December 7th, 1985, Serial No. 00164

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but expect is i think i need and nothing to transform in the seaward if you see the and is something the expectation you have to face it because expectation is something reflected in the seawall
rd and knows it's not something it's met a there is no praise to throw it away or there is no particular praise to get to bring it into some someplace so expectation a becomes just a form of x
the buddhist work
so we're not sure that reflection of the transfer there is no expectation comes up in the and the comes up in the realm of form of expectation in the a world
oh product speaking you have to any way through that it's petition form of expectation in the a word how without touching it without touching it you have to gossip he had to night
when expectation is
then you have to a to know is just move without tempting it means without touching me it ms pastoral as soon as possible
this is some practice
this is a practice or there how do we know being in the seaward that is our cat if you do if you are in the seaward you can do better
what you
john john named john
you're talking about the person you touch it
ah that is no particular as okay
but you shouldn't you should see your life for wrong run
if you tried to deal with that situation for a short short period of time so called in twenty years and thirty years you really irritate you don't know how to deal with that one
so anyway
you have to live that way you have to live in a c or c word is huge
they even though you can do it exactly in this life you can do next life for point is we have to make every possible effort to pack that okay with that touching it you have to go through
as best the uk
moving toward a
like tonight he other words with his prosperity husband to prosperity
don't think it's impossible
don't give up
situation where he worked with that
yeah that that means taking care taking care for instance or maybe if year for you have a family
maybe your question is that the how do you deal with the family you know as an object you arctic it become burdened didn't you
huge bird
so christian is that the seeing the family atom the object
no because out it's are completely something being seen beyond your speculation
not a under certain circumstances that some object becomes a part of realize that tip
so no problem practically speaking then now you see the arctic as a part of yeah i've been then you think all that person that is already you stay in the a watched
okay but anyway yeah to continually standing in the c word means how do you deal with this object
want to stay too long thinking with a lot of ideas this is a burden or this is not berg whatever you make a choice same product trouble
the question is how do you deal with this object
so as best as you can without touching you have to go through were taken when you take care about it that's all we can do you think so yeah five
you have to enjoy
not all with they enjoy you have to enjoy the many things in know bad things and christenings
i don't know they many meaning away enjoy enjoyment
in german means that to satisfy know ah to be there
good to see video
we ever reflected in the situation us to see in people
the like
for can see the ocean in
why are the people
he can say that all yes a one year yes
yes but practically speaking it's surat is not so easy
yeah to deal with
captain speak
still that idea you have to throw away that ideas you know
all this you shouldn't forget that idea but you have to throw with us right away the constantly yeah to see that universe anyway you have to walk in the universe in the see warm but you cannot stay with see orb cycle what you have believed it you to throw it away
that is a seaward than to think that
johan you see or that is seaward
henderson could even more about keeping the my by
mind is of fences and or microphones and exactly so not separate that don't see the mind in in the microphone or outside in out of the microphone know that mike
refine his mind my company is you
that get
i've you've never used to work after the of that you
yeah vietnam
who objectively we use we see the microphone and that them while we cannot see the we can deal with a microphone he improper way you know so i always say no dealing with a micro-finance material
but if you deal with a microphone in a proper way anyway microphone is except in your life microphone comes up to your life and database no discrimination between microphone you
at that time there is a kindness and compassion nip so we can say
that is called microphone is my mind is microphone
but he through the common sense huge a sense of even though i say microphone is mine it is all a dualistic
and in
what still on fire
what sets of the wall
seems as though
special of fish
great in your mind like the wall
keep you mind keep your my life
some mind me so so it's not the the our conscious mind
my is kind of universe is seaworthy all beings impact in the seaward that is mind oneness with seems like it
the keep your my life
and the wall street the microphone
a a white find ago and tangy for between returns fences law who seemed to bring out
instead of something very broad seems to bring up something very specific switching
wow boundary and ending
it seems seems to go against the idea of mind
no means is the die some fences and walls and as days the the and phases of was a kind of for present care of all beings including visible invisible trees birds nodes etc than they used we
have a technical term a little bit the needs me called turn that i enjoy it you go girl jaco means show means fences your hanky museum was you know and cardiac cucamonga means
can pile and
yeah means the pebbles and needs and mean version of no competition will emphasize know
no no particular
i think that if you
they were attacked by a while the kind of or been cited for metro ah no i don't think so
the on dead at term is mountains and diverse by rivers means including water etc
know and also used his skies space and






can be
an ambulance
the same time
the know
the map

an asthma

now please fast forward came and turned over for a lecture by now like
during a session and green dragon temple the second day sunday lecture
three why eighty seven


during this week starting with yesterday
members of the zen community are unfitting the sheep
seven day seven days from situ
family were taught to a little bit about a red session is
the she can mean something like embracing mine are gathering the mind
one on
focusing wholeheartedly

embracing mind or gathering nine
could be misleading though because
you know
we weren't not only with a mind but through the body
so this is kim said
mine means not just start thinking
that includes mind and and body and actually includes a whole universe
so when we say are embracing mind or gathering for mind doesn't mean just gather your thoughts together
but actually get to go beyond our thoughts are thinking mine
in honor
we don't make a separation between or body and mind
so you can say body mind
an impact in zion
the point is to
reconcile all opposites
so we have a body mind
spirit and flesh
good and bad right and wrong
comfort and discomfort
like and dislike
up and down
back and for it

difficult it easy
life and death
zion and all opposites are reconciled
this is the point of zazi
when we a during your own course of our normal day to day life
we sit by them as a daily practice
but after several times a year we have sushi
in during it's a shame we spend one week just doesn't
so this is the second day of i said shape
and ah they will are scheduled to be over on friday
i went to explain
but the two sides of our practice which when they reconcile are not too sad
but everything has two sides
so we have to talk about the two sides of of everything
ah but the thing itself cannot be explained only experience
ha so
my explanation
will not be our experience
that will help us to understand something about what we're doing
one or two sides of zen practice
to include retreating from the world
and well pan
and i'm going back into the world and the other hand
retreating from the world means to cut off
all of the only reader affairs
to actually leave the world behind
and practice in seclusion
and when you enter into seclusion
you should plan well ahead
now for that event
so that when you actually enter into seclusion there's nothing pulling it you
and there's nothing we feel that you need to do
so that kind of preparation is already
entered into seclusion
the other side is after seclusion
entering into the world of activity
the and
i'm coming out from the go by relative seclusion into the world of activity
and the third
sign is that
activity and stillness
for seclusion i reconcile
so when we enter into seclusion ah we enter into the time great stillness
when we sit for several days is
tremendous stillness
when you get a group of people sitting together
in zazen for seven days
the world it can very still
your whole world
comes to stop
but that stillness
is permeated with tremendous vitality
we say in berlin and whole body and mind our complete total dynamic functioning
it's not stillness of laying down in bed are going to sleep
but i've stillness of body and mind
great dynamic activity
in total students
and sometimes
an example in is like a tough when you spin at top
and the top it's spinning totally
imbalance then it doesn't look like a topic movie
looks like it's a standing still
when you touch it because skittering across the board
so next i like doesn't
how people sitting dining and it looks like
my packets just like that top
if you touch one
i'm on a roar and you have
not really the region

and when we returned to the world
ah doesn't
we take that
wonderful stillness into our activity
so that no matter what kind of activity are no matter how busy we are
i like it
based on that stillness
and kind of example is if you look at a movie
it looks like them moving looks like where the movie is a continuous
but if you stop the movie look at this live to see that each one of the sly each one of those slides as an independent movement
and if you look at each slide
each one has not always the main subject but the background
so the main subject in the background now included in that one still
it's like
new yourself and the whole world arrives in that one slide
and the next slide
you really changed a little bit
maybe we've taken a a half a step in the background is change maybe a very vivid
or leaf is falling
hmm but each one of those slides and is a moment of total stillness
in dynamic activity
one slide one moment following the next or one moment a period
to replace the next
the following is a kind of i do we have about time
so stillness in activity
to become completely immersed in each moment
that totally at one with each moment to moment by moment
so even though life is moving
the same time each moment is it's own stillness with its own history
kind of like the river the river is flowing
but it's always the same river

so sometimes than one
zen master said
the bridge is flowing the water is standing still but the bridges flowing
is seven days of fishing

we started at five o'clock in the morning
not such an early hours it's unusual designs and time
we have a couple of periods of zazen and regular service and
then we eat breakfast in zendo we wrecked a city in zambia
and in a very formal way
and some of us serve the others breakfast
breakfast is served
former practice as it
one of the important things that we always have to never in shame
is that everything we do doesn't
and strictly speaking rather than looks like a cross legged city
this cross legged fitting is one form observing in one form of meditation
dance a shame we have to always remember remember that
not only is sitting without them but walking is something
standing he had such in
eating is ideal serving and being served is nothing
valley is that him
i'm making mistakes is something
communicating exactly
i going to sleep it doesn't
someone asked me
or how do you practice that and were going to sleep
and i said
now i lay me down with the
you know
you put yourself in their hands of the diamond trust
shock value when it doesn't
doesn't is are putting yourself into the hands of buddha
our dharma
or just trusted
i don't know what do you what do we trust
i don't know
and you can name it
you know people give at various names you can say god buddha dharma how are you can we want it
i think in them
i don't know
just trust
qualifying and in some way
hmm so in a sense to find a line bar
practicing donna
if trust or faith
not in something special
i really can't name it
it doesn't
it becomes apparent
how so
oliver activities become activities of trust
and faith
someone is serving me something to eat but i don't know what it is
but whatever it is i accept it
am i
out with that spirit
and also a spirit of gratitude
whatever happened it's always a feeling of gratitude
for whatever did some time and as in our legs hurt
we want to escape
are we feel track
for deprived
in the end it's always a feeling of gratitude
whatever comes up
so and doesn't the two sides of liking disliking
preference and nine preference
now are always something that we're dealing
constantly dealing with those two opposites
i don't like this and i do like that and i want this and i don't want that
doesn't matter
take any given would you get is what you got
what you got it what you get thinking
what would you do with it that's the point this is what you've got
what will you do with it
he said very creative practice
something's handed to you and we have to do something with it
what would you did
and it's like i'm sitting cross legged is very fundamental form of zazi
and why we practice in this way
right because it's so easy to understand when you sit
more difficult to understand when you're moving around because when you're moving around you always think there's someplace place to escape to
we always were moving around we always feel that we have options
well if i don't like it here are go over there and had
nothing's going hold me down
no matter where we go in this world we still take ourselves there
so ah that's what we're dealing with is always within herself
and circumstances just happened to be where we are
second chance of help us to define ourselves
so inviting
the indoor football position
the pretzel
there's no place to go no place you can escape to
no matter what you want to do you can't do it
you just handed yourself
this is you what will you do with yourself how can you find
without going someplace
this is the final place this is where the buck stops
when you have that freedom that you find inside him can you can go anywhere
hey i'm reminded of a story yeah am
no i read recently and russian
russian a catholic priests
come on
talked about
how is he wanted to become a pretty
ben is that
my preceptor kept cutting them off
he had his mother to take you that aging whether to take care of and and his good works to do
and ah if
the preceptor
i would never let him become priests
so finally he went through a lot of agony witness so finally one day
he went to the pre-surgery rated
look i wanna be a priest pastor
and i don't care about my mother and care about all the things i have to do in this world that take care of people that are suffering and at all
please let me just do that and and the piece of okay
and then i said now what shall i do and he said well
i think you should go take care of your mother
and just continued doing all things that you're doing

this story was a very interesting story
when you actually give up everything and then you can have anything you want
or you can have what you really need
so something the i'm in session is by really giving out everything
he'd leave everything behind even though you know that after seven days you go back to your job you get back to your family
a will resume can so much the same way it was before you win
there will always be a difference
when you enter into indecision
you really give up everything as if you're not coming back
we need to have that attitude
we don't always have it
even when you and and designed for forty minutes
we should still have the attitude of
leaving everything behind
so something is the kind of minute
forty minutes is and is a kind of minis
home homely
you leave everything that you cherish in this world behind
and then when you return on the world of them completely new place
he had the opportunity to start life all over again
even though we don't always see it that way
but when you step out of the zendo
and the world looks different than it did when you enter the zinda
new van died to your own life and entered a new life even though you may i recognize that fact just looks like well if there's the door and here's the trees and birds
but it's actually a new life
and in our activity in the world moment by moment
we also have the opportunity to make each moment a new life
because life and death
appear on each moment
help i'm seeing an activity you know is to completely enter into
ha each moments of life
and then we enter into each moment of death completely
we say like the foot before and the foot behind watching
thunder time of technical defensive and thirty four but behind you walking
is life and we take it step into life that the put behind in berlin
and then the next step into life and
and if that is death
so like death at each moment
moment by moment
entering into life completely and letting go completely
so we can let go completely on we can enter
then the more completely we let go and why completely we can enter
how so in zazen
the sheen
we entered
completely into
justice act one activity and we make it very simple process instead of doing a lot of things
just enter completely into one activity
moment after moment you can see
the arising your life and the passing away of death
moment by moment and we don't see it as life and death we can see it as your experience
hey and then what is it
why and continues or ninety nine
no matter what i think about it
just that
oh my breath comes and goes
no matter what i think about it
i mean
be able to control them with it but because i'm without me
for it goes on and me
so watching breakfast as a kind of wonderful activity you know it's ah
something is making this pulsation happen
and i say i am breathing
but which i am breathing
who's the i agree
i'm not making that happen
but yet and that not making it happen
what's happening
so moment by moment we are all getting older
we started out young baby
and who knows why
we often say i am asked to be born into this world but we don't know maybe we didn't need to
after something asked something brought it for it
what is that thing that brought forth
what brought us forth
and moment by moment we're getting older
and then at some point you know
wait a minute
what am i going
so anyway don't it's a shame and when we eat
vendo sitting something
it's also something
then we continue the day cities as him
and we have an entire lunch in the zendo
and then we continue the afternoon cities or that we have dinner in the zendo there we sit a law until jan nine
and i we get up again and fattening get a five and we do this
they are today
he said a day
i'm reminded of that
oh come on
pycharm go was a very famous zen master in the tang dynasty in china
i was asked a question by a month
might say
master what is the most wonderful thing
and pie
i said the most wonderful thing is sitting alone on top of mount di euro
i'm not dynamo the japanese word for chinese mountain which
i mean something like sublime peak
sydney alone all alone on it's sublime p
and then
a patch i hit them up

there is kind of wonderful colon
i think we have to clarify the word alone
has the connotation of separateness
how far our language have been perverted
in during the course a here is that alone now mean to separate
whereas an original meaning of alone is at one with
and it also as a kind of tape that as the route same route of atonement
at one man
the atonement also people think of atonement as
confessing your sins
but it actually means coming back to oneness with everything returning to wonders and the way you do that is
bam bam
to acknowledge your separate separately which is called sins
himself pycharm master pie so sitting alone on top of this mountain
sitting at one
with everything
on top it is mountain mountain his lifetime
peak you know but his peak
is attached to something else which is attached to something else which is attached to something else
ah and when you view it
for the certain standpoint you can see that everything is attached to everything else
so in one sense it looks very special
i am sitting and is supplying peak the most wonderful thing the world
and when the my bow to punch out the hill
so late way to get it well maybe it's good to even amount if you feel if you're hit by the country it's actually not always bad can be doing good he's made this a real winter fun ban
what the he can say you idiot
you don't always know what to do better
i think that
the the way the mug was bowing was a oh masters that's so wonderful and patch i was saying it's just ordinary
please remember that is just ordinary is not something extraordinary this ordered this wonderful thing is just ordinary mount de niro is not some special place
no data was wherever you are is nom de niro
if wherever you line you're connected with everything
nothing special
just are ordinary life but in our ordinary life we don't feel that way
so it's something special feels like something special
point of ah
i understand the point of my practice
how to make something special
very going something very ordinary
when that something special something very ordinary
when everybody has an ordinary understanding ordinary experience
are being at one with the universe
then something
i'll be happy

so in asensio you think we think well says she did such an unusual activity
the guys go and sit there for seven days
a surgeon in alabama but it actually is just ordinary activities
really nothing special
the day after the she we just just go back into ordinary activity without blinking an eye
if you can do that that's not
they have some
mastery of your life
so i'm coming indecision going and efficiently even though they're different experiences fundamentally
dude it's the same
what's not op is easy for them
so this is a little something of a of what our evidence little something of explanation
about what our effort is getting tissue
like ah there's no way i can tell you the planet and bite you are too
simon in sometime since issue
thank you very much
the the a the
under way


our nice
way at the earn the
our success


excuse me
because it is the cheapness we we know offering a regular lunch or tea
after his lecture over on now will be there with the discussion and question answers and to this lecture in the women's and anybody got to go there go there now if you want to go up there and chicken and is often on least one when you actually don't know we have now
i'm so i might remind that he brought anybody's interesting and two weeks from today we're going to start or my month on
current study through made by the way the johnson a gardener here and anybody interested in writing style three premier inverted it was now ready to get to talk to one resident to myself i'm robbing the director and twenty yourself
thank you
what other announcement and that is that next sunday and they're looking at a really shooting or tell anyone interested about the at