January 30th, 1972, Serial No. 00191

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Then there is a train, you know, a train which is going around in Tokyo. It is called the Yamate Line. Very big train. Then, rush time. You should go east just the rush hour time, about 7 o'clock a.m. Thank you very much. Go. That's the Yamate Line. Then you ride on the train. Then at that time, rush time, rush hours. It's not necessary to make an effort to ride on. Other people push you, you know. Then, please, stand up there. Then, this guy is pickpocket.


Please help me. Which direction should I go? This fox divinity said, please go east and you should be there just 7 o'clock. And ride the train within Yamate Line. I want to thank you. He is pickpocket. Then everybody ride on simultaneously at that time. Thank you. Pickpocket. It is not the Buddha. It is not the Buddha. Many people give up at that time. When you realize there is no place to go, nothing to know what to do.


Many people are wondering about at that time. But, nevertheless, at that time it is very important. When you have to start to practice with improvability, that's why they must say, don't move. Sit, please sit. That's very important, but you don't know. You don't know why. This is Kantaro. That's why you, if you practice by yourself at your home, without teacher, you are completely crazy. You will become crazy. It is sure. Because there is nothing to get. That's why we need a teacher. When you bump your head against nothing,


sit, don't move. Because there is always revelation. The complete revelation requires the transcending of real realization itself to enter into the world of differentiation again in order to save others. If you can continue to sit in the realm of nothing, and reveal to complete revelation, improvability, it is called real practice. It is called Gyoji. That's why Dogen says,


the Gyoji is what you return, you should return to. Alternately, the practice is what the self returns continually to the self himself. This is our practice. It is the case for not only the practice of Dogen, but also for your daily life, for your life too. If you want to go to the city life, you should go.


If you want to go to the sky at the college, you should go. Then after one year or two years, you may realize that there is nothing to get. Nothing to give great instruction to you. In which direction to go? That's okay, don't worry. Don't worry about it. Just continue, just keep going on, starting. Because the realm of just to keep going on is there. Your revelation in absolute sense, there is nothing to do, nothing else to do for you,


but just keep going on. It is very important occasion when you are confronted with great difficulties. There is nothing, by realization of nothing to go, nothing to know in which direction to go. At that time, it's very important occasion. Please make your head calm, and make your mind calm, start to walk. Satsang with Mooji


Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji