Exploring Consciousness and Realizing Wisdom

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Exploring consciousness with the aid of Buddha's teachings is a path to discovering and realizing deep, liberating Wisdom. Consciousness may be experienced as confining and confusing; at the same time it offers opportunities for learning skills and making discoveries.

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they are
the vow which we just recited by the ancient teacher hey hey dogan and start out by saying i vow or without
to here is a true dharma
ha so one interpretation of this is that
the to drama is conveyed to us and we convert the true dharma into a conventional version of it
into word images in our consciousness
so an ascension oh it's it's like it is the true dharma but it's really are rendition of the per dharma
bargain by repeated who are receiving the dharma and converting it into
word images and that practice leads to eventually be able to actually hear the true dharma
which is not words
by working with words
all words including the words of the teaching
according to the words of the teaching
dealing with the words of the teaching and dealing with all the other words of our life like that the words about ourselves for example are dealing with this
why more skillfully we actually eventually
here is a true dharma which is not words and coming from
source which is
where we're not you know where we're going
is now where those words come from those words come from the fruition of the practice that we're doing
the words come from a place of freedom from words
our and the but the the first thing is coming from their freedom of words is isn't inconceivable
reality inconceivable light
which can turn into a look in out a light the weekend see and the weekend that are mind represents or turns into a word there are mind can represent
when we hear this true dharma
we will renounce worldly affairs
can also say if you renounce worldly affairs you hear the true dharma and
this temples named after
renouncing worldly affairs know about the mind of know abode is the mind which renounces worldly affairs what does it renounce
he renounces the for example the putting something on the self after worldly affair
a basic worldly affairs that we have this self and consciousness
there's somebody and consciousness
and if there's not somebody in consciousness there's no consciousness
but there is consciousness so there's somebody there however you can also put something on consciousness
he can presenting on the self and you can put something on consciousness really in both cases as not in accord with reality to put something on consciousness because again consciousness is not a thing it's something that depends on itself in the self as in the thing it's something that depends on consciousness there's no self without consciousness there's no
consciousness with sell also there's different aspects as self and there's certain types of self or not there with the other types aspects of self
even though the other aspects of self can be there without that those other subtypes back self because they hadn't developed you anyway i'm just telling you all this is process
and it's a worldly affairs to put something on this process so he can grasp at that's the basic worldly affair

i used it because because homer brought it up me but another with
this friday
a scribe
there is ask scribing and there's also another word like it but he went to ascribe things to it
ha impute
a superimposed say taint
designate it's not actually designate first of all you put something on and then you can designate it
that's one of the main reason we liked to put something on the south so we can designate it so the basic thing is you put a you put some like image of a self or attributes onto
the self
you put an essence on the self or attributes
and then because of that you can can make conventional designations the imputation of substance and attributes to the events of consciousness
the central one being a self
allow us conventional designation like
i went to the store i practice zen i did write a good thing and therefore you and also these are mine and so on

for the basic worldly affairs is this is to run
reduce our life and say that the reduction of our life is her life
when you hear the true dharma you see that that doesn't make any sense really except as a i mean doesn't make sense in this sense of sin that that's what our life is however it does make sense to say our life is that
in order to like go shopping
an hour and a to present your passport and eat oatmeal what's kind of things it's it's useful for but it's not really useful to think that that's reality which
we do as that the world effort which we will renounce when we hear the true dharma
and they
the readiness
the readiness the willingness to here to renounce worldly affairs is the readiness for the dharma
the readiness to let go of clinging to self and please
i got the willingness and readiness to have a mind which doesn't abide is also
the readiness for the true dharma
so when you hear that your dharma you will be able to stop
abiding and but you sort of need to be willing to stop abiding
otherwise you might say well
if you close to the to the idea if you if you close
two not abiding you close to the dharma but also if you close to abiding you close to dharma most people don't have a problem i shouldn't say most people who i'm wrong but some people don't have a problem with abiding they sell that's fine with me to abide but some
meditators they sometimes kind of close down on being attached they're gonna reject it which is another form an attachment so being open to attachment they opened to suffering
they open to non abiding and willing to open in that way also or possess to dharma
so once again when you're looking consciousness you see the imputation lee
ascription and description
every go ascribing and describing
of what's going on there and ask driving and describing is if you look at it you'll start to see that that that distress around it
and then and then you might say well i don't it i don't like that asked grabbing in describing
and also don't i also like it out like it and so on
present so for example i'm i'm okay i'm an ok guy i'm an okay girl i'm a lousy guy i'm a worthless guy i'm a i'm above average guy i'm an excellent guy and a good buddhist a bad father and a good uncle
does her descriptions of me
that could arise my mind
i'm worthless i'm lazy i'm smart
the your people talk like that themselves
and then they targeted to other people do
and they actually and then if they think that that's true
they suffer that makes sense that you suffer when you think i didn't eat are like if you say you are beautiful
you know you miss awoke doesn't hurt that much to sick to think that about somebody
but if you look more carefully you'll notice as a stress around that
and the person who are you say that to if if if somebody knew you were thinking about that they also might be stressed
they might be stressed because they feel like whoa what am i supposed to do it that now
or they might feel like you know how dare you limit me to that word it's a compliment i know but it's really kind of a trashy thing to make me and to and i remember our torches before one of the first shocking things i heard from suzuki roshi was when he said when you see a
a flower and say it's beautiful that's a sin
i thought i'd very strict
most people who a lot of people i knew how to get a mortar know most i haven't done a survey but i think a lot of people when they see a flower and say it's beautiful they don't feel the stress
doesn't seem that
but they're stressed her and if you did that over and over
you know the flowers after why you start to feel sick
each little time hurt your little bit each load time kind of gorgeous the flour and then you realize after a while
the damage you do to your relationship with the flour by repeatedly treating the flower as it's beautiful know was the flowers what i think of it
don't seem to hurt that much florida and immediately wilt
but your relationship of our will wilt if you keep putting it in the beautiful box
when a i see that flowers do for you as day they do wilt not because not because of you're categorizing them they do it because they want you to wake up
in our to your categorizations
by not and by saying i'm not gonna keep being with you know anything you say i am
hundred change

think that

right that split time know better
no more than ten as good
does good of you if you don't believe that when you need to set about the flour to flower
and also this thought it's beautiful it just it comes up
you you can't make yourself think that thought like organizer cameron think the colors before right now show you but if you do if if you all see okay one two three the flowers beautiful you couldn't do that without me bringing it up and time you couldn't beforehand
because i didn't just tell you can do it
nobody can do anything by themselves
however with the support of our past karma we can speak english
you know by going
bring that below and then he heard knife after why you can say knife because of your past karma
so you this is can happen but i don't make them happen the results of my karma make them happen
house yeah but yeah accept he didn't say that part and just said it's a sin think what it meant was if you see if you see the flour and you and you and and you really think that it's what you think it is that that's a sin
maybe he did say that way who knows but anyway i thought they were still pretty strict and i still pay strict
a little bit of a little bit of abiding his little bit of clinging
is is enough like we say
a hair's breadth of difference
is like the distance between heaven and earth
harrisburg difference between whatever you and others between delusion and enlightenment
a little bit of difference in other words the a little bit different means a little bit you don't accept that there's no separation that's sufficient to set up the whole world suffering can be build on recent consistent to john john number
say again
when you say
is not is not abiding the same as now i'm thinking
well beyond thinking doesn't mean it doesn't like you being beyond my thing he does doesn't mean you don't depend on my thinking you do depend on my thinking i depend on yours but not by you to new depend on more than my thinking
so you are beyond my thinking
if you had nothing to do if my thinking you wouldn't be beyond my thinking but that's not the case you do depend on my thinking
and that's part of the reason
that you're beyond my thinking
the flour does depend on my thinking
i depend on the flower my thinking depends on the flower
for interdependent were on a process together and nothing and you can't grasp anything in the process because you can't get outside the process
however in the process we can imagine
images and superimpose them on the process and say that the process is the image we get the process supporters to to do that diluted thing
we have evolved to be able to do that
so if if the thought arises my mind that i'm not be responsible that i'm being rigid that i'm being selfish of these thoughts arise i do not reject them
just because they're they're just thought you know the thought that i'm whatever negative thing is just a thought but i don't rejected
i listened to it like the thought is like a cry from the world i listened to it i receive it people tell me you know various things like they said that was a below average talk you just gave that was above average talking if that was a really good talk that was really you're you're really good guy or
you're not such a good guy people say stuff clear and i listen and an even if i don't listen i bow to listen and say i'm sorry that i didn't
but i listened but i don't believe that what people say about me as me i don't believe it i might be tempted it in some cases xm he says you are really good granddaddy
not be tempted yeah to believe that
but i vow not to
what the i mean i believe i'm a bad granddaddy i vow not to believe in a bad granddaddy
i vow not to and if i do believe it then
i reveal and disclose my lack of faith and practice before the buddha's i practice that
i believe in that practice
and what what lack what lack of practice of my
a vowing and revealing and confessing
my lack of a mind that does not have
that does not relinquish worldly affairs i got into a worldly affair when they said really good granddaddy i iphone yeah that's me now i'll be that for a while that
that was a worldly affair which i if i hear the good dharma i hear it a good knife really a fair i mean good granddaddy bad granddaddy i listen
yeah shit of course i listened good granddaddy
i want but i bought to listen to bad granddaddy to which i could hear from certain people
like i even here i don't sometimes when i go to pick people up a daycare they say i don't want granddaddy they want is not that our wider want granddaddy i hear that i listened to that
and i vowed to listen to it and i vowed to not dwell in i don't want granddaddy
and sometimes i don't dwell on i don't want it granddad and then i then i don't have to confess but when i do dwell on i don't want granddaddy
right there in daycare i reveal and discover there it is before the buddha's my lack of faith in renouncing the worldly affair
of abiding in what people are saying about me
and that melts away the roots of transgression by the not by buddhist power
to whom i
not just as good power my good friends
but the power of the confession and repentance it melts away the root of the transgression that what's a transgression the world the affair
this all happens in consciousness and consciousness is where you
do the worldly affairs
i shouldn't and doesn't know what happened cautious in consciousness is where you do the worldly affairs in consciousness is where you you see the lack of practice in consciousness you reveal it
this is and that activity the power of that activity is it melts away the root of that activity in the root of that activity is the consequences of past worldly affairs the fact that you
resided in europe and you're thinking reads the fact that you attach to where people say about you in the past is the root of you attaching to a people are saying about you now
so you could say okay i've i vow to renounce worldly affairs i vowed to not believe what i think of you guys even know what i think of you is that you the greatest people i vow not to abide in my post you're the greatest and somewhere you miss it was in this cases are
go ahead
and even though you say that i vow not to abide in you tell me to go ahead an abiding that
that's my vow that's what it as the practice
and the willingness to commit to that comes from in the past be willing in are hearing about that and thinking that's a good idea that transformed the route
of the transgression and chapter why there's no root of the transgression
i can wish to not abide and still abide because the route still there
but to wish and also then when not when i wish and don't follow through and the wish to confess i didn't follow through and i'm sorry and i want to try again that transference of transform the route these thoughts come from the root of our past clinging and we done a lot of it so the roots are well
established that they get transformed by this practice
and the people and twelve steps heart often after a few years they get quite sophisticated and skillful and revealing and disclosing in a skillful way in the way that
ah in a reveals and discloses and melts away the roof rather than revealing disclosing and i get distracted by that and on a wallowing at it this is very clean and i don't beat myself up
i mean i not to beat myself up i just state the facts man
i said this is what i did and i'm and i really am sorry but when i say i really am sorry i mean like i'm really sorry like i just want to make clear i'm really sorry not to make a big deal out of a just make clear i'm sorry and i really mean it i'm not kidding
this is this is a sober
wholehearted statement and so wholehearted there's no clinging right now there's just confession
how much and repentance
and now this go back to work
what's the work
pay attention
and be kind so that you can and be willing to not abide in what's going on and actually than not abide yes
another way

the route is the consequence of our karma
many days
yeah sticky
now around them
well known as or that issue just just the previous actions previous actions lead to being sticky with present actions but didn't didn't to be the same ones but it it same ones are are often there to sort of work it out for this because as you say some places you may be not so sticky
at possible
will you resident
thinking about a down for
it has it you know a feeling of this is wonderful you know you are okay so in what it feels like to me is a fine not abiding there
it feels like just a direct experience that feels like join or appreciation when you not abiding harder of abiding to hook yeah like if i'm not a few learning if you have it it if the joy is something that you possessed and you're biting again okay
it seems like something that arising and in the words come out now
even the words or okay you don't necessarily abiding to when you say oh blog like works are i see
letting a word come as expression out
you're even letting a word com which seems appropriate to the state like joy you let the word com
so the computer joy without abiding the word joy can come up but before they were joy comes up you put a little bit something onto the joy but you could even put things on to the joy without abiding in the pudding on
you can eat
i think the there is in our consciousness in our unconscious process in our unconscious process there is a predisposition towards conventional designation which is a predisposition towards putting something on what's happening so that we can make designations this is so
rate for example the yeah so if something's happening
i'm not even something happening is made in the rat in the realm of al-bab of not abiding nothing's even happening and you're not even abiding and things happening
say you're you're like you feel great joy that you're not even abiding and you're not abiding and things happening or not happening
this is like and this is very joyful
and when you're well trained than you than you do the same practice with the joy that you did with whatever it was that you weren't abiding in before like you could
here this they'll tell you the story later you hear the sound of a pebble striking bamboo
you don't abide in it and this great joy cons of feeling what it's like to be free of sights and sounds
then you don't abide in the joy
and but still
your teacher tells you have to you don't abide in something and is great joy comes near don't abide in the great joy than see if you can say something to me
because in order to say something to do another subtle thing i've put something on this amazing experience in order to say something about it and see if you cannot abide when you put something on it and then nada by when you talk
but a thorough realization amount abiding as you you're not abiding and some sound then the joy comes of not biting and you don't abide in a joy and the joy and then the joys even greater and you don't abide in that and then somebody has told you when when you don't abide when the joy comes and you don't abide
died in a joy then i would like to see if you can talk to me and then see if you if it's clear enough so you can talk without slipping back
because some people do have like experience of nine abiding
in the consciousness not abiding and self feeling free of all that stress and the joy of that freedom for nice stress and they don't abide in that and then somebody says say something and the hesitate
that attended yet it has to be pretty settled that you can actually like put something on it and and save something about it without slipping back into cause usually when you put something on it to say something you do abide but otherwise borders wouldn't be able to talk to us but they can but they have to they have to go through stuff
current layers of an abiding nine abiding non-binding and nine abiding
and he ended the process can break down it you can go one two and breakdown one two and breakdown one two three one two three breaker one two three four not breakdown
saute history about that later but that's
so teachers don't you say go to the place of not abiding and to stay there to go there and then when you get their come back and talked to me not from not i'm leaving on abiding but leaving the place where at first arose which probably were first arises as no words
it just like the or words and you're not abiding in the book not abiding isn't any word and in the joy before you can arise before you have a a designation for it so okay now now come back into designation and see if you can talk to me without slipping
go in there and come back
so you got come and consciousness you're watching you're taking care of it
you're practicing the way we talked about you enter into the fact that this is all just
that the self is just conscious construction is just a process to can't get ahold of it you can't abide in it and you release from all that stress and your released and not just released but then this great joy cons you don't abide in that and then come back into
conventional expression
i just thought you know one thing just part of my mind is it
the boy told this story that there's different levels of understanding one level of understanding is people who are
ah conscious
when they're conceived
people who are conscious when they're conceived and they continue to be conscious through the embryological
people who are conscious conceived and biological process and also
when know and going through the womb and coming out into the world
different levels of this are different levels of awareness
the dash can stay were aware through the whole process
the more people can be conscious at birth a minute you know actual conception when the first start realize more people are conscious them but they lose it as they go into them
pretty dynamic situation
you know there's a cart there's a one celled organism that's conscious
there's a living being there are exactly know where it is but at it let's just say just theoretically that it's at cell and then you could split split into two cells and bestowed stay conscious than into for as they can be conscious or even if it comes later you know and you're like a one thousand a thousand cell or organism and
you're conscious and then suddenly you know and alimentary canal starts to develop a new you know
an arm start sprouting
yeah it's hard to stay president esta just like teenagers you know
it's hard for them to stay present you know that and when they're ten they're sort of just getting it together they can say knife and stuff they can play the piano and then suddenly stops are sprouting you know i can cover various places are growing and sprouting in the voice changes in herder you know you start to smell different
what's going to nervous system zone of
it's hard but so insensate they lose it they lose consciousness it's hard for them to pay attention to their consciousness at that time
so hopefully now is you can take attention right yes

i think that to get to get to the place
from which you will now speak that requires also ah
you know not necessarily that you're not afraid but that you can address you cannot abide in the fear a fear comes in to perfectly good thing not to abidin so yeah to get to the place of not abiding one of the things you have to not abiding this fear and concern about what other people think about you will like you know
some people are concerned that people think dirt weirdos for sitting spending saturday sitting quietly listening to another weirdo
like my daughter thinks i'm a weirdo
but also a good granddad in a teacher thanks but the fact that she's i'm a weirdo in i i vow not to abide in her thinking and a weirdo i'm not about them to attach in her thinking of a or just like obama to abide in her thinking i'm a good granddaddy
i vowed to not abide and being afraid of what people think of me i might be afraid of what they think of me the fear fear fear might arise from my practice is not to abide in that fear by practicing not abiding in fear
eventually i might not a by fear
and then i might not abide in their all their opinions and all my pyjamas on then i enter
and had every kind all the stuff to not abide and then i enter and then once i enter then i know that i made a vow is to come back from entering into this not abiding and participate
an ordinary society again to demonstrate that that's possible from this place
the south
yeah our taught by the and second to i'll come back to that is yes
one of my favorite story
about what do the passover
i've always looked out from the box
working out
at the same time see the world
some of our life
yeah thank you for people who are accusing the of
well we we would assume so
now lewis or something
he seems to be not abiding did because of what he can do
because it is because it is conduct it looks like it would be difficult to behave that way if you are abiding
the people who are arm
we're accusing him and then are praising him those people are you might think there were a body when they accused and and hated him and you might think they're abiding when they praise him and think is wonderful you might think in both cases they're abiding we don't know because he didn't do something that will show us that they weren't by
you can't be sure that people are abiding so much but you can't you can get a hang of who isn't abiding when people do something some things are so astounding you think how could they do that if they were abiding so the story is in all about this actually famous and master name hawkwind
who's the teacher of korea is edgy
who is chat with bows on the other side of that piece of paper so hoch wins mg
don't know how old was been anywhere a certain point he lived he lived his temple was not too far from suzuki roshi temple son the pacific side of japan in the shizuoka can
shizuoka which means quiet hills she's she's a quiet or cough hills the quiet hills province so his temple was there which is not too far from the pacific ocean and
some girl in a fishing village taught got pregnant and told her parents that he was the father
choose one to protect the actual father
i know she thought more hochman probably can handle being being attacked so i'll blame it on him and and they did attack him they tell you know that they said he was a terrible terrible disgrace
to the priesthood of zen
and and when the baby comes you can take care of the baby and he said in japanese i think also desk which means is that sell or it means is that so or i see ah
i see this is what you're saying to me this is what you think i may i got it
it's not quite thank you very much but it's then the atrium couple you and then haku does with the aid of a wet nurse does take care of the baby for are getting couple of years the girl finally tells her parents who the father really is they come back
and they say thank you for taking care of our granddaughter
so kind of you and you didn't even try to protect yourself and argue with of asked about it
you are truly a great great pitcher
and he says also desktop and when the first by strides that that's pretty good but second prize story is not only that that it's not exactly harder to say is is that so people praise you but the fact was the same in both cases you know and also that he might have actually been saying
is that so playing maybe so maybe i'm really a terrible price maybe i am a tear or excellent priest so i kind of i'm open to either one i'm not abiding in either i thought that that i want to learn that skill comes that's a skill that you you can do stuff like that when you don't abide
which is great because then other people can see it and they didn't see it
and it could have gone the other way
it's like praise also go blame also desk pray it me
we are praise or blame praise blame discovered there forever
apparently i mean have procedure for people praise and the blame on it's gonna go on people even criticize shocking money router and course abraham lincoln is on so
it's like also desk or so desk another was not abiding and the opinions of people have of us but listening and so they say you take your in a baby you might say okay nothing can ever be a vaccine okay
i had that he i thought he really did a good job of the of shy what wisdom can do
and i would like to be a bit but even when i heard the story out i knew i wanted to be able to do that but haughty it isn't just luck is it
where do you get to how to get to be like that and then i gradually found out that he and some of the other stories which i really liked they all had the same basic training course
which is this meditation practice for you practice not abiding in what's going on
the to actually sit there and try to sit without abiding in the sitting you follow your breathing
in and out without abiding in the breathing a train then you you sit there and you see yourself and you'll learn about yourself without abiding in it
dash you sit there study yourself and when you understand yourself you don't abide so now may we can just go quickly into consciousness now i see that two basic kinds of self one kind of self
is a self which is talking like i'm talking
i'm moving my hands i'm here with you
you are my friends you are not my enemies
when i say those things that's those her actions those thoughts or actions
and the sense that somebody's doing those actions and so those are those are the actions of somebody
that's like an autobiographical a narrative self
and all of my emotions i would say are basically these actions
i'm talking to you i like you i'm confused about you i hate those her actions does or or activities of consciousness to create those
those opinions those attitudes and then of course if i speak them that's further action if i make postural
gestures towards the nuts also action so as three types of action and all three types
the sense of i'm doing them that their mind or i didn't do it they're not mine
that's emotions such the narrative self then an addition amid and varies the south doesn't vary exactly but what the self is doing is constantly varying
so i'm a different than the narration is changing the narrative self as changing according to the narration
then based on that first level are conscious self is another conscious self which is just knowing
that this person that there's as narrative self and annoying doesn't change from action to action i know i'm confused about you i know i have ill will towards you i know i'm attached to you it's the same knowing and i know i know i
no i know i know it's more subtle and it operates on the first one
it's more subtle first was nice i could grow a waves you can have the first one without the second one
and no words
you can be quite aware that you think you're doing something
and not be tuned into that you know you think you're doing something
but at this level of development most of us have both of them most of the time and either degree do is be quiet and you can see both of them which is another reason why
now another reason or another mo another reason for it self being processed and another node to discovering it it's a process is to look at this and keep track of these two levels of self and then also see how the first second level depends on the first level and the first level depends on the action said it's and
the and emotions at its operating with
and then an addition to the the action scenarios
which are
a story of this self
there's also a perception
of the actions which are feelings so there's also feelings which are that you
perceive the particular actions and each perception of the action
is a different feeling and those also are gonna come up with a self self as his actions and feelings and so that's not reason why the self if you can't if you take away the feelings and actions as no self
they put this if you put the taxes without a perception of lives not a cell
check it out
i propose to you that that's but you can discover that data kind of a law of the of the creation of a sense of self
and if you a it
well ones like an action the perception yeah
i'm saying i'm in buddhism teaches that there's always feeling now there's three basic kinds of feeling positive negative an indeterminate but also those are related to actions that are related to activities of the mind like this is my friend this is my enemy those your actions
and i have feeling and i when i perceive those actions to just say you're my friend that's funded that's a basic action of the mind mind can do that
it can form those ideas this is my friend is the or even this is good you can say this is good and that's an emotion that an opinion at a judgment
and as a prop that fundamental ingredient and cent of somebody being here that somebody's judging that somebody's doing that
but there's something else it's always going on is that you actually perceive
that they're doing this and that any have a feeling about that and we've got the feeling it you don't have really the normal haven't you always do have it so if you can't see it just keep looking and actually the feeling is the easiest thing to find
the feeling is grosser than what's being perceived so if we took it the would call the five aggregates first as the body which is the sense organs and a sense fields the next is feeling and they say guns are positive negative and neutral but the feelings are about the motions
or about physical actions
and without and the feelings is helping workers that the the easiest way to get in touch with a sense of self and then the other one
is is getting into what the actual actions of the mind arm
and then they can be an awareness
i knowing all these different things
hmm well like judging like
categorizing like having a one go towards or away from something
an attachment and aversion hurt or anger anger it will go well and anger at the same you can be angry at something but have no ill will you can also have anger and you will have tied up you will not anger ability he can have that
like you could actually look at somebody who you really like and wish them ill
we can do that of mind can do that like somebody you just you love i love you but ah and i love you but i wish you will not beat me at this game
and after i beat you at this game after you in a break your legs because we're having this race and i hope you're really break him so you can't get up and even crawl to the finish line
i'll still be your best friend you know i you're still my best friend
you can have ill will toward somebody that you do not here not angry at you don't think anything's wrong with them you think there's a greatest but they're not when their second greatest greatest the greatest is me
and i love you but it's annual i have to make certain sacrifices of your specific and that means i wish you would i wish you ill
of can also have a without getting into the ill wishing ill you can have a spirit of violence and also have a spirit of nonviolent you can thinking on violent thoughts
you can think nonviolent thoughts you i can think nonviolent thoughts when there's a non-violent thought and consciousness somebody owns it
potter my equipment by nonviolent thinking equipment
that's an action and then perceiving it
is a feeling and annoying all that
and knowing that there's a self was involved in this current scenario
that just basically the same each moment
the of this story the self of sister and this is her story this is her story this is story this is my stories and then there's that's getting into the story and the details
and that stories about me the knowing isn't really that the stories about me the more stories like she thinks his stories about her
and i can switch to she thinks his stories about him or he thinks his dream you know what a however changes the basic awareness is more subtle
and you can abide in both
but as you see the room as you study the first one
it sets up the possibility not abiding and and you started the second one noticing that depends on the first would not help cannot abide in the second one as you study them he started to see the process and also you start to see when you when you when you do a by you can also notice
that abiding in this activity creates stress and occasion you might see the action with are biting with less stress and also more understanding that it's a process
our understanding the process i noticed that is less stress
understanding more thorough as the process even less stress seeing that is nothing but process no stress this can be seen
an act maybe to be seen over and over to and i'm seeing it over and over transforms the root of transgression what's the transgression is not noticing this stuff and produced off on and believing it but gradually because you transform the basis of this conjuring of different selves and their activities
and conjuring up grabbing the self as you start to see the process it transforms the basis of the process and transforms the ability to take the process more lightly
so we can study this and but it's hard because we're usually geared towards the self is usually geared towards dealing with all this apple these activities rather than turning a light around and looking at the self activity and looking at the selfish knows that's not usually what we think as our assignment
we think it's our our job is me doing these things the self directed towards its activities were used to that it's a major retreat from that to turn around and look quite i do think i'm doing this and i'm aware that's turning a light around to eliminate the cell
it's hard to do that because we're so strongly geared in the other direction however when you do turn around it transforms the basis of being geared outward outward means geared towards what departed a mind that seems outside your actions
every time you turn the light around it transforms the basis of turning the light out and increases the likelihood of turning the light around and study yourself which is the buddha away the way of liberation is to study itself and you realize that other people are your minds version of them that's also studying yourself
so you don't let people distract you from your meditation you look at them you care about them but you also and he also care about your version of them but you don't forget that you're dealing with a person and your version of them that your bird that your relationship is mediated by your mind which just go not let them be without
a story you just want for now anyway it's not happen there were going to meet people with no story about them
consciousness doesn't accept people who don't come with a story
even other there we can't see them like i just mentioned somebody you know the story about that when the people the people of mexico saw the spanish ships come in couldn't see them they couldn't accept it if they didn't have started or not do that that's not where know
he's there because not isn't take their body can see the ships coming but they had no wait for that digital consciousness because they couldn't make up a story about it
and when somebody thought of a story than somebody had it in their consciousness and and somebody could tell the other people the story and naked see at to

just like you know you'd look at some stuff and you can't see the color and somebody can educate you and suddenly you see the color but to talk to you
well ah that was a long session
and now you know how to study yourself even better dodger so maybe now we can just walking meditation okay