Exploring Consciousness and Realizing Wisdom

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Exploring consciousness with the aid of Buddha's teachings is a path to discovering and realizing deep, liberating Wisdom. Consciousness may be experienced as confining and confusing; at the same time it offers opportunities for learning skills and making discoveries.

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i'm which we chatted this this vow by a disciple of haku in
the you know is that so guy and i'm
as as we were reciting it as his words were coming up in consciousness i imagined
some temptation for abiding might have arisen and someone's mind some sticking points might have might have arrived as you hurt as these words are going through your mind and i so i would say to you that
it it isn't so can you can you hear this
and maybe what's the word not maybe not bet on are not believe some things you hear can you do that without abiding and not betting on can you do that without biting and not believing
similarly if you believe what you heard can you hear that without abiding and believing it this is these statements are statements by it
kind of incandescent practitioner
very intense practitioner who says amazing things all of which is not the first one to say but i think he's speaking from his own heart and realization
he says when i
so this is his vow and also his testament when i a student of the dharma look at the real form of the universe all is to never miss never failing manifestation of an serious truth of the to togheter
when he looks
at the real form of the universe that's what he sees he sees the teaching at the to togheter
and had popped in my mind when i heard that was one of our other ancestors i was with one of his students and she said and i saw some birds fighting each other and she said what's that about
and he said that's for your benefit
in other words can you that's for you to look at
they're on they're offering you this
ah if someone had been standing next to haku and when people were falsely accusing him and refiling him if somebody said to such standing next to him and said
what's this what's that about what's going on you might have said this is for our benefit this is for our study

it we don't know if those people were aware that they were giving haku in a great opportunity never wished let's go get fresco our daughters pregnant she told us that she told her sister let's go get hakuna a big great chance
let's go see
if he can see this as a teaching
running up there and let mecca
you're a terrible mark
but hakko is looking to he sang this is the dharma been shown to me
this is an opportunity suit to see the true form of
the universe
and looking that way he says is that so
is this the way is this reality
that's the point of this presentation is this reality
it is my in ithaca has a conscious minds these people appear to be insulting me
is this the buddha's teaching for me
they don't seem to be happy with me they don't seem to be
they seem to be very unhappy with me they're they're telling me how terrible person
i'm open to them talking like this
and i'm looking to see
this if this is for me if this is the buddha's teaching
and when i come back later and praise him it's the same when people are when people are behaving respectfully and gratefully and kindly that too
it's not just when they're being mean to you that it's that the buddha's teaching everybody all day long is an opportunity for you to look and say and see
it's just the is my opportunity to hear the true dharma to see the true dharma to realize that your dharma
this guy saying either this is where this is the way it is for me
when i looked when i'm looking when i'm spending my day looking at the real form of the universe everything unfailingly is the manifestation
so the question is when you study your mind when you study your conscious mind
are you looking at this
these appearances to see the real form the real form is that disappearances are appearances are you looking to be mindful of that and see that and thereby opened to the to target is teaching he say he wants to do that or that he is doing that it's called a vow he is doing it
he wishes to do it
he doesn't mention that he may be fails occasionally
and and says this is not a this is not a time to consider what's going on as a revelation of dharma
people think if you look that way at for example the appearance of people being cruel to you
you know that you won't be able to do anything positive response to that but that's not true
you can look at it and you can seek you can say is that so but you can also said
would you please stop talking to me that way
are you get are you can say i have something better i have something better for you to save them that
like that you know that story of
prayer ah bear bear bear fox captured bruh rabbit in our story to but there's this fox and his bare that wanted to catch a rabbit they're all trying to catch him when they finally managed to catch him
they caught him because
here he was abiding in a tar baby
in story
did they tried to tried you remember hearing a budget remember how it goes down
yes you don't
quito it can i tell her
they try to catch a monetizing and then they were unsuccessful that finally had this idea of making a little a sculpture out of tar i guess they started with maybe they made the sculpture in a cold place in the early morning and then kept it refrigerator something overnight anyway they put they put the tar baby
out and he walked by the tar baby says hey man have good morning and the tar baby doesn't say anything because his car
and he said i said i think morning to you target distilled or the says in any kind of pilgrims hey i said hello to you and i guess tarrant gets his hands kind of stuck in the tar
so then a rather than wait just a for a minute and just until it melts
he tries to use other hand a hand out of the targets both hands caught in the news uses his feet and so on so yeah totally caught up in the tar and then the the bear in the fog come out and say we got your and they did get him he got stuck
because he he was biting in his idea of of cordial behavior on the part of babies
so they got they got em and they were gonna punish him and he n and up
while they're going to eat him but first they are going to punish him
like are one what's going one i'm just wanted to
there going to eat him but they weren't just gonna bite into him
one wanted to throw him under in hot water and cook him the other said than done but that's the fox but the bear said i wanna knock his turn off one did not have head off first
the bear had been feeling very frustrated about this rabbit for many years
and was in our kind of like dwelling in that frustration and because of that wanted to knock the rabbit's head off right
yeah like be heavy abiding in his frustrate his memory of this rabbit tricking him many times so he went or not
the rabbit head off and a fox wide to put an end hot water they're arguing about various things and and
hey please not my head off please the are a phone in the water but who please do not throw me in the briar patch
don't are heater don't do that
and kept arguing is at home
i'm so glad your documents roaming in a briar patch as great don't do whatever you do not do that so that
even though they want to eat him they thought well if that's what we in a less thrown the briar patch first and then after he's like tortured than we can eat him
so they threw in the briar patch and
he made sounds
he may sounds of agony and they were very happy to hear that
and then he was quiet
and then they heard somebody singing
in the sign was born and raised in briar patch bedded the the think to be throwing me into this nice briar patch and jumping around on the briar patch in ecstasy
so when people are being mean to you if you can
the upright and
not abide
when they're about to kill you doesn't mean you necessarily go along with the murder
you might
what you might trick them are you just might do something so you know now they've done their service to you
your they've they've been they've threatened you they've they've reviled you they talk about killing you they stuck now you can do him a favor
and you can show them which what you can do
when you're not a bindings like hawkwind and is that so he showed them they didn't get it
but were later they got it later they realized i that's he could do that because he when he was not a we when their first refiling this in as as so they didn't realize he's showing his compassion
maybe they did anyway we don't know that but later you when you said the same thing they might not have noticed that either who knows and when you can show this to people
sometimes but sometimes you you can
sometimes there's nothing you can do
other than teaching the dharma and they go ahead with some kind of on skillful thing you can't stop them
and even the buddha sometimes couldn't stop people being unkind to him but he always can be kind to them
so there is this possibility to and this is like this to the same thing in your own mind when there's refiling going on in your mind
be kind to it don't abide in it and then you can trick it you can play games with it
whatever you can do whatever you want whatever seems to be creative and so on
you can do
another image or if i can wait a while before maybe i'll stop for second before i give you another image and see if you have any m
i don't want to flood you with metaphors
but you can flood you can find me with metaphors you haven't even metaphors you want to flood me with
anything you want to bring up any questions about anything
it's what i saw a movie called song in the south
uncle remus is telling a story


the stuck to share aware of is not the actual stuckness
well for example if you have a if you have an image of some place your body being stuck in your mind that image in your mind is not the physical stuckness
what's an image of it you can't see physical stuckness
physical stuckness is not a visual appearance
it's a it's a physical thing
unless unless it was like i guess not
even if you saw somebody else's body and you saw a saw something like the way their body was shaped for the way they are moving
you know you'd be seen an image of them in your mind which made you make you think that they're stuck and if you feel in your own body if you look at the way you're moving or the wave
if you have a visual image of yourself moving see yourself in a mirror something or if your parents a tactile sense of sticky some sticking point in your moving what you're dealing with in your consciousness in your consciousness you're dealing with
a picture of your body you can't see your body in your conscious mind but you're unconscious process is has is making as also making images of the body
which are the basis for your conscious image of the body
i'm saying that you

yeah so i'm suggesting to you that you had the you have the belief in your consciousness that your consciousness goes to a physical spot and i would say that spot there might be a spot
i'm really important spot where there's some i would say residual of clinging is now embedded in the body the cup part of the consequences of the way we think is that it transformed our unconscious and are unconsciously for their bodies when your body gets transformed to so if we think certain kinds of
that's the consequence of that it is at our cognitive unconscious has transformed and that in the continent was right with the bodies of the body has transformed along with it the muscles the nervous system or connective tissue you know all about their own the endocrine system you know
what is it though
adrenalin all that stuff gets
affected by what we think consciously
and and it gets affected not directly from the consciousness to the body but to the consciousness to the unconscious cognition and on-card the unconscious cognition is really living close to the body so that effect then there's feedback from that place these places have stuck that there would have got the the deities come out of the forest is
into the consciousness and they say here's a spot and you bring your kindness to that spot and consciousness and that
conscious act has a cut as a transfer from transformative effect on the unconscious and the unconscious is what touches the body
the deities are like you know it's like
there's some stickiness in the unconscious process
in a because it's absorbed these unskillful consequently sky is these consequences of unskilled more conscious activity
you know like hating somebody or somebody said matter it's a conscious act and that transforms the unconscious process it transformed the nervous system gay
but a living nervous system kind of sometimes would like some help so it cries out for help at sit in on the the cognitive process considered and they cut the consciousness let's this visitor come in from that space
so you do get a spot and if you meet that spot with kindness that transformed the place for the spot and with the spot actually is so you so conscious activity but you're bringing your attention in your kindness to to a conscious version of unconscious process which is actually in touch with the body
the consciousness is not as directly in contact conscious mind is not as directly in contact with its support it's it's support is the cognitive process which is actually really close to the body

part of our cognitive process is connected more directly with the body than consciousnesses
that's the unconscious part which is much more complicated and fast moving and has been around in a much longer
and as much better worked out

but she's watching a child and consciousness and i'm watching her unconsciousness to watch your choice of consciousness that it's going to place of the
it is going to let
right it is going to their place it's every conscious axis is going to or track is permeating the unconscious process and the unconscious process is supporting that consciousness which is concerned but the consciousness doesn't
the way we're actually i don't know what relating to each other is far too complex and rich for consciousness to deal with
so kiters does a reduced version of our relationship right now we're talking but what's actually going on as much more com plex than what we are aware of but the way we're taking talking to each other now has a transformative effect on the support of this consciousness and the support of
the consciousness is shares the physical reality and consciousness can go away and the unconscious process can go long very nicely taking care of the body and a body taking care of the unconscious process that the body there's no unconscious process and there's no consciousness
without a body is no cognitive unconscious process
and without cognitive unconscious process the body dies
instantly more or less you can take consciousness away body can go on long time

and many animals
have consciousness have mind and you can see that they have mind but they don't seem to have consciousness and they don't seem to have fear but when you have consciousness the absence of self when you've said yourself you can have self concern and fear we're that way and dogs are to most dogs i know
i've seen that herself they have nightmares and also they have happy they have happy mayors and happy dreams the of the group is they can be possessive they're definitely into being afraid and being aggressive and violent all that stuff very simpatico with humans
but many animals do not have consciousness it seems to me but they have mind
we can transform our cognitive unconscious by the way we work with our consciousness and but our unconsciousness does not transform our consciousness it doesn't transform it
it is supports it
and what is supports is a transformation but the transformation comes from the consciousness karma happens in consciousness it doesn't happen in the unconscious there's no self there
yeah i'm i'm that i'm saying this is coming to you and then you're and you're making a conscious version of it and you're conscious version and you're consciously telling me how that's going thank you
this relationship was also where we new ritual ceremony
did you say the way or why do you say the way or why is this this mechanism it's it's the way and you could say it's why but w the way so we we make an intentional act like a ceremony we get lots of those
we are informing and transforming this otherwise unacceptable inaccessible and
it's not otherwise an inaccessible is accessible by not by not practice to it is accessible it's always been accessed for all was transforming the unconscious but there's a certain way gets transformed when you for example sit and you sit and your
the mess the messages and sitting could be this is a ceremony of not abiding
and to sit this is a ceremony of sitting still to realize buddha's his wisdom that conscious pack transforms an axe accesses and transforms unconscious processes and that but also other conscious acts also do the same and
at the same way but the here every everything does it it is so certain things we do
which are gestures towards an amish towards the inconceivable support of this consciousness and other things we do are saying consciousness is real and as and there's not a huge surround of unconscious processes that we don't know about some people think that you know there was
a time not too long ago and people thought there wasn't an unconscious
no in the west in buddhism has been there from the beginning friday and other people
made a good argument for the there's something going on besides consciousness
people for that that that's all there was so i have to do is just mess around and consciousness and just study more books and you can answer the teacher's question you can figure out a way but that's for a long time but not the way in buddhism so i get our caught our rituals are kind like saying we're doing something in this little place
to transform the huge surround and and be wanna trash from the huge surround because that's most of our life and that huge surround is gonna make this consciousness a happier place
a more a more diligent place a less violent place a more fearless place you know it's gonna make it really good place but not just that it's actually gonna let it be liberated by the actions here will cause a body to arise that says you know it's actually ok
if you're free you don't have to hold on anymore it's fine
you know we don't we don't need you to do that
i just don't ha
the the body says to consciousness you can relax
yeah but but you have to in order to in order for the your body to actually tell your consciousness that they can relax the body devices i'm ready relaxed or you and the conscious is okay so then the conscience is ready to relax the bodies rather that you're ready to relax so there's total relaxation
and of consciousness
unconsciousness and body but you have to in consciousness you have to treat the unconscious in such a way that the unconscious as you know it's okay if you relax you don't have your had to be i'm not afraid anymore yearning to be for you been so good you can relax now
it's like go
i on my mind is this kind of complicated story about this basketball player in a bill bradley
who also was running for president for a little while but i guess he's just not didn't have enough charisma but he has a lot of ethical strength and when he wasn't called he and he wasn't a very good athlete but he he made a big effort to train himself so he got to be pretty good and he got to be the star of the
princeton basketball team princeton which is usually not a basketball team on a par with michigan and ohio state and iowa and north north carolina and duke and stuff right or duke's in north carolina to his neck so north carolina got is known for having a number of good basketball teams and do close to a little
company the little school recently but anyway
usually at princeton is not have a good basketball team relative to national standards but when bill bradley was on the team
they actually got to the semifinals of the national championship against michigan and michigan had on their team with the that anyway one of the great stars and of all time
and michigan one but after you after you lose in the semifinals you play another team when you have one more game to find out whether your second or third
and so yeah so michigan one and this other team when they play for the championship and then print and played the lot the loser of the other game i forgot which what team was but burger teammate is a top four teams so they're playing in they play the fruit and bill bradley
where's a team player you know
you know what was you pass the ball to the other thing as or player to make plays isn't just one person she doing all the shooting even though that one person is better shot than anybody you still pass to make better plays and so on so forth
they played the first half and i think maybe they were ahead i don't know his teammates said okay bill relax
you don't have to pass
if when it got the ball if he had a shoddy he took a shot
it is that they didn't pass all i just said you don't you want to be a team player you can relax so he adds second half he just shot when he had a shot rather than always passing the other people when
and he made all the shots scored fifty eight points
but i just felt like you know there's a time at which you in on the body releases you you you're disciplined yourself enough so you can just let go
even of discipline but you can't really let go your body doesn't really want to let go unless you take good care of it and way took care of it is in consciousness and the consciousness take care of it
it transforms the thing that actually takes care of consciousness transformed to thing that actually take care of the body
and and that process is much too complicated for any conscious mind to do but conscious minds can do some things like they can they can try to sit still they can try to be kind to everybody they can try to be honest they can try to be ethical they can try to be diligent they can to attempt to do this and when they don't
they can confess and repent
and try again conscious minds can do that and not transforms the mind which is in direct contact with a body send you got the body and mind supporting ever more skillful and ready conscious mind yes

that supports the congress
yeah you can say autonomous you can also just processes that are not under conscious control
well as two levels of death one level of death is
when the heart for example the heart stops for a while
and there's no blood circulating anymore
but they still can be some cock cognitive process they're just that it's not
it's not operate and hard anymore
this can be stasi some some cock consciousness or for a little while
what's your question
i say there's still some mind there as you say
what happens
the consciousness can can go quite a ways kind before
and there can just be the unconscious process like when a person's in a coma
the unconscious processes still going on quite nicely
even in a even when not eating
but the conscience has been it can be gone for quite awhile
our boy

or maybe we'll do a very brief version of that call
her life is only life only has birth and death in consciousness
that's where a birth investment is an arm is an unconscious mind the unconscious process does not have birth and death
tony when we look at a body from the point of view of consciousness that we think or now it's dead

this this you know like this bodies ally this by is alive and this bodies dead that's what that's the way things are in consciousness
the unconscious process doesn't think this bodies alive this bot is alive not bot is dead doesn't think that way doesn't think
the way it's alive
it's not a matter of birth and death birth and death existed consciousness
the weight the way our body is right now is that is supporting and is supported by everything that's our actual life which is inconceivable
when we make our life conceivable it often appears at birth and death
and my and also my life and your life and not my life that stuff that's in consciousness and that's what
jiang yan xiang yang was the guy had a problem with consciousness that's what he achieve liberation from
so to try to figure out how this works is like him trying to figure out how does speak say something from before his self was born
to try to figure out what happens with after like and stuff like that is a is the and is a conscious enterprise which is fine to do and people will talk to you about it
these chance are conscious activities the unconscious can or cannot read it doesn't speak english or chinese or korean or anything
consciousness is the problem
an unconscious is or birth and death and there's a body living and dying
and then that's consciousness we're talking about how to take care of consciousness in such a way that the body will allow liberation from consciousness
by studying consciousness you can become free of it which means you become free of birth and death
but the freedom from birth and death is not some new thing it's been going on all the time we were always free of birth and death
except we imagine if in consciousness
it's a mental permit etic it's a conscious construction his birth death thing but we're even while we're doing it the actual life we have is if supporting a mind which thinks falsely about life that met converts life into birth and death so nirvana
there's no birth and death
nirvana's a kind of life where there's no birth and death
it's not conscious but it's it's it's a mind it's called the mind of nirvana it's a mind but it's not a conscious mind it's it's it's the mind liberated from consciousness as called nirvana peace

it it doesn't like that yeah except it's not the mind of non-human mind it's not the mind of nonhuman animals
in order to realize the mind of nirvana to realize it is like the mind it the mind of nirvana is like the mind of of
a of animals that don't have consciousness yet it's like their mind and it's also like the human mind it's like it's like cottage like the human mind which has consciousness and unconsciousness just like that to k it's the the might of nirvana's like everybody and everything it just like everything in it's
the life of everything the might have nirvana is the life of everything
and the practice of everything and the enlightenment of everything
that's where it is but for human beings to enter the minor nirvana they have to kind of
forget it
and go into consciousness and then be kind of consciousness and then forget become free of consciousness to enter nirvana nirvana's where we come from
but nirvana and samsara the the world of birth and death and the world
have nirvana or not separate
so we
they are the the way some sour actually is is nirvana
when you understand some sorry that's nirvana
and in in the discussions of birth and death and afterlife occur in
birth and death the a current consciousness it's not that we shouldn't talk about it but we should realize the way of talking about it the point of it and five minutes to five the point of it is to realize we're trying to become free of this discussion but that doesn't mean we don't have the discussion
it means that if you want talk a lot birth and death and afterlife
we need to find a way to talk about it without abiding in the discussion are you ready for that if you are fine but the point is not to figure this out because this is just an illusion is to be kind to it so i become free of it
and nirvana there is no birth and death britain debt and also nirvana also is just a thought construction it's not a solid thing so it's just as same basically it's the same nature as birth and death it just it has understanding on this side and this site this delusion but they're not separate and we need
the practice in between them which will talk more about tomorrow
if we happen to come here
what talk about it if we don't come here it'll still be the case
we don't make nirvana will wake up to it yeah

on no no
it's an undisturbed ah mind
but it's not human it can be it can be it can be any kind of being it's an undisturbed buddha mind
ah does not know it it's it's a mine is not is not this it pervades and illuminates consciousness but it's not consciousness
consciousness has birth and definitely
you understand consciousness
if you understand consciousness that's nirvana
but the understanding is not another consciousness it's liberation from consciousness but it's not but it's not separate from consciousness because consciousness his birth and death cut consciousness and the mind that supports it
what if there's an idea birth and death it's supported by this unconscious processes the unconscious process shares responsibility for the consciousness which has not yet been understood as an illusion

yeah but the liberation of their our
so if you mean nearby new yeah so nirvana if you mean liberation as undisturbed okay mine
but it's not the consciousness that's the liberation

hmm now deliberate mind can liberate consciousness it's not it's a liberated mine is a mind but it's not the consciousness is the liberation of the consciousness
is it beyond consciousness
it's not really beyond because beyond conscious is another conscious idea it's free of it's free of being inside and outside of consciousness it's free of all categories of consciousness it's inconceivable
tom kite
damn aka to say the ah chi is nirvana is is saying too much
but dom okay is there is the realization of life it's understanding consciousness
and it's transforming the basis of consciousness into wisdom
but it's not another it's not another consciousness that renders life into a conceivable form consciousness renders life into a limited place was as a self but nirvana doesn't eliminate the self
doesn't eliminate birth and death it's freedom from birth and death without touching it
it's right there with it the birth and death which has consciousness where there's a self and itself is free of self clinging
in nirvana
and self that seems that can clean never could that's why i always really was in nirvana but this freedom is not another version of consciousness in his freedom from from the limitations of consciousness and it lets consciousness be limiting because
there's a good reason why we have living beings being a way they are it's a good reason why each of us as the way we are in nirvana lets us be that's the peaceful side in nirvana it lets everybody be the way they are really can you believe that
everybody is allowed to be just like there
so much so that were free of being the way we are
but does not another consciousness
it's it's it's it's it's free but it's nice looking beyond are not beyond that's back in constant spartan the clear now
so i hope we can meet again tomorrow morning