Become More Direct and Honest

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Unknown on Monday, January 1, 1968
About this talk
Protection Master: re-recording from cassette marked "Suzuki Roshi talk with background music: no date, original copied" (Sony C60 side A); recorded: 7 1/2 ips, bias: normal, recorded 'left and right' tracks, length: about 25 mins; sound quality: not bad, with echoing muzak in the distance. ******** ± 1968 Audio Problem Set CM's 2nd pass - see JG's 1st pass:
Newly imported verion = more can be added to the existing transcript Source: 68-00-00-B (year only known) digital audio archive from DC. Problem set. Thanks to audio work by Angus Atwell, transcribed March 2012 by Judy Gilbert. Work in progress. Further preparation to post by DC. More editing and transcription by CM end of October 2012 using the enhanced audio. Talk is straightforward (couple Japanese phrases) and mostly understandable with hardly any interference. Checked by DC, 12/2014. ??? denotes at least one muddled word, or just a stretch of bad audio. ?? denotes a guessed word, with an added open bracket meaning a guessed phrase or sentence. Ambiguous words (such as homonyms or where an "a" might be an "un-") stated in closed brackets. *** File name: 68-00-00-B: become more honest and direct (titled by pf) spedup a bit [Verbatim transcript not available. (Sound problem.)] Changed Komazawa to Kishizawa, 12-17-2014. Changed to Kumazawa 1-26-2015.