Continuous Compassion for Karmic Consciousness 

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service started
i begin with that
a story that i kill many times it's a story that occurred in a supposedly in china
maybe twelve hundred years ago
two noted buddhist teachers were talking one is the teacher of the other the teacher
his name grey grey zone and the and the student his name yeah shaun
and question says the on schon
if someone comes
and and says all sentient beings just have karmic consciousness
a boundless and unclear and disorienting
with no fundamental to rely on how would you test that inexperience
and the student council and says if someone comes
i would say you if she turns her head i would say what is it if she hesitates then i say
all sentient beings gift have karmic consciousness
boundless unclear and disorienting
and there's not even a fundamental to rely on

without going over that story too much i just want to point out that
that this kind of consciousness this this thinking mind that we have which is all we have to work with
when we say it has no fundamental to rely on
that's characteristic of all phenomena
nothing has a fundamental to rely on
but the fact that this comment consciousness has no fundamental a lot to rely on this means that
it can change it can be transformed
and also ah
yeah it can become something it can become something that's not attached to it can become something
that's not a
abide it in not dwelled in

a basic practice that i offer you over and over want to say again is
whatever is coming up are coming to us in the present no matter what it is

practice compassion
with it or towards it

hard to say compassionate it
as well as competitors like to say love it
compassionate it because let's make a very bad of compassion compassionate how can we do have any suggestions compassionate
compassionate yeah but how he says compassion eyes it
the compassion eyes and compassionate yourself whatever comes compassion eyes yourself
can whatever come to be compassionate with it
love it
not like it or dislike it
if it's a like love it if it to dislike love it
whatever comes
be compassionate with it
when the compassion is
when is complete
then you won't dwell
in whatever it is
hey if you don't dwell on it
then there will be ah
the observation
of the true dharma there will be the receiving of the true dharma and then there can be the transmitting of the true dharma
and the the work the play
the body surface is to transmit the true dharma is to receive the true dharma and transmit to true dharma that's what they come to the world to do is to receive and transmit the true dharma in order to own
help all beings be free of suffering
the foundation of the the foundation and there's no foundation to rely on but still the foundations
of the buddha way is great compassion and great loving kindness
and grade means no exceptions
horizontally or vertically no exceptions in all hall the entire universe no exceptions to kindness and compassion
and then based on that we come to not dwell and not dwelling we opened to the perfection of wisdom
and receive and transmit the dharma
this sounds pretty simple to me
but i not say it's easy it's not easy to ah be compassionate
right now with whatever happens
who with whatever seems to come it's not easy to be compassionate with everything
but simply that's what
i'm bringing up
to practice
in a fairly intense way since the year started i've been emphasizing
over and over
kind of the first step the first step in compassion
towards anything
is to be still
being still is not separate from all the other dimensions of compassion i just would like to emphasize kind of starting with
with whatever
you're wishing to practice compassion with
and along with the stillness
so whatever comes be still and silent
as soon as possible
before it's gone in the next moment comes where we start the moment with stillness and silence before any comment or movement
we're still and silent with the moment and now this one
being still is not different from being generous and been gracious
it's not different from thank you very much
it's just being gracious and saying thank you before
before you say thank you
after you're still and don't say anything then you can say thank you
does the test your stillness court unfold it
hand be nonviolent
with whatever comes and be gentle with whatever comes and be calm with whatever comes
and give up trying to control what ever comes
this morning i i was told that one of our friends got upset and angry
here today in
and i didn't hear about it until hurry
and these are already over and i just saw him being driven away with one of his friends to go home
because he was still i guess pretty angry
although i heard he wanted to come to the talk and not going to been okay with me
and at the same time i understand if he if when he gets angry upsets people here i understand that there might be upsetting to see him angry and frightened
he's been practicing with us for a long time
he's really having a hard time and
ah he tries to come to know about in and you'll call me tonight probably say i'm really sorry he's coming here to try to practice compassion
he's coming here to try to be friendly with you
and be kind to you
and then it gets angry
it's very it's very very far
sad to see his efforts crushed
he said is really having a hard time learning how to be kind it was coming up for him
and so he offers us the opportunity to keep been kind to him
we're know how many years it will take for this kindness to get through to him but
you're probably keep coming back
to know about
and he's coming he's coming here to to relax and open to you in and it gets here and tenses up and closes down and gets angry and then he calls me at can he calls me every night and and apologizes
an and reaffirms his intention to practice kindness and i say i hear your bob
have we try again
something came up this morning which it
that was interesting is that done
someone heard this teaching of practicing stillness
in the midst of her difficult life
i'm in the midst of are difficult com and consciousness which is like doing things like comparing herself to others
sometimes thinking others are not as good as hers sometimes seeing others are better than her
and having some you know discomfort with this comparison between herself and others
she remembered the teaching of being still
hand then she started looking for where the stillness was
and i said
it's okay with me if you look for where the stillness says
i don't mind you're welcome to do so
however you will never find it you may think you find it but then if you if you think if i a show to me and i'll i hope you look again to see if you're really found it because you cannot find stillness you cannot find silence you cannot find greed you cannot find hate you cannot kind thank you can't find can
fusion you can't find anything if you actually look carefully he won't be able to find it
no dimas can be found
and if you're kind
to the to your process of looking for them you'll not only not be not only will be kind to not being able to find them you will realize that they can't be found
not finding something is not the same as understanding that it can be found
understanding that things cannot be found as the same as understanding the ultimate truth
not being able to find things is not the same as understanding ultimate truth
and the way to understand
that nothing can be found is by being kind example to yourself when you're trying to find something
so if you're trying to find stillness that's okay you don't have to look for it but if you're looking for it just be kind to yourself
and you realize that nothing can be found and that will be good for all beings
but what i really thought was interesting
is the statement that arose which is although we can't find anything
we can't find kindness and we can't find cruelty although you can find them you can be wholeheartedly devoted to things that cannot be found
you can be wholeheartedly devoted to compassion even know you can't find it you can be wholeheartedly devoted to practices which are empty of inherent existence
and you can also be wholeheartedly into by devoted just to cruelty which can be found
however if you realize that it can't be found you will no longer be devoted to it he will be devoted to compassion
because it's only by being devoted to compassion that you realize
the truth
only by being compassionate do we stop dwelling

if you're energetic and you're not kind to your energy if you if you try to you know if you're not really kind dear your energy
if you're not kind to your great energy
if you're not kind to it you will cling to it
if you're if you're clinging to it that will interfere with your kindness but i won't stop it entirely you can be clinging to your energy and still practice kindness towards it
you can have some really nice energy
nice energy ball he can have it can be clinging to it
it's possible
battle the clinging to something nice isn't it seems to be and if you keep practicing compassion toward yourself and the clinging er to clinging self to your comic consciousness which is clean to some nice energy ball he can keep practicing kindness towards that you will give up clinging to it
i predict
and when you stop clinging to it
but if we cling to our wonderful energy balls if we ever have one
the clinging will interfere with the opening to the dharma
if you've got low energy yucky energy swamp of miserable poisonous energy
if you're not kind to you you'll sink into it in cling to it this is a bad place but i am clinging to it i don't want to but i am if you're kind to yourself clinging to your yucky energy
really kind to yourself you'll stop dwelling in your bad energy
and if you stop dwelling in your stagnant stinky energy
right there in the pollution
in a non attachment to the pollution you will open to the true dharma
and i really don't know which is easier to be kind to and not dwell in
the nice energy ball or the or the stagnant energy slot slums
i don't know
they they're supposed to be practiced within the same way
with great compassion
he supposed mean if you
wish to attain supreme perfect enlightenment he need perfect wisdom and to have perfect perfect wisdom we have to stop abiding in things in an orange is stop abiding and things we have to practice great compassion
and and the things that are being offered to us to practice compassion towards they come in the field which we call thinking consciousness
as a comic consciousness
we have to guess where we work
and cosmic consciousness has invented varieties you know from the most palatial exalted joyful states
to the most horrible
tormented states all those are kind of consciousnesses
and again number one is be still with them
each moment be still
and have that stillness mean thank you very much
for this opportunity to practice stillness to practice compassion to practice perfect wisdom to practice the boat away
i've heard things situations like this are where it's practiced
and any other situation is also race practice

and again stillness is not something you have to make
it's already
the same has you being you
you being you and me being me me a stillness it's already the case so illness is not constructed is not fabricated
so this basic
this basic
the quality of compassion is actually the us being what we are right now
which again is very generous the whole universe is generously making us what we are
but we have to practice that we have to enact that otherwise we miss it
more by moment we have to
receive the transmission of stillness
it and then more by moment transmit the practice of stones
receive the transmission of kindness which makes us what we are
we are made by kindness by generosity
we receive this person and transmit this person we receive the stillness of this person and transmit the stones of this person
and we also in that mode receive the dharma and transmit the dorm
if we miss
being present and still
we practice compassion towards missing
and the buddha way is again
to us

ha this is the essential art
her practice enlightenment in the boot away

there are a million ways to tell the story this is one of them
honey feedback
to of this situation yes
and two questions to questions
when one is to time
i wonder how are you using true
and he also said
it can't find
passion of kindness or stillness
so i'm thinking we can experience we we find it would be an example
because that would give it some duration
next moment so
question was to crushes and a comment
for two questions personal a question which you're asking if is a true or not
the or be three
what is true dharma to dharma in a buddha dharma to dharma is ah
is what the buddha's would like living beings to open to
and to see demonstrated and to wake up to and to enter
that's that wouldn't that thing which the buddha's wanted to open to and finally enter it's true dharma and why and what do they want us to open to and enter they wanted to enter a truth which will help us be free of suffering and also be free which means
free have any fear or resistance to helping others opened to the same thing and and realize the same freedom
he would be the dharma which would help us become free of any hindrance to living for the welfare of others said buddha's have no problem for living for the welfare of others because they have this dharma which they've realized which they understand and they see other people
we're living in the same dharma but don't realize it and they want to
do something to them for them so they'll open to it
anything they want to open to it will be the thing which will make it possible for them to become free of all hindrance
two to peace and happiness that's the term or also called bodhidharma
dharma or just d
er dh of the circle a lot of possibilities in gaza certain and to the
that's the true dharma than the other thing was what
that it couldn't find he can't find end part of the dharma is you can do to part of the teaching is you can't find anything if you actually look carefully
yeah it's always moving because everything's interdependent everything nothing has a everything is other powered other dependent nothing is self dependent
nothing makes itself and nothing else makes things to either but things existing dependence on other things
and because existence depends on things they can't stay still very long they can always they can only be present long enough to practice with
and also they can only be president long enough for us down the idea
but they can be president little longer and we might like that are not like that they're pretty long enough for us to be deluded bottom
yeah that would be like i think i found it i think i saw something i think it was substantial i think it can be grabbed ahold of i don't have time to investigate it thoroughly so i'm just going to assume i can get a hold of it
so then grasping it is actually an act which is not that loving rather than wow
thank you very much for coming it's like hundred and time for that first while it may get your push you away before i say thank you before i'm still with you before i practice with you i'm going to grasp year after i grasp within our practice with you meantime things are changed got another situation where you're going to try to grasp before your
practice with
so things are things appear this life this consciousness this life of conscious living together it appears in this dependent and therefore very fleeting way and there's only enough time to
grasp or not grasp it's all this time for however in order to not grasp for a being whose habit as grasping we have to be very quick to practice kindness first kind is first kind is first train ourselves first kindness before getting
before even get the thing be kind kindness before
kindness it at the same time as receiving kindness because if we don't like his kindness will slip into getting getting getting clean
so i have to train ourselves to
give give him be still be still
so he said those expression be still my heart but doesn't it means more i think better to say let me be still with you my heart
to stop my heart from beating but to be still with my beating heart
and now again

and this is this is very challenging to can learn to do this and be consistent but this is a this is a bodhisattva vow to learn this this consistent kindness moment by moment
the this imaginary you know it's just an amazing vow as someone said i've mentioned before it's the most grandiose of all vows to be able to live that way
i say we have three neuro here for this lot over here
know his first whose first
okay we'll go alphabetical order
days your named darren
k darrin

can you hear him he's he's his his his zz zz zz zz observing karmic consciousness and what he sees there is as a grappling with various kinds of attachments do you say
he's he's he's noticing a consciousness in which there is grappling with attachments and diversions this sounds like karmic consciousness this sounds like what all sentient beings have is grappling or you could even be dancing with or versions and a and attachments anyway he's
is he's in the grappling modem now
and noticing this grappling as noticing karmic consciousness

there isn't a desire arises and carmen consciousness that something should end do you say

there's a dance between buddha nature and karma consciousness so she said
hi agree
there's a dance between enlightenment and carmen consciousness
the enlightenment is his enlightenment is the way of being with common consciousness
like an advance when you dance with somebody you have to be still for a moment to make contact
so the stillness in the dance of enlightenment with cosmic consciousness or delusion and there's engagement without attachment
contact without attachment flexibility stillness generosity
not trying to control you know dancing with somebody when you're trying to control them
that's more local restaurant
trying to control
enlightenment not wrestling with cosmic consciousness cosmic consciousness may think it's wrestling with enlightened trying to get enlightenment
under control like possession of enlightenment i know quite a few karmic consciousness is that have been trying to get it
control of enlightenment for a while

enlightenment is not trying to get control of crimea continents enlightenment understands that it cannot control cosmic consciousness but it does not control
cendien biggs but is not running our cosmic consciousness buddha is
dancing with us
and when we
start practicing compassion towards ourselves we will find out the buddha has been dancing with us
but even know
what is dancing with us or even though we don't realize that buddha is dancing with as right now enlightenment is dancing with our cosmic consciousness right now and it's gently encouraging us to practice compassion and with the understanding that if we practice compassion if we stop trying to control our cosmic consciousness
we will open to the dance of enlightenment and delusion without getting rid of the delusion
someone told me recently how was so happy to hear about the horse arriving before the donkey leaves
the buddha horse arrives before the donkey of delusion leaves
they're all running together
and the buddha does not trying to get the dog or control the donkey and the donkeys trying to get control of various things
you name it
and but it is running always with that and with a donkey learns to give up trying to control what you say well that's not a very good donkey though in the donkey stop trying to control
the donkey is transformed into a buddha
get so de to cara de okay
okay pretty much
and then comes h
the times that
the absolute stillness
in those moments they are easy on next month
in the absolute isn't as the absolute stillness there is really no next moment and i'm wondering where does this next moment come from
and still pinch and stillness
if you've gotta calm and consciousness in your stillness with it there can be a next moment but the next moment and just kind of consciousness not a real next moment it's this moment but in this moment comic consciousness can be thinking about the nash moment
okay we've got to comic consciousness here okay arising
and now this comment consciousness is arising in its main thing is thinking about right now is the next moment
and there stillness with that
the stillness does not eliminate the comic consciousness which hasn't thought next moment but the thought next moment is is not the next moment is just thinking about the next moment
this set of silly little boy who's thinking about the next month
but actually he's here right now in the present thinking of the next moment so you can't really find the next moment
but he's got the idea of the next moment and there is stillness with that and kindness towards this person this comic consciousness is thinking about the next moment and if his kindness towards this thinking about the next moment there can be
no dwelling and thinking about the next moment and then there can be opening to the truth of the thought of the next moment and also the truth of the thought of this moment
you can also have a comic conscience is not thinking about the next moment that's thinking about this moment they can also do that and the stones with that can ever come and consciousness is thinking about pass moments and it can be still with that and then we can open to the truth of past present and future
which is that none of them can be found like that story of the there's i'm margaret
passed mine can not be found present mind can not be found future mind can not be found which mine are you going to use to eat your lunch
if you can be still with your mind you can have lunch
and then as he so h l
you're never questions you raise your hand
have you moved out i saw it and then sesay
yes a question what you're talking about kindness is the first response of the relationship between compassion
and my question was where there were practicing compassion webcams are we practicing compassion with the contains
why not
who is situated in private practice compassion with everything why not with the contingency
what struck me that there is a little from in my mind
difference there that i often feel it by trying to practice compassion what comes there's more of a sense of allowance
when i think about continue to see what's coming to me i feel much more compassionate towards arises because it's it's contained
oh so if so for you thinking of contingency help should be more wholeheartedly compassionate i'll go right ahead
and don't forget that
not not has question
thank you know it's coming

ah so is john opened to when you're saying that
hi my master
there are contingencies as a source
they're continuously sounds like a source yes so it's your job is to be still with what you just said
if you think somebody's talking talking about the new bestow with that
and then give them what comes from your stones which might be what you to said
for all i know system is is questioning contingency glistening is source
take any questioning contingency questioning if there's a source
continuously questioning whether can is a contingency doing the questioning what does it continue
things are contingent on something here their contingent on
things other than themselves
who say it another way
that's the appropriate with
the bit inappropriate is it's contingent on a specific thing continue no one specific thing residents many things orcs contingent on the source ah
they did efficient facilities his first response like that's a first date thing which is the first responses to check the vital signs
and so sweet

now lunch will be transmitted to you
please receive it
an equally expand into at the plays way
the way beings are numberless hi to save them
asians are inexhaustible
hi when them to dharma a sign boundless hi to enter them
as way is unsurpassable
evolve to become