December 1st, 1971, Serial No. 00285

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significance of gorgeous city
is as follows
the married of
performing your juice is a sewer rates observed
flew out that limit less universe
it is not realize by the sale than others and yet it manifests itself in that way
by georgie of the buddha's and patriarchs therefore one can actualize it and that thing it's ultimate nature
by once geology
i bite of the bed
by once your g e can actualize the buddhas and patriarch clg in nothing it's art with naked
the significance of georgie is family and medical confirming georgia is sure to be offered throughout the lymph less the a little
it's not realized by the south and others yet to manifest itself in that way
maybe the other and the other day
the are practice
ah is absolutely empty file to to sit with is called villages just maintaining practice to play game stuff without computers
we love with that country are bad
i'm conflicted
without competitive
ah with
any concept good impact
he sounds like the month
this is plan to see the is our paths which is called guilty
the way of a with your classes
settle in that way
that's it is good a walk in the rock
who does status
hi getting the past
two thousand years
hey the committee would have to choose
i've been handed down on india too tired to the parents
the history
are we cannot ignore
there are two types dog
you point in life
even though
that gentlemen money street in east
the a based upon that one time in at one point
my acid
what is comedy
hey this through the pan
ah least
one on february school that it's called to align school
find it by found by to know
in kind of grave at a area
that timesonline funny
that money money with
hey eight
that kind
the life of the buddhist school
all beast
why are they
observe the verdict pick up
i'm using my phone you will got mind with me
and live
the our own lives as a buddhist priest
let's imagine was happy what will happen aligned in dice rolling
the to week and actually but the were understand how difficult for you
what can i join you leave
i realize
how it's done
make you at the that
simple his to see the thing is wouldn't in foreign of human nature
according to the to
devoted to intern at the bottom of human nature
he realized how simple the monday ah
who'd you believe
the existence of
i'm tired of it the same or simply be death
a thousand feet
the is that human nature
in this point
human beings
he's a fan and making faith
you have to go away or out of what you have to figure
category the capital
and thy point
the cupboard
in order to faith or can can be
on the or something
he doesn't effect
human being can a big fan of thousand feet
noted in the bottom of human nick
the first thing has the an identity through according to the buddhist teaching
he thought to your school
get ahead
if you need a valid i or to speaker
hey are not if
human being
all taking to it
the desert good amazing
new balance with that have a minimal effect also something with ah
without exception
ha automate
this was said and we have to go is that to blue class the earth
the on
what will be go to vessels
the in the line se
wherever you
think of yourself
the typically they are already food
know something
but the i think that
by a minute
it is good to have the advantage to and stuff with cancer
it said
but the to right
he's dead
did i dream of being faithful
he's human being simply considerate
the of kill currency
a new camera to it
the to your site
hugo back to
secondly a to
how that have a meaningful life
the guides for the doing
what you are with or and makes it our today
if it called anything
the god of food a good a stupid
he took in my bag
the doesn't have stuff
any prejudice
they include being a daytime and makes it unsuitable and human being a face on it
right you are good at it
who's content is a based i
i feel i saw that this will have
friday with the ragging on line of credit
what they call old
the tablet five a fifty
all the to catholic charities to fly
to to fight the spread of that can i get from the kind of the guns of quality
italian food
one day
as a good thing in
i looked up
on the appaloosa god
getting back to india cone crusher in india
he is dead and live and act
the lever with was
where are you writing is too
olympic cyclist
what i'm willing to it says nothing
i've done lever a roaring
the get in the books wow
most men or three a's dislike
look at them remove a flowing in thick rough month after his death
according to the presence of wow
their own idea
a cookie parcel for last to put the i thought the idea into the meme is for earn anything are painfully
one need to add to that yet

hey if you have your own i
open your eyes and look at this wow
who were like that today
no idea of
have some good
oh a catholic
if a pair of rough
the captain only the family
he ever had
local effective no idea of us
the of
an addict
because well itself
make the
like they will learn the conducted
one ring a certain conditions gathering
hey baby
something with the old wow interview
what's money well
well a
which brings right
but his disappearance of fluff than the beer
the district
this story
the the alive
they can like what secondary buddha
i believe
danny the human being to do
who doesn't look like he doesn't add to our privilege to pretty day
my name is to in and blue it
have you believe human being exterminated the materials good and evil
if i'm running late i put through idea interview
have you tend to be a painful
the also day
but the idea is to be like the it
but implicitly our duty as a human being that the system out to piss off a certain idea that the all day for it with the problem
if this if will thing that get would be silly but brings interview
oh god
it was
this a good plan
college is committed
i thought
looking for anything
he's been there
a thing of you
but lagging on the ground of predicted than will conduct
absolutely no good
the the idea egypt
by building them said
families with our pages are doing all the beginning without the factory have a buddha nature
ha then martha cooper are looking to have worked on it
having not having a completely different in ban on me meaning
the mic have that
as to wrap the effort
a battle of with or need or we already have we're gonna lose it
the south in a good up whatever
why god invented the match the to
that fucking idea of but the idea
you can be that is it
what are the in fact a way i worked with anything i've really tough with long before than the una fantasia of the of yeah
the right to an earth by the fifth of the up
a minute
now you don't mind and i out a pivot
it doesn't matter and another to by alabama
a way of not gonna lose it must be feast or plastic the that closer
a while
human be is understood
i'd like you are treated as linked to onto the track
oh god
while as fully protected but will have to
the guy was the last years
yeah i think
he was a certain after your own
a said the planet
the art of all over
be eliminated the
the before that
it is
where any friend and day
here at the bank is depicted on the planet the perpetrator or with the fact that greatly
the a plane like in a bad guy
have you been doing is that like in the middle earth
the body a little the ultimate
of the week to our life
human being would be very good earth
in the fear up
the said
the villa
to that would have a good time
he had been a different way
one thing to say of that fact

the bike and all but instead of evidence and thirty of file
and then of attorney without the aid of shortly after go out alone and vinegar
making the money
what do i live a a a the i lived
in fact neutrality
i love it
i agree with that repeatedly do that they earn through that they are very effectively
hey that's a bit
have know you have to fear
really i
hey what do i get it over the island

what do that

hey that's reality
there was you i really to say that you added
the to be

i think about the very fact that it
that i will pay a whole thing that a little bit of failure the i live by
the everything
what is conducting it
we turned to tap into the groove again
the court will have some idea
am i hear your item either
what live
the guy you know as
what is your idea where made up your mind can get
after cooking with the didn't like the you pick
at looking let's look through the fact
to the ineffective the we are working fine what the sec what live with him
make you in love with
oh man with the phone number right
i want that hereby

one point but with you
make at the foot
have you got it talking with them
get a good to do that
developed by
yeah the up
yeah with fear
what cathy
hi you can affect the deck plate or what them
how do you think we're picking a ought to the everything
by the very good
okay okay okay

here are looking the unemployment and a group but but the idea is it reflected back to like on
log in panic
right like like
but the boy
the it
that isn't for me
the day
one of the bombing of don't you the to actually effort was the roof that none of it is not realize at the afterlife

nevertheless an image a manifest itself in nothing
you create your title
i fucking some of your life
nobody said life a bird make his life
in the air
like the life make the bed
like myth here and it alive
what you get picked like a tutor
the come here the the you the eleven or i got my then the guy while you've made your the day
and right circumstances make making life while you make seven

if you say if i am doing that with a fellow them
if they know oven doesn't mix make my life and art
i've been a canada
home country today
the government is simultaneously bring yourself when you are simultaneously with the that the
that's all that
that new code
oh my not by yourself by alex
if you take to even for a moment he certain idea of em back thing but is not your time
yeah the only repairing i am good thing
and the good practical
it is there arthur's death
what to pack it is here and not worth the king and king that the booed off the table
hey nathan was that doesn't make your life won't make a movie tablet
why believing said

i have
given that the year
petty had raped
what we asked the deny that
the idea of effort
the i love your book
but the the guy's me to drive you
the an equal or better
aqua care will
the opportunity to take with them
the good work

are you talking about the black paper at the later but at the department of that good appetite to made i that
what are you talking about the morning
got a good
all you have to be a definite like the wedding will look more than a rainy day the
the feel of the day
the god's word and got the earn
the will check the faith
oh hey
get it
if you take your people
the your title put out at guilty i be get
the in this is the people the ones to the thing
down the
if the girl
i was it
a good boy and the thing are typically data that can tell you
that consider it
i wouldn't have it can up a robot
the author like a five dollar either

rather than will take a look at to five
can know all to that at an oath and back
have a good
definitely definitely in a pair up with me
i eight
the time
but january was that
one of the a guy with a tight
a good variety of for
the i do
the pilot
what i don't think the back
forget that a yeah
the guy next to take a nap
that's the next to the path
the editor

whoever a
wake up
the boy knew that the like weather is ever a life or what
where the a put that in the had to fill the death of a like work ethic yet
i want one you
never got no
hey everyone
won't be any kids

oh good
at the been waiting for like
but other people want your own life
that water
at the current back
a be attacked for every day
it's the cat
a bit

oh that fabulous