Denko Roku 1: Shakyamuni

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Study Sesshin Day 1


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well today ah we're having a of
did you fishing study for she go
we're studying the
transmission of light think a roku a master keys i'm benji
lived for generations after
master dogen in the fourteenth century dogan with born twelve hundred and kill them
towards the other end of a century
so mr duggan mr k's on by the to
the two most prominent
and the sodo school of japan
duggan came a
went to china
and received from his teacher regime
i'm a transmission in the soto subdue china soto school
and a later and and established that in japan and actually established pretty much the
what we call the true dharma in japan
and a on developed it
sometimes we called duggan's and father and keys on the mother
okay then
dogan was with interested in establishing
the teaching and and the sodo school and case on
ah disseminated it for
generation fell of generations but
that's the fourth patriarch of the forest ancestor
so the school as we know it actually was developed by kazan
and although keep a dog and wrote quite a lot
for then a that present after he
oh really wrote a lot of stuff so his show gains i was very well-known nowadays cause for five hundred years it wasn't strangely enough he wrote his shovel gonzo zona thirteen early thirteenth century cover the first half of the thirteenth century
and then it was kind of kept under wraps for about five years and
it was revealed
maybe ran the the latter part of the
nineteenth century
and of course we have read
resuscitated it out and translated many times in the twentieth century so keys on
was did not write for much but he did write a a well-known treated as called a tanker rocco in the demko roku is a his it's understanding
of the record of the ancestors you know when we when we have a
coordination were given a paper
and the paper has the names so all of the ancestors going back to master
shockey mooney
and when you look at you
ordination him jaco it's called blood blood vein
which connects us to all the ancestors
and we see that the stuff of shaggy mooney and then there are the indian ancestors and then are the chinese and sisters and and the japanese ancestors
quite a few and
there's a red line it goes the connection to one for each one is standing on the shoulders the figure head as social better
of the next one
the last one the previous one so each one of course there were many generations and emily
generations and each generation there are many many
ancestors but there are certain ancestors who puppet of me epitomise or make available i like to think they make available to their generation the meaning of the bridge of of a practice
this day uphold the brackets and disseminated in a way that people of their generation can understand it
that's why an exam practice the ancestors are very important because there's no special sutra for in then there's no special chanting in then
then totally independent
ah have that so but
then then that school appropriate
babies like her
a sheaf
we steal stuff from other schools of buddhism the schools of buddhism hope a practical
a practice chanting or the practice
changing the name of buddha or
reading sutures and basing their teaching switches

so that better and okay okay so
all of our liturgy you know as taken from the shin guards school or the tendai school and
appropriated actually and
how will we
study various all the various suitors are usually we want but basically a practices that him
meditation is a meditation school
so ah

ah so well is important if has been important in the sort of school handing down
the transmission
a authorization from one from teachers to disable a teacher to disciple to disciple
and so even though there are many disciples of a teacher there are some few who ah
to teaching
and a for the or rocco
of on is a record
he takes the record of the transmissions from shakyamuni which it has one
as ancestor for each generation the indian ancestors you know all mythology matter of this this is called
then mythology
because in the indians in an indian mind it is ebay and fertile and also imaginative and so the indian that the stories around the indian ancestors is very imaginative
and kind of magical
an hour
i think that
in japan the monks lots of interested in the indifferent ancestors because that quality
and the chinese influences are so what like that but i'm not as extreme
and ah
i'm so but this mythology carries the message in of that's why mythology is so important because if you take mythology literally you know it looks like a bunch of junk road but if you understand that the pathology carriage
the message than you can enjoy the mythology so i've been enjoying his or rocco
for a while and it's a vast i haven't really been able to sell it off but i picked out some sections
for us to explore you want to that
see what were the meaning how the meeting is carried from one to another that what is essential meaning that transmitted in our school
from jackie money to the through indian ancestors the chinese ancestors and some of the japanese
the present day

so what is is the essential
that's transmitted
today we're celebrating also shockey mooney's checking really and buddhists parent nevada
power nirvana
has the meaning of a total liberation when jackie mooney guys are passes away
excuse me
he's totally liberated
there's nirvana and pearl nevada
nevada means liberation
partner nirvana mins total liberation or usually applied to someone when they die
ah there's no more karmic activity which continues her life
but actually what what that means
is a
they're totally at one with the universe
to a part of an emmy
the armed
as our one becomes totally at one with the universe
they say never returning ah
so there's no karma to work out if no
nothing hold went back
it's interesting when you i find your total freedom

so delicious
well if i said i would do the danko roku begins
shockey mooney's story
and i thought i anyone
present that today
as a tribute to shakyamuni
i'm not sure we have time to discuss it but ah
comment as we go along
so this is dick oracle help
not gave them
so the first case of course begins with shakyamuni
mr cook professor cook who translated this broke down the stories into
like a call on which i think vr can each one is a kind of go on
in the case he presents the case lily presents for circumstances and then natasha to show me his commentary
so here is the case
shakyamuni buddha
saw the morning star and was enlightened
and he said i and a great earth
and beings simultaneously achieve the way
so he was this very famous story of course famous story of shakyamuni becoming enlightened
if tried everything he became an aesthetic for six years
sometimes he would be a grain of rice a day or grass or whatever and there's so many stories about how he became humiliated he humiliated allowed himself to be humiliated and n withered away if there's a stone figures of him
just skin and bones you know so he did he at some point he decided to the circumstances led him to decide that
a fetishism is not the way
so that he had this nice lady in lady give him some a milk and and he started coming back to them it is normal ah wait i guess and then he is he sat himself down
under a tree it's called the about tree it's actually victory
and am
so i'm deaconess if he sat down and a little i'm not gonna get up until i'm thoroughly enlightened
when then when he saw the morning star and we went through all kinds of stuff you know for cancer
temptation from and doubts and so forth and when he saw the morning star into this during the night
as the legend goes
and and punching the morning star he ah
i became reveal to realize himself he realized what was what
so he then he said i integrators and beings and a i and the waiters and being simultaneously achieve the way
so simultaneously is important here
so here are the circumstances shakyamuni buddha was shakyamuni buddha was the sunroof in india and i can talk about that at the age of nineteen he leaped over the palace walls in the dead of night and on mount dante dante loca
this is a japanese transliterations he cut off his hair subsequently he practiced austerities for six years later he sat on the other in seat where spiders spin webs in his eyebrows and and magpies
built a nest and top of his head reads grew up between his legs as he said tranquility and direct direct without movement for six years
don't take that literally
at the age of thirty and the eighth day of the twelfth month as the morning star appeared he was suddenly enlightened these words in the above as i read to you by the very first lion's roar so that lie
oh so from that time on
for forty nine years he did not spend a day alone but preached to dharma for the assembly constantly
he was never will let a robe and a begging bowl during that time he preached to the assembly more than three hundred and sixty times later he transmitted the treasury of the i have a true dharma to maha shopper and it has been passed down from mahyco
a sharper through generation after generation to the present truly it has it has been transmitted through india china and japan where the practice of the true dharma is based
on it so the practices of his lifetime or the standard for his descendants even though he possessed for thirty two marks and eighty minor marks he certainly looked like an ordinary old monk and was no different from other people to less important
the thirty two march i'm not going to go into that ah it's
all indian
ah webbed feet and feedly then we don't need really to but anyway there are certain marks in it historically that a buddha has but the threats
the irrelevant so
so therefore after his appearance of the world's rather three times of the to diamond the counterfeit dharma and and
the present collapsed dimer you know there is he's called nepal there were three times that there was a legend that
the first five hundred years after money that people can actually practice buddhism
the second five hundred years
it was really
hard to practice the third three hundred you third three hundred year period foot five hundred your period
there was almost impossible to practice and people believe that dogan didn't believe that he said that just baloney
you know they're all these legends the so but it's true that effort at innocence said as the the
time goes on the practice becomes more diluted and weekend
there's some truth to that but it
we shouldn't buy into that
notion that has to be like you know if you buy into a lie you believe it
and then you live it so
that's a lot of people are doing
he says so
for those who emulate his teaching and conduct
and conduct model themselves and his department
used what he used in each moment while walking about standing in place sitting or lying down do as subunits it so buddha after buddha and picked an ancestor after ancestor have simply transmitted this so that the true dharma is largest exp
think wished
well imitating the teacher you know if ah
it's not that you imitate your teachers action
idiosyncrasies but you if you have imitated the right way
zen practice is
an apprenticeship
the old age people were people when they went into some kind of work the young people they went in as as an apprentice was called apprenticeship as you know
and so
the teacher gives the the apprentice
start to do
we used to have apprenticeships in the building trades as a matter of fact
i think had ended around the fifties
there was a
became an apprentice to a carpenter and came up apprentice to a house painter or in the building trades where apprentices
i'm kathy what you if you're an apprentice to am
a house painter you are precious for two years
and you make your brushes make sure you make sure the paint buckets you clean the paint buckets so that you can eat off of them
and you learn how to handle
things like that before you're given any
nowadays it's just a free-for-all
the there was a violin student
i think it was the cello player cello student and her mother took her to the teacher and she had a little cello
and the first lesson was opening the case and to get and then good bye can we get next week
this is this is real training
the apprenticeship
the certain things that you learn that you don't know you're learning
so ah

for each moment we're walking about standing and place sitting or lying down to us about a dead buddha after buddha and paycheck to paycheck or as the ancestor have simply transmitted is so the to doma is not extinguished and this event clearly indicates
this even though
the method of expression various stories figures of speech and words was different and the more than three hundred and sixty occasions during the forty nine years steady thought there were nothing more than the expression of this principle
as in the main case
the so-called i and the main case i and all sentient beings the so-called i in the main case is not shakyamuni buddha
and shakyamuni buddha also comes
from this i
you understand that
the i when he says i an often to beings he doesn't mean i check your money and political effort
the i so-called i the case is not shakyamuni buddha and shakyamuni buddha also comes from this i services small i and big guy
not only the shakira only come from it but a great earth and being also come from it just as when a large net is taken up and all the many openings of the net or also taken up
think about that
all the in the holes in the just hold like a donut
so you know life is like a grid
we put a grid and and this l who's listen here's definitely that but when you take the grid up everything is just one piece
this is
ah the life
mahayana understanding of ah
dharma gaia sam boga gaia and numa and the monica dharma guy is to one whole piece
the higher if the net
and from book a guy is
the connection
between one and many
so just as with a large net has taken up and all the many openings for the net or also taken up when shakyamuni buddha was enlightened the great earth and all bags were enlightened at the same time
not just the graders and beings that all the buddha for the past future and present were also enlightened
since this is so do not think it was just sakyamuni buddha who was enlightened you must not say any shakyamuni buddha apart from the great earth and beings even though mountains rivers and a myriad forms flourish in great abundance none are left out of gotama go
all of you here are also established in two thomas a go not only are you established in it but rather it is enfolded within you also go time as i pupil becomes the fleshly body it becomes the whole body of each person standing like an a
eighty thousand for precipice in each
therefore do not think that from the past and present there was a bright eye pupil and distinct people you are good time as a pupil gautama is the entire key of each of you you know in the old
the original meal chat
it didn't we say
a homage to all of it with a amateur the innumerable shakyamuni buddha's all over the world
as she says here
it's not just with one person shakyamuni buddha is
is the embodiment of each person
so if this is the way it is what do you call this principle of enlightenment
let me ask you monks just gautama become enlightened with you or do you become enlightened with katana if you say that you become enlightened with gautama buddha gautama becomes enlightened with you this is not good time as enlightenment therefore this is not the princess
apple of enlightenment
and then it deepens this
if if you want an intimate understanding of enlightenment you should get rid of you and kodama at once and quickly understand this matter of i i is the craters and beings as and
he is translate issues and and is not i as the old fellow gautama
examined carefully deliberate carefully and clarified his eye and this and
even if you clarify the meaning of i but if i fail to clarify and you lose a discerning eye

cleary translates as and as
one and many it's easy to say one in many then you go yeah one of many but he said when an i and and and because and
get me there are two things
i n n so
if if you want an intimate understanding of enlightenment you should get rid of you and katana in other words
not discriminate you from kodama
for and is the discriminator
i and
makes two things
this being so i and and are neither identical no different
truthfully your skin flesh bones and marrow
are totally and the lord of the house is i it has nothing to do a skin flesh bones of marrow nor has anything to do with the four elements on the five aggregates
ultimately if you wish to know the undying person in the hermitage it is not something separate from this president is not something separate from this present skin bag that do not think of it as the great earth and believe this is very a crazy because
cleary transit translated in the opposite way
i know of you're following his but
it has nothing to do as the skin i'm going over again with his skin flesh bones male nor has it anything to do with the four elements
for the five aggregates
clear he says
and ultimately it is not he undying person in hermitage
is it is not something separate from present skin back at me for my friends that do not think of it as the great herbs and beings they will don't think of it to holistically but he's saying here
stop flicking the realistically otherwise you're always caught in the net
how do you live in net
this is
enlightenment means lifting the net letting go of the net
but not
sorry it away
because you need to live
belt for once if you can just take off the net and be one with
can you have an enlightenment experience
although the seasons change and the mountains rivers in great earth are different over time

you should realize that because this is the old fellow gotama is raising his eyebrows and blinking his eyes
all this is that body standing independently and openly within a myriad things

in this language is difficult but
cleary said it like this
it is the unique body revealing revealed
in the many forms
unique body you know
here i step we usually think of eyes or individuality but here he's using i to mean
the whole
buddha nature
he's using the item in good nature
andy send the old fellow many very nature
uses terms like at the old fellow and in the hermitage

so which is another
the the expression of the old fellow is light yet the expression of i is light
i need to read that again although the seasons change in the mountains rivers and graders are different over time you should realize that because this is the old fellow go tamas raising his eyebrows and blinking his eyes for now is equity of gautama with
donna gaia
it but it's the the universe is acting out
the universe is an hour
when we hope who is actually raising opening closing the i've
with it i am
but what if i
i just something present at the moment
the fla connected to anything
when good hey rick when people were as good a well his realization to live
what is it
this that
what does it take to raise a finger

so a whole universes
implicated in ratio finger and you raising this figure you can't do it without the rest of the universe
serco tamas raising your eyebrows and blinking his eyes all this is that body
standing independently and opening and openly within a myriad things so that body is like but a nature
marriott thing she does not brush aside a myriad things zen master fly and said you cannot say whether it brushes aside or does that brush aside
zen master on said what do you mean by marriott things now where did you mean by myriad things
hmm it is a unique body revealed in the many forms
therefore practice fully insufficiently developed full mastery and clarify both catamarans enlightenment and your own as well
you should figure it out by inspecting this case in detail let's have the answer flow from your heart without borrowing the words of former buddhas or contemporaries
on the next day set aside for explanations i want you to present your understanding with a decisive were so here is talking to his students
so this mountain monk here's the verse that that if
sums it up this mountain monk would like to say a few humble words about the case would you like to hear ya okay a splendid branch issues from the old plum tree could be apricot in time
obstructing thorns flourish everywhere
and then clearly says it like this

i've looked the second part at the same time
do they do to do

i should have
well here here's reverse a splendid branch issues from the old plum tree
and clear he says thorns came out at the same time
and here he other cooks is in time obstructing sarms flourish and set everywhere
so i will leave you with that
it's not if not such a good idea to explain your reasoning
what do you think
actually it's time to stop
two minutes editor
the head of the back but i yeah i


yeah if you know it it it's not about physiology
it's it's about conveying our understanding of something very deep
ah beyond physiology
we don't know we don't know what's next we don't know what's gonna happen a minute from now
but we carry on you know of that's life where we don't know anything but we carry on when we step into the dark even though it's daytime
i step after step
not knowing so not knowing
is what i lives about
so in the end
this is
beyond knowledge
but if you if you really think about it
you will see
person desert ideas
because it's hard to see some people can see more clearly than others
and that i think it's very important in this understanding the some people can see
what he says she's see for yourself
this is jackie rooney's message this is my understanding you should see for yourself don't believe me
here's a hit you here's my hint
take it or leave it