February 27th, 1972, Serial No. 00187

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i'm afraid
you are
but is shocked
by my statement
the by the statement which i made
the about the use of our brain
because must have for american people don't like use hit pay that's why you come to symbolism and practice
i said the other day a shilling com
shouldn't become right used your plate
i like to make in
father remarks
but this point
what do you want to put the emphasis on

the characteristic
of buddhism
ah doesn't
a certain doubt tree or a certain isn't
ah in
your mind
i think the more you study buddhism
the clear you will realize this point
a buddhism
a son isn't
in your mind
as mentioned they often the purpose of buddhist miss not to research
on the subject of metaphysical stuff where the physical stuff
the purpose of buddhism is to be free from yourself your nourish their object was subject
through and through
this is are they important point what shakyamuni buddha or for emphasis
but usually
when you use the brain
we tried to
stuff up
many things
this stuff up
the your head with
many kinds of noise psychology philosophy be to reason tiny

if you are these serious religious man
you really want stuff up your head with the buddhism
chris hani
in some
then every every time and we don't wait you are confronted with something
the immediately you are completely in a flurry
and to pick up pick up some knowledge from your brain

this is you to sense you to sense
the when your brain is exercised
but the booty seen the second when you would i don't see that casino
the secondary bullet doesn't ignore you tried to stuff up your mind with are many things that's all
he doesn't ignore she doesn't refuse
but the bureau or what he wanted he want to tell us is
to arrange your nourish came to lend your noise which is britney stuffed up
your mind
universe you tried to see them who tried to see them clearly clearer and clear

the purpose of human life is not that to research made a fiscal stars with gimp a part of from our day life
the purpose of life he is
how to live
how to live in absolute sense in purest sense
wherever you may be
the man who leave who lives in modern days and holidays
how to leap
whoever you are clever for it that matter much
ha so
if you studied buddhism
some more fire schools most buddhists school
and love
the school not to score some more far this spring
madame contents
mentioned by negara jonah
netapp on
a is called to used in japanese so it remaining now mine on the mind on the discipline of the mind on monday
that they tried to explain
the practical reality
into opens and in differentiated
the in into opened
all phenomena
ah in the sakura say grad school
a particularly its training on the subject of our i which none
i virginiana is a subtle fire unconsciousness britney and consciousness you can get it you can be search you can see it you cannot see it
the outta virginiana is britney
then there
that they try to explain
into open aspect of for human phenomenon

in terms of our virginiana
but alas the they said what is i've eaten out what's what the characteristic of on a big on this said characteristic of allah with is completely know many no sign of the characteristic of
others will for it
get a neutral
but our mind are very interesting korea so what ally virginia
we tried see for it what it is at that time completely the that they tried to turn
are we human mentality to another direction and which is called the phenomenon
actual practical reality of into urban phenomena of the word they completely turn our attention to it
is there i'll be searching what the metaphysical stuff is what turns to of virginiana a's
the bullies miss always put emphasis this point then in a in a intact two cents
you feel always tell is something miss
rama young earth do this
davis are subtle for sort of crack
through white are cold wind blows
it is called miss tiers esoteric and some then you said employees mean esoteric
i don't think so but it's ms man if tech of course we have vast certain school which has got esoteric school
why it doesn't matter
so the second reboot are always turn our attention to their the practical reality or for into open for norman of the war
it is martha easy to see it to turn our attention to it
our brains
ah the curiosity
the curiosity always will try to poke or head the into metaphysical war road
race got good i


it's ms
ah it's ms that
we have to
give up jaggi with
give up judges
and turn your attention to your human mentality to practical reality of into open aspect of the word life
it is called middle way is called middle way
mason by a good middle

please that see if you lead the lotus sutra
the in the first chapter in the first chapter
this say
the purpose of buddha's an event
on the earth is
to guide to read
a human being
to open up their mind and practice into and put into practice
and attain enlightenment
several on himself
this is to solve buddhists advent
on this on earth
gite the purpose of buddhists or event in this world is to guides to read the people to open up their mind
to open up their mind and tactics and put into practice
no tam nie to mint
and settle on themselves
it is called katie can you take a good turn in japanese k dick or new kite is to open up
too often thought of to open the door keys to open
git is to show to display
to manifest
katie got a's to and night to enlight to attain light
a new is to enter to end literary i explained i have explained retire
katie canoe
the purpose of for buddhists and event in this war the snap to
lead the people to stuff of you my dear mind with noise and random security brass v
the japanese cartoon magna carta chinese cartoons

to open up first of all to open a first war dear man this is very important point but our blame feels
something miss
because of they want to do something more before you open up your mind
because you say i am suffering now
i can't open up my mind
but we have to
think of this point again and again why shakyamuni buddha why is it second important to emphasis on this point first floor open you might or to not feel
the other day admission a nation according to duggan's
a second many poor compared attainment of indictment of the way
simultaneously ways also should be
please all be

a before succumbing to rar
completed a tin of the way
of course there was practice whites in a would man indian to attain night which is called emancipation
a principal or browse monism even a principle of braff modernism
he never would enable the man to be feet from the a sapling
to get emancipation it is called what just called get that emancipation liberation complete the polish
but there is a little different point to be the brown monitoring and check or many buddhists were rife
because at that time the principle of brahman is that time
tong me
letting the individual be free from themselves individual cups so buddhism the principle of prime minister was just for individual emancipation individuals living
of course secondly buddha also d c perceive this exists this form of brahman monism
so he put the also he put know he also put the emphasis on human emancipation
if you want to know if you want to know what buddhism is if you want to know what you are

the second ceremony put our
that he completed a tins a comment of the way simultaneously with or cgp this is different point because his attainment of the way is not
is a case for nutter kill himself
but for the all sentient be
in this respect emancipation is completely open up to in front of in front of not only the check mini mini-bar but also all human all set
human being
in this respect the the peaceful of a bullis way of life
in prize
ah emprise old you call
implies sort of gloop the practice or look practice
in prize we all human life with cooperation with corporation
a with interdependence
with mutual interdependence
this is different point
so he and insist that i attend enlightenment now i take a completely attainment of the way
all the tools on which human life is based

this is not limited to individual
but it should be open to everybody
from this point each bus

our within the tooth
what our life is
our lives are based
if so
of course you know so well
in a practical sense
he is the everyday
that to you are something you suffer
but on the other hand secondly buddha says
your life is based on the to
complete attainment of the way on whites everybody ah in peaceful state in list for the state
the gardens of the idea whether you are aware of one matt

if he was tick if you was to too
are interwoven into open aspect of your life by watch your something is created moment after moment
first war we have to be
running about running about
in friday
in the room in new in your room first war and stuff
and tried to staff a whole with a piece of paper
through what on cold winter wind roots
hi to run about
picking out the knowledge for a staff a whole
this is sir v you do situation of human life into think so
including me

a small so but it's not so but i don't mean i'm not saying i'm not saying that it is want
my important point is as second many buddhists mason very often open up your mind first
as dogan than says just see
does see the causal relation of time on locating your there was just see
der practical reality of into urban of the human phenomena
imp double bed

that empower baby in april your mind your nice
grant of the clear
make your knowledge adjust our range
that in tom brady arrange ranges your mind your knowledge
what you are what your mind is
instead of searching for metaphysical stuff
instead of starting a whole
with noise
running about your room
even though you try to stuff a whole with the knowledge you can't can't stop leaking water
the moment when you realize you realize that you staff completely a whole with the knowledge
from the anna hall
what a leak
did you notice take a notice of it
then your first ball in raleigh and run about your own tried and stifle that whole with another knowledge
it is called the calling cycle of human life since time
the before that as much as possible as much as possible
we tried to see into
the characteristic of human mind which guide you to run about your room
to staff a whole way the nice
so duggan then says just see causal relation of time and located
it is not married just just c k
just see has a profound me
just see is to penetrate
penetrate the depths
the depth of deaths the fundamental
nature of human life
because second buddha already
twenty five hundred years ago
showed us
all of us
kane completed has completed payment of the way
then rife start from this point
from this point
that's why second money buddha off success open up
the purpose of buddhist or event in this world is open up the human mind
next day is to put it into practice carry into effect
so this is then this is all is a ballistic practice
perhaps in other words in your daily life
oprah yoma open your mind open your mind always key
your mind up to you
are you sure don't be attracted by don't be an attractive by running about your room and stuffing the hall with
the nice king
if you want
you tried to
the running about your room and stuff or home with knowledge not turn to percent can seventy percent sixty cussing please to them then thirty percent or forty percent you feel something amiss
that's pretty good k three the wastelands you practice in tassajara during training p
the moment when you listen hard to bell they compel wow i will like stake in get more
this is a natural since a natural sensation but everybody has
the buddha says and the buddha says okay you up your mind is just get up get up and after that you feel something miss well i wanted and want to stay bit more that's the in thirty percent
that is a satisfaction and satisfaction
what occupies thirty percent of your mind
but this is a good cat vegas because that's thirty percent or forty percent off and satisfaction now the off your mind
what to make you what you never you feel some missing sign pensive was some and satisfactory
is very good practice
he ordered to awaken numa in yourself you
what a in the other hand let's imagine you you have or all day during and day out enough sleep
now see eight hours nine hours counts as you like
i think you can emit a imagine what happens
that satisfaction he never you arrive completely
they what to core
k roos us lose your entities
and let your live
be in front of from at the flat did and to fred
to spend your life spend your eye west time now to to spend you with them
you lose your spirit images to do something you have no mind you have no mind to do something
this pain


then the
the whatever you do wherever you do it is lily impassively you should keep in mind that this is true this is truth you cannot never satisfy yourself completely
what have you always thirty percent of your mind what he never you view and satisfactory is left behind you arts
this is pretty good this is vega
so at that time don't
run about your room and star for hall with a paper or cannot feel my ms
don't don't be don't be enough rally
and putting into practice
as the as much as you can do
you can do that get up why to get up see that's enough get out you can do that
this is the is did to show
to memphis to yourself to the admins to put an interpreter open up to your mind to put it into practice
the third point is to attain enlightenment ms i think to attain like mint
is not to
stuff up for your mind with a knowledge
what do you never you to eliminate eliminate to have to to awaken to awaken yourself
to attain enlightenment is
to know to know
ah to know something as total asp as a total
ah the whole
we've not that knowledge not not a with intuition tissue
interesting is not something not is not the sort of first knowledge
it is called wisdom wisdom perfect nice and some wished
because wisdom
he never men to open up your mind his mind and see clearly the total picture of his life including
the scientific will understanding and practical aspect practical the reality of into over the aspect of human word came
the earth including day pursuits k dig dig percent are very complicated in washing your face the eating meal you comb your hair what your hand
go to the bus move
many things
listen to the vector and at that time cats can come in
say no
someone kick him up and ready go out
and sound the rivers
a many things
exist around your life
so intuition intuition is norridge intuition is knowledge
what she never you to see to sit into clearly
the total picture of your life
in terms of scientific way of education and a rush now way of education's she's called daily asked davey pursuits
daddy pursuits are not always based on scientific will bound standard
it is sometimes i realized that dig percents are leery irrational rationale
nat radicals
no rights go
see a look at your the priests wrong why don't you oh yeah for sector wrong to put the it's really nurses
it's real manages
but nobody normally change this style
i think it comes from the tyler to the to can
the i doubt nice also have kept this time
then buddhism has come to the united states now and one of the american students says one too long sleep
so he make it a shot

if you were the wrong sleeve we have to you can i him for having the cashew otherwise you are three with of is catching the ground
the towers
if we're if you wither ralph with the shots the it's not necessary exist
i think it is very comfortable but i don't not speaker speaking it is good or bad okay
a pinch i think and sometimes am very lucky to hear the wrong with the wrong sleep because science session
see that's pretty good in his hands
so when cut and in terms of for saying typical were well understanding this is very nonsense
for us
but ah
an irrational will be understanding is now always a irrational
it is sometimes very helpful for us
so cats come in
during the lecture it's not necessary came up
get up
pick him up when i'm to god well what k relief
stay onside that's good that's enough
but sometimes we want our curiosity want to kick him out
but cats
wait how many times in the tyndall
they international but it's has fake close relation with us we arrive kate
seemingly it has nothing to do with our life a a seemingly it would wouldn't it would have nothing to do with a lecture with their your attention you with your concentration with your life
but in turn wrong turn your point
i think the
practically already
what can't come in
the then though
and sit with you
has something to do with our life
and they it's mountainous a psyche came out carelessly
is take the best care of him
that's the practice
is to room
the tools of what life is based
this is intuition the i think the word intrusion
the has some a problem question but anyway
one of our western philosophy used anywhere the world intrusion
also in buddhism
does he use were interested
so anyway
he ordered to attain night i was honored to awaken yourself
it is
the interesting
it is intuition that you learn
total picture of your life
you know yourself what you are
you know yourself what you have been what you are what you will be
it is pretty difficult it is
dear difficult for us to learn
sutter the your tactical reality of into open
based on the tooth
through the knowledge that it was thrown in scientific way of understanding
it's pretty difficult because the whatever you know
security were philosophy
is very impassable to memorize many things names of philosophers that date when he was bonds and way he die
kate difficult because memory itself has limitation of itself

so contents of nourish
is completed by intuition function of intrusion which you run what you learn them
many aspects many various aspects of
the day pursuit
even in the details
the independence we want to be it if you want to be carpenter you have to run
i shirt the plane first gaining on dear this is first response pay for the carpenters beginnings of the carpet
instead of cutting wood instead or built to the house
and clean the house and fix meal and serve a peak
the master teacher always make him do
complete daily percents instead of to teach instead of teaching
dar mais subject or building the house
it's theory the irrational but this was no way of understanding in life is vape
he ordered to learn intrusion
what do you never you have your mind never you to learn the tools which your life is based
this is delighted
then the last the last things is new read my new meaning is to enter to it
a to enter his
to enter his me otherwise to plant into the earth to can't into a is not though splash into the water at random
livio to manifest yourself in for revelation
for reputation because your life he is based on true
my space
creed revelations
so manifestly yourself in for revelation moment after moment day and doubt
this is new to enter it
that is k g canoe or your open up your mind
ah to
cali into effect
ah to run your cell what you have been what you are what you were be be to a function of intuition
and to manifest to yourself
informed revelation
the them off
then ran him off
the truth
all beads are based on
this is
and through the practice through the practice
doesn't always make you a head clear
use plain is use your knowledge wisdom not nice to your noise low which is called wisdom
wisdom penny traits wisdom penetrate
in two depths off
practical reality of into open aspect of human life
don't be blind if you become blind
as you know over the story bright man touch their elephants
ceremony buddha ask you
what do you think of an elephant
a prime men touch them leg wow
elephants is sort of paw paul

you shouldn't be right
shouldn't be you should have your my open up your mind
men's use your your wisdom
open up your mind is to use your wisdom
what is total picture of the elephant

a question

that the actors and inseparable
this is just right

i think intuition
he never you see into see it your life clear
from this point
intrusion the function of intrusion
is to take the best care of
all things with tablets your daily life

intuition doesn't have for certain ideas
you should do this you shouldn't do that
where you become sick
you have to take the best best care of your sickness

when the time comes
to get up
get up
this is interesting this is function to interest
that i mean what you mean that
what raise it right

in total
why is it

nurse or
ah in says the we have we're all right he's already in the state on the in chasing delivers it is called wisdom he plainly speaking is intuition the inches
but the intrusion
a particular substantial us would just call this is interesting you can't the intrusion is something what do you learn in the process of your daily life
or it turn your attention to
the depths to the depths of your life

so moment after moment i think it is developing
the nike and was knowledge what you understand the total picture of your life including their friends or hassan on nature
many things
s to run the intuition choose

equipped with

intellect he's very a program area
visual information incorrect
effective yeah
you make your vision with nature's mean we can agree
yes so he's very sharp turn h
ah in the sense maybe so maybe so but that the interact is not the common sense which is called knowledge why into that all intellectual
and standing
the where would you go it's not intact
he acer
i think
maybe yeah

it's up
he has
very sharp
the capacity
can look into
the fundamental nature
oh phenomena
he honored to explain the fundamental nature of my life
sometimes he explains
something just feels half guy
next moment he expanded completely opposite subject
but you never you can't into really just worked
throwing away interactive sense
that's fine sense it's pretty hard to understand show them to and see if you lead the pandora
a day when you're causing this book is the poorest tried to meet the indoor
it's pretty hard to understand
he always explain the huge expanse of for religious that dozens word
in terms of intellectual sense or reddit sense
they shoot

so ah important point is
a to have to study something he ordered to stop from for your head with knowledge is okay
after that you have to forget
to forget is very important to forget knowledge
and content
buddhists word list of you open up to your mind
and twenty into the borders for this is vape
the dog in always six pain
yeah there
any any things in that way
always he show his nice
logical way of understanding then next moment he throw away everything they plant into this world
always such explanation
make the men's confuse
they confused