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so i'm not sure whether did the piece right cindy i'll go out to people who are registered and didn't know
right lockers that conversion in which tries to enter
okay i
ah it was a piece called loving your enemies than coming out on the scene okay so people didn't some people got it some people give okay
that's right from because actually
what i realized after i read that
was that there are
multiple texts of
variations of the same sermon
ah and the one that i sent out ah was published in our a book of dr king's called straight to love in nineteen sixty three
and i don't like it nearly as much as the one that i've been using ah
which is from ah
on november nineteen fifty seven ah
this is one of the problems with kidding he said sometimes you get it all the juice out in you know you make stuff it's more this is more philosophical but the earlier one is like
released really interesting and more ballistic in many ways but also more more detailed and more specific so i'm going to work from that it's the same basic principles and it's working from the same
from the same vs or from the gospel which are probably familiar to many of you is matthew fifty it matthew five forty three to forty five
heard that has been said thou shalt love thy neighbor and hate thine enemy but i say to you love your enemies bless them that curse you and do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despite fully use you and persecute you that gay he may be children of
your father which is in heaven
ah it's a challenging text
but it's really parallel to have
quite a number of verses in the in the powder which is
possibly one of the earlier a buddhist texts so some these are familiar to you or hatred is not overcome by hatred by love alone is hatred appeased this is an eternal law
conquer the angry man by love conquered the ill natured man by goodness conquered the miser with generosity concrete a liar with truce
whoever tries to seek happiness through hurting others cannot find happiness
speak not harshly to anyone
those thus addressed will retort
painful indeed is vindictive speech blows in exchange may lose you
better than a thousand utterances comprising useless words is one single beneficial word by hearing which one attains beasts
there never was there never will be nor is there now to be found anyone who is wholly blamed or holy praised

so this goes back to i think the principles that we were speaking of this morning in beloved community of including those and in the sermon that tough
that king
gives which are which i will do some commentary and will get have the chance to discuss yeah i think he he makes it quite clearly but i want to sing you a song first which i have sung before and many of you know and you can sing along because i think it encapsulates this teaching and
if you're happy with the song then you can just leave disgusting the rest of the skip the rest and talk and come back into the zendo and said
having us but don't leave other
i'm psychic many have you notice
boo hoo because since this is of
if you don't know this ah
it's essentially chapter twenty of the lotus sutra that ah was made into a song by greg fame and have been custom at tassajara for a skip night probably little fifty fifteen
years or so ago
and it's called our hero
and it tells
he tells its own story i don't have to kill like but of the main character is a body bodhisattva never disparage him and his practice is to be talking about respect

there's a book called lotus sutra that really ought to know about
holy book that has the power to remove all fear doubt and this book tells the story of a man who means the world to me he could just as well have been a woman except for male hegemony so they call him the bodhi son
would never disparage the bodhisattva never be spies and i'm making it my life's ambition to see the world through his your eyes use the chorus which many of you may know
i would never disparage you or kim you at arm's length were you always see you pieces i only see your screen
i would never despise you were put you down in any way because it's clear to me i can plainly see young people with a someday
as you
now the bodhisattva never disparaging of countless countless in as a really long time
in the time of the counter in dharma and he was something of an outcast because monks and nuns if his time they were noted for their arrogance and vanity these are the folks who exercised great power and authority but my boy ever concern
themselves if they treated him like a freak he just that everybody equally and he saw how the word seems be
i would never disparage you or kim you at arm's length where you only see your weaknesses i'll see here a strain
i would never despise you what put it down in any way because clear to me i can plainly see guilt be a blue the some day
kaiser you
he never ran a recited the scriptures much he only like to practice respect but the monks and nuns at this time it is it like you might expect still a cursed him and he reviled him and they will then he will go because the law had self
esteem issues like everybody else i know how they beat a man pelted him with clubs the stones to try to drive him away but he just run off to a safe distance and in turn around and say
i would never disparage or came to her on slain where you only see her with disease
the you're straight
i will ever despise you were put down here anyway because player doesn't mean i can plainly see your be a rude some day
i love you
and so i went on for years and years he was an aryan scorned and abuse still our hero he shed no tears nordine ever wonder what's the use steady came to the end of his natural lifespan he lay down fixing to die and he heard of all these
lotus sutra being preached to offend the sky and his life was extended for millions of years he's lived in to this day and in the pages of the lotus sutra are you still can hear him say
i would never disparage you or came you and arms lane where you only see your weaknesses i only see your to lie whatever despise you were put down in any way because clear to me i can plainly
see your be rude a some day yes it's clear to me i can plainly see you'll be a day
i love you
i love you

so that's really
the whole deal
you'll have to sit alone in this maybe it was mad
so dr king says i want to turn for this is i'm sorry this was given in november of nineteen fifty seven which was ah a year after the montgomery bus boycott which was the first act action that dr king lead before it was success
sleek concluded it was a year boycott of the public transportation in this in the city of montgomery and also have a lot of the stores and downtown montgomery bringing economic pressure on the system of segregation and drawing attention national attention to it
and finally of the city in the bus company
relented and they they want after really difficult time where the people of montgomery alabama the african american people
they they had to walk to work for the to develop a complex car whole system of their own and really figure out how to support how to support themselves and dr king at the time this was his first used the day
dexter avenue baptist church and that was his first our congregation and basically in many ways he got appointed because he was the youngest one he was so at nineteen fifty five he was
twenty six twenty five twenty six and are all of the other establish a pastors and ministers ah
they nobody wanted that responsibility and they thought it was going to be owed you know just like a few day bus boycott in in in ended up being a year ah and there was violence or that king's house was bombed in the course of that ah and ha
a other people were injured ah but he was young he was highly educated he had he hadn't completed his phd but he was working on it he was articulate and ah he was passionate and
he said yes when other people said enough ah
so this is a year later
and so he's telling this is in montgomery
at his church for his preaching on the subject of
love your enemies ah which was really challenging thing to preach on the people who have been ah they had been used ah the admin despite fully used and persecuted
ha and so he was he was hearing that sentiment with them and it was sharing it in the context of ah his
sort of philosophical framework of love
and came out of christian theology three kinds of love i talked about euros which was on
romantic love
ah physical love
ah second kind is failure which is kind of like for colonel blood you're bonding among friends and then he talked her but he really focused on throughout this and throughout his his life and is breaching was
the aga pay which is
unconditional love
love that
doesn't necessarily have an object ah
but it's just directed ah
everywhere and it's so similar to ah our expression of a metre or my tree
to me there's there's a ah
they are completely parallel ah the unconditional love the love that just blows when you see another being because that being is like you or because you might see that that being is ah
has the christ nature or the buddha nature
and you recognize that in all in all beings so this is this is sob
this is where he began faces he kicked out the the passage from matthew and he says now let me hasten to say that jesus was very serious when he gave his command he wasn't plane he realized that it's hard to love your enemies he realized that it's difficult to law
of those persons who seek to defeat you those persons who say evil things about you but he wasn't playing the interesting expression here we cannot dismiss this passage as just another example of oriental hyperbole ah i'm not exactly sure what that
means ah com
white oriental rather than occidental i don't know ah a sort of exaggeration get over the point we have the moral responsibility to seek to didn't discover the meaning of these words and discover how we can live out this command and why we should really live live live by this command
then he gets this really this is the portrait put missing like from with later version and this is to me it's it's so powerful now let us deal first with this practical question how do you go about loving your enemies
i guess the first thing is this
in order to love your enemies you must begin by analyzing self
this familiar
i'm sure that seems strange to you that i'm telling you this morning that you love your enemies by beginning with a look at self
so this is
it's kind of game gioco on right
the study the buddha way is to study the self
to love your enemies is to study yourself
now i'm aware of the sun the fact that some people will not like you not because of something you have done to them but they just won't like you
some people aren't gonna like the way you walk some people aren't going like the way you talk some people aren't gonna like you because you can do your job better than they can do theirs
ah some people aren't can like you because other people like you
ah some people aren't going like them because your hair is a little shorter than theirs or your hair is a little longer than theirs or because your skin as a little brighter than the nears and others aren't gonna like you because your skin's a little darker than there's there's going to dislike you not because of something
you've done to them but because of various jealous reactions and other reactions that are prevalent in human nature self esteem issue stay on itself as the me like everybody else i know the
what and systemic racism yes
you know
he doesn't skip over that
but he's going around it at the moment
but after looking at these things this is really interesting is such a challenging thing to say to this that audience have to looking at these things we must face the fact that an individual might dislike us because of something we've done deep down in the past some personality
attribute that we possess
something that we don't keep and with down and we've forgotten about it but it was something that arouse the heat response within an individual this is why i say begin with yourself there might be something within you that arouses the tragic eight response in the other individual so that's
that's yeah that's
after looking at these things we must face the fact that an individual mud might dislike us because of something we've done deep down in the past some personality attribute that we possess
something that we've done and we forgotten about but it was something that aroused that respond to individual that's why i say begin with yourself there might be something within you that arouses the tragic eight response in the other individual
to me he's talking here about ha karma and ripa
and he saying
me the way i read this is he saying
we need to look at ourselves very carefully
you know and
he's not
interposing this in
instead of systemic racism
i think in a way that racism speaking for that audience which is all you know his fellow congregants he was seen in order to make a change you have to take complete responsibility
act he's not saying that there aren't other cause your factors here and then he goes on he goes on a toxic that that
but what's interesting
in this version the talk
he said he shifts immediately to a global view
and radical view he says now this is the next paragraph is is now this is true in our international struggle we looked at the struggle between america and russia
now certainly we can never give our allegiance to the russian way of life to the communistic way of life because communism is based on an ethical relativism men and metaphysical materialism up
that that no christian can accept
but in spite of all the weaknesses and evils inherent in communism we must at the same time see the weaknesses and evils within democracy
so here's where he shifts back democracy is the greatest form of government to my mind that man has ever conceived but the weakness is that we have never practiced it
isn't it true that we have taken the necessities from the masses to give luxury to the classes
isn't it true that we often have in our democracy trampled over individuals and races with iron feet of oppression
isn't it true isn't it true that through our western powers we have perpetuated colonialism and imperialism and all these things must be taken under consideration as we look at russia we must face the fact that the rhythmic beat of deep rumblings of discontent from each and afr
luka is at bottom a revolt against the imperialism and colonialism perpetrated by western civilization all these many years
the success of communism in the world today is due to the failure of democracy to live up to the noble ideals and principles inherent in in system and this is what jesus means when he said how is it that you can see the most if your brother's eye and not see the beam in your own i
kiddo it's it's just he's talking very directly to his friends into his community and then he goes wide and then brings it back looking at the at the the whole content your lord now was he already
eddie aware that he had a bigger audience in that early or not think i mean what do you think he was aware of who who he was really talking to
i'm not i'm not sure i think him he did have a bigger audience because one of the one of the things that they've figured out very quickly is that they were playing to to can they were playing to to audiences they were playing to the very local
two or three the church the city of montgomery and it was there was all this press
and the press
you know realized okay here's a charismatic person ah and they were paying attention to but i think also what he was doing here was educating
that he was agitating his community that there was a larger context than just the local form of oppression that they were experiencing
in montgomery that it was since it was connected to a wider system and saying you know so
get like when katie structural racism you know he was he was making he was making that connection and i i think it's really interesting because ha
he was he was often a political as a political sphere a spiritual political analysis in nineteen fifty seven you know it would didn't wait till the riverside church talk of nineteen sixty seven he already had the
these pieces in mind
yeah which is to me that it's really interesting
does the twenty five year old black man working on a phd in boston
yes yes
was already like were underway
right exactly he said
you know like black intellectuals you like hard seems kind of probably understood friends no earn in the alley worth the french news
careers yours is mario sphere
about miss america yeah so that's what he sent the deep rumblings of discontent from asia and africa that's what he's talking about right you know so he was very
he was he was a very cosmopolitan and sophisticated pinker and it is going to school at at be you if you know he was getting he was getting really first class
education on these issues yeah yeah he he was really looking at the movement of gun that were taking place in yeah that's right and he was able to transpose we gotta understand something about gun he was really trying to show the english what a christian man was not what a hindu man was
what a christian man was and this this is what really struck the fancy of martin he saw that any like and then he took the other side he started bringing these eastern ideals into christianity which was a brilliant move where he talks he talks about gandhi later and later it is an artist and he read this point
deeply influenced right man and he has his movement and will sees the black need a movement you know not the he's the one but he sees it on guess you know he sees throw yeah you know that he's he's part of it anyway right is also deeply in is already influenced by african american guy
indians yes and pass and ended don't started in africa was really heavy to yeah yeah that was kind of
murky they're gonna
yeah know there's something there because it's like the caribbean i visited the caribbean there's this kind of melting pot of cultures you can't get anywhere else and africa has at to because you have hindu sikh and muslim kind of almost inner mirroring on the new were like really close relationship yeah i don't know those of the for
grout why i'm just saying the same thing happened in the caribbean of you look at the caribbean like the ghana's british guiana i are sustained kind of dynamic as diaspora i don't want to go anyway i'm hoping the langley's alignment but i'm just saying i think it influenced but i wanna say one of the direct influences ah
at that he was already close with a fellow named jim lawson who was a methodist minister who was the person who was trading ah the freedom riders and lunch counter
our citizens which was going back to fifty five and are just in case you don't know it gyms brother phil is enrichment
soon wouldn't feel awesome
coward yeah yeah phil is an amazing guy ah and or i've i've i know him pretty well i've distilled water fills both numbers to allow ah
but you know it's just like
to feel in contact with a piece of that history is just he is just really remarkable and and phyllis
still as brilliant and has that same open inclusivity that that king and his brother jim mad anyway let me go on ah
so he moves from that global analysis to say
and from looking at oneself
then he says the second thing that an individual must do in seeking to love one's enemy is to discover the element of good
in his enemy every time you begin to hate that person realised that there is some good there tom this is this is exactly the point that that reading is the up in a damn potter verse
never was never will be found anyone who was wholly blame or wholly praised so find this element of good ah and look at those good points which can offer balance the bad points then he says again takes it back to himself he says
south of our soul revolting against the north of our soul there's something that with the interest or within all of us that causes us to cry out with plato that the human personality is like a charioteer with too headstrong courses
each wanting to go in different directions
ah there is something within each of us that causes to cry out with gerda ah
gives enough stuff in me to make both and gentlemen had a rogue
ah even the race that heaps you most has some good in it
and when you come to the point that you look in the face of every person and see deep down within him what the bill what religion cause the image of god an image of buddha you begin to love him this is just like bodhisattva never disparage ah and here is an element of goodness that
he can never slough off discovered the element of good in your enemy and as you seek to hate him find the center of goodness and place your attention there and you will take can do attitude this is what it would seem to james earlier today
get practical
well maybe we will and maybe we won't but let's here
where's the good guy
thing to somebody's name if you've chopped chocolate with a focus on that
let me tell you a dream my head is that's okay
ah it's not about donald trump is about ronald reagan
ha someone
someone that ah
i certainly did not harper a lot of good feelings for ah although
as i as a bumper sticker says on my guitar case one of my guitar case is it i still miss nixon be talking
but on how to change but i had a dream i had a dream
i was sitting down
face to face with
and it was it was late in his life
and he know he had alzheimer's right
and he had this
this tragic and sort of lost and sad expression on his face
and sitting there
i wasn't thinking about
the terrible
things he had done where the policies he had enacted but i just saw
he has sad and loss human being and my heart went out to him
ah and would think about
trump when i think about dick cheney when i think about some people ah
i go back to that dream at least as as a teaching i don't like donald trump and this is this is pam

we're dr king comes back to these three kinds of was ah
he says and this is what jesus means i think in well now i want to read the paragraph before so they've been to get to your question but let me really do it through his text okay

there will come a time in many instances when the person hates you most the person who has misused you most the person who has gossiped about about you most the person who has spread false rumors about you most
there make they will come a time when you have an opportunity to defeat that person
he didn't think of feed them politically must defeat them in human terms
it might be in terms of recommendation for a job it might be interested helping that person and make some move in their life that's the time you must do it in the final our analysis love is not a sentimental something that we talked about it it is not merely an emotional something love
his creative understanding good will for all people it is the refusal to defeat any individual when you rise to the level of love you seek only to deceive people systems
individuals who happen to be caught up in that system or individuals if you will even who are driving that system ah what or appear to
you love but you seek to defeat the system this is what jesus means i think industry passage when he says love your enemy is significant that he does not say like your enemy
like is a sentimental something and affection or something says there are a lot of people that i find it difficult to like i don't like what they do to me i don't like what they say about me and other people i don't like their attitudes i don't like somebody thinks you're doing but love
is greater than like love is
understanding with gimp give good will for all people so that you love everybody because god loves them
you refuse to do anything to defeat an individual because you have aga pay in your soul
yeah i designed to clean out who ask you to think that our vow not to kill
me that's how i bodies
your vow if i don't despise somebody that's killing i don't despise system to me that's killing so when i am practicing not to kill is not vegetables which i eat it's not insects which i kill when i sleep it's not the things that die in my path but as those individuals or certain
places i come into where i can despise or hate
yeah i mean i think that they're all forms of killing some of them are liberal and some of them are ah like this using
killing in thoughts killing and and also in actions because then the buddha why did i think to make it clear i these industry of cigar that these guys crushing insects out this is mad the point of not actually killing sojourn says a to were not hurt you about not killing ticket
he's talking about not despising word degree eight degrading the food and or i'm superior to you mr cao mrs cup
and therefore i can eat his i like above why are you fully and i will take you in and lived you
yeah well that you enter different views on that but what but he saying here is don't get feet a person or don't defeat a being if and the question is what is defeat me
the yeah so
where the i guess my for me and i get very am to start near the couple's fall so it's hard to tend to be marked his
it's so easy for me here these through moralistic filters and it was fun that way and i don't think that that that's really quite so for me always putting down the product
it's always important to hold the emptiness teachings right there and so when you were talking about
no ah
then peacemakers spin on the three pure precepts and not knowing bearing witness and various versions of the third one perfect response healing action reviews
for me that brings together skillful means with emptiness teachings so
i'm on a dog and class with or what have her problem was
students and one of the things that he says the words really emphasizing these days maybe always on is that they came from oceana how does the rocky is that is the recognition deep in your guys not a mild version that really in your gut that impermanence is real
and that is what awakens as to what buddha awoke to which is
and so if i if i connect that to this teaching with this word love love your enemy which has all kinds of you know because of our culture and my upbringing or whatever i could go on a lot of ways it feels like that's a really important bridge because
the reason that teaching arises is from the deep recognition which you know we could experience on the christian or when the bamboo hits the whatever when you dropped your chopstick them for and server comes by and bring you back to you is there were were degree
interconnect i'd i think it that's right but i also think that what games is bringing up his are human
the human feeling that we have of tunis
i'm just not dismiss the tunis and folded into oneness right but oneness includes tunis tunis includes one as year because the thing is otherwise we you know this this whole thing of emergent strategy is a book either
the the strategies emerge for what's happening a satellite enough person the sky don't have it you know a strategic meeting about how they're gonna fly think they flocked together so that to is included and you like a human a human framing of this
and thus best thing that i'm wondering about in terms of this tunis one news
particular to keep wondering what because i'm just wondering what what if somebody's in the room right now who really are you know and there's a lot that's going on in the country around this is who was really into donald trump for i don't assume that there isn't so somebody in the room like that
i never assume that when i'm sitting in this place
you know and i can tell you what i think
i don't wish evil for donald trump you know i didn't you know i'm very happy right now with ah i feel like george bush was our last presidential enemy if you will what i wished for him all long was
was a happy life on his ranch
far from public policy and you know what actually is that be god and you know you can see henry
you see in glimpses to goodness
it's there i don't know about donald trump i'm sure there are people who i'm sure his family their people in his family could really love him you know that is that really the point is not the point that i don't give a shit about it because the context for me the next to right here in this neighborhood without building across the
st and our relationship to that are on structural racism has to connect to more than whether or not we'd love an individual that he's bringing gets to come i can hand over here yeah yeah there's the i want to understanding yes damned henry l and
the there are three quarters of love that he has described prize winners just reminded me very strongly of electric sodium gave about two months ago
really identify the same me
he's picked the with and said emotional long as you can flight refuse to make you feel good and last from his consciousness and the thing that blew my mind i've been kicking around person's hundred get it is your favorite use the name is connected to the practice which was on
that consciously of accepting
what what's important here is mindfulness and it's vastness that is it's fast enough to include goddesses in young valerie to include god throat and barack obama or whatever opposites you will you want to set up and as are picking when picking a record for christian right
other than say the combined cause and effect of the entire universe you could say god's will same thing said media were personifying
with the point if donald trump exists then he has some validity because users year he came into being there was an from an absolute point of view on there there's value now from wrote it may be a struggle against him and then
when you're in a different or not that's why does right and can like grasping to understand a connection i could see the the mindfulness of the vastness including of while value i think after can speaks is really clearly the hobby but how do you can you deal with that oregon
love the the in the field a relative to true yes where where he's doing horrible things to people with no innocent children were trying to come to this country right we could go on and on on and the we need to stop him from doing those things in assets of a struggle and duality and so on
quite sure how do you how does the the vastness and the consciousness of the in conakry how's that how does it play out in nowhere to me again the struggles and optimism i
if i can criticize dr king
hug i have been numerous to do death i think that
what he was putting forward was a tremendously idealistic perspective on love and i think that hidden was mistaken
in being dismissive of the first two kinds of love
i don't think we can just
dismiss euros or feel yeah i think that our nature includes all three of them and we have to find how they're balancing in total dynamic working as to use tokens expression and
and ah it's all very well to say
you should
love donald trump and defeat his systems
but in point of fact
you can't do that without using some kind of force and that kind of force is going to we have attention this is why if i really get get into this which i don't what time do we stop
i want to be okay so just talked about so dr ambedkar in india spoke about liberty equality and fraternity
so liberty is
you know it can be
donald trump wants liberty to do whatever he wants that's liberty you know and but all those things have to be in balance with each other liberty equality and fraternity equality means each being is an equal value is a
equal valence
that means the everybody can do what they want according to their personal force or their political force so equality is a balance on on liberty and fraternity is looking at the oneness of society recognizing that the fact is
has the buddha said and as as king says here that we are all
you know we're all tied into a as a garment a single garment of mutual interdependence and so all these things it's not like you can come down on one side all these things are working and you know you you try different things
he fired the like higher than using a cafe is to say like darkness breeds darkness hate breeds hate and christmas about mentha practice this is
i think it's true but just to say i think one of the great shadow forces in his life was
that euros was kept a secret and that was completely his vulnerability to being blackmailed by by hoover and being be undermined and actually
hoover tried to get him to kill himself
he's he hoover said note to his wife
you know i'm so to keep that side a shadow as if it doesn't exist and to pretend to exist on just this glorious playing is that's not real helen her held up more i think that
hi rite of passage i wish i had a request an idea of what have we broken a little grooves and talks
you actually enter my idea is there so this is really juicy stuff and i find this with having a conversation
that's me and then that would have on your vision to meet meat and i don't i don't have a vision ah you know i'm
i'm open but i'm not sure where with time we have i like i liked that idea i wish i'd like to i'd like you to finish yes yeah doing right so let me let me go to just a little further okay
and cause it is
he's put everything could anybody who wants to be withheld including stay after the last period you come back in here writing up and just smarter and more compact you can
an atlanta
some decent area in avenue time and it
when thought is other time we can only get out of has a jerk
with that form networks where i'm like right now and use a lot about run between the i'd have known complained during you important information with the kind of discouraging when a workshop people have sort of similar level of information from for example if you said i really really ready than
what are the mlk these program get it's okay day we do that can one of the things that i've done in the past i've done i usually do just as like a weekend workshop and one of the things that we do that's really interesting is we read aloud the entire letter from burning birmingham jail
we go around the room when we did it takes about an hour hour and quarter and then we break up into groups in talk about because everybody's is working from the same inspiring guest you've been saying a lot so they don't want a car go on you so much that a plague
the force of your suit view of it as a jewish american on by anti jewish anti semitism and which i rarely hear from because there's so many jewish just really strong in a buddhist zen buddhist me they rarely years and
greece talk about ah
anti semitism let me come back to that vision yeah don't boy adrian evf yeah so it is just cause it gets good here
should now for the few moments left this is i'm putting the tax year are let us move from the practical how-to the theoretical why it's necessary to go down into the question of why we should love our enemies i think that the first reason we should love our enemies of
this that hate for hate only intensifies the existence of hate and evil than universe little familiar ah the gray passage if i hit you and you hit me and i hit you back and you hit me back and we go on you see that continues ad infinitum
it just never ends somewhere somebody must have a little sense and that's the strong person the strong person is the person who can cut off the chain of hate the chain of evil ah somebody must have religion enough and morality enough to cut
it off and inject within the very structure of the universe that strong and powerful element of love that's like one of my favorite quotations you read it again hear somebody must have religion enough
and morality enough to cut it off and inject within the very structure of the universe that strong and powerful element of love
and there's another reason why you should love your enemies and that's because he distorts the personality of the heater
this goes to plan on writing ah we usually think of what eight dodge for the individuals hated or the individual or the group stated but even more tragic it is it is ruinous injurious to the individual weights you just
you just begin hearing somebody and you will begin to do irrational things you can't see see straight when you eat you can't stand upright
you can sit upright there is nothing more tragic than to see an individual was heart is filled with hate you come to the point that he becomes a pathological case for the person who hates the good
ah the good becomes bad in bed becomes good hate destroys the very structure of the personality of the heater
the way to be integrated with yourself is to be sure
the way to be integrated with yourself is to be sure that you meet every situation of life with abounding love
to meet it with respect
segregation to use the terminology of the jewish philosopher martin buber substitutes and i hate relationship for an i vow relationship and into relegating persons to the status of things which is another way of saying would we
what sojourn has said so many types don't treat anyone or anything like an object
what that means is treat everything
which implies you treat everything as if it were part of view it is an anger part of us yeah and as he hate
no anger is not the same this heat and you treat anger to where we treat this cup
you all right hey you have to treat very carefully cause it's hot and will burn you in operation way you don't push it away but this is where there's a great first in our in our hero ha
he would run off to a safe distance from every turn around and say in other words you don't it's not like you are obligated to embrace everyone
because when you embrace those things and they're burning hot
they will burn you up
but you don't turn away from them you turn you you have little safe distance and then you turn around and this is
i say this has been
it's a practice i've tried i tried to cultivate ah their been people not in this community who have found very hurtful
and arm
you know first there's the gnashing of teeth you know exactly why me what did i do to deserve this i didn't do anything you know why are they doing this and once he can pass that you just i mean i figured out
okay i'm just gonna treat that person with respect i'm talking about own i know i know
i'm talking about my own my own dislike for somebody who seems irrationally disliking me and i have to even if it's and i think that for me i have to not turn away from that hate but not you know it's
like this is i often talk about this ah sent him being save all the sinking beans of your mind
hey is the in gain of one's mind so how can you treat it how do you take care of as inconvenient your mind as if it were your child
you know you never stop loving your child but you may have use force or a strong measures to protect it and you may have to use that to protect yourself from that but you never
he had just wanted to sit around
because only the and circle laxmi because the she's now since two billion worth yeah try to create
in different places and cities or error
it was closed in a connoisseur
this issue is grill is a struggle in but
it's the struggles with us in the sensor now way in terms of being effective than
he people really like like you when you when you have on opened as an open heart your project door and talked to people are also
helps your own humanity and we feel a lot better about yourself and be filled out
good about the people later that your whip and
and we've all experienced ever been the other end of hatred i mean i didn't know and a the image erratum on during trump's election remarks down the street and mirror they were screaming else and flip of a song and everything like that so this is it's very very frightening
the to lose my hope my humanity out of that is on really disrupted for myself and if it's also ineffective i think that it's it doesn't
people like to be seen as people not as objects and even people that you disagree with
and an system a lot of warm-hearted wilson
positiveness i wouldn't idealized that is it's not always like that right oh no not not like down on you sometimes people keep abuse on of you the and and you feel it you feel it isn't it's worth it's it's frightening evil yelling at you they get author or less and
i'm screaming you know it is it's very frightening but he just is where we have our practice grow
i wanted i wanted to get these last points year ah the practically of work tedious
worth now we're okay now there is a final reason i think that jesus's love your enemies it's that love has within it a redemptive power and there's a power there that eventually transformed individuals this is what he believes it this is his practice ah if you hate your enemy you have no
no way to redeem and transformed but if you love your enemies you will discover that at the very root of love is the power of redemption you just keep loving people and keep loving them even told you're mistreating you
here's the person was a neighbor and the person is doing something wrong to you and all of that kiss keep being friendly to that person that that's what i was gonna say that i practiced with with somebody who was abusive to me just been friendly to them and don't do anything to him
harrison just keep loving them and they can't stand it too long
oh they react in many ways in the beginning they react with bitterness cause mad because you love them like that they react with guilt feelings and sometimes will hate you more at that transition but just keep loving them and by the power of your love they will break down under the load
that's love you see it's redemptive and that's boy
jesus says love is something about love that builds up and is creative and i want to read you
something from shanti davis confesses a good place to end ha
shockey care with you know guide to the bodhisattvas way of life
if you don't it's it's a wonderful it's actually a commentary we should think about this year it's a commentary on the power meters and got some i action
yeah we're talking to study for for aspect ah so verse one can one eleven
but surely my enemy is not to be generated for he intends to cause me harm
but how could practice be paid patients be practiced if like doctors people always strove to do me good
ticket that he and ah how could patients be practiced if like doctors people always try to do good for me
that since patients acceptance is produced in dependence upon one with a hateful mind
got that patients dependence is produced independence on one with a for mind that person should be worthy of veneration just like the sacred dharma because that person is a cause of patience
least are out proper him and you've got to ask if you
just really something to practice has he got norman fischer says that talks about in his book
a young worker and well that the world
i wish it were different we as a to he talks about generosity he talks about gift to the world which is challenging you yeah will check that you only learn from the challenge of your life and you also be learned from that challenge
nge actually had a practice
i live some people like donald trump card
or anybody else is ethanol right this is the way a that's really where the rubber meets the yeah
yeah if you can't get past that and that's a problem
thus syndication to acceptances produced in dependence upon one with the hateful mind that person should be worthy of veneration like the sacred dharma because that person is the closet patients and because one of us when of glory and i
one of our favorite lines is patience his the incinerator of defilements
movie that in turn with anything
yeah but it can't stay internal it can't state internal it has to than be manifest this is what i was talking about in the context of community this morning that it depends upon the doing that the real
manifestation is in got me do cause i don't think you can just do this you gotta come to this i just i really don't think you know me and you can practices but that doesn't make it happen you've gotta come to his i mean it's gotta be a natural reaction gandhi talked about that to his son
in the at one point that it's gotta come from your heart you can't just do it dryly people do when it's it's a superficial you know i think i think i but it's better to do that does not do well with family around you that what i would say is what we're talking about here
or bodhisattva practices
the fully actualized bodhisattva does this naturally of course but he's come to is when you have to cultivate it that's what i'm saying
right which means you have to do it you have a flanker went away i respect my enemy but i don't love you but i respect you we are too kind of love young you know respect his word starts yeah okay yes katie and said another
the have a was just
i'm not a faction again
and and

words can be internal kind of like how do i came to be okay with please horrible feelings that donald trump promised horizon me
during of their ends
it is no
how do we express the love we feel that love the love and or nature that we have in a company way in the relative world like pants are transition perhaps for something and now selling celica like this
can i preserve there's a lot you
this explains a foundation and the myristate on whole
this this is not about idea it's not just a bad ideas but the ideas are where things get start
you know how we have to have the idea to even know i mean the the the thing that i did with this friend was hurtful to me the idea came from reading the vicinity maga the path of purification which is a massive
tara bottom manual say what you do with an enemy you know it's like you practice respect to practice brainless you give them a gift ah and that
it took ten years and things shifted pistol
disappearance that sometimes we go to our enemies are what are internal ends are nose and more than in such a second suicide
we can be intellectually no means that not really knowing know that's right
this is you know the kind of our when we talk about unconscious bias it's unconscious ah until we do practices we to study we enter into activity that help us recognize the impact that we
have that we might be unthinkingly have been another people that's why we're studying this really gonna need to it
what i was flipping through i don't know and a therapist responded simple script right
your mv complete yourself of course i said i think that's when ellen was saying and you could you can transform yourself
the can be nothing out there right transcript vendor or something causing for nothing out there but you
then like you're sad you can you can drive up blaming to run by right claim your your but that's why that's what king said as the first step
you know you really need to look at your attitude toward yourself of what what is that internal mechanism
we always have to be reflexively moving back and forth entered into letter to james okay little longer than i'd like to make grind to a comparative
between george wallace that the donald trump i compared similarly about george want is a your back donald trump telepath twenty years ago when i read newspaper that the anniversary of selma
charge was when to the british sat under a tree wheelchair and apologized for his actions scattered cinema preimplantation to everyone he would listen
not good in you were in the george vomvolakis can do
that's how are down the
he had just get a meadow office for sink into either
ago and then let's let's get ready to the bodhisattva vows
and thank you very much i'd look for you
continuing in some way and he have thoughts about that