December 5th, 1971, Serial No. 00289

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georgie of the buddha's the patriarchs
the or for one can analyze it in a t
it's ultimate nature also
by once georgie
he can actualize
the buddhas and patriarchs geology and a team it's ultimate nature
thus the value of georgie is it's all in compazine nature
the buddha and buddhists and the patriarchs are
buddha abiding buddha no long abiding
buddha mind gonna become and no extinction
the time

ah yesterday
i mentioned already
the component but a factor
all phenomena or nominal and teach or be
the loop of no abiding
you of nor by
as the market is the molecule to said
the after
what you mean
word is like
mark he says
misconceived ideas
anything else
ah the root of no abiding
the loop of the know abiding is
no root note
this is very important
ah no abiding
a loop of nobody
no abiding is no root of abiding
ah and he it has made cross in relationship with relation with the idea or buddha
this that the conception of buddha is completely different fallen mass idea off the absolute the white german and norwegian emphasize very different that's why you can a and is very difficult to understand
stand what do the ace
because there is completely evasive basic if you try to get it
make a you
but it is very clear buddha is basically if you see into the depths of human life
let's consider again
you are the
no abiding a loop of law abiding
the other day as i mentioned
the this
absolutely nothing to put us tissue idea into anything whatever you do

when you enter the house someone's house and find some new one shape and then next moment you take it and it's already rather
whether or not regardless of whether or not to people people watch people look at
even though you are not caught at the art
you are about
someone says always
a prison for they
serious religious man who believes i'm taverns the presence of them are the existence of on top
my karen's also the sidious funnels of
since school
in location or one tower
everyday the always tempted the name of on top of amanda smith
then one day someone said to
people said to people
the he look at their their mistake
the or misconduct
then they said when you are they see us
then it just followers of on top who believes who believe in and tom
why did you do sector feats
it is already criticized
but strictly speaking in terms of for the mood to know abiding
the it's slim of funny
the yoke a dicey yoga dies he said
the twenty kinds of for emptiness twenty kind of emptiness
have no basis
and the and the one this of the buddha body is naturally sameness
the printed prior me a sutra you will find the training kind three kinds of emptiness
he ordered to
let the people understand sober what emptiness is they simply explain what a nice it's
there are twenty kinds of emptiness
yoga day says training kinds of emptiness have no basis i think so this is to know basis
completely no tastes
then and the oneness of the of body is naturally sameness
okay from this point the oneness
off the buddha body is naturally the sameness is
is going to say that that
the border the boss the even a boss in buddha and the buddha and evils buddha and devils
one essence of face one essence of face
so serious
sidious follow their lead just follow us who believes in buddha amitabha then this moment they turned new nimmo and tower no man miami tufts
then next moment day the yawns open pit months
fish then they keep to criticize you why why did you do such a thing

from this is from this idea from this idea keep people believe
people believed a very serious the this follower
who can never york
that we can never break the weight
it's funny

then next moment they tend name one tablet next moment a yarn
and then different person and i don't think so same mitt
items the name of bow tie very next moment i e r
this is this time i am poorer and next time was up for a movie song from the criticize keep with criticize are you an output
but wait you see what you see the people others it is pretty easy to criticize oh why did you do in that way you are very serious he just follow with set photos
but look at yourself you are always do that
same rates
bruh and devil
buddha and devil bus buddha and dems have just one essence of fate soon
what is called no peace no abiding not by the rule of law by
now i do i do doesn't
then next moment
you do since then not
then if you go out the window after the lecture you immediately pick up a cigarette smoke
then someone says cigarette these nasty good for your house you said yes just the smoke
just smoke you say that
like like a just say
zen buddhism is way
derrick k one the no no no gap and to sleuths space between
now wait you tried to jets what is good what is back
the someone let give a give look to see in vincennes sometimes criticized for him you pass smoke it's not so good
he said
what does smoke
yes i think so
because smoking itself
if beyond criticism beyond the creators of course even smoking is based on and root of the not abiding of course does not
the moment when you criticize you are at him
of course that's why that's right into smoke
then people believe had the buddhism and vendors big mistake
five degrees today
you have to just smoking or just saying we have to queue again and again through and through with your mouse with your body
very dangerous painting
so strictly speaking there is no fixed idea you are good spirit of the zen zen buddhist
maybe so i believe you you are they all new way are very good spirit of them students yes
but there
i don't know
if the money if you are a few our interests in a why you
if i sent you a why
what are you doing
we i
a subprime there is a man who is expert at the exceptional men who is ways
transparent fears that it just meant like one of my friends as mason very often he went to the second world war
and he didn't he never shoot the gun to burn person
you to
it would start everybody start like this
the nearest he never shoot men
the average huge
then he was
shoot by the end
as he came back to can
what is good rates bad

the just sitting just smoking
i think the ultimate place where you cannot to the any criticism it into
but as individual for practice you have to do it again and again through and through
i think you know
didn't i then is a shop way shop it it's week that the story there goes you cut hit cat it's a shop for you
say something right now
a shop
you know so well what what is basis were a space is for human were human life he not so
then he used the mediation without chewing
yeah this is smoke
he used the tooth itself without any bail
before he too chewy
hey youth he ordered to cut the month do do sometimes the and it's necessary
but tomkins concrete the opposite
because anybody didn't answer to this facing the silence is already answered why don't you met in broke
i need to get leaking go on with that kitty
he paid different
that time dog in didn't use that
truth itself
with that before he q it
he killed the truth again and again with his body and mind and then he used this is different point if you if you compare gates didn't die and sorrow but this is not to criticize okay this is not
criticism if you want to know what's different what's different think didn't that is use of a shock swap is very good
so if you want if you are interested in inside prompts got the new york
why did a good really good
not bad kid reads fake
because our the concession is very strong is strongly rooted into into your body
so it's pretty hard to cut it
for sometimes you need a teacher who used chatsworth
prepare for deck with
then come
photo school
just sit
a a bit
an play
they you want something you want something
sort of squeeze something like saw it
don't can always watch get what carefully he's right
and find the to what is the truth
then he accept first deceiving with his body and mind and chewing k them again and they use it
as his plan the buddhist work as a buddhist work
that's why this is fake bay soft deaths sit
just said
has been profound me
the you can do you can be you can be
ah anybody what you are expecting expecting and as a man now you can then you can then man is to him next moment your smug
smoking smoking next moment that pick up something put it into product know robert

this is true
if so
ah then we are always criticize look at only one moment when
i am nothing on us as damn pleased something like that thence to
then next moment if i yawn or did you yawn
how stupid
and side
i don't i never say i just yawn
never say just me on
the am sorry is a good
according to the dog in this way
i'm sorry
but i'm sorry it's not there is not the you crashed
you've cracked case size way
can stand upright so
it is the product some straightforward
and sought
then next moment doesn't mind
one man when he has to do this
ha in a molecule the sutra it's very interesting story if you need that the sutra very interesting way
you know
sometimes v serious sometimes
they make me smile

yesterday i lead after that
after this story
the lease a conversation between there
one to shui and their heavenly lady

i think read heavenly our heavenly lady listen to the molecule these and treats electric
two monkey shelley
then at that time the lady
it was the grad to hear a molecule this lecture me
he did something
that term in my cuties room
are there was a god this was a good this who seeing all the great men and listening to the dumber that was are pitched manifest it
her body and then
heaven the blossoms over the bodhisattvas and great disciples
when the brass and submitted the body sagged was then the they all fell off
when they reached the great disciples than this pack and didn't fall off
all the disciples use their magic powers to get the blossoms off but they couldn't get them off couldn't see my to me know where way like you said everything all phenomena and speech
being is a group or know by then the goddess heavenly ready what was the glad to hear that ten in cabin scattered the beautiful heavenly grandsons and that time when brought from stack
then fifty
can imagine you see and on that
what we did it
oh supernatural power
they couldn't get them off
and this time the goddess got this ask with charlie putra
why gets the brass on brass us off
that he answered these blossoms are unlawful
and love
how wrong for me and said the priest don't how beautiful things
beauty is always make the priest line new
wow good
with that
i therefore we get we would get them off the goddess said do not consider these flowers unlawful for what reason
these blossoms have no discrimination
good sir
good says it is on the yourselves things he and his arm yourselves i think so
ideas ideas look at the minutes please don't have for you your feet or none are not really exists it's inside you
right now in itself is always based on not a abiding not a bike
in in the buddhist dharma if a mean mendicant has discrimination it is unlawful
if he has no discrimination they in awful
it is love
look at the bodies scientists to whom the blossom didn't stick because they have cut off on discriminating idea
hunter was very angry
he he didn't answer to discuss
from this story the we are we have always circling concession rooted into body and mind
pretty hot too
cut off
he know about it
no a bike
no abiding is
the root of know abiding is completely liberated level
here on earth
the dog get that duncan says the look the other words dogan says
we call it we called them the root of no abiding
a particular more and move
britain not by
then sometimes much as empties same things all same me
when this point
no abiding
to long not abiding belongs to
not only human beings but also everything everything
the presence of company is based on are not abiding
for taking foreign move
the including my idea to including my idea to the five got this about this set
how long have you been liberated
but can you to want to know how long have you been in destiny in touch qatar
my age already idea
the moment when charlie to to compare him with the goddess
what it is idea how long have you been does are
how long have you how long how why track is the then
it doesn't matter important point is how long have you been how i did labeling
you to same with to be set of of you
the call even ideas even i here's a you know i even eyebrows
the hairs
in the as and single even the shakyamuni buddha even a concession on buddha even smoke eoc everybody are completely empty and for and move you can't stop it
so whatever whatever you pick up something you can make this small small things if an insect
you can't see you can't see through your with your eyes
it is it also belongs to the group of no abiding
you pick up to cater this is also no abiding
you will cut down river listen the sun on the living in the sound of the liver is always in perpetual woven from
there is no room to put a certain ideas into it
so from this point or oil on cue word universe the whole being of the universe consists of completely
the know abiding
take some more right
and then
the immigration wait you say i am buddha
this buddha is man who is enlightened
what the root of abiding is like
also who get teased on eight through his body and mind
after who are q it again and again through and through after understand it even through we even with his intention sense
this is buddha is it is called buddha
this man is called to
he ordered to become poorer
we have to see first into the depths of human life based on
no abiding
through and through
one true
look at look at your the advice if you read the rock sioux to i and a buddhist sutra
second we bought a always and look look at all through your mind look at open might look at your eyes open your eyes
the right
it's not so easy but there is not been away in
to get to come into contact with
liberation liberation freedom
him first important things is to see again i'm like game
once right
then when you understand what the bases for human life is it's called know abiding
nate you tried to do it through practice again and again with your body and mind
that time through that then you try to chew it again and again at last you feel are abiding or binding is something like that you can understand
at that time if you are cold pool
so good so dorgan watch carefully his life
his life what the buddha teaches us emptiness nothingness what is right them
then he find he find the tooth
based on
no no a baby
then he didn't use know abiding without before he do it
he just accept accept he just to receive with all his whole body and mind and that time at that time the know abiding the truth of no abiding is not merely
a principal not many principal not merely concession of the truth because this know about the truth of no abiding
hell the tokens practice help dawkins practice or wake dog his eyes open wide we

but why you understand no abiding as concession the concession is always
here in from
when you understand even a little bit with your head that's i
you're trying to accept you tried to receive it them practices
do it
at that time you will understand is no abiding the emptiness work support support your life and encourage your eyes encourage your life encourage you to stand up stand upright to work for here
that time no abiding is not many conception of philosophical concepts and ready just come concepts i don't think so
where you understand he how great the truth of law abiding has
help has helped you
the you a wake you
your eyes open
the you realize that you can turn a conception on the truth i'm no abiding into buddha in to put
because you are enlightened by a tooth of no a by always oh
but while you are touch to something with
it's pretty hard to understand it
if you're open your eyes wherever you pick up paper yourself your hand your nose your eyes your mouse
everything belongs to the mood of abiding notified this is true

so if understand if understand
the you arrive if understand the meaning of know abiding emptiness only through your eyes
that understanding is to understand whole word
cause all word is always based on knock biden
it's looks like a pick up the next year
once create your pick up the one square
who nick
when's the net
for catching a fish
net consist of five lots of screen
you pick up one
and lifting every all whole neck pickup you can pick up whole net but you pick up just one
but or or pictures of net you can pick up said
if you understand the loot of nor by emptiness through only through your head through your life
your understanding is based on understanding all picture of universe
five second when you put it says all only all beams are born on hm
when he attained enlightenment
ha from this point
you know
bora exist everywhere
new paper
in a paper in the scheme in sun moon and winfrey
everything consist of
loot nor by this is too
and also this to
help teach something wake you up up
one this point buddhists work these v shoots may pick
universe rothko speaking no abiding word word like consist of know abiding the truth of not biting his pay big

ah mclean
one on fire
the buddhist disciple
i've tried to test
shell company buddhist buddhists and voice to see if
wrong where it comes
one day he listened
buddhist voice
from somewhere
no i think i think
even in the second new buddha says
i think there is tv set and the radio set thinks of macmillan buckram not them
can see his mother his mother
in the hill
as hung request
day he asked the second new border
how can i
how can i help her how can i see
her from hit her something
that time second employer says
check to the super and offer the offer them food and any other things to all monks
this is already of this the ceremony
which is called albums open salmon in depend
in august held in august
the anywhere mckinnon could see her the his mother
something in the hill
it looks like a tv set
the mccain can hear the second many buddhist voice you want to try he wanted to test
his voice to see if where where the voice com
then listen
then walk on were looking up he looked look out
for voice where a comes or wherever he may go
voice buddhist voice doesn't change
you can hear the voice buddhist voice here and you can hear the buddhist voice in san francisco i'm no different completely see
say then he had some doubt what smart
then he's to ask is key as the more compelled him to test
to see a if where would his wife car what what what's kind of boys get it
then sutra says he would he go he pass
he pass
four hundred thousand billion country
four hundred thousand gideon countries league
he passed
named after passing the four hundred thousand billion country the base
ah glory ran with just call you are aware that comb mural or the king of commune
lazzaro body sat
late in
they're in
the so company in poorer the buddha exist there
that it is
what would you call eighty
eighty your hi
one dc who are ya gonna is
a unit of a distance
hundred miles one hundred and nine
hundred miles or one one one you donna is
a unit of
miles distance
second many border is amy uganda memes high fifty miles and is hi blue flag you can imagine
huge big dick
then and then let's imagine how big how huge the growly that growly land is where breweries buena live in doubt brewery is ab your janos hi
if you compare with the this and the earth where human being lives but is just like this like a incense burner
the game since been laika tassajara bathtub
the you you will sit the has had a bus that and you start of water with a
sometimes you play starring water with your feet city bastar since
if you compare it with their the raleigh growling that
earth is like contrast town
and buddha or buddha just the
enjoy he's totally the water
the pastime in the earth nebraska's hannah bust of which is called earth where he would be with
then they live there are many i
then what can they walked
then he put forth done
into his
that time the buddha and
the many other hearts are eating lunch
with big bore the key martin is how shoes is
buddha bowl
your boys like this
boy is a huge
the place where mccain fourth done is just a took the buddha war
wait wait one of our have use
then i'll look at what
yeah look at
something you
they ask the buddha
this a small insect
with be ahead
wanting bigger all
want to use it
and buddha said don't worry about
a few a few pass and few pass after you pass you pass four hundred thousand villians country you will find the small lamb with discourse charla
jabba sidebar
japan means the word
in whites their you wait check or money bureau preaches his teaching
in other words the word is the word in which we live in
bot you feel after you pass four hundred thousand billions country you will find the lamb with is called the bar
in this human be
one of a human being which is called mckinney
always be ahead
wearing rob in the swamp
then there is also a second you buddha
who is always teaching is
check company buddha says well it's all right don't worry about
know so well
he said to the anaheim
i know the book can they have been here he ordered to test
my voice
see if from where it counts then the last he lived here
the enough that he said voice number change he said voice in change even though you
pass how many countries you pass
an everything bagel
what does voice never change
you can listen to the buddhist voice
the hinch
it means it means wherever you may go wherever you may go these logical speaking there is just root of law abiding nor by the is no concessions new ideas
then also this law abiding teach you something teach you something
and help support just stay your life
but does to you had if you just you hear think my wait you can to the costs are you will hate cause i you hit dozen or you loves us a love up
this is your idea but rid of whatever you think you hate you love
strictly speaking in there is just a tooth
based on know a by
no abiding support sustain life
that's why took engine says does sick sick
and it's not bit away
wherever you may god more biden just more biting there
i'm getting its notes
all buddha to
they if i know so well this guy through and through
what who i am
i am based on the completely group of law abiding
that time wow
it is called maybe you to me but there are many kinds of moonlight
why you have to to this understand again and again through your body
why don't the buddha says otherwise
and when he attained enlightenment and everything a spoon
yes to these permit this is true