January 30th, 1972, Serial No. 00191

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audio mostly on Right channel

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the world
the list
then is there is it is
tree a tree which is going around in tokyo
it is called the mrt line
a bit train
then last time
he should go it is just the last your time about the federal said seven club the a n
thank you ben go that the market on and right on the twin
here that can last time natural
it's magnificent to make up for every effort
an effort to write on our pupils are people push you
when the
hang up there
then this guy a pickpocket
please help me what what reaction to the i got this works with immediate effect to gonna east and just you should be there just seven crap oh right the train with a m at nine
we have one painting
hey everybody
right on
home with things that can be killed
he's not so it's not the buddha
he mad the breath
many people who give up at that time
when you realize that leave no pay to go nothing to know what to do
many people are when making a by and that but know that
at that image very important when you have to try to practice with empower day
that's why they might said don't move
but it fit
that's really important but even know you don't know why
this is conquered
that's why you if you are trapped by yourself at your home without cheaper you are completely clean
you will become a really sure
he could here is nothing to get
what from the teacher you meet you up when you bump your head against them nothing that
quick look
because the lease always vibration
the company rep required the transcending or mill the where i making himself to enter into the world of gifted and differentiation again in order to save others
if you can continue to fit in a loan or nothing
and the bill
to complete revelation in family
he's called your practice and it's called good
hey let's fight to him says
the dog is what you return you couldn't return to
the practices
what herself
he turned continue on
to the south himself
this is so apart
he's not with it is so it is the case for not to go practice of doesn't
i'm also
war your daily life
where you like to
if you want to go to the city life
yes you go

you want to go to the sky at the college football
then aren't the right year or two yeah where are you grow you may realize that it's nothing to get
nothing to give good infraction to you
he went to direction to that
i thank you don't worry don't worry about just continue to keep going on
when all the keep going on
is there
your innovation
the answer sense
when it's nothing to do nothing else to do for you
but just keep going on
it is very important occasion when you are confronted with
hey difficult
is nothing but yeah i bet you have nothing nothing to go
nothing to know what's the absence of
at that time
hey important occasion
please with them had come
and with my car
start what