August 14th, 1971, Serial No. 00046

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know when
oh wait you
ah research
for yourself
ah who you are asking for you are
who who is rule
you will realize
that the lease
would you
cannot relate with it
some it is called the on-suite
some time later it's called the to true self
a buddha says and dogan says to sound what his true self
the south you can envision or the so who turned see is different you wouldn't be different
but wait you the third yourself through through
you can only hope realizing that delay something with you cannot read to you you cannot connect with with it

then you always constantly asking what is true so
right water
then christianity said
he's got you should believe the god
this is true
even though you can a you you realize you realize that they live something and fruit
something am fruit
who and who are themes to be part all powerful calling all human be
but actually it's pretty difficult to connect with it directory what it is
it's impossible actually

but the second mini buddha dogan many patriarch
ah mentioned for throw to see can see yourself who you are what to see into the reality the it is
a want the situation the would we appears ah
and how in how did not a how the human appears

who rise the lazy

you referred
the human appears through and through
i take me off
many dresses
home yourself
then last you realize something in front of you
what is opening which is open not only to you by also to everybody
it is cold
it is code anyway
wilmot or
is may be kind subject of time
or being time but you know understand what is being time
no christianity says if got
raise got
but whatever you say whatever dog in says wherever jesus christ says forever got him sounds said believe piece believe in me
even though dog and and says look at yourself based on the industry based on the stream of transparency
or in a system of being time
when the you don't get a snack
but you want to seek
there is only the presence or something which something would you feel
going to going to going to a seeing into
the what transparency as what the being time is what good it what buddha it
what ultimate been in human affairs is something like that you can meet you too you can use so many work and vocabulary
the honor to explain this point
but new nevertheless there is something which you can quit have with a directory
it's pretty hard
they one of the philosopher
ah mason's
according to his idea
a pre established tammany
the idea of print established hurry
he mentioned like this
let's see man in there are two crock to watch
to watch
wavy challenge
this watch is this once you are what is your watch
but wait you ask me what time it is yeah well now add two fifty
yeah i will ask you what totally that you say yes to tim do or same time you your real what you like it
my what is crack if you say that
different completely complete different two things exist separately and at the same terms to things that two things have the same element one m the same element
saying ten now is came fitted
well we're it come that they come
then he says
between the two
compare different things
there is
a person food
ah fook want some folk make a watch mid then of fool who fix them
and make them harmonious her money yes it
this call want to call that person want to make i guess which make
he says that is what megan who is always controlling them and make them how hungry how harmonies
it is cold pre established harmony
using the technical words monique
know that monat
a more
the m o and a
t anderson
could be hit or you don't
took faker
looks like an elemental particles in physics can
he typically here he used his technical words in philosophy in terms of philosophical ideas in is called night and the the study of monat is million dollars it
please look the the press
i tick up the word in addiction
so whatever kind of for the vocabulary use you use the on a to connect
with each other's with different things in harmony
we're not the ideal monarch the idea of got the idea of buddha the idea of transparency the idea of being time
they use tiny hot what it's moment
why some dodgy in nice god
but south in something
and so for you something of his value

the reality is so would you want to seek you weren't to conduct to win this point is already something
how can you save yourself from this something you can't
even though used tiny hot forever live up to arrive
then what should i do wish should you do there is no way to contact with it
yes rates and is something
some trick
a bit
then in buddhism

what is he says so peace studies breeze study and practice
under a teacher and a
then the teacher has this trick
how can you how you can contact with it
down from teacher
what should you run
how should you how you turn wearing this
could your point

they a says
now the motives which says that you have to ran through
ah rapport between the teacher and disciple that gets your poison and the miss tail cut mysterious way of contacting me
in a particular person or particular the idea
i think to make and people who are pick people rouse love so much in a miss to cut the current mystical there
mysterious contact with god where'd sprint you been more than the japanese
i knew surprise
they went since when a when i came to the united states
it's prey on for me too
take you on those people knew who are very interested in miss miss tears in contact with god with speech of be it's pretty hot
because if you if you have such ideas to will and standing in your mind is silly still
it's pretty hard even though i hit it
he can do pretty you can break it and the you to open
that's way if you want to study buddhism please get lit all any kind of why dear
neither good nor bad they if they always tell you
keep away phone
hey god or mana dorothy psychology if you ask me any kind of mine
don't need all dos and then
why should you do this is important
but they've found the teacher
you have to learn something
our through the rapport
rapport with a pop between the teacher and disciple
now what a slap or how can you how can you taste how can you paste
a rapport a how can you taste in
the ultimate ultimate contact with their
ah wait the to
through the we all rapport between the teacher and disciple
ah that is may good the technical and and they made good word in japanese some dodgy subtract dodgy is footlocker is and tapping cutting inside and outside
kate this is something dodgy a simultaneously simultaneous or concurrence
so if you want to think something
first of all you have to tuck you have to tap from inside
and then
someone or something
from outside
as have a baby chicken
barry chicken tap
from the inside of the sound
and mothers
tikkun tops constantly considerately
from outside dump the shell that time baby ticking were born
this is rupaul keep the feenstra report
none mysterious contact
hey this is fay real veil will practice it is very will understanding this is very will contacting with a tooth

what then
yeah how how can you how should you are tap
the from the inside of a shout
dodd dogan says in
they show bogan door

activists are they the crucial
ah things are crucial the attitude
a which and then
in his
oh ah ha is
naked nature
is inherent in

and then
in his snake nature is cold in more new in japanese in morning
man as he is this is called in morning
and on the otherhand a thing and it's snake nature or a thing as it is called him more g g is a thing
so i use their stepping forward more or in morning name is a man
men in mourning his men as he is in magick is a thing as it is
dogan or says first war the lease ave important attitude watch a man ah
as he is or him moaning is
here in in income and in
are you shouldn't be concerned about
in more g a thing as it is okay
this is difficult paige's print he shouldn't be concerned about a thing a it is
let's imagine you have far you eat something
you you ate something
you eat are various dishes with jays which is served
in front of you
rice soup
many vegetables and beans more pickles
then you have to add any cause
it started to it because
start to eat you had a what do you have to first start to eat means
what do you have to start to accept yourself first before you think of yourself for a hour for you are from where i can't i come
when i was born can site k
for you have to eat first
you have to eat first is you have to accept yourself for a something for is delighted in your diligence seeing do it and whoever you are that's okay
it's something
so if you eat something did this is emerging in a thing of is fee nobody help you
you suffer in suffer then you say you tell me a himself and please help me well i explain please believed god please pave the buddha please practice doesn't but kept its doesn't contact with you
so if so if you open your eyes when it is reality in what is the id in what situation you are
what can you have to accept
the to accept yourself is what
to accept yourself ways to accept
you the you fool i derided in
ah and the going enlightenment or and boy delusions war and undergoing spiritual kind out mysterious conduct way the god to way the speech being august or casper

can you explain this point
it's pretty hot
he's cry you can say you can't say i accept this point you can't
well you say yes i can accept decide
you know this site is this i'll make you happy with that make you make you be delighted make you do an awful in watching what king the enlightened then i asked are you sure are you happy you can
excuse me sir
it but that what is christian of one
please accept yourself he is what
to accept yourself is to accept yourself who has who has
who has the tendency for tendency once you are about to be delighted in watching are watching the enlightenment or delusion
by any way
when you when you see yourself right now right here this of is seeking into the truth defense took
you can't find yourself
and prison not past not kitchen now here
who is i this i is looking at the to
it since to so and so this sofa is important then we have to accept this one came wherever you are when you think we use hard to think something
this self change immediately
you think compel you toward the past toward the future not
this thought
compare not doesn't compel you to stay with the sale for in thinking that to the to thinking the to
the moment when you think of something
the sofa is seeking the truth military change
so that's why i said duncan says
don't be cause concern about a thing itself a thing as it is means first
you start to eat this time to it came you start to accept yourself this yourself is what what you are doing what you are seeking k
this self you have this of is important things would you have to accept right now right here
then the you shouldn't concerned about him more g a thing as is so you start to eat
from the being from the gruel sale on the soup either way that up to
but will you eat every time when you eat
your stomach you feel for
what to eat something
make you feel comfortable
make you make you hungry make you hungry and feel comfortable well
a bunch of white rice a it moon basis
my your stomach is for the every time wait you eat but on the other hand look at your the trade to capture trip well
a bunch of rice appears disappears
that time you discard what
really is going what's going on
but duggan than says don't be concerned about
this the addict to
you eat something and
feel comfortable
and that's the same time something disappear
what you ate
mother earth you accept yourself or is you accept yourself now and here you are who is seeking for the tooth are this okay is very important then you accept and then you feel good but god tier
so why why am
a good men and poor and true a spirit the then students
hi says it doesn't give no help to me
but the then says accept doesn't itself if you weren't doesn't now you accept them accept doesn't you feel good
but when you look at the then what
this is what make you come to be concerned about
so guns and says don't should don't be concerned about
thing as it is kay
if you accept something disappear
this is true
if so

know it's too difficult to translate was


even though

who are concerned about
i think a thing as it is

it is
it is not necessary to
to worry about
a thing as it is because i think as is is a think i'm a as it is

yet he's not my idea the dawkins
it means
even though you concert you are concerned about
the yourself the moment when you accept
find find something
what's disappears
you feel better
and something appear disappears
but i'll do it and always attached to the just one side idea to
even though you eat and food make your mind few better com comfortable
but nevertheless the you do it and always always in a want the food to stay there please tidier don't go anywhere and could go away
but forget the forgetting yourself would you are doing know
wonderful v d's these state
it's impossible but the dude's and do always you
you look a beautiful follow how beautiful flower is
where the cartoon this is good you a bit of because bureau for make you feel good but didn't always said all stadia don't for dont fork
that's impossible but when no one comes no father forks
the goal is of the idea whether you feel or not it is too
this is a thing as it is
so even though youth you are concerned you are concerned about yourself
who is seeking for the truth
who is first time to eat something
and some at the same time food realize that something disappear

wherever you do where were you feel whatever you want it about what would it wherever you are denied it in
the truth is truth a thing as it is is a thing and there is beautiful flower is beautiful flower spring a spring warm is warm when the time com warum counts
the guise of the ideal whether you you feel
when the spring come from rooms when the war them cans
follow falls
this is a thing as it is
so whatever you feel
you are
you are always you are always in the men of a thing
as it is
okay universe will you eat something and if you feel better
and something what the something disappear on your tray meet you pensive
but make you pensive
to make your pensive is
i'm so tree inevitable terms he ordered to let food what to make you feel better
allow exist
the understand his point
inept to terms
but you do so always look at just the one side
when i say look at the doesn't num one you look at just the number one
a boring number two three four five six two
why it what the one exist ship
what ten doesn't exist
but what does what what the can doesn't exist is really inevitable term necessary terms he honored to let number one exist
right now
so you can escape from number one word and okay
i think the other day i mentioned when a once a college student and got to does their part time job at the bookstores a day
book master new to to store master
stormers say look at this this direction in front so i stand up front
they've entrance was behind me know
there he said look at this this way
ah and take care of guest in the customers so i look at wilson said
but that time someone come in enter
and say something to me but i didn't turn i'd give me here
the store martha says
take care of him so i take care of him now after that he said
why didn't you look at the back but i tend and eighty impossible in can you see the back at the same time seeing in front
it's impossible but they said
why didn't you look at back wow
how should i see both sides simultaneously
but he said
but i i couldn't answer to this question so and side
then next day and was fired
so from this point our view of fire
right after the oven
right after praying got right out the tenth or
right out the praying the border
our view fire completely
with heartlessness
yes it is very hatteras
i didn't understand why
hey say was reasonable way was not reasonable
but anyway or whatever the you have to see accept the boss
you have to accept the you who is seeking for the tools
and on the other hand you have to accept who immediately look at yourself
why are
if you can it make you can save it your disguise
but dogan dingy ah
why you should post side know you should accept boss that k except are then sent something food for
accept you for s who is about to turn in front of ways about fake too
and it's a symptom for is about to the you for has got to diligence

salt from this point
what the you shouldn't concerned about is not merely you shouldn't be concerned about yourself k you should be concerned about yourself
how you should be concerned about yourself you should be concerned about yourself
will you accept with you accept yourself
wait you eat some food
you should eat he how to how i should eat yeah it was how to face this foot how to face this self who is about to eat
this is the time that i anxiety in buddhism
fires then spent you keep maintain some ah rice or as ceo
or vegetables in storage
you have to keep the food in a story so as not to make them rotten
we have to be concerned about
okay so in buddhism we have to keep yourself
a so as not to make your buddha mind rotten
this is very important
even though you have and rotten dude
the old practices nut
to order you
you should get rid of the diligence i don't think so
because ever doing is a portion of transient component abel a bot i as a portion of transit
component if so he should accept it should take care of those
so to tip to some food in the stories so as not to rotten them
no so
ah then

dogan then says
you shouldn't be surprise
add to the legality

that there is
as sadness in the domain of a thing
as it is is completed
why is this
when you do that then
the your mind is getting com
getting com

ah completely
you feel
i'm not the tatting
i don't touch to any anything
take your breathing
not july
that time your mind is vey com
then you feel
do you feel so far you feel comfortable
are based on sorrow for based on the small enlightenment based on the in ninety minute but this enlightenment is not the big enlighten me a small lead them
but at that time you a surprise at this event at this news
fresh news
you're really surprised
and they asked you are country out at a loss what to handle this enlightenment handle this uncomfortable mess
you don't know that well imagine how can i keep how can i keep enlightenment with that disappear
well what can i do
well on then you realize lots of thought running through your head in jersey
you also are surprised at the news and this news
how can i how i can get rid of them
but dogan then says don't be surprise at those news
because it is a big dogs news that there is sadness in his sadness
and the men of a thing as it is the building as sadness okay
you can get rid of the dude has many foul running into you at beings as it
you can get rid of reitman would televise the in your thought you can't
you shouldn't be accept and you shouldn't be surprised what should you do then don't be surprise just dude's us continue on it
next he says

even though you
there is something would you have to be surprised at and new new news fresh news
it is also
they know our excuse me or even though there is

our even though there is
there is i even the delays suspect or wonder
what they are which are sadness what charles such miss
the wonder and suspect are also a thing as it is things as their well this is very important okay
now if you do doesn't
you aren't surprised you may you may be surprised at the news when you when you a ten soda when night too
on then and
wait you
fun many thoughts running through your head
you you may be surprised at those new fresh news
then your you always going enlightenment going to the enlightenment or you going you lied to me because you want to keep it
as long as you can you say want so you rushing to the right
but you can't it's pretty hard you find pretty hot then mediante your towel around
i'm russ it into the doing or
because you can you find yourself how difficult you keep the enlightenment as long as you can it means you turn on you you turn on our rush into the union
then you said why am i am to spread of zen buddhism and will you keep the enlightenment able for a moment you say all i am good spirit of a student he exists

though in what direction you go
you can you cannot to settle on yourself you can't feel comfortable you can feel comfortable ill
so i lost you are surprised that at
the new news or no news because
in what you are always in a wondering you you are always wondering
wow this is to to self you know
when you are attaining enlightenment this is new to south
oh you say this is to sell with you
look at the doujin
but you're always looking at both time what in what direction what did they act in whichever direction you go you cannot settle on yourself because i last you how
you are surprised and the news
at news
a to was suspect know and the suspect or wonder themselves you themselves by them you are affected with our with them you are always affected he can understand
this point
yeah the earth you are wondering you all wonder
you you have ah
you wonder the wonder itself one day itself
you see in all there
the it ms
you are here and concentrating when concentrating is good
counting the breath you know
one to see then suddenly you for into the sleep
well when you
i'll wait you find yourself
just before just before when you for for into sleep
ace looks like car you know
the you fool whom you cannot judge who you are
because and that time you feel good they know
does before just before right before you for into sleep
you are you in what you are you
i also when you
does the before just before we use had to count the breath
in on the you can't you can't go
and discriminate this self know
because at that time the you feel my county breath is getting on in complete way
at that time you forget a concentration on you know
ah come to breath
just a middle de mill doesn't know right before you were you'd start to do something
you can see that when dad that can you supply the you know or maybe this is
maybe this is the enlightenment
maybe this is a to self but you this is also a portion of suspect because you can't get this point
you can get this situation over yourself you can't so you the is nothing bad to be just suspect or wonder you said i wonder if it is true
or not
i think so it just the middle of fate middle
you can get you can discriminate
there at that time you have some suspect
two did self who is wondering who is wondering if it is true or not
then a mason you have suspect you you have suspect the suspect it
suspicion yeah
use suspected and suspicion
you suspect suspicion this is true
you wonder one day itself
concretely speaking this is true then dogan then says even though you us suspect even though even though there is suspicion or wonder
the what there is certain is he okay
those are those a suspicion or wonder are also
sadness okay suspicion all wonder our posting of such miss k then relax then concentrate on doesn't all you have to do that's all
this is tap says and talk
so next kogan then says that is
there is sadness
the lease such is you shouldn't be surprised
yeah that's right you have to find this point the is certain is that you shouldn't be surprised
you shouldn't be divine and in whatever
you shouldn't be surprised at whatever
you should keep in mind that girl is
sutton is would you shouldn't be surprised so it means was shite why should you do
oh you have to do is
dust to settle yourself on yourself this is too
so we are always telling you please take care of your life
suggesting comes from this point cape
it's not it's doesn't come from a big mouth
it's not does it doesn't come from a dog and big mouth and shakyamuni buddha of pick mouse
it comes slung the truth
doesn't telling you how to how to face how to face it is this mean meaning kate how to face yourself how to face your daily life
it says containers can tyler is always saying spinning top
so you have to tap you have to tap from the inside
all the shell in that way k contains succession or skin succession of the sentence succession of cantata
that time
the teacher always succession of such miss copying the outside of the show
something happens some day could someday okay
there's some days fame for sunday is not to the that we exist and part of from we arrive
some day doesn't exist
after few seconds
someday doesn't exist before few seconds
sunday is here
some day is the time what the reality what the time has come
the time has come
someday someday someday is great opportunity
opening to everybody
christianity buddhism
what is why anybody
for this
we have to always settle or yourself
and create your own conditions or circumstances k
within the within the condition and circumstances would you create a through the airport in that way
you can you can't regulate the circumstances and conditions
when you sit doesn't with
twenty like a big mountain
evan a little
but children look at your figure of doesn't
maybe he rushed into he can he rushed into their home and tell their mother
you become buddha
this is to it
hes true
our regulate circumstances or regulate your life
it's not order you should do this it's now order
you have to find a have to tapping you have to tap
yourself self inside of us out of your shell
that time teacher help you
if you're done tap
inside of viewer show normally help you
even though great cv the development of civilization
help nothing to you
when you tap yourself when you tap the inside of your shell
there is
you will realize someone
to be in front of you who is about to help you
ah that time you will find what buddha is
you will find what the to selfies
it is good rapport between the teacher and disciple a boy is matter with ted cow mysterious contact between you and spit of be hey this is real rough poise video
when this you should
always tap the inside of your shell that time you will realize someone food pup
outside of your show
and that that time you will find a help
doesn't tell you always this point
the will know you find nothing to help you in doesn't
do that then came to seven