December 7th, 1971, Serial No. 00291

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a simple
cause if you set your see the practice so then fully
you'd become buddha caves
when you become poorer
you can
manifest you can manifest to yourself as a buddha
before you object of objectify yourselves which is gone through
what is for
what you you ticket to say you become bullet is to say
what you can describes
many buddhas in past in future
so if you want to know that many buddhists in past in future look at yourself could just said look at your buddha
this present border describes many buddhists in past suit and pleasant
then he used he said the past present future buddha is manifested when georgie of burrus of past present future is actualized so all we have to do
is just to receive fleet
the sun moon stars the earth's sun down to earth and heaven
the body one's body and mind in desert man and woman in desert
this is our but this is our pumps

after six years of hard training practice
also exhausting to him

we have sucked
was seven means
see the bodhi tree
well us
the sun

if you drop out
exhaustion will increase more and more
don't drop up to them
when i bought
don't yet
the shape
keep going

a job said

the men know
las wheel
the sward or wisdom
a model he goes well is
man who delays nothing more left to be desired
in the way off his speech ill
he's a man
as big as a man of great moment
who is a movable

when does thing is seeing from
dazzling itself in itself
does he is
absolutely characteristic of same figure of chicago nicola

when doesn't you see
he has to be a man of
eagle last well
with just called
a job in job nice
a movable
like the big mt

that susan
should be
we quickly a mirror
who your mind
can see the fraction
in a mirror
but you cannot see
your mind the in a mirror
something is of a meter for your mind

noticed noticed that
there are many things running smooth
no mere
that time you said was shattered
it's not necessary to say what should i do
because only what do you have
makes a pyramids
cause such a nice people crippling mirror

it will look good and bad right wrong
how we
on anything else all things next appearance in the mirror
hope so then

the worse
must be completely
in front of so then
that time
you become a manual eagle as well
also this man hope we get to a swore the sort of wisdom

swallow wisdom is in tries to be to let you transparent through and through
if you become
man vigorous
oh man
because mt
you come
we play transparent
jim price
a swallow
can we get real
many things screwing up your mind
one so
we have to sit
in front of mirror

since you can toss up
til tomorrow morning
keep going on
stain it's couldn't tell
all of you become
monel people as well
swap shop swore wisdom

lie on
the sale
do not and all others
selfies right for you
lie on the dumb
dumbo is light boy

dogan genji and says same sex
run buddhism is to run to sell

we bought it through
runs selfies they
we show point
how to leave this war

i'm getting to the
we have to rely on the south
not depend on others
it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that
lie on self with not to follow
individual the principle of individualism
as a company buddha says
you lie on the tom
comedies light for you
this respect for the point is
to lie on the thumb
it's not merely self
would we have sought
this self
is built up by the dumb
see spain for the point
they is company poorer
is dumber
follow there are three points
why he is
the dumber dumb
of course to
to everyone
to all
one point is that down mom
to everybody
by the south

we each other
breeding practices then
the purpose of the practice
it's not too good a good up
the south also
to help others
without helping others
dell is no so practice
cause this south
is the cell
get a by the dumb also this town is should be something close to show to everyone by the south

this is first point
second point

come and see it
we've helped me realize
if you don't welcome your eyes
your practice is just a practice for the south not for others
i do you said
what he
lightning lightning alex haley's law self enlightenment
your through your products have to understand his point sorry

buddhist club this is not too
set up the place will all individuals

why circumventing for us as come to see it with hoping we are
you will open your eyes
and come to see it
if you be your i'm pretty sure you can see it
this is dumb

some point is
immediate result
immediate result
you can get a result immediately

today's know
ports no space no room to think of it
i am not
good spirit of zen student

if you take so tried to ask buddha
what do you think
buddha says
are you a good spirit of zen buddhist
you said
i think it is impossible to to become
they you ask bruner
is that the impasse you to become buddha
buddha says
they sure you become

what's should you
do with
gap between between you and buddha
you always go astray asked me
in the sphere or this gap
which is open between you and the poor
the always says was shattered

if you stayed for photo
life after life which i
cannot people cannot understand the products cannot understand buddha

dumbo is on mondays
immediate result
right now right here
a woman when you

carly a product is into effect
you become buddha
this is the south
this is the self
get up by tom
if you see the south give up
by you by you have to always as you say
why should i
i do sir
not put a dude's us not food a dozen two thousand
you always do jersey
that time you can never you can never fill
fill this gap which is probably between you and buddha
how can you fill this gap
it is is the way of
mediate reserved

this is meaningful
spicer from new cooler says
lie on the south
do not the other two a do not depend on others
sophie's liked for you
die on the dumb
dumbo is light boy
this self
is get up by the tongue should keep in mind this point
practice is a says to build up the cell
wastes dumb

the end
seventy seven days same is coming across

maybe you feel warm says she

he is
to go to so
with dumb

more video so then he slept
should do our best
do the same