February 4th, 1972, Serial No. 00194

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buffing up
guys on
regardless of your own control
we kept him before
it's pretty hot
that's fine we have to peace deal to practice
so anyone could have to be see from this attachment attachment is not to eat more completely than eroding existence of diligence existence of england's existence of desires
so if you want to if you weren't to some purpose for the practice if you weren't to keep some goal
add a purpose
that purpose the goal will help you
healthy that's nice so when you practice neither and your mind the mind is distracted of freeze your mind should be placed here or i should be phased completely on august
it's a praise and
but for your head
comes on the
whatever is maybe it's happy
what actually
the sector parties
is not helpful
wait you live with you returned to dig life
let me fuck the purpose than gold cut off your building but when you come back to your daily life
even affected purpose or goal
doesn't help you because in day right many kinds of
ah what to encourage is in college your patent
bumping up
the other time you are completely lost at the love what to do
i say it
this is our daily lives
it's pretty hard even know what a kind of for purpose you have your parties
this purpose as idea when i help you know
but then all you have to the a atlanta was she didn't last
just do your best
when standing
you are
no x fine no amount of way explanation top

her soul
like must be a light must be
the certainly demo
the any kind of by continent you in itself
otherwise your life his office affected by
a certain idea or a certain purpose
someone says somebody says to me ah making people are very interested in many kinds of far
the things
more than buddhist they practice in the event
yoga practice yoga or i'm hot
why is it japanese
japanese warrior who are not interested in anything else except possessions
i said well at a knock
the help
how does
that's a your coins
this is very interesting question i know i must have a not so why
yeah was
everybody wants to leave wrong
nobody nobody wants to die fuck are you
three years on nobody know nobody want don't want to die
what's the purpose of practices
what's the purpose the purpose of practice
in the yoga you try to consider carefully your mind
why why i have to plan to see over
why i have to live wrong
he said to be wrong to live long
if you practice
the practice yoga
you practice anything else anything any kinds of by puppets
what sometimes one to practice fast
i'm thinking of for custom
after training field
why i asked him to myself why
i did martha said sir
i don't have enough time to practice fast he ordered to leave one
if you have to die
i haven't products fast that's why i said
he doesn't have any attachments
his purpose on the practice a
to become himself
we didn't you
he's relation to liberation
three freedom
wait can call it a worthwhile
so why japanese buddhism or not interested in yoga was eating up
except something i don't know that's corn or why make 'em people are interested in many things i know
am i don't want i don't want to criticize
that's a way of life outside
but please be careful be careful man a patent is always butting up keep putting up this attachment
consciously or unconsciously disturb your life
what confused
then tried to take off in kind of cloth dress
you think
he's turning it
e t y can count
whatever then what said
what said
after kicking off income the dress code
what's that
there is nothing to do for you nothing to feed for me but
being left
yeah know but the great fact that
life itself is that the top
how can you take care of this life
can you take care of this life
through the the principle of communism or socialism or democracy or buddhism or christine any kinds of else
i don't think so
you must be free from yourself mean life itself with of his feet
on this thing
from incomes principle even policy
what should we do how can you take care of that life
then something is always says just for then
but then
just that
make your life climbed into speak
this is the best way of taking kill off life and itself
what saying is often
it must take care of your life itself in itself that right
five commentator of shovel in doc says much to more
bus but think but says
it is true everything is created
by innovation
have to cease what you must be you must be turned to yourself
add up
so i don't mean i don't mean i refuse to practice anything else i don't mean i refuse to use any kind of technique
in college you look at the top five
but what is the crucial most crucial point
in your life