February 1972 talk, Serial No. 00185

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georgie of one day therefore he's the seed of buddhists and their judge
many buddhas manifests themselves by the gorge
georgie always causes one to manifest gorge
to miss a chance to actualize georgie is to disrespect and not
and not deavere buddhists
to ignore georgie is not to go through the same undefined differentiated birth and death and the differentiated study or practice with bought us
our flower blooming or a leaf falling at known as is just the manifestation of georgie
polishing or breaking a mirror is nothing but good

i mentioned
kelly's absolutely nothing
in the in the realm of doesn't
so i i think
all of you cannot believe it
so today i will give you something sweet ken
but this something sweet candy is
it is surely there is nothing to get into them of sam
he says weekend
the c-suite can

at that time you can ah
taste this candy how sweet
the wise
that's sweet candy is peter will be beat up for it
through and through
ah you should not miss nothing to get
no sign of of effect effect in the action in the roofs are and
the component factor life is based on
the emptiness
ah as mentioned yesterday
because a moment after moment
all of us and all sentient beings are absolutely emptied k
by cross relation with everything
this is a great part that's why everything exist in peace harmony

but usually
the all truck disease
in the realm of reality as mentioned yesterday decide the bottom is completely empties
but our practice is going on just in riyadh it
it's looks like
the practice
in the heaven
the hell heaven i think
a variety of desire which he never use satisfy yourself you never you a mute see yourself
occupies all over the heaven
you go to the heaven
the moment may use when you think wow i want
i want to
hamburger is here
next moment you think what would like to
while to catch up
it's not necessary to make effort
because the many kinds of desires complete a occupies heavens all that's one
so if you want to sit you can sit
then next moment if you want to attain regiment in night
next moment well sometimes your you get the complete the so you are completely exhausted to to stay in enlightenment because our curiosity will be office poking into the hair
poke your head into a sort of us so certain a whole
sometimes you have a divine in watching down the regent
next moment
the region

oh a problem is in heaven that
before you finished your thinking i want to get the nightmare
even if even though you think just slightly
i want not that not i want i want something that that then heaven
catch your my get you can read your mind
night here
always think that
the in the beginning you are very happy to get there
see can make to diligence
but it's if you stay for white year or two year
according to sector we're like
you are completely exhausted no thank you know desires nor enlightenment
no dues
so you want to get out
this is our practice the beginning you're very curious everything whatever happens wow
your head is always take a trip
all older immediate but your body and mind sit here nonetheless you can trip or over europe india japan
sometimes key years ago
sometimes one of your all the friend
forgive you are a hundred dollars wow
i would like to meet a see him
your head take a trip all over beyond time and space
in the beginning it is very interesting
you pay to stay everybody that for me now only for me everybody
but at that
the more the more you practice zazen to more youth you get that anything through your head
due diligence these attitudes are cracked
old friend and ten years ago
you are completely exhausted will thank you
so at that time most of students give up practice setting
because nothing
nephew in nothing always something happens like a bubble
as you write see that
the master says don't think throw away your thoughts your son
at least where you are sitting tweets but kept
but actually the bottom the bottom of your practice of your life is always empty new bottom the burmese always emptied
by the changing by the inter dependent arising
how can while he did we have to make every past very important to get something in your hand
it's very difficult
if you why you're thinking why you tried to get something new your hand
it's means
what would you call ah
it means that you you hope you hope that there is something to be controlled by yourself by you are
how practice by your knowledge by your the cafe of you're nice and song
but actually in or not imagine can you can you control completely your body by yourself
it's pretty hard
i have worked quite here and grey here and someone says so cut get you have rats grey here
but i don't want agree but anyway since twenty eight years old i got already grey here
yeah i want i want take it out
even though i take to kick out one by one
you know unfortunately he hears quotes
i can't control
i can't control
then my my life is going on nutter
not you know not a young my life is going on to their great to the pig
i don't want please some time now is to sometimes turn round and around to the young
say that he's going up the great
i can't control
then forty forty one forty two forty three forty four years odd then it's year forty five forty six
how can you stop this reason this is rhythm of the life of life
it is written more rife with all sentient beings not not on the not with my own write my own vision just listen in this wisdom everything is going on exists
my hair nose eyes times bus hence all things i'm also including thoughts it can't control certain or maybe or someone you think he you don't think anything that all
during the entire thing because you are all she
the back
they to
but you think too soon the moment when i get the title roshi
maybe voice you off its control me think but it seemed pass it sinks for whatever kind of title to a whatever kind of title you tried to give me president of the united states or are have of the buddhist were
while our to tissue borrow the buddhist word
it can be can't control this sub isn't he
then i can't control i can't control my thought if we don't care it doesn't
see i don't want the soft and own one that i don't want to play with my thought but i have to give a lecture or dame every day a air games at least some sushi
so seem seemingly i do doesn't with up thinking nothing but
well tonight to certain was was should i talk
empties today should it's issued to scream more by empties no shit
and the thing
this is throws six
and then some time writing are you sensing you roissy a you are you to use a you
young guy
i use students know and rice
so why don't you control your money
poor cup again
so strictly speaking done nothing to control nothing to control by yourself why you think it's pretty difficult because bottom of my life office
is emptied moment after month
that's pretty good says were good
there is so
some stories
ah pek yard
none that age-old zen master

practiced under six picture
the number create your identity
went to ah
the six yeah
and ask
i've become mark
then at that time
fixed patriarch ask
where did you come to you
the know who said
a come from
chan chan chan chan is chinese
it's pretty difficult to tormented chinese plunge
then day
the sixth patriarch says what is it that thus counts
this is point what is what is it that does come it's mins
who or what
who comes from where
who comes wrong way
this is what it is that thus come
at that time longer consent must didn't understand he didn't answer to this question
they nanda who didn't know what what to answer for a wrong years
for eight years
he found that he he pondered the question then one day he dawned upon him and he explained
rashi and as time now
did you do you remember what you ask me to ten years
save from where do you
when that time my dinner i didn't answer questions now i got it
so they must have what did you understand how des gens
the he said even to say it will to say nothing hits the mark i think this nothing
from fool who comes from where who comes from there
danes you want to think again and again full practice will practice for a tea light to me
and flew from where
this guy come
he didn't understand
at last he understood
even to say nothing hits a month
this is answer this is sweet candy for him
his masters this is right and nothing to mark
if so now few hit because always a bottom to the bottom move for six patriots life obvious empty
if so what shall i do what shall i do
so always the bottom is always empty if so if so
there is nothing to expect nothing to expect that's fine the sutra says right his dream life is record dream like a bubble like a fashions
like asunder

but the must have priest every in japan it's this point well yes life is like a dream life is riker bubble like hey life is like us fussy
it is because
that's the explanation that teaching in every man to a awake
to guide in to enlightenment
what's the priests the script that way so if saw maybes something there maybe something here see
nothing nothing he hits to to the mock nothing new nothing he hits the mark
ms just is just a means to reach the goal
if you explain that way oh
that's five buddha says life is suffering like is like a bubble rifle is like car banana tree
banana tree you with that analogy
are divided by much
they will happen
at my temple and the there was a huge banana tree
but it has never fruit ipad
because it to court
but anyway it's followers on the tree no fruit
if you some you can find phonology try to pee scheme
we have never call which is heart
and even in the coal the banality his face soft drinks hot
what is tweak it preconception the tree is the hot see
panaji you tried to peel one by one every day whole rife
nothing there
soft make public
so i is like been out
i think the second one in poorer you great scientist
is think in our modern people have forgotten sleek modern take more than machine
b m radio and jet plane many why your telephone know why you'd tell
but even the second william burrus age they didn't have such a radio or tv and color tv they don't delay
but they can't see it can see that many things that's one
if you tried to lead the sutra
the u very happy month i'm really glad to
play in my shoes word looking at her got out
du kan city here
and hell heaven
by anyway check company buddha knows what life is by please bubble like this banana tree
what this is not means
means to guide people to attain right to it came through and through you have to understand
great reality that right fried banana tree
because parents always emptied
otherwise your life is not fleet the
but our thought for on the qt years thought are on the curious of catching something
ignoring this bottom
so empty is to empty the what to say what the life is empty is to say what there is nothing to get to with a soft came with thought the was
there is nothing
nothing is controlled by your fucked war humans population k humans it even though forever you try to peel the banana trees with with your humans population
as a result and you have to realize that these just salt think that's how the same things

then if so what should i do nothing he hit the mark even to say so
why don't you stop to thinking and
you are good enough you are good enough
becoming yourself as you are as you are today tomorrow the day after tomorrow
that's all
then there's nothing
nothing to catch them
wait a site
but get this some question
but you say they must say you say the least practice and he lied to the community bought our team like me under the bodhi tree why
how can you handle how should we handle practice in right

the looked saw the six to access
i don't think i don't think there is no cactus and nor enlightenment
practice and enlightenment ah not defiled not defined k deceased point important part
i don't think there is no parties no enlightenment
if so maybe their practice and night but the partisan enlightenment what to think
is already defiled by thoughts
the six patriot says i don't think there is no practice know enlightenment but practice an indictment are not defiled can not try not to defined is not to get it not to get the
practice and enlightenment with soft with

so our practice and the all you have to do is
to practice
as you are to sustain you as you are
sustain continually we should sustain yourself as you are
day tomorrow at
but it's pretty difficult
to sustain yourself and you are his dick practice this big trucks for us
do you understand this point to you kid
can sustain you as you are
always you put the you get something practice or management mint it's means it's means according to that idea the practice and in right mean stands
we stand on a fixed ground which is called not entrance not
which is called the region or touch
strictly speaking you can put the divulging you can put to the difference always are empty

oh then i think
ah it's not so easy to sustain yourself by to you up by actually strict speaking we have to sustain surface you are so this is practice it says practice he says enlightenment which is not defiled
not defined
it's why fix picky abscess i don't think there is no protests no inmate yes yeah
in fact practice in in night if you even scientists history even a scientist slightly
defied practice and enlightenment it is not true practice unite
because you are completely upset

but you can you cannot it is very difficult for you to believe it
a goatee or practices not something which you try to get with i sought
your mind
if so the all you have to do is to sustain go de de doubt because this guilty his seat or buddha seat good
they the moment is great opportunity they opportunity which a to you awake
the opportunities they important in booties because opportunity is opportunity is something what manifest itself only in dynamic situation or in
in dynamic cure situation
this is or kg opportunity
then logically speaking this opportunity is now
cold dumber
then g of one day care for his seat or buddha and the encourage the buddhist skilled scripts because that's guilty always sustain yourself aren't you are
it's all
this is leery to so empty empty sustain your life as you are

ah many buddhas many buddhas manifest themselves by the by this discourage
many buddhas patriarchs for themselves by discos moment after mom
although go you always causes one to manifest goji
goji is this case
that to manifestation of your like true manifestation of your life based on the emptiness based on empties based on a complete liberation
the your life is placed in this body to now grand
based on emptiness great freedom liberation
if so or life causes you to manifest your ongoing regardless of whether you like or dislike you can any time when it place to yourself
as a you are are underway put even site stretchy idea into it is completely muddy water money
although go ye always causes causes one to manifest georgie to miss a chance to actualize georgie is to disrespect and not the beer buddhists thought
maybe you don't like preach their day-in and day-out you might even to yourself as you are
this is good is jodie is his practice and this is enlightenment the but it's pretty i so you tried to escape
to trying to escape is to disrespect and the gear not the via burrus of course it says zero to try to escape is to make you confuse worse and worse receivers this is mutual
worse verse prius and see if you do that in
if you do doesn't
whatever whatever kind of for do it and you get you experience it's all right
sometimes you are delighted in what do you sometimes you are you try to escape it
but actually even thought as mentioned before is something which you cannot control completely
because thought is not doers
but is not yours but is thought as it is which is existence on the basis of emptiness
only when patchy
soft make a bubbles
then this attachment making computes
so whatever you feel trader suffer while escape or staying
see all of thing all will make you confused
so don't departs don't tase out
dr seuss don't because just sit back
the bait so tried to escape from said to present it then tried to get something more interesting
mind that refer of course there are many interesting things
yoga i'm not saying that diogo eating or something wrong please pre-book
but if you miss if you miss this they could you point in your life whatever you whatever kind of philosophy whatever kind of for another religion you tried to seek your office
getting confuse hughes worse and worse
wherever you go whatever kind of really think you try to follow that's all right point is taking and day-out manifest yourself as you are the top ten
if you understand this point it's okay we've tried to get itchy you tried to get this philosophy you tried to get the mojave see group
really good
i'm trying to get his last year
you realize some ideal that etc
the a mention always are
in are rife
the what you have to do is amazing always to manifest yourself as you are that's all ok
and then you try to study eighteen or another religion or another that guitar
that must have case was people are confused affected by
something interested beyond thought beyond present the present vivid life
with a thought we'd tried to chase after something of

okay for are purchasing the same is true
even a fantasy i don't think you want of these nuts not not bad cape
if you think point is if you'd think
you feel happy
in the state of religious place or living just fantasy
that's your life
that's to your life but happiness is is bliss
is should belongs to subject yourself to not to me not to me fool tried to criticize k
even though i criticize your fantasies something crazy why don't you come to the city but you can if you do the because you believe and what if saw that front of the is okay
a front of the religious places are all and asked to subject
not object
but point is really just even religious press evan fantasy if you think you are happy
she'll be should make you happy okay
should make you arrive davey live a life
otherwise you're really just stress and it just experience is completely far out
it's looks like dancing in heaven
it looks like a frightening the grass writing the grass at sufism let's see
didn't just experience always penetrate your daily life

then disrespect
a decent inspect and the gear buddhists ms
you miss something you missed something what important your life is
if you try to miss this point is to try to disrespect very important crucial point in your life
it's men not to read year pulled us
important crucial point in life is the buddha or on age your boot on it
so good is to manifest sam for the you are to sustain yourself or do you are in a whatever happens that's this is very steady way of life
stand your way of life

to ignore georgie is not to go through the same and different differentiated brutal death and to undifferentiated study or practice with costs
so to ignore such a the this way of life is
not to not to go through
not to share
you're a birth and death your practice sand the enlightenment
sadie and practice with
you should share and shouldn't share your birth and death your study and practice with
pura means in this case
manifestation of your life as you are
ah ah flower blooming or or leave leave falling at numbness is just the manifestation of joy to disrespect
are we falling
does work
stumbling over the rock
is your food his work
get up his war good
does work
don't try to escape don't miss this chance
if you tried to miss stumbling
and feeling
when you stumble over they have the rot
when you bump your head against a rock
that's okay it is also going to us work
a polishing so that's why
polishing and breaking a mirror is nothing by george this is based on the one a zen stories poison mirror dumas the this story
none of them master one day a polish the block price the block
then brussels and mustard passed by him and ask what are you doing
yes i am posing the brock why did the poisoned brock
said yes and will one to pause to blog and to make a mirror to make me
why is it why is it do you want to pour is the block to make a meter

there is something you will get the you can get the buddha after practice
this is the story the polish a mirror
a passing mirror is nothing but choice to passing the not placing the mirror pricing the block
pausing the block is so it's very nonsense
pausing mirror to a pricing the blog to make a mirror is live in nonsense it's see in common sense how can you how can you make a mirror
it's nonsense
then you sit doesn't
are you doing sam's us in
why well i want to the garhi khuda
one to become poorer
but actually it's nonsense how wrong you said something you can't you can't dickau buddha
if you see if you think
zazi in that way because we're passing plug to make
because actually all you have to do is to find to figure out that many fight he had to me
doosan enlightenment the to
then if so why dog and and says classy mirror is nothing but georgie the buddhist work miss when you post a blog that's enough why don't you continue to blog post
the brought not necessary to try to try to think i want to pass to brock to make a minute to make a mirror is extra
just plop past block
and blinking the breaking the mirror is nothing but good lately in the mirror disease was story
goat and they must ascend to the mirror to his isn't and last
then isn't a masters said the infant pigs and disciples your lists mirror
cent by cent my guild's on zen master
i have i have it in my hand not the actually is to speaking this mirror is goes on same master
mira is in my hand it's not gazans meter
which is worse say something not be safe
what what better way to watch with cutting-edge was to it
what roissy a student since it
not only answer
i use since it
are you rushing
are you cut again
then isn't them must have gadget
that's fake key

completely there is nothing to poke your head into
into something
the top
that's why flaking mirror is also put the rep
don't wait a minute
this is