Bodhidharma Listening to the Cries of the World

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Avalokiteshvara's eyes of compassion observing all sentient beings; Bodhidharma and Emperor Wu, facing the wall for nine years; the Sixth Ancestor's training;

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i wanted to start i want to start
that seems really simple to me
and maybe it'll seem simple to you
which is
that the practice
of the zen ancestors

i said softly could be
the practice of
to the cries of the world
did you hear that hannah could you say it back to me
not the whole thing just the practice of the of the zen ancestors could be
to the price
poll is fine now w w whole world
the practice of the zen ancestors could be listening to the cries of the whole world
now i could also say
the practice of the zen ancestors is
listening to the cries of the world

was that simple
set a simple statement

would you feel comfortable bringing me that statue that's
on the left-hand side of the buddha
the buddha's left would you please bring me that statue
that's right is that right buddha's left buddha's left you're right remember that and what is left you're right come this way hama hama come this way come come around this way
gudas left you're right
or buddha still here you're right
so this is a statue
of the body surfer and one and the this bodhisattvas name is
listening to the cries of the world
this bodhisattvas name is listening to the cries of the world or of a low-key touch fara a bodhisattva
guanine which means listening to the cries
canadian mint observing or the cries but in cracked when it comes to cries we say listen
and another name for this is in chinese is gone gsi which means listened to the war cries of the world listen to the world cries it's another name for this statue
i bought this statue
in mill valley
extended theatre next is a theater
and i i didn't tell the story that i was gonna tell pupils as severe cases are run on the statues of the volcano
anyway this is
a statue of a great being
or you could say this is a statue of a great way to be
to listen to the cries of the world
but that character also means to observe the first character so when you observe sounds we sometimes say listen when you observe sites we say look so it's another another
way to understand this is that this being is the practice of observing
all living beings with eyes of compassion
that's a great way to be
that's an enlightening way to be so this is an enlightening way to be
they enlightening way to be is to observe all living beings with eyes of compassion that's an enlightening way to be is that simple
yeah and that's the statue is a
is a personification of that way of being

a chic is she looking at you with eyes of compassion
can you see her eyes of compassion can you see her ears of compassion
there it is and i'm saying
the practice
of the zen ancestors is this practice

would you put this back to boot is left
thank you she has this this this this statute
has feet on the bottom and the feet are golden
it's got gold toes not just gold toe nails gold the whole toe was gold
does that mean
i don't know
physical phase to has gold hands but and gold chest actually

okay so anyway there she is and now language atlanta would you bring me the statute to boot is right


here he comes bodhidharma he's coming from the west
northwest in this case i guess here is bodhi dharma this is this the statues heavier
this is heavier

bodhidharma what big eyes you have
all the better to see you
now i again i could say softly that his practice this is the statue of the font supposedly the founder of zan in china who came from india to transmit
the buddha mind
this is a statue
a supposedly great being an enlightening being who came from india
to transmit the buddha mind seal
to face
and his practice was to listen to the cries of the world that was his practice
he is a great being
listen to the cries of the world and his eyes are our eyes of compassion that observe all living beings
wherever he is he is observing with eyes of compassion this is the zen ancestor
he had a simple practice

basically simple observe with eyes of compassion all sentient bags

it's a simple practice but sometimes it's hard to remember it when sentient beings slap you in the face
you may get distracted by the slap and forget the practice of observing this this slap or this slapping being to observe this slapping being is insulting being
to observe with eyes of compassion but that's the practice of the ancestors the ancestors might have gotten distracted too but being distracted wasn't their practice
they got distracted from their practice in their immature years they forgot that their practice was to observe all insulting beings with eyes of compassion they're insulting us but really they're saying please of
xserve me with compassion they're calling for compassion in an insulting disrespectful way insolvent they don't know any other way at that moment
but they really want his eyes of compassion to watch them and watch them and watch them and watch them and assemble an ocean a blessing beyond measure that's what they want

this assertion by me that the practice of the zen ancestors is observing all sentient beings with eyes of compassion i'm asserting as because is so fundamental that people don't say it every minute
is so fundamental that some people never even heard it in a zen temple

well since everybody knows that we don't mention it right but since we don't mention it some people don't know it so here i am saying had because
we don't say it during every single dharma talk
merit five some of you never heard anybody say what i said before right that the practice of design ancestors is to observe all living beings with eyes of compassion some of you've never heard that before right
is that right
i'm done
that's some of you haven't not that you have it have some of you've never heard that said before is that has some of you have not heard that said before
no no nobody's gonna say yes
we can thank you
that was funny right the gs
now when i was a kid there was
on t v
i never saw in person on but i saw on t v there was a a man a human man and his name with edgar bergen i believe
and he had little friend
who look like bodhi dharma
and about the same but the size
and his name was charlie mccarthy
and and charlie charlie was a
he was a puppet actually and a edgar could move charlie's mouth with behind charlie and then edgar would talk
for charlie but he would talk like to hire guys are wondering charles macarthur
a girl are you today you look a little sad
and i use actually used to watch that and i thought it was pretty funny actually the third the conversations between the puppet
and the puppeteer than trailer quest i thought they had funny conversations
did you know israel
are you i think was real
i know it was real
i knew it then and i know it now it was real
puppet was real i knew that the puppet was a real know and i knew that the man was real
have you have you awaken to that reality
so that i
i now i got bodhidharma on my lap
and bodhidharma went to china they said and he had a conversation with the emperor and the emperor said to charlie
who is this
before me
and bodhi dharma said
not knowing
not knowing
and then he went
an ampere didn't understand it the characters the character for the emperor did not understand the character for understanding means like one of the meetings of it is like a tally you know like a you have a
ah a seal is broken and then he put it back together their tallies they they they merged their they agree
there there and harmony the emperor couldn't harmonize with body dharmas not knowing
who is this this is not knowing this is not knowing this not knowing
but actually it's not consciousness the characters for consciousness this not this this which here is not consciousness this is not consciousness this is observing the cries of the world
and this observing the cries of the world left the emperor who didn't understand the meeting and went and sat
at the little forest monastery and face the wall and while he was facing the wall for nine years he listened to the cries of the world
according to me
he was all the low-key touch bar
looking like charlie mccarthy
facing the wall observing doing all the loki tesh far as work
a being of a low-key test vara which is observing all sentient beings with eyes of compassion facing the wall for nine years
and based on that practice we have this thing called zen coming from that practice
listen listening to the crime is now
there has to be some consciousness to listen
there is a consciousness there is a consciousness and this is and this is this with these words listened to the cries are words which are being delivered to the consciousness so the consciousness can open to the practice
not knowing is not conscious right
the the bodhisattva is not consciousness
listen is the cries of the world is not your consciousness it's an instruction to your consciousness about
the practice the practice isn't your consciousness the practices for your consciousness so like right now you might think or i might think i'm listening to the cries of the world i might think i am observing with eyes of compassion all living beings that's okay to think that
try to think that there's a nice thought and that thought promotes the actual practice of listening to the cries of the world which goes on even if i don't think i'm doing it
bodhidharma doesn't have to think i'm listening to the cries of the world he is that's what he is that what you are that's what you are as a bodhisattva you are that and you can also think that your that that's why and you're being told about this practice you are being told us
our a bodhisattva
but the way your body isn't just your consciousness for example i'm a bodhisattva
or i'm not a bodhisattva that's your consciousness or my consciousness my concert is a man
i'm bodhisattva i'm not a sad for amazon priest or not as embraced that's my consciousness talking
but what i but as a teaching which is thing
circulated which is being aired here the teaching is
at the great way of being the enlightening way of being is listening to the cries of the world and edison isn't just you're thinking that you are
although you might think that
and we're being told this because if you think about it and if you remember this teaching by remembering this teaching you will realize that you're a bodhisattva you will realize how your body sought for by remembering the teaching of what a sought for is
but this listening isn't just a consciousness
so body so here's the bodhisattva the emperor says who are who is this year and he says is not consciousness
i took the bodhisattva said to the emperor
the bodhisattvas just looking at the emperor with eyes of compassion the emperor says
who is what is this in front of me and what's in front of them says it's not consciousness this bodhisattva not consciousness this observing you with isaac compassion isn't a consciousness is an enlightening way to be
and it doesn't it's not separate from the person it's what the person really is but what the person really is isn't what the person thinks the person is although as part of what the person is of course okay no i really appreciate you letting me have you in my arms i read
lee appreciate you not striking me with a bolt of lightning
and letting me be your successor i'm i'm supposedly your successor isn't that amazing that you're if you've been succeeded for about two
six d two or three generations that's me and and then there's our look at that guy
he's one year success is due
good boy

you see he's happy to meet you
are you happy to meet him
some sometimes bodhisattvas don't talk
is he from china
he will apparent raise from china cause i mean
he definitely was in china i was in china
all was in china with me i was in up in china with all and where were they also with it with another guy named andy ferguson and when we were there andrew ferguson saw this bodhi dharma
walking around beijing
any bottom
and brought him into america and gave him to me
and i brought him to know about is he from china i don't know
china i'm from india
i'm familiar and i went to china and then i went to san francisco
and i landed the samhsa scram important then i went to green gulch and then from gringotts i went to know abode but i'm originally from india i'm an indian bodhisattva
i'm an indian practicing listening to the cries of the world
and he has a glimpses okay now who is gonna take him back to the altar and put him in his sitting position on the altered okay got em not just in hockey and he goes gone up by by
so that's that's the simple part of the lecture that's the simple then that's that then simple
then simple is our practice is bodhisattva practice of listening to the cries of the world okay that's what i say
and i don't say that during every talk
but don't forget it cause that's the basis of the whole thing that's the basic body sought for thing gay now some people have their hands raspberries want to mention before it before i deal with these
people who had their hands raised as one or mention that most of what is characteristically most of what you find in the records of the zen ancestors
most of what you read or hear from the records of the teaching of the zen ancestors who are practicing observing
all beings with eyes of compassion the records of these people have their teaching
they don't very often mentioned what their basic practices
if you look in the records of many and ancestors you might find no mention of them saying my practice is to observe all sentient beings with eyes of compassion in most of the record you will not find that
in the record of me you will find that it has just been recorded auditorily and visually it is now in my record so if you look at my record you will find that i said this is based exam practice
but i'm saying that people who didn't mention it i'm saying it was their practice bodhi dharma i don't see anything in his record where he said that was his practice
so how can i say that he said it
how can i say because i'm his successor i'm telling you who my ancestor in my ancestor is overlooking touch borrow
that's who my ancestors i'm telling you about my ancestors that he was a bodhisattva that he was filled with compassion
and just oozing out of him and into him and out of him and into him and into him and out of him that's what my ancestor
i'm telling you that but he didn't say it as far as i know it know he may be never said it but maybe set it over and over so they didn't write it down maybe set it all the time and they just wrote down the stockton nobody ever said
like to the emperor not consciousness nobody ever said that to the emperor before but the emperor already knew about of like it just for who is this guy he said well i'm have a lucky test for he could have said that i'm awful look into well after he left after body damage left
the upper a teacher who was there said the and says who was that so
the impressive to i'm who is this forty says not consciousness than boy i'm and leaves and member says who was that and the and to his teacher says that was the low-key test for ah
so what did i'm residency i marvel or to test for are you more on
but his the court the imperial teachers told him to emperor that he's just met av lucky touch bar and the emperor was really sorry he didn't notice
and he wanted all the look at too far to come back and his teacher said well he's not going to come back
and as teacher didn't say but you could go and study with him
now again when i was about to say was and i did say that in the records of the zen ancestor you will not find use in all of them you might find some of them this thing that our practice is the practice of ability test for you may find that in some of them
but you might not that's why i'm telling you today is because you might not and that's why i'm being recorded to say this i guess so that it can go on youtube now and people can hear that bodhi dharma was all the lucky test far and if you practice like that your have a look at test fire and then years an answer
so what is in the records so i proposed to you another simple statement
what the records are is their teachings from the body sought for us
what bodhisattvas of a low-key test for a bodhisattva their teachings to other body suffers on how to observe all sentient beings
with the outflows
now both have a look at test for observes with eyes compassion within there's no outflows
so them have a look and testify observed listens to the cries of the world with no outflows
have flaws are like impurities
clothes are like looking at people who are suffering with eyes of compassion and thinking that if they weren't suffering they'd be better than if they were suffering that's an outflow
the bodhisattva see us doing unskillful things to ourselves and others and they observers with super compassionate eyes they don't think and they when they and their sorry for us hurting ourselves but they don't think that we would be better if we weren't hurting ourselves even though they would like
us to be give up hurting ourselves they think we're just like them they don't think that they're great bodhisattva as it were and were stupid people
they do think that but but they understand that the great bodhisattva is the stupid person if you don't understand that the great bodhisattva is a stupid person that's an outflow so they look at all the stupid people who are hurting themselves and others and it hurts them to see it
and they're happy to they're happy to feel the pain
i'm seeing us heard it
they're not happy they were hurting themselves they're happy that it hurts them and they're happy to feel that hurt and that's part of their observation and they have no outflows i'm thinking that they're separate from us and they have no sense of gain or loss so they don't think that they're going to get more famous if their students get more
enlightened or they maybe they maybe they do think that they'll get more famous because maybe they will get more famous if they're all their students become enlightened but they don't care about that and they don't care about that they'll become less famous as our students get enlightened or get more enlightened than them they're not concerned with gain and loss are not caught by it they have no outflows most of the
zen teachings are so that when we're practicing the observing we're not trying to become famous are worried about becoming on famous
the teachers are about how to purify
are listening
that's what most of the teachings are about their teaches to people who are listening to help them listen more purely moral free of any duality
that's what the teachings are mostly about but their their teachings to these bodhisattvas and it'll mentioned with they're talking to
cause it's understood this is a mahayana teaching is a teaching for bodhisattvas bodhisattvas are into listening to the cries of the world this is to help bodhisattvas do their job
this is it this is a teaching for the people were on that job
and it's a wonderful teaching but
i'll be built often people don't understand that as a teaching for people who are doing this thing
they don't mention the thing they just talking to the people were doing it just like the sixth ancestor book six and six generations after bodhidharma we have a person called the sixth ancestor he is the first number six said to the monks
zen has nothing to do with meditation
that's an instruction to people who are doing meditation they're all meditating and then he says to them this practice is about has nothing to do with meditation that's an instruction to purify their meditation what's their meditation
listening to the cries of the world
and that here's a teaching
this practice have nothing to do with what you're doing that's so they don't get
stuck in thinking that what they're doing if the practice or with their practice
it's to purify the practice
but when you hear that you think all of the six ancestors said it's got nothing to do as meditation so as not meditate that teaching was permitted hypocrites
he wasn't telling him to stop meditating he was saying you're meditating and please understand it when i'm teaching who has nothing to do with what you're doing but i wouldn't be saying that to you if you weren't doing that
so that's basically to very simple things one would send practices and it is listening the cries of world and it can become
listening to the cries of the world if training
training at listening remembering to listen and then listening to teachings the listening can become
hearted and when it becomes wholehearted is buddhist wisdom
so it's both the practice of listening and observing and the practice of
not getting of not abiding
in the practice of listening so that's this temple this temple is for bodhisattvas who are listening to the cries to help them have a mind which doesn't abide in listening to the cries so that's as super clear isn't it it doesn't mean you have lot of questions
but isn't that clear i thought so so i see eric
and bruce and sonia
you wanna say something i'm listening
i'm listening i'm looking go ahead well

usually they translated as desperate hers other translations
why here's one transition i don't know and great translators have translated that way i don't know but literally the character his character for not
and the next character is a character for consciousness is not it's now that word current consciousness as colloquial meaning and and it also has a buddhist term for consciousness so sometimes it's translated the emperor says to bodhidharma who is this and bodhisattva
he says don't know that character harder more fundamentally it's this character here
aren't you go
this character means not
basically not worse than negation
it it isn't really basically don't
but it's often translated as don't know or not know or i don't know
ah but litter i just discovered that mean nice i sought before but just hit me recently
it's not consciousness
this thing this in front of you
this body sad for bodhisattva is not consciousness bodhisattva his wisdom
so i've talking before it there is consciousness
where there's a self and went there were just getting in disorienting comic consciousness and then there's unconscious cognitive process
which is most of what corner
wisdom is not conscience wisdom is
your way
consciousness is not coaches
so pretty darn he said not consciousness
recent his consciousness consciousness
it's another need all three of these are minds author u three of these are awareness forty time his consciousness consciousness that where he presented
couldn't get with it
the bridge we just gave him his gift and white
the imperial begun to
no consciousness is a new translation
first refusal to hear
the character is literally the character future is included consciousness
i found it helpful and other sundry if you did describe how the owner of knowing not knowing don't know
how'd you
describe that aspect within that consciousness is to me that is in very different her and yeah haven't you
well no every aspect high will do that is just walk you rest of my life into your chance to see his charming
so here's a few for example
consciousness for controller
that's usually what you know his conscience
i'm just trying to process for the way we know unconscious current process snuff is not
it's not
what it doesn't i i
i know what unconscious cognitive processes
the way i've known events i can speak english present i could move my hands
i know unconscious up process of different ways
it's not the way consciousness is not consciousness
but that is really in the way the way this is the way it is
not this the way that is is another mind to mind
where this is empty of this isn't it is his consciousness and is is represent new words which the cognition
it's more nine so the buddha wants to teach people
what's the open people and teach people buddha's wisdom which is put his awareness
who is awareness is not come conscious it's not self consciousness it's not a line rooms itself
symphony suffer from or for inflation doesn't eliminate that of
in fact british from is a way that self consciousness is not self consciousness and his boys
i'm reporting dharma transmitting is the way so consciousness is not self consciousness
it's the way unconscious cognitive process is not
it's the way anything is not
a criminal activity
cosmic consciousness nikon functions that wisdom
that's a switch
and that's not a consciousness as where consciousness is pivoting with not consciousness supporting diamonds talking to the emperor endurance consciousness is talking about karma
this your consciousness is not consciousness
that's what he's actually
i didn't say the first time you said the second
the emperor couldn't earn with
but he was turning with him trying to show the comfort that it was turning
he raised his eyebrows
ah well i also some wondering the same thing about the use of
brown practices
it was the price of the world to young girls and you translate that character can also be translated nine prices on or not
so doing not me to move
not yours
no since you know use
yeah he's going to a listed and
have you going to west before you hear is not to list the boys sniper engine optimization side of it is you in the form of somebody else
somebody else you informative
my son is
why up is enlightening be a great getting is not dwelling
users it's a reason in the question arose with unilateral
no universal consciousness and down to honesty
different city but i read the use that word conscious from that i would say if dualistic consciousness and there is
there's an understanding contract there is a mine
the dualistic self consciousness
here's a mind if understand to ask of consciousness the mind that understands that it's not a consciousness yourself in the mind understands that the line with a self is actually not mine the self
i understand it is i would say some is an awareness it's a wisdom
buddhist wisdom is not consciousness
it transmits to consciousness a way to practice so that consciousness realizes that consciousness is not consciousness
i said that there is a realisation of consciousness is not consciousness that's what put his wisdom is trying to transmit to us
the way you
the wave understand that his part with your conscience for example if your intention of listening to the crisis the world in that what if you listen to a cries the world it will be the dying of the wisdom
that crashes of world
you are the crisis and laugh
there's no need to be afraid on this suffering and just actually who we really are when snipers arguments understand
a practice understand them by listening to themselves in the form of the newbies
kinnear and they received his instruction
yes someone
i was remembering something that has been about listening
i apply practice it and that were scott silent
no it's thinking that your teaching that silent and still
tony down this
the and still that was practicing
and that she said
the screen is an anagram percents said
i live listening sony has discovered at listen listen listen is an anagram
so deep listening in either
as to give me a comparatively
and a scientist in order to give notice when you have to be kind of she said kind and when that kind of quiet
and and the other way around
when you're really silent
that's why we could remember in silence as in silence
there is this list
mean the boys surface is living in silence
image for the anagram
and i thought that maybe
the ancestors didn't
give this simple practice or speak a simple practice cause
i think be came here to practice as come here because they couldn't hear it not only the cries of the world some of them so i'm located in the others are working practices
so articulate practices to work with
the name of the with the crowds in the world so that he didn't hear it in the first place
be it a step like it
maybe i haven't i get home to zen temples because arabs where sin and i thought it was so cool
now going to for the draft thing i heard it can be they inaugurated in a world of course
it enjoy a pretty sight
hey my lawyer because they really really close and teachers and memory cyclist but they didn't know
different from white sox and there was no mention of compassion
but these were trying to be censored because they feel like the way the and teachers talked to the great silence he didn't understand with his engineering and we're talking to the police office and they wouldn't understand the daily basis so people come into this and center and they hear about what ciphers and then they go to the ginger say excuse
in fact i'm not worried some i don't care about the of pupil as engine
i'm not here to help them moving here to get them to help me but that will help them
and they say can i stay
even though i'm not i don't care about the other people at leisure and helping me be happy eat and i don't care about little very conspirators
can we usually say yes many in-store to kick the person our which add ons
how and a person thanks become actress in nomine they begged come back and after two years and come back and they become a great teacher because they were honest about what you don't want to be employees so
people homage to provide not only be a boy scouts
tell him where he started that realize that world
i'm probably happen and said center
mentions compassion
so that people do cruel things because he didn't realize
this teaching which doesn't mention it up in kind
teaching for how to purify your kindness so there's a meme
stockholm two percents that and so on and compassionate me
you'll be told him to be kind and we realize that again
of course after lawyers are here to become great voice
we're on that map
i really like this kind of review of fundamentals yeah today and i was wondering if you could defy artists two weeks you've mentioned worth so much to talk about it so much sometimes i'm not sure if i actually have a clear understanding of what you mean by consciousness it
think the basic evolution for me business it's an awareness or there seems to be a self and this seems to be somebody there was not so with that other people
it's a specific aware of that the fact of or of that notion of so
yes but it's also an awareness of other there's a cellphone to where
so like
i'm here where have you as conscience
are these are my feelings is a those are your feelings this is what i think that's what you think guts consciousness so in consciousness always about sofa so if you take away the self it's not constitute that's not what our kitchens
and the unconscious cognitive for time engine processor isn't a sense of self there's nobody there
however things which are which are considered to be other in consciousness there they're a period and unconscious process it's just that there's not a self sing their other like in constant search like
there's like job if my crush uses just under her and my consciousness i don't think just as me
just a this other my unconscious cognitive process is also adjusted but he's not seen as other for me it just like justin and bessie in kirk
in kirk
kurt kurt courage courage kurt so abraham conscious is curtain kurt guess the injustice and it's not be occurred in my unconscious you just
and there's also there could be mean to be an unconscious she's just play it's like
just leave that t
it said it's not like the senate it's not the center of what's my honor
it just wonder if is one of the people my unconscious i'm one hundred people my body is one of the so
i'm there this
it's nice most of what can i find
we were talking about various sets conscious consciousnesses at consciousness of your since consciousnesses is i
which is also sensory processes going an odd cognitively
was enough high in that comment process and was our consciousnesses and objects are not have a separate do something
so consciousness is subjectivity

i'm thinking about five
how many teachers don't talk about
the with a passion
i'm conscious
as actually there's nobody to meet him
in a way is a very active it can be a pestilence but actually it's of chest when it is it is our practice so there's nobody knew while is always rival like any indescribable it's what when think
describe but is it your prescription will never reach
it is the practice of reality
observing all the beings implies a concussion is what reality is doing that's you here in a way on your hand to it is so the whole universe is looking at the volumes
giving rise to the whole universe that's our life
the practices to join that process
it's not notice
universe look at the universe systems
self self as part of orleans
working at or universe which has to sell
giving rise to a universe where there's myself actually internet selves
because she had been consciences in individual consciousness individual conscience is part is no cognitive process and has individual in it and asked awesome it's individual
appears to be not you're dependent
so it's a type of awareness and his delusion
so the universe has infinite of wooden consciousnesses
and it looks at the universe which has into to consciousness and that gives rise to the universe with individual consciousnesses which means constitutes which does self
which thinks it's not interdependent
so can't really
hi guys compassion
it kinda not and it is totally encourage
because the eyes of compassion see the self yeah which can look with ice compassion it's exactly the same as the eyes and compassion
bias compassion seen the cell which thinks it can or cannot look with the eyes and conversion it sees them
limiting self as exactly the same as the eyes of compassion
but it doesn't think that eyes of compassion are doing it because even the eyes of compassion i'm doing it is the compassion of the whole universe as the eyes and compassion so there's nothing you there's no place to retire in the whole process
more to think of more to remember all the better true why do you chocolate is all that energy remember
why use a strange all the a real right mix
and my name al
if you are you stink up the on elephant your is
when second hearing age people in the suburbs have to get them
and you know you're in the suburbs in
the chinese in the wilderness tells me
so if you're still practicing with an image practice and maybe you hear some of the cries of the world birthday and by in response you feel you feel things you feel despair or you feel fear or
on ne you could feel many things and and
maybe there are some outflows probably there are and and so i guess i was curious you that have a little bit about the relationship between listening to the cries of the world and and acting taking action and a world that's crying when
if there is this imperfect how flow and response to the cries of the world and in in the south or the nod south
to be something
jordan season
you see
reduce it
consumer hundred and you see that before and sport
i was you were talking about like
i wasn't responding did you see it
this is reno
your question my response come up together
image your practice doesn't understand
richard practice things asked you did
i asked you to respond to me and you didn't
but i responded to before the time you looked
you look after much else
mature response season when you ask the person who are already be responded
richard since you have a question then later and get a response
this is product this is part of the later response
he's been offered
immature and you say tourism
academic that when you see any richer practice that the immature practice of ministry
is that we haven't really arrived
ha butcher practice of living and listening time
you would have you got
image your listening if that haven't yet become chirp
still there
the on your choices and listening isn't a lounge and estimate is accurate engine he had this look on your face like i don't know we you're talking about
and you're you know that some hot you need some help them proud of it
you brought up the with you're listening right now you've got in with your practice
image your practice is not yet mature practice
can not you're not
immature practice has not yet arrived had to be sure practice
image reproduction still in the realm for is now up to out
some responses everything
an immature practice hygienists seem
perhaps dual this big
and and maybe
on not for
maybe a flip afflicted and afflicting
that's that's part of what comes with the maturity
the mature practice
what comes from there is is isn't to is the performance of nonissue out
is the performance of reality
it transmits peacefulness smarter
however part of a non duality of mature actresses to understand that the new mature practice didn't yet understand that well was caught up and around is the same as the metro practice
but in fact image practice destiny
the image or practice thinks this is mature or not mature this can be better if out more mature as mature extra mature
i think that's distinct immature practice basically image your practice is still falling for think it's still falling for discrimination still call falling for gain and loss of so as i said earlier
here the teaching was getting tries the world when you start practicing in and come with some impurity some like

it would be better
interrupt this the worse
it asked for that far
in mature listview hears those thoughts in his car
adhering hearing on sought mature listening to watch like it would be better if it's like this is worse than reflect on it sure was he hears zones
and is no compact and here is determined through those skin in both cases
it isn't caught and here in the time of things are not good is agree that it would be better than up this will be versatile this kind of consciousness
it sure listening there's a whole heart and listening to that consciousness
and there's not been compiled
and that listening
to the cries about your car
yes must maintain practice
and the mature this is not trying to get rid of
think it comes from image shows
sure lisbon has been trying to get river
i think counter in which was
it's not predicative judgments
even even the maturity doesn't doesn't count on it doesn't onto and it doesn't get rid of the sinking in the you're listening all kinds of thinking are still coming up in children
just a immaterialist you know normally caught by any kind of
including the thinking that mature
listening is different from premature
image germans screen
can hear the bachelor
in return this meme is different cultures
immature which we can hear that
sure has been here is that to just like a car
had not been caught
sponsors come up with the top card
liberate all beings
you caught
i thought sure this means better or different image get caught by that estimate
there is a transmission
mature listening understands that
it isn't caught by that
it is blessed
maturities caught by maybe we should try to get rid of some of his page
not created
you should upgrade the vision
that's as
nothing it's carpet
mature you ensure this we just don't have the slightest hey let operation are thinking of these people let's get this thinking and i'm scared maturity and they're listening to all of you name it
mature this means listening to this listening to all
infinite deluded thinking
think not been caught by video
kind of this one is what saves the world
immature is less to look and been caught by some are alive all
can mature matures is not try to stop that
is this ginger
and as must you talk about you
it's transmitting business not imply any kind of compassion to all the image for listeners
favor austin clock by there
might be cleared her they want to have one more thing which came up getting a what you're saying is that there's been a cries of the world
really starts with listening to christ at your own consciousness
so let's start by listening to what you're thinking you're on isn't
if you skip over them how you
mr times
this new pricing is not listening to be me i'm not too good at listening
that's one of the cries or if i think i above average investment that's one of the coffins
if i think i'd on how to us at one of the because i think it's stupid to list nation listen to me
i'm better
she's buried
i can't be like i can be like these are cries
i'm in such nonsense
he's reprising
cries my own consciousness emerging cyclists tries to be
some people are actually due to think they do think and they seem to be right he listened to prize other crushers
even though when you tell me have just listen to cry because it is told me
it's getting up the torch
watch going on to
we should be with you
in which continues
check in with your desktop
so maybe it's time to lunch break