February 1972 talk, Serial No. 00181, Side B

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no day on tape, flipped early (tried twice); most but not all of the audio was imported in a later batch. This tape was divided into two talks: 00181A - Beginning of talk is missed, end of talk is present. 00181B: Beginning of the talk is present. Segment missing from middle and end. A may be a continuation of B

Auto-Generated Transcript

verbal expression a token
our mates in his job or kenzo
he's really beautiful way to
use less verbal expression
every sentence be shot simple
simplicity city
i also every expression so expression verbal expression
his left nothing unsaid
and even a one sentence
but p
a verbal expression in my translations agencies she's really clumsy
i have to apologize to first dog in dingy and you
for my from the verbal express meetings
but anyway have to a i can escape
top something or goggins teachings
i hope you will allow me to constant to focus on
expanding the key point what dogging vinti once kill us
at any cost
this is my best day of
if you
should be
endowed with a chance to study job nice
he would get taste all tokens regional dentist now from doubt in the english is from japanese
he didn't

the key
the for duncan zingy
ah the word georgie he's always used
only you win
a life force manifest itself in dynamic situation
a dog in use good

so the universe go g
we used on do when
the present manifest itself in done and situation
without any idealistic concession is he is good
so georgie is vague cure
ah dodgy is a pure concessions
but the this pure concept she is not interval a human mind deduce you know reduce the dupes
in williams piece like this press some place you
it doesn't mean that
for years and see if you try to r
club this moment the are practicing your life which is going on moment of moment your mind is the kitchen in in the state of intention tc
yeah was it's looks like car suppress the south
so it looks like are the
i was working that the company produced diesel engine
the descent and didn't have a magnet file members
the engine started to walk walk out on the by suppressant suppression
compression pistons head to but bubbles here
about nine bubble but bouts years our pump
trading ah the heavy oil not gasoline heavy oil
and piston
our goals in know me didn't question it has a compression completely
they at that time with up
this picnic the explored
this is gg and
i built the a built up into a new parts
start what
if you try to practice if you've tried to practice your life moment after moment like a diesel engine you know at any time sunday your life is will be explored turn next
then this it's frozen sometimes is won't be helpful for you but sometimes were not helpful for you because when it is not helpful for you you will become crazy

the exploiting
and then way it is even a stripe brain helpful for you it is called in nightmare
they've called cancel cancel
this qualification and got a nightmare
then they must give you a solicitation

but dogan didn't say anything about set your expression
phase is to these tumors
so that's why a human being he survey be up to a appear curious of explore of expert trawling himself in his life that's why my she said don't worry he happy
to do your best
a reaction
you piss be happy
means don't be interested in don't be attracted by the expression suppose
or even though of course through the practice you will realize you were its peers some expression
that time you will be they happen
that's all right
poison must be still within yourself
now also because exploiting yellow earth enlightenment or case you're in a true meaning is always still young it was his duty it is do it well it was is buddha k is put a bullet
is very stills or
because you can leach you cannot reach
you can poke your head
into the trap which score enlightenment with score kegel
what's called explosion
he kept
maybe sometimes they advice from few coming from the skunk one
sometimes very nice sweet perfume
the pastry for few ways in nightmare the experience of in night
device perfume is sort of crazy
oh it
the georgie ah a leaving present it's not something which you will have to
experience it with a strong kitchen strong taste king
if you tried to do in that way
you will ensure you will experience many things
good or bad
i even though whatever whatever kind of experience you go through
you get taste it is not true and europe nation
it's not do
lifeforce himself
because guilty or life force or enlightenment ah all
i used
oh for on do you win
they manifest themselves in deinem situation
we can ditch
ah in then if you try to understand it idealist colleague
maybe it is cold emptiness right caddy or idealistic car the goatee why enlightenment what is called the emptiness
ah emptiness
so the yesterday i mentioned
as dog and and says georgie by would jam actually arised at known as of its manifestation is not quite understood
no mother under what conditions it is brought into be
for once understanding of gorgie is a product of his imagination which is extra
going to ace
and not defiled
by any concessions any idealistic
our grand of understanding
the it is georgie is not defiled by appearance or disappearance
in the emergence or station
jodi is just here
enlightenment is just a life was is just there
belts temps
raj speaking it is called impotence so emptiness is
ah is the sort of space k space but too much huge space but spaces is not the trump k species are not not not that sort of trump
by whites in a man to take himself into hell into heaven him
not cup
spaces universe what would you cora
species sir
or emptiness is a huge expense of generosity to generosity by in which everything everything is involved
in peace came this is emptiness
so they if you understand internet or space only in your small expectation
it was emptiness and that time emptiness it maybe the meaning of
nothing's know
there's something in vain being in vain
oh you are completely lose your spirit to do anything at all
then you are you you're lost you are completely at rust and the loss what to do
but emptiness is not there the word of your own
emptiness was pace
it is must be a must be there must be there
the as the guarded as the expanse expense
a huge expanse of generosity general dan rusty
in which everything can exist in peace in common he says space
so you can catch the what spaces what you can grasp what emptiness is when your the moment when you grasp what emptiness is it is completely in vain it is ah is brought
into being the as are guarded as the the emptiness
created by you or create a imagination this entrance
so such emptiness enables men to be upset worse and worse
ah so let's imagine stay a the you should you should know carefree they are what space what emptiness is vague hughes and also this space or the emptiness is always alive
for instance one for japanese comes to said in a book and forgot above the name book
he said the change through the space
it changed through the spacey's something which turn be arrested but on the guide it
and also movement through the space is something that cannot be confined but on the directed can
this is very interesting

hmm what would you want to say
the to through the space
ah is something which current arrested
a but on the guide it
whatever kind of for house you built
in qatar and but imagine just zendo
i think just zendo consist of many structures many form
consisting of time board or be in beam many things
even this bot stick
this boy been
game here
if you look at the moment when you look at this beam wow this is just what it looks like a form
it looks like a for it doesn't make it doesn't make sense
but why you put here why you put here
where you put here the moment when you put this beam here
this beam is starting to walk to work out
through the space this space came to the this space
so from this point only form on the form form iran doesn't exist
apart from the space
but from the space it was a part of from about from the students was zazzle and window and wall and all circumstances it doesn't work the form lawn doesn't exist
a form when the former is working
working out
the for as a would
must be must be alive in space in circumstances which is called us ah ha
at that time that building is a useful for you and also you are they
moved by of for a building or for let's imagine now cuts rally to paris
hey old the a building in japan way to score cut console roddick you want to style over pies
you will see the picture of this palace in a book garden including garden
from this point in the human being cut a gay
ah is a maybe sort of fog
we are in rob really love him hit
and he had some name had to get everything that are subtle forth
but when did this those former start to alive started to be alive
they must be there must be working through the space it was circumstances sie den circumstances many kinds of a variety of circumstances in or educate week sometimes many circle
i'm make me strong sometimes make me weak
so yeah there was this category alone doesn't exist a pile of from the circumstances
see if i want to live i want to name vividly i can we help ignoring a time we help the morning the circumstances about me
because circumstances is the absolute place through whites the kentucky with many forms start to work

then they guess
ah he says attained you through the us change through the spacey is something which turn be arrested
but only guide it
no the cut again with many forms are constantly change changing okay through the space circumstances and then i can to grasp what they are what is it
what second the dire circumstances is good for you know i don't think sometimes a cropped in craps completely
no i give ruptured you don't you use you didn't show it and you didn't show any sign of
being attracted by my talk
was a house
something way that
did i cut a g wait for many form
is always changing through the space circumstances including you and cause and didn't over creek cause trees everything okay
and then you can i cannot to put the any definite ideas that circumstances is good or bad because sometimes for you circumstances intense high as they help
but in a few months in humans circumstances in tassajara will be not good so you want to get up
but you must it regardless of whether you are not you like or dislike
you are rife with many as forms must be changing must be changed you can get away changing because you're like okay you're right through the space through that circumstance the in buddhism through the emptiness k
then this emptiness
can be understood through your head good or bad you can't
then that's why the change is smooth as paces something which cannot be arrested but but only guide it
see katie
then the in a human many years many years later okay you're design here
okay sometimes you think of the cost circumstances in qatar are completely nuts a good because circumstances in plethora is sort of isolation from the society so you make all countries gathered the ice age could hurt it
you complain what's the relations between the katara and city like fee but that's okay the you got
the practice now wherever you feel that's all right then two years later
and then you give up completely after leaving the hazara you give up completely practice doesn't it that's all right
lazzara whatever you do your life easier life i cannot take responsibility or you for your activity so all you have to do is to take responsibility for your on me and so so that's all right
sorry please with that

then in all the and ten years later
you will so you will feel something through their product it's a doesn't
well something is maybe good
zazi is many good
but at that time i didn't i didn't think zazi was good but now maybe something's good then someone asking what is good where is a helpful way the you don't understand why anyway it doesn't the practice of zazen guide you
it'll guide you to in certain directions well don't want this way mark
don't want this say that's all but your mind sometimes no i don't like for some time well am very curious me i trusted doesn't just one once okay
this is kind of died
the space always changes through the space can
change through the spit it you always changing through the space circumstances they were whatever