February 1972 talk, Serial No. 00186

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a few weeks excuse if you understand this point it in each moment you can relate all of the world at that time was the people will be crazy place
in a sense it is called kishore crazy kids your key phrase it
so that the a person for food in that experienced a crazy your and look down always look down look down upon everybody he ah
they're not human being are you doing it and make first
that's crazy that's crazy kids
gay yeah and also it is fantastic fantasy jedi just fighters six months
they are always playing with riches funfetti concentrating on the object to rush it
it's pre not on the not only did they dim not on the the particular person all of us
ha will enjoy
to experience sexual religious dress been settled tub diseases in
tucked is very strange
because the more you practice doesn't the more you realize that there is no sign of the action or
effect that
strangely say
grab doesn't work
but those
for a long time
socio that so the question is that what you think you'd think what to think that there's something something there is so already questioned question
if you do doesn't
well yes now only you but everybody want to think in no way
you know if you do something even a little bit
we are expecting we are expecting to see something
that's why the other before amazing to for the we we are expecting something what is it it's looks like mercury have some moment
monkey you're smart
can you are very enjoy
yeah after doing something you hear if you if you rewrite that there is no sign of effect
it's pretty hot
to continue its prey on to continue continue on to do so
that's why i said it's a strange plants but or each nice took the speaking it is the old tax year pumps k
you really think
the uk
it seems
get let me spend a walking
okay so far
i think through your head i hoped you were understand
the your existence you alive in each moment is empty can
and these with no idea no conception
just do it to stay or what i do your life is always in short as situation can see his life
then let's imagine this is rife since life
when you try to understand we tried to understand life
ah we have to arrange or talked a little bit
in terms of done to aspect to ask them
why is this site the other side
this side
is maybe cold
now this or moment or tooth or
i want to use the the coolest situation in life situation in life
this site is very concrete aspect in right know in in this dimension most people are suffer or enjoy frazier
some train or dancing some he says
and this the this site is reality yeah
id card and you all whites you are very easy
to rely you are
if you miss this the id you completely crap
you lose your still to live with this work
so buddha always okay okay
if you want to dance please do that if you want to listen to the baja police isn't even though i don't like
boss music
because for me by a music is something like talking fuck
buddha is good
put a bullet has very huge new compression
so this is the active to keep this is yeah the other side is curious situation in life
dar when you say truth that tools rice or tooth of the human being
is to point out portal picture of this situation including the purest situation and reality t
the act
don't get the prejudice
oh just one side most of the was a we think only this world his mind
we don't like to see this sai because it's pretty hard also if you do if you can't is this site nor signs of for the action in effect if you do something in reality this side
you can always find not read at the action in effect needs suggestions and
this is vi
but wait use when you try to understand fully that your life we have to see yourself ourselves in terms of both ties so rife is that tools arrive
is total picture of this
situation j
so if so
everyone can be and we own can be in the purest the situation even for moment you can do that he can do that
even though the through your head you think i can't
i always mention you can do already
because you are curious situation means you are already emptied no able as selfishness and you live in the purest situation
this is freedom liberation k
the buddha always see this now also if you want to religious faith you how we have to see this point directory always what is truth
and also the other hand buddha says life is suffering came life is so what why
life is suffering
the this something conception with something is not the meaning of something would you have thought udall k when you say something is to experience something in this aspect the
pretty k
they you say as suffer i suffer myself
but buddha says that his suffering is
that life is seen from this site
it's means life is always emptied emptied no ego no ego office life she's going on with no egress ego know eagerness my eagerness the governance so the idea of whether you like or dislike
is and almost empty and and but actually indeed human being can escape this total picture or rife including this site including reality
then the mind want to see what life what he's right there at that time you realize life is always my life my idea my prize of is empty by something
that time you feel wow
sprint then buddha says life is suffering when you see in when you see you're right in terms of reality
he added
in terms of reality you see the right
you see the light you see the other aspect of life which is always empty which and all his emptied he
when you see you arrive from this side no troubles it is called revelation concrete liberation wonderful
we are always stay here and enjoy ourselves then that time at that time something
but this something is completely it's original nature regional nature before you do for you are aware of i am suffering or not key
so something is then check or money border says that she's searching now he's suffering is not pessimism the principle of pessimism life is something is the tooth because always empty
everything is empty so you don't like but actually i'll take this is to your life is empty see
then this city when you see this the practical aspect arrive in terms of destiny ip is called knife is the economic subject
if so it without one not you like were you whether you like or dislike something is here hey
did you understand what is something then just mean it okay
if you understand this total picture life
are you will feel relief
the week
and on the other hand you realize how stupid they have been
because so far you are always so struggle for your eyes and want to get that they must always know that you are buddha you put a real thin but you don't think know i can
it's roots sika in its books riker
you know that want to call like a not rabbit
slots like right
the as a pet
hamster or hamster it looks like a hamster in the cage homestays hands the enjoys himself roaring
rain to see
he enjoyed himself
two rewarming coke continuous
no also human being the same same applies
in a case in case
and also this whole feel he's given to human being you clicked on kik us are you enjoy
that's great
that's why human being is very interest
you can stop
it's theory it's really hard to stop let yourself revolving
let's so feel rewarding
that's why you are vain stand in your life
whatever you say himself over a pleasure i am delighted in your life whatever you say we enjoy
ah in
the anyway if you understand the whole to human life
you and you come to understand what
what support me what sustain my life or beaten up
what says sustain
my life
it's it's something indescribable
but anyway
it's not abstract sense
you can be a through your experience through your daily life uk explains why because moment after moment you arrive already have duration with in on fight corn horizontal relation with
all see should be
on wait
if you understand this point even that the interactive that's all right even the factory that's all right
your eyes time to okay to come to have to be optimal wow shoes and
then through through the practice actual practice
you should the that understanding even in checked your understanding you should penetrate into that your body and mind
extended into daily life this is actual practice says it
interact with understanding is not enough to satisfy yourself what to settle on yourself with in tibet so we need to practice out to practice through out to practice the your understanding is
getting clearer and clearer with in bit
k then that time the you understand how night a t enlightenment because you are already day
enveloped by
the great relation we've all sentient being in time in space
a bad call an inquiry isn't
so that time it is called it is called person foot in night who in night food in night it is called buddha
this cold pool
then next dog and says a georgie or one day therefore is the ceo buddhists
the gorge the goji of one day therefore is a seat all buddhas
the seek seed or buddhists so it's anonymous of goods is the absolute praise which enable you to aware awaken yourself
what's going on
you always tend to to power of sutra r borrow a bar when practicing can play it depends on right now part need a
hands-on and i was saved from so
something is so high

volo about
veloce teach vara body sad when practicing dp the park empire me to perceived the all five scandals are empty and was saved saved from old something and distress
so the
not the your active the please watch your practice in each moment each mom
it is called known this of goods now is goats
a in which you're going t is emptied in other words you're going to the is going on in the purest situation
this is dorothy and this is a just called buddhists practice buddhist practice
then they each each moment of the gorge
it is the seat of buddhists means it is a great opportunity rate opportunity which enable you awaken awaken
waking you
each moment moment is great opportunity we have three which never you awake
that's why dog engine says the georgie or one day the of for is the seed or boots
you know police your christian
what was your chris
you sang it


question is
think god
one does that compare it
originally your life is fleet
the tamale life is free it's means or life is empty
not not to be not to be affected by the common or past future present to stay
the office called like force
ten question is this is also a this is still this is still understand intact to understanding which see what would seems the abstract some some aspect that's why it's make you confused where it's empty
if you try to understand empty pool and situation weights your life is empty
smooth the m tipped since it's clear
they if you understand even interact to centers
next as a next step
you should consider how we should actualize it in daily life out
you're actually in this aspect which is called reality
you can arrest you can invest moment is pretty hot
okay not
so as long as the as long as the processions and consciousness reach could read
you the possessions and mind should focus on each activity with
brittany spears tc
before you tried to put your hotness
what does he is
also i think even though you you you go from shared to air
i often mentioned there is nothing nor science fiction and effect the action but as dog and and says the go g
oh one day his seat or buddha seattle which means never you to napoli you awaken in life
to learn to ran how to how to how to live your life big three
so that's why it's the each george practice of one day please take the best care of each coach
this is it's ms your kodi practice your activity is of is emptied
the duration huge expanse relation with or seem to be
at guy or isn't
did you understand