February 1972 talk, Serial No. 00181, Side A

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no day on tape, flipped early (tried twice); most but not all of the audio was imported in a later batch. This tape was divided into two talks: 00181A - Beginning of talk is missed, end of talk is present. 00181B: Beginning of the talk is present. Segment missing from middle and end. A may be a continuation of B

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great we are the that you are always changing through the space was
emptiness mentioned by buddha issued what you can't get away is called buddha
you must always changing
but at that time when you are asked by some what it is what what emptiness you can clap glad you can it can be arrested but
say something guiding guide you
and then also and then also movement through the space
is something that cannot be combined
but only to direct it this is veins and point two k
that changing the what do you arrive with changing through the space or emptiness or buddhist right buddha's war game
can be arrested can be confined
now what your like these are changing
you arrive in dynamic situation keep changing the is changing changing or you arrive is your right
in dynamic situation this is movement
this is movement yellow earth your life is right a movement is the great reality which your life is like
i'm also this movement being alive through the space
through the space
is something which cannot be combined
kate confide
but directed he left so just two thousand you cannot be confined you cannot confined it
what it is what movement
ten the dog and and says george okay all yeah to do is just do good what what to do that and one
we don't understand
because georgie or emptiness or whatever the buddha was space
movement or through the space or bureau emptiness or circumstances
is something which cannot be completely combined it
but direct it keep but correct
this is very important but direct but this what it is directed
it is something which
what is directed means
to enable man to settle on himself
peace in peace in kabul with in up with this is direct direct it okay for i use the word so less than suggestion that
for destiny is a say always are dem imagination okay jim imagination all the smiling mother's you won't have a baby
maybe completely game
but i doubt baby a don't pay me is the dalai its troubles perfect
if you've become completely bibi very easy
wait easy to take care of them but all of you including me a dark pay down the pennies
very difficult to do you take care of
because hit it big
the the imagination of for smiling mother's keep smiling mother this is the election in suggestion
i can't i can't explain in someone the the other day i mentioned maybe why is that category you shave your head
see office everybody very interested in shaping head when i went to the media obvious and gave a lecture at newman central
they asked me same questions
idk why do you shave your head
it's pretty high
i always say joke
say that more than start
modern questions
well aware
then up that a prenup but suggestion direction
something directed
the suggesting is the imagination models like a mother's smiling mother
in a dark room
relation the baby's life is always changing you know
through the dark space that space
our keeping the relationship with her mother
but he doesn't know who is muslim
but here it is the dem imagination of the smiling mothers in a darkroom
and then the moment when the baby look at that the imagination of smiling mother
he stopped crying then smart
why can't it can't explain
but actually this is this marks the beginning of running a human love
learning human compassion of compassion this is first step
the baby completely settle on himself even though he didn't he didn't arrest it a rest
what the dem imagination of smiling while is he does he can't completely
but he started to smile and he settled and himself in peace
a destiny marks this mouths he just the beginning just beginning of running what human compression is all buddhists compass
that's why the
the imagination of smiling money is very important for baby
but i don't want a big for a dog baby
that's my dim come imagination of was smiling mother's is gradually in complicated and complicate sometimes he's so imagination is like this one
sometimes imagination is getting become becoming numb to come in i won't call cost sometimes casper
sometimes huge huge you know how rich nation
they could get for a dad bill
and talking thing he says
don't invent says all of you are in the ocean in the pacific ocean a huge expanse of ocean sea
what is called buddha
radhika speaking with to go emptiness
but nevertheless you are trying to looking for rarely war i is
well is what it is because you are very curious of resting resting what what if there is water
what is here he
then the movement through the space a something went terribly confined but on the directed so the moment that doesn't in movement go ye in
ain't going the actualized in movement can't be completely can find it but on the direct keep reject
this is very important so simple
they were you say right with emptiness life is it is lipase right is buddha keep that's why we say we say i take refuge in the border
we have to know this point first
in life is very still bears to can be arrested it's cannot be arrested it's cannot be combined it but only guided on the director this is rife life
it's through the space through the buddhist life buddhist world through the emptiness now through your head okay now through your selfishness
this is important
and that's why the in zen buddhism
it is very important for us to practice bow to buddha saying a take refuge in
the this buddha is not the statue k he's not dispatch
is buddha is
the yourself who is
living a lie vividly at living present it can play throughs of space through the emptiness whatever you say if you don't understand i don't understand it looks like a demon imagination of a month smiling mother the torah
important point is you must be baby and you must smile and settle or yourself what in my hints
with in probably he says movement is is practice since the doge
then this emptiness how to how can you actualized this emptiness this space
this buddha
then next we say i take refuge in the dumb and dumber is done my is
the movement the movement which the truth is the truth to live is just to live
without attaching to your selfishness all you have to do is focusing on the cactus in movement through space through circumstances
this is good
then what what it is what is the place what is the praise where you can't wear and it is it will be possible for you to actualize buddhists right
then next weekend and says
one must carefully know that the interdependent arising his gaudy but goodie is not acted on by that into dependent arising
you must kill me know that the interdependent arising is good okay
interdependent arising is the truth know the roads buddha now that rights movement which is alive moment after moment hey this is interdependent arising you can it's kind of be on
rustic it can't be confined it but interdependent arising is track always continually giving to you something he got it as direct direct it or guy guide
this is interdependent arising
the oliver's his pace
a space
huge space
this species not imminent in the south in your life
this piece is movie ally me vividly including your life including circumstances including all
then the interdependent arising is good can moment our moment is guilty
it is practice
also good is not as acted on by interdependent arising
see the you think what hassan ii is good now for you next moment
the three four days session says
i don't like the first day since did not before just the day just before when the fishing stat know like see
and make
now my then a moment when the fifteen stats and sit here while you feel good to good
but it's not to present it's not system k
the key is not acted
on by into dependent arising means the situation in adversity or situation in favour of our whole situation or in unfavorable of procedures it doesn't matter
practices practice doesn't is then georgie is guilty the truth or into dependent arising is tooth you can't escape can escape
because you are always changing through this interdependent arising
how can you get up your life ignoring other like walling katara why are you are here you can't

i'll go g
i go ye realized in action is
is that which one is doing moment after moment okay george so good he realized he actually
so practice when kids are then realized in action
is what that what is now which one is doing why is doing
universe changing through the space and thinking through the space movement through the space
are not fumbling with oh are something which cannot be arrested cannot be
confined it
always giving some suggestion to you oh
why don't you do it
so this is good this is georgie
then the woman optimum so emptiness is alive moment a woman at the moment what is it woman woman optimum what is did that doesn't explain about moment optimum the known as a
is going to known as in ye
in you does not environment something which
originality is imminent in the self okay
johnston is point numbness in going to known if and leaving the thing
it's not something which is even on each nanny imminent in the south but we are all they think
well it's i think maybe accessing has something which you will be which could be help who for me see
that time doesn't is something witchy what could be imminent in the south all eaten
so you have to understand doesn't add to the numbness k
ah it is it is living doesn't it is living doesn't when only when something is alive the thing is going at numbness a moment of
then known as in goji does not involve something which is imminent
on each naughty is in imminent in the south nor the which is leaving or returning or going and coming in the south okay
yeah understand this point
living doesn't it's not something which is then leaving war be turning or going and coming within your mind okay
feeds here
what is planting into spain
oh hurriedly
cattle you can have arrested cannot confined it
the truth of this known as does not to proceed nor fowl goatee
a k a tooth have known this does not proceed nor far with the goatee known as doesn't exist before before you practice during or after you plaid skirt know
notice is here completely gowanus all the idea
whether you understand mountainous or moment
the known as is when the is optimized can really simple
can vacant known as is when
georgie is optimized so known as the hell is when doesn't is actualized
that's all
that's all
because even a dozen must be changing k through yourself through the space through the emptiness
does he is not the sort of by concession
which is which could be imminent in
the set
so these here
in this done
but i hope you will you were taped guy
a look at just outline of the truth or numbness or moment
in which life was is digging vivid
you have thought