goes without saying that the lease something like an eagle with discord the man and kinds of sniffs or the route to can't eagle crisis vehicle crunch have seen you
the also this eagle kinds of the a's based on the neutral naked or morality this is very important point
i think this have crisis minds subconscious minds is something beyond beyond and motto a team that discussing of the monarch that day
the matter of discussion beyond the motto discussion
and what is invisible you can take you through say we deceive my evil intent you cannot see it so unkind the conception of unconscious and subconscious mind is something beyond
something beyond
ah the cognition function of human condition human condition and it was with kids invisible
then according to delay according to the ah
metaphysical metaphysical our critics at criticism in buddhism that is very interesting ah and things
a dealer a to type on by two types of metaphysical our criticism
ah he ordered to explain
the up all at the amount of be earned the human condition for instance conception of god or conception of brag or sentences and time something like that
the to kind of data to kind of been made a physical or metaphysical criticism embodies what is
our code joking joking which is the doctrine of doctrine of the eternal a town
in tamil
anyway the according to the doctrine of eternal
our eternity ah
a you maintain the idea that there is a something or something like that something is how stage of beings back of for back of fab
a phenomenal world normal this is view point of all a mute point of it turn item me to minds
the second his second is the doctrine of new an annihilation annihilation
the this three is
niall the viewpoint of annihilation with kit which are everything is everything comes to be real will ruined and be be in vain
you know
this is doctrine of
ah doctrine all five annihilation
so embodies in there a to title for dot a bid to type for far too type of dogma dog my is joe eternal easy the other way is dumped doctrine of annihilation
that they all bit ah this seems to be contrived to each other but the this and but they ah they have something in common with the same mother
same subject
they tried to pass a definite judgement on
amara beyond human condition in human cognition
whether whether the for instance south the whether the buddha buddha exist or not
why not
or the god exist or not comfy lanka
that did they tried to pass a definite judgement on amount of be earned human condition
but actually even though you try to explain what they are
what they are it's pretty hard to pass a definite judgement on those sounds and to beyond human condition as to the conception or buddha as to concessional and substantial as some states are kind of sniff
oh god from anton it's pretty hard
they so if you if you try to if your case after constantly what to to five figure out what they are
and falling for you that you are there's something something which is waiting for you to be to to be there to in big word meant in confusion that's all that's all
you will never find figure allowed the definite judgement you will never find never find definite conclusion a conclusion
if so if for at any cost the the function of that we have to stop we have to stop were thinking of thinking of the mara beyond human condition
this is too
no on the body through but the in but also in western philosophy i think that one of by famous a it also for the can't
sit in the same way as what would estate avoided
according to the current come a


want to say time sorry
but cool
the key critique that i could kick hit
according to the current critique of pure reason in purism
the he completely completely
ah the stop giving the stop anthony stopped answering to the question question what
what what fish there whether the human human a human being and human word is infinite or find i knew i like
or the whether the god exist or not for is completely powerful or over a human being or humor word
he completely stopped answering to this question but according to the can't
critique kant's critique all practical reason
he said far he said a he he tried to he tried to explain
ah the
ah how
he ah the
the heat
he mentioned the she mentioned that the
a mission the condition of the
presence of god
to give
a great instruction to human rife and to humor world
see that there is too important point that current completely cobb
anthony to love question whether the god may exist or not the human being is infinite or find my night
and then hand he ah nice
how wait how wait the
it is it is how weird it is to liqun eyes to be cool nice dig
the fact that the gold the existing is one or the human for human so exist constantly even out the death anyway
because a order to ah a order to cow to beat he ordered to card to make human human nature human are rife under better conditions
my embodies he
ah particularly in one fire the buddhist sutras allgemein
we ah stop that anthony we stop answering to this question the in the same way or the current found
according to the intact your fence anyway
but when the other hand a even according to the the critique of the critique all far be practical reason the what isn't scarf unseen to this question whether human being
if human being is a infinite or finite

even though you can find that you can find definite you can i'll find that to pass the definite judgement on the matter whether a human being is human being is infinite or finite
buddhism says it is
it is not to make much it it is not made my job
now the of it is it is oh
oh of no are of no avail
a will unveil a on a cool as save human being phone their thump means yourself this is very important
and then the second winning border then took cut the powerball a one of the palpable as mason they often for anything for you are shocked by the poison out you
dang you're one of your friend tried to kick it out the me entry
and soon as when he for you have something from the point owl
they have that time you set wait a minute well mac no i want to know i want to know what kind of poison the this i'll have what you say when a man who shot me
the moon is m bulletin says what islam of course it is maybe probably you can find free chat we had you know what kind of poison the our has
i think it is it may be possible to figure out the definite conclusion
i will you find their different conclusion with you a pass a different deadman on this question what kind of poisoning a has woefully shut me
if to make you or you have to die
the poison already evil the the ot occurs or cause all over your body and mind is to lake
they import the full day the passing the definite conclusion all those models
is of no use a no avail
no avail a order to save human being farmed suffering this if the buddhist the way of rajkummar and of turning may have rothko understanding
for every one to if you want to escape if you weren't to save yourself from something you have to take it out the meet in

in or the
as mentioned the before
and there a two time former dogging you doubting of eternally me carnality eternity and all the annihilation
what is the and the current the it use the use the conception of the moral note my neutral a moral nature of new tried new tried
yeah earth more related the meet the will make you all new tried it means that you at any cost of com forgiving the answer to know things beyond the human condition
anyways cup be giving the answer whether human being is infinite or finite
even according to the critique of from to reason he have to stop giving
answer to this question
and then they will make your on new try new twenty eighth
two in enable human being
ah to
our focus on his attention to phenomenal world phenomenal word where human being a something is something
as made him before you human being is and know something like the man who is something by cutting by poison now chatting to
he understand
so this is happening this is healthy
i think the they tried to as continuous hell why why you do you practice buddhism
maybe you cannot tell you to the you can explain why by anyway even though you don't know you don't know why they i think the you are practicing buddhism
because you're sampling
in a in a way in a fencing
this in this case something is
the state of human being on the basis of uneasiness i easiness
this is to you
then secondly would have this put emphasis on try to try to ah
take her out the poison i would cause to support you

before you i will find you will pass definite judgement on the motto beyond human consciousness human condition
the what kind of poison the the arrow has while foot shot him who shot me war withered the human being is infinite all finite

that's why buddhism put emphasis on using the conception of for moral nature of neutrality new try
more niche of neutron a is everything is everything is beyond human condition if so and so how about this company they thinking off
this is very simple and why the the the buddhism says what it says no root on eagerness in the lot of economists some kinds of the evil on some kinds of evil is based on the neutral nature of
morality morality which means how howard scalp the thinking of what it is and then he ordered to a few scalp first wall trying to stop the thinking of what an is even though you cannot find even though you feel an easy
to this question to this thousand
the first the wall trying to stop thinking on
what it is and
you must you must have focus your attention
external the phenomenal word phenomenal what what you is fix kinds of messes six kinds of and fighting of six consciousnesses years
yes cause side consciousness fat consciousness human consciousness smell graciously
patch current taste consciousness
ah mine the conscious mind
i'm to
we went to flee for all the pad consciousness
ah and ah the conscious mind
and feel sick
six consciousness i said
anyway to fix consciousnesses pay attention you you must focus your attention on and find to of six consciousnesses
six consciousnesses
because you're in the six kinds of necessary are always waving big waving when this you cannot be eternal find you can find that the feeling of peacefulness or tranquillity

the a you if you if you pay attention excessively to the figure out to the some answers from answer ah to the motto beyond beyond the human condition something like
bay what said some cooke what's the root of some kind of evil
the with off
they what the truth in what the situation in what situation the function of a thick for kinds of is ah
yeah your money if it anyway the if you're trying to fit levin in its may you will find a career very definite fatal of human mind in
you try to fit you try to set
ill but the money's
the going and going human beers in japan the your outbreak in china in all of the work

this is it is true it is true that the function of the sixth consciousnesses
ah right that pick that you
on the other hand you mind is trying to think for what the enlightenment s in what the enlightenment is what the buddha is what third be the root of some kind since the ego a is
it's pretty hard to find to to know clearly what the root of some kind of the ways a few mind a scoring him there
like a butterfly it's pretty hard
so if you do that then if you want to do that the howard this carping how much company
as avid stopping the thinking oh
what the enlightenment is what the rule of thumb crisis the evil is
the start with the to stop thinking of is to focus your attention on the countries of the fixed consciousnesses in it was whether the fighting off a fixed kinds of businesses
or noisy
oh making noise

although that fight in order to expand the root of from kinds of evil their he used the confession of neutral make on morality them
moral nature of neutrality
neither good nor bad either good nor back
this is very interesting this is very and point
the nature of your yourself is completely neutral the morning nature of neutrality which ms tried to take good care of your daily life first day like first

or whatever whatever happens they are you will find you find
yeah worse




a other words
if we we have to focus our our taking our taking on the phenomenal word
instead all
paying attention to he is something beyond human recognition to condition
the delhi from question what is phenomenal word
in buddhism and film awards is based on transparency constancy for perpetual move and floor
yeah it was did
the off interdependent interdependence

thought the
the first of all try to try to pay attention to yourself in your day like mins
your to try to pay attention to yourself what exist in phenomenal word
a kiss as what the
the on the basis of a structure of interdependence interdependence


if so
i think to take your it seems it seems that to take care of yourself is a principal for prince like a principle of for individualism
but this individualism is
the doctrine on individualism on the basis all structure of interdependence
yeah the world do you have to feed yourself
now on the wedding not only in town falls your viewpoint but also interned for all the individuals individual the are the whole a whole
young earth
the first of all i have to see myself i have to see myself
but to see myself it is not merely to see myself individual
taste test the south the cup again
i have to see myself have a whole would commence
what team is the i
i would oh boy for exist and foot exist in united states or we exist in then center
who exist with all of you
so to see myself in in my daily life is not married to see myself within myself with him myself within the ideal all the so
to feed myself
ah the whole including all of you

about that time sometimes i have to i have to be patient
i have to make every possible effort
i have to practice hard with you
instead off from
on the idea of my ego

so to focus your attention on yourself is
do how
the going to have the fence on sense of generosity
flexibility flexibility the falcon this to yourself and also to everybody to everything

so individualism in buddhism is to be considerate or flexible july was not only to you
but also to everybody
to everybody
ah this is the meaning of excuse me to summit
this is the meaning of the her confession of on the morrow
ah nature of neutrality
so as a conclusion
what i mentioned is that
you tried to you try to focus your attention on your daily life on the function of for six consciousnesses
instead all you think hard
whether the human being is infinite or find it or whether the enlightenment exist or not or buddha whether buddha exist in this world or not
or and generals and vegetable
do you so to all sentient beings

that's all what i help mission if you miss a
i'm more personal
and he said home
here and her
new game
oh i
that they can be standing outside and ice cream rebel meister eckhart
you know
that so
he said so
isn't had oh he okay
and herself but it's where he was doing is worth this is interesting
it's where a taste and
i have immediately
and replace the know that
this might very well and he said if this she got it
god then
i anything to define day
oh i know like it's like yet what are your review and as that is reading here
it seems that they came very close to god know an elegant seen in my dog get there and began to experience but one color and shape he
and i
i don't think that i've been i'm by ah
and had to turn that this period head
when i start them they
right now
so i i think that if you're going to have him i guy
if you did in an objective sense then you get into the night definition that way into but if you experienced it himself
they'll be made it into a place for the original color and no shape navy that close
really that
the close
maybe it it by an in
anyway the regular
it could pick
and yet
if that
i i can't always be good people when time i go i gave my coat pocket and the is denigrate is nothing go out during a party
and i always
i am
i would like child and know with my brother view night out on the ah
i chose this skin the well
i am for absolutely on employing someone out
home that during the day i remember day i could look here or there are like little child
that there's no mars new stars i i know skin mine
and didn't up there is an old movie goes with a let me beyond the go
and i said whatever
cook yeah let him on
he had inherited day can you want meet him again and day i flew
i'm not going to say anything i just don't see her me the over
the he said
well ah
i love the of it i bought those in one
the why can't you even pay more money then you start wedding him as rely on cheap
a your age
know what
well on your filing with finally i don't need in every one of your time it'll take advantage of
the edge of you then i run by group
the food
and again in i am
k he she love no time that
no shape

to to do what your our mention thank you
ah but in buddhism i saw in line for it
ah i think the even got i don't know exactly what the christian is what god is but anyway even a god is in all there
i think got the way cross to buddhism
it looks like a boat buddha you know
when you see if you said the christianity and if you said the god the into south on the christiani it's pretty hard to see the the clear clear understanding what god is and sometimes in on the if you
was you you as you see you can see the presence of god in terms of freedoms that's why you were understand know clearly what the book got his
the game
cognizant i'm not real fall
the appeal was on a plane to me
even gone unless
yet and unsolved parties you the you have a great
the freedom i just picked up and know
in a pattern that know martin

the we all die rather than a stroke
gonna go to die like that room
the at
equal died
oh i died suddenly he gonna stop on a lot
all of it
the eagle die no or a the equal is not something to to to to die
or ego is not something
ah to live to live
okay they did you have to see eagle you have to see eagle in any way you have to see a through through the function of for six consciousness anyway
i can't explain what the glaze
individual have to see you know what the who is through the functions of for function of six consequences
at that time review and at that time you cannot say you cannot say that the ego is something to die or to leave
when you go is not something to explain what to pick up a to show

so maybe from this point the and feel wilson says he is no form no shave know curls or so but even he was his say so
ego is not nor shape no phone no cause you can put the any kind of confessions on it
every no form even the idea of no form or no kara no shape you can because you are you must focus attention on yourself with a soft
we have to you have to save yourself from something
the buddhism is buddhist roger will understanding is always directed to the
your daily life in all because the human being must does save for himself from something not to have knowledge a subtle said noise
are you in you blame
flu shot you something
so per episode buddhism is always to save yourself from sovereign to be be found yourself this is very important purpose of goodies

and was and fine miserable to remain with the choice between whether turned my attention
watch the right
right the yesterday
where is in fire
vibration ah delay to yes yes go
the railway
if only one attention to the since fences and alert for the mustard he
i don't know if so the how much the does so six consciousnesses aldi later
we relate to the as be an annoying empty
hmm but ah practically speaking
ah a question is how much you pay attention how much you focus your attention on something like that to work
wrong word
i have a joy
right guy
ah ha ha
you're the one ah

whether you are mentioned recall he has been mentioned the five cents higher
okay ah
the answer to your one question is are to pay attention to your
ah step k
step watch your step
which means take your daily life this is directed paying attention
k in second one is
our to pay attention your daily life in
ha ha
what's the opposite to the word maximum minimum a minimum
a minimum ms the you sit here in faces as sit here now
the how much i should pay patient how much i must focus myself on
myself see at that time i have to focus my attention on myself in minimum a minimum miss this meme
including my body and mind under a certain situation and under a certain conditions
now when they sit here i have to pay attention to myself and minimum here and now and next moment when i sit cheered it here in
i have to pay attention to myself now and sure and minimum this is practice this is practice this practice is very important that's fine doesn't
the doesn't stop the thinking stop thinking is please pay attention to yourself em minimum a minimum it's impossible live in password to
every minute eliminate your evil or your desires as wrong as see you alive endures
so pay attention to yourself em minimum ms stop fronting stop thinking a ins as a is to pay attention to yourself a minimum
it's ms to take care of
yourself including your body and mind under a certain situation under certain conditions
now i'm here next moment
now and share of next moment now unsure of next moment
this is practice that's why the we tried to stop stop thinking oh either the idea of gut neither good nor bad nor bad
you have to your attention is focused on
this point you want to call their something in minimum

something hurt yourself how houses began to run
ah ah
seeing car
yes to take care of itself is too late to everybody
because you have to take care of self and at the same time are you pay attention to yourself not only yourself but also to others he also as not to the
not too
ah disturb allah's feelings disturb others feeling
for instance when i when i tried to get out of this room and open the door
then the i notice and notice that the daily someone following me to then i get out i opened the door and sat with pan friends regardless regardless of the ideal weather
a people is following me on
that i want how do you feel
so to take care of itself is important but this is a think the to take your is not to open the door regardless of the presence of others following you
please take care of others to so take to take care of itself is not is to take get himself so as not to disturb others fee
other screen this is a practical way of understanding the relation between you and others
it it is a it seems very simple
very simple a sounds it is way it seems to be very easy you know this house it to take care to be taken care but it's not so easy actually
even that the our children of three years old known so wealth how to open the door how to handle the others feeling
yeah even that old man is made difficult to put a put it into practice