February 8th, 1972, Serial No. 00188

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our practice
we should know
daddy's didn't different on him
ah the
the meaning of significance of
ah a word practice and word agility or which tokens and to use
as i mentioned they opened goji is to sustain a practice continue on
this is good
the practice were practice is
for me
idealistic understanding
when you try to
in religious life
oh wait you say the practice you say to or something
that time unconsciously
there may be a something objectify which we have to reach
this is which is called go to school
or night mint
in session
of enlightenment
maybe understood
it is something which we have to reach
ah not by the aren't you know person and
from ordinary person to night and one
it's sort of practices sorrows going up step by step
like climbing a ladder
the but when you use georgie
good is
not conception a sort of concession
of humans
ah yeah
to my actions
the good is
the digging function living function
living function of human activities
the other words
the georgie is the party switches are vilified woman as moment
yellow verse going to is
to function
to function
what is alive give it play a pleasant after present pleasant aftertaste
so in other words the go g in price a manifestation of living pleasant living present
napkins idealistic present
when you say this is present it is on still a sort of idealistic and standing
some before that jail is obviously
living pleasant
in which not only human being or sentient being exist
give it a like this is good this is a joy g which dogging use
so ability is underused
what you see your practice
ah dynamic
understanding dynamic sense to put the world cup disease real static understand
stop geology is they damn
ground in human
cactus this is good
oh so
from this point
the present to which is a real present yellow rose
a defined grand define the essence and refined essence all pleasant which is living vividly
ah loss
the authentic authentic practice weights the original nature of human being requires
at every turn at every turn
irrelevant to time

ah this is present this is present
that's why in the same way you see your life ten solve present understood by temperature sense that less something which is called some friends or what is called unsatisfactory or satisfaction a fucking or and satisfaction many things
prayer was something
before you realize the presence of unsatisfactory all satisfaction there is authentic practice which is living at present this is living present
so if you want to see into your life
you have to see this present this present
so this president is the beyond mom amount of kitties discrimination
so from in this respect technology is really i can't count with raw nature was yada
or a manifestations off the true nature of human being human rights deal through regulation
see scotch so i think you understand that is very different bhutan a practice and george
so our practice must be coach
practices must our practice must be george
so dodgy practice is identical ways full manifestation of the true nature of your on this is good

the dog and then says then i won't eat
then teammates
about the virtue of good about the virtue of judge
the virtue of georgie is never hidden
accordingly one can practice the buddha way awakened in him a rare event to him and everyone to time to time
the virtue doesn't manifest itself consequently non can see here was to see it
why should know that tools that the virtue is never concealed although it doesn't appear because it is not affected by appearance or disappearance emergence or extinction
came to understand if know up rhymes and good
don't know
be shoot
you plucked to service in small extensions
there is more stingy
the dawkins clubs or buddhist practices functioning going round going around as a huge box came more than bigger than our earth is called units but out but it is
you're only your head thinks it's far out
but the truth you exist really in this world really in this huge boar bigger than nerve earth system so that by someone the other day yesterday someone says mojave see
not this think mars the elicit they're put to some signs near the golden gate don't know what don't worry don't worry be happy do your best
in mark on his face here and russian
if you're right
a support scheme by just huge word don't want
this is to not worry be happy it's not just because
it is not necessary that should try to make it past way for to become happy it is already small is tissue okay
don't worry be happy is already be happy
you are happy all the
yeah it to to of it is called the
it it
revelation came liberation is called nirvana risco enlightenment
this is true
ah then duggan's didn't says the virtual goji is never a hidden
accordingly one can practice the buddha way awakened in him he rarely even to time can be anyone to touch your practice is going on keep your practice must be going on in or even to time get first and you think
well i have to practice after a recognition of your own existence this i exist that's fi year for a camp practice this is your parts k
it's it is not true facts
so it is that sorrow for the idea idea the philosophy tough core idea mentioned by the car and think therefore i exist this is common sense it is too but it if according to
follow your practice in that way you you have to practice you have to practice in small his teeth
it's free out to become to become the free country
so it already been to time your practice must be going on
so let you what the your heart this must be going on in there even to time ms whoever you are you can do the can do you can practice at every care
only when you when you manifest when your manifest to yourself in for immigration
in the formal practice the form of in the form of bow the former bow the form of chanting in the finals
often one of my brothers
i said to me always
i don't have enough time
i don't have enough time to practice as because i have a m they visit to and they busy with supporting my family
making the money
although he he respect he respect the fact which i have been pleased
and tough to see
he is pet but he said i don't have enough time to practice
because i'm so busy with taking care of myself or his famous
so at that time to practice he is completely affected by the time
spring comes day you are happy
the winter comes you are happy
at that time what it's your life
life if so can live always you know is affected by the springs one am was summer or winter
the race no in mobility in life
so life must be life must be going on he rarely been to time raven to spring autumn or summer or winter
that's five dog and and says the virtual to is never hidden never hidden
a virtual goji is never a hidden by time to by spring or summer or winter or autumn
accordingly one can practice the buddha way awakened in camp that's why we can practice that's why you alive you are right

then why would i why should put a mass a wise that must be a saying that way
ricky martin's i will read goals i will let go and what the goals of yourselves
as you want
let's imagine there would be happy

there is no rule there is no teachings
okay do as you like
if so your life
i would be like a sheep
like a sheep which
loose his way
or like car while pick
which runs straight strictly a randoms

that's five to company buddha says your practice is never a hidden by time that's why you can practice at every turn means treats can to yourself
how to yourself case the county's that's why dog and then says the practice is what you must return to the south ultimately
whatever you feel i don't you know regardless of the idea whether you like or dislike your rights
sometimes you want to get out okay you want to get out that's all right but please we can
please victories
by returning to yourself
you never you to awaken yourself
what life is like
the is nothing to do for you
but said aim to sell on yourself whatever kind of tapped his life you follow
so that's why is accompanied bureau or many patriarch says practice is never a hidden by time
is yeah that was life is never hidden by time
it means please return to yourself dog and didn't says it is called ditch georgie is jackie dig this is authentic key is a turn key
ultimately it turning
life must be a manifestation the ultimate turning
it's not easy sometimes you have to suffer
a all right
sulfur or prater are all a preshow aspect of right
what do you have to you have to understand authentic aspect in rights
can also says in andorra
he says
the sound
the sound that issues from the striking of emptiness is an ingress and one browse voice that this sounds before and after the fall of the hummer
let's imagine you would hit to the bell

the sound that issues from the striking of emptiness is an ingress and wondrous voice that resounds before and after the fall of the hammer

the this case
the you arrive
who tried to hit the bell
in price your own life including bell in the stick
a real pleasant your present with cheese
vividly living
in price the top priority off
oneness with your life else stick but usually in common sense you tried to think
bell a spell
what is bells or what is stick what is
i tried to stick
they you start to think
from what from where the sound that some come
del fondo stick from my effort
which is what
this is
you joe understanding mutual understanding off the circumstances including your life and stick and bell
that town bell is completely dead
completely debt sticky is on already stick with also stick the stick with tears debt
but if you're like is also life which is completely debt
no relation
a man stick or del a you
then you try to listen to the sound what sound
did you try to analyze was kind of sundays while wonderful sounds
this is she lost
was this is certainly of our santa schools
iverson to school eyes of a santa suit for the buddhist teaching in terms of philosophical understanding they compete
it is very complete if you want to know zen buddhism is philosophical treats studied the our santa costs dot
they complete
that's fi when they are doesn't have a theory of as other sunday school come to japan it wasn't develop because japanese don't like it don't reich something don't like and standing the philosophical
the japanese try to understand
by treason
interesting interesting very interesting
so that's fi t say money for our enjoyment
ah i'm not to based on a few software understanding of our father and t same if you tried to understand tea ceremony and flower arrangement that's clearly nuns is far
you tried to be engaged in a t same you think
how bought how proud you must be
you can be you can be patient you can be patient
you know that tsm to teach you the a mask of tea ceremony
d as in base slow wishes
a strong moisten consult with concentrated effort between the effort
it's really far out from my day life because david and she's very busy fast very fast

the process of ave
takes a lot
oh this statement
he said the merit of marriage of enlightenment realized not on the in zazen but also before and after
zazi nice
zazi is essential for realizing sonia the emptiness
but the merits of siniora are beyond doesn't
and only arise in and through doesn't is not produced by the then

a conjugate

top this way you hit the bell
is the aunt
the conception of tartus which is called striking again which is called striking bell are using the stick
with a human effort

the life
the life it said the nature of for bell and nature of the stick nature off the prison for tried to strike
must be revealed vividly
in expands fee it's perms huge expanse of universe
what tier is limited by
something is called sound
the merit of sound what what is merit of sound you can listen them sound
but when you someone when someone ask you what's what's merits of sound
what is good
when you see when you see
a picture a painting drawn by golf go
um bongo
you say you are completely attracted by the van gogh how on how you phrase then you can whoop just euro countries tax in front of the picture wow at
then someone
hit you back hey are you do it
your surprise what
yeah i'm just in a desperate why
because this pictures one of euphrates
what is proof race beauty of this picture
i don't want
you can explain
you can explain back to the jury completely
as tikki a day completely catch you
because the life the life force of third painting
drawn by banco
is functioning vivid re within life force have been gorge in himself
the painting a completely merges with life force of fungoides himself
so picture is now picture
picture is completely identical with van gogh's life force itself
that's why you are completely attracted by the painting
the same is to be sent the holy men
you can't play explain how how wonderful that die
that assange is
but when you the moment when you see a saint you are completely are attracted by him wow
because his right
living the living life force of his arm
is completely beyond the concession or understanding
this is truth so lifers of the bell or like force of the stick life for some you arrive must be evolving came the valve a bot
going around going wrong
our the oneness which is called huge huge ball
the least know a month with discrimination
dot com you can catch the sound
kek kek to sound the sound is not conception or conception of something from from a certain things dow was take or u k
because sound is alive definitely some is living pleasant itself
including your life what else life was sticks life
how can you explain this huge total
totals symphony hockey toronto symphony
you can't explain
that's fine dog and and says a sound that issues and from the striking emptiness
sound comes from emptiness emptiness
in which
the bells life or six life or your life are all absolutely living
this is entrance
if you us stuck
in a corner
slightest idea what kind of build small or big
where is mate
where is it mate
one who buy food he said mate
at that time to lease it is not emptiness it is not the emptiness in whites your life was thick slice of ben's life are all merging with one
so you have to stick strike will you have to strike the bell were using the stick using your human effort
in the world of empties
that time you can the lease already something happens it is called george
it is called a plenty
drawn by bunco it is caught salami
time for tea ceremony
you have to concentrate phase too early
on tatting to clay with concentrated effort
the craig
crazy life or the praise on weight to exist
goes our old are all going around they click
including your effort concentration concentrated effort okay going around your hand your head
then just party
does touch when you touch just touch
since you have
your mind is far out your mind it if your monday's out of rise
our re rail
won't be crook
while they cook

what do you have never expected
you don't like but
unfortunately your mind is completely out of a rails at that time our rail your what the the id what your mine is out of rail create something
it's look crooks type crook might

tea ceremonies also
gay dodgy moment after moment is absolute is the place the place in which the your life exist your life is digging in awesome sense
this is good to see your right to cease right
the sandwich to be set off
t save money too
whatever hundred
oh or
the water
what taco
while cross training cross
the goji is
always lagging alive
in the relation in in relate in relation relations with the what bar
all circumstances
your activity
installation way the ball relation with your wife relation with a kennel relation with a charcoal he saw are alive
in dynamic
with complete in town barry
we didn't this dynamic grand in life
you must be found
static ground in life is cold in photography
one on famous japanese general or during the second war war
the right before
he himself and his
they want to go
stops his soldier
what about to die in a big case big kids because it was completely no way of escaping
this general decided to dot
right before he die
with his soldier
he took out his blog
and tea powder
and so makes tea
and he drink and serve the tea to his sword
they accept that
do you think about
your practice must be so must be solved
if you think if you think this situation what
don't understand
but this
this the attitude life is completely based on
dynamic ground in life with in com okay to
it is called relaxation of existence
relaxation or the existences not
two games
ah to be
i'm infatuated waste fantasy
concentrating on a certain
soaking diety
concentrating on this produce of your the produce a product of one's imagination
which is called police skills and less religious place
such fancy it is score a sort of funds
you can get uk cakes kills you can experience your own rife cure
concentrating continuously
on certain image or repeating the name was a bonus work
what you kidding
all repeating a name of sutra
you can find fantasy or diabetes you whites
you want it you would see to defeat for you to live your life
it solves medications of self

the practices not too
as kate
some your eyes according to a certain practice using the t ball or tea powder or the than a certain for was doesn't or chanting was sutra
why image what the product of the your own imagination
let's see let's let's look take take a look at her
the various already in this world
many reasons we are very interested in many religions
because they are put the emphasis on front view from fantastic confirm front of the word
it's so off
the dick
dick organized big organized sort of want to corral
psychosis stick this subtle flat ready just organize for psychosis in public approved
upload approved organized psychosis
the art of youth
ah morris little bit
but you are racking you're lucky because you are always looking at yourself because you can get out because they must always look at watch yourself right to fail watch itself
please return to yourself
it looks like it's looks like guide you to get worse and worse worse and worse then you want to get out
but this this is very important
don't long don't be engaged
don't join don't join in the approved
organized sexes ready to psychosis
but fi dogan dingy always
telling us
pop says what he have to he turned to
which is called to get on top he gave me is to return to the to normal house to each now home in this region our own
please sit up is know this point this original home
can get under came is leaking our home owns a on his peacefully
that means city
peaceful city
in early tomorrow
in terms of your delusion
to return to your eternal home
in net things might you would seem
to get you
to plunge into worse and worse but please view did misunderstand
i don't know what kind of listen
you have
what kind of motivation
by what kind of motivation
you'll start to product doesn't come to tassajara
maybe someone
think tassajara is sort of result
to experience peaceful life
they don't know what buddhists makes why doesn't my you don't they don't matter what pool is nice
the purpose of they're coming
maybe to experience
in a peaceful result skating phone

a busy life
i don't i don't want to blame them
sorry but as long as you are here
take the best care of life force
buddha many patriots token a mission

through this effort your whoa in a sure you will understand even the i'll try
what reason he's like
even though you don't you can't find
the complete the board or try or bullies it's all right
even now trying on the book police
is a helpful
even though you don't know what body myths like sorry
peace time to more life self