August 13th, 1971, Serial No. 00052

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knit your fun

ah the metro transit se
this is
two point two crucial point
why is
it's lies in a rise in
the element of the element of on continuing
i'm continually

to to i

no purpose anyway no purpose no purpose i'm continually in no purpose
the other one is they need you have trances he would rise in
the essence of look the
ah the boundaries experts are with own
those two
is a crucial point
so what is
one nature all is translucency let the everything separate from each other in brutality is crucially
know coyle
cool cool cool
cool cool t e in quoted
the the other one
ms that
the know that when is the this
ah definite possibility for everyone
to live together in peace one day in the transit is he
in tendency which is the truth which is too
run this point i am trying when you are turns it

ah buddha is transit
dawkins transit
a completely everything is transient
the from this point
the trunk vinci oh curse
all over the word all over the world
wherever you may go
transients you follow you
what are you
but usually the most of people the understand and see the nate you times and she would chase thorough was so
the principal or near here i've seen some few know that
the other day i mentioned
about moment to one of our japanese car
in japanese
the about
just a little bit
did little bit ah
the about the transits and a little bit
according to the duggan's point dog and dentists mentioned his show denzel
most people must have people
a canon acquire
the way seeking mind the way to mind or the way seeking mind
come so it are ready to sell awareness the ways it you mind
on this
unless our understanding dp
aren't they
what lies in
in six billion
four hundred
ah four hundred dominion
ninety nine thousand one hundred and eighty moments
she said oh i don't like that
is she was a very surprised and this point
because she has never heard before
but she doesn't like she didn't like the i sent the how come
then she said well
the moment when i the moment when i listened to your talk
the look at the that what carefree what can kill three than six billion six billion four hundred million ninety nine thousand one hundred and eighty moment
all day
in all ah i was eyes caught i started to have a headache
making a noise squeaking key exists
think so
ah she look at the moment i'm a confession
six million four hundred and million ninety nine thousand one hundred and eighty woman's to back try to look at this point moment
it make you in making noises the noisy key you sprint sucks squeaking
it's make your heads creek
this is too
but it's not conception you know it's not the idea
it is very true
it is real
now lets you met him when you when you can find with some we event with happens in a moment
how are you supposed to confront it will face it
it's pretty difficult it's very difficult to cook face such as sudden event
you say yes i will yes i will face it with trunk i cannot believe you
because this event with happens in a moment
compare you to take it
compare your tune
to take away
in i expected direction
a beyond beyond your ideas
you are intact to fence
mostly did
twenty maybe twenty years ago when it was a monastery
ah i had dough
they big shock over earthquake
you know
the what happened
suddenly at the five o'clock console five thirty or so
there when we are what we was conforming some party fairly money
the after some party save money the all monks and roy
ah why about to go out
all the zindagi
to go up to the the other building
what dawkins than key is enshrined
he ordered to perform his memorial service
the moment when they tried to take one step
yeah not bad jindal
pick as great team
people to support
then those monks voices media to run away
the let's imagine the struck you that their monastery here is zendo here is ah big kitchen
and here is what's the damn buddha hall and year is the whole way or which goes through kitchen a to zindagi
then this is vacant right
they can watch
this is making my
and just the only big trees cedar trees
he's sitting with comments
dang then here monks and royce's they were about to take one step
you know from the vendor asked when keep you all out they all came out
went out of the window to this tree under the tree because it is said
it he said if you are if you are under the tree
ah a you would keep away from the danger
ah what else could be breaking the breaking the ah ground
ah did you leak you are too fat to for down if you for non you can't get out it is to maybe a king sword because grounds always moving so you can get out
so i i think everybody knew he not disappoint some other run runaway to the big change
that time his famous voices
also run away to the big trees
and nobody noticed nobody noticed that the was candle fire in front of the infant the shine the odd on the odd nobody noticed on
just one rossi
came back to inside of the zendo and blew off
and come up
this rocky was looked down to by the all marks because his movement was re slope when he has particular characters the also a he he was really crazy
a doing savage
ha ha ha
the all monks all monks had looked down to him
but on the he only he did
great same masters run away to the big tree and at that time he said isn't it all terrible earthquake ha ha ha ha
the world
lookin at lucky

and that time i walked
the work year i walked a hallway
which are going through that kitchen to the window
and what when i was just in the middle of the hallway
fortunately step stone step
ah can consisting or or maybe the twentieth step twenty one and twenty
it's it's in just the bottom of the stamp the ah
it'll a big a big pond to bit too big points
are both side of the
the older step
he then if you and then if you if you pass through this
ah excuse me the delays that little little bridge be tinder pond keep if you pass through the bridge pass on the bridge and you you will find the big gate they big gate or
old big gate they if you cause if you passed through and the big gate you will find her simple huge the theater tree
hey huge
but so a walk in here the winner was just in the middle
of the hallway
i should i should the i should run a he'll run away to the same case where all monks runaway you know that because yearly baking in big trees
that moment when i noticed as quake came a there i thought what were its victory
then i thought the several victories are the outside outside of the the big gay to you then i came down immediate came down that step but they couldn't i couldn't move i couldn't i couldn't
step i couldn't move you know because earthquake is very hard
then i couldn't walk with my foot
so as snip a circle with miss by barack
and then passed through and past and big date and leached and big trees
this is all what i had to do at that time
and then there
one on fire the law she was working always quietly
he never
he never a he had never run he had never walk fast
he always work access
like a toro
and then they when he found the monks running or walk fast making noise he always called month don't run
walk quietly a
he of of the after the earthquake in one month asking him what did you do
you say yes of course a wrong

one of my friends who was attended attendant
all far cancel of a hedging
who was maybe seventy seventy two years on
oh he's soon
his mastery top of the hill
and at that time he was at his room
the friend of my also was attendant room
then they made it a you run he rushed into the hey rushed into his room and say as crepe
he did you start to start started to
go out his room then attendant and ten than this day attendant foreign to him but this the cancel the of a haiti the was vey aunt mom all the priest
he cannot do can know what quickly or fast way sorry
he he walked very slowly the without saying anything
dang attendant to our vendor mine also followed that is no no choice it was no choice
because that is want to the attendant the what he had to follow him whatever happens allowing him was the attendant duty responsibilities he followed
then he came to the huddle hundred is on the top of the hill
he came to the the hotdog and she said
i don't want to go out i don't want to walk any more i want to sit in front of the in the middle of the hato
on the square christian
in front of file on time
that time he was very surprised that this news may
fellow the moment when he heard his methods
he said excuse me sir
i want to leave you mediate me
in there
that is what there was one more events along the the archbishop from bar then edge and that time he was in bathroom taking a bath
then attend also they rushed to the in on the bathroom bath bathroom
the attendant said as crack of crap and but he the archbishop for his eyes be hard to listen you
what's the matter
keep quiet you with what tomorrow will keep required

he said and then who play
just a minute
i am taking a bath

this is beautiful
the her
in a moment what happen in i or when i even happen in a moment
you i hope you have understand what happens you know
you cannot control yourself
at that time that there is only one things would control you what is it
capability of the experience on the practice okay
this is true this is true know
one day be kept rid of your it spins or practice will control you
n o wherever you are young or old
this is very important that's why you need prompted you need the product
it's now this is said to expect a big shock of the earthquake but anyway not only the earthquake but also there are many things many have event would happened in a moment
that time how to face this event
this event is completely beyond your control your control
in the domingo
being be on going beyond the your control
you can see yourself
in your neck nature you need to nature
how might your practice is made it's made progress

i think
this is moment you know this is
the moment this is moment
in which
ah every event everything
beyond the shooting
mind control
what do you call this moment
what make this moment appear
maybe one for from the viewpoint of bar
the physics

probably may
may say that moment
consist of off
no a day
they want to go the elemental particles particles and he meant to particles

or from the viewpoint of fire
a moscow all for mathematics maybe he said he may say that a moment consist of the functions
then they believe that they understand completely what moment is like
ha with development of know ah thanks to the development of other scientific research
for what the moment is
we have add the terms
to go to the moon
to produce the rocket
to create the robert
of human be a man
but the let's consider what would make the would make moment appear
it's pretty difficult to explain what
when the earthquake big earthquake happen
can you have the lives do you think there is some room to think
what the moment is
wow woman to consist of all and a elemental pot particles
hmm then what i will run
after understanding and mental particles
it's to wake
the before you think or what the a moment is
you have already run
if for what what would do what would you explain about this moment
do you think there is are able to fly slightest room to insert your ideas into the into the moment into the nature of the moment into the nature of the transit agency

i don't think so
because you have to accept you have to accept the moment right now right here
you can't control yourself you can control event you can control a moment
so if for
how can we explain by the smoke
no convincing in sheboygan though he said one is i think norman is
woman is sort of rising arising new
maybe rising
if you can if you can't if you may say something about this
the moment is rising
a solo arising
the less no completely not wrong to insert any kind of id into it
if there may be something something to explain
we can say def rising and rising
then don't get then says what is arising what is arising
the owner to explain about this moment bad transit see what a smoke
the only to explain one for six billions one on flat six billion four hundred millions ninety nine thousand one hundred and eighty moment
what is arising he said arising is a candidate it's pretty difficult to translate qian money
they keep your is
the dogging use this word or t is arising yeah is
just a formative strong affirmative usage
you know affirmative usage you understand
so care nanny and cheer
so he put the some word below the key arising
team is a strong affirmative affirmative you sense
so kit is the dynamic grasp
oh understanding what movement is like
not as good conception
if you if you tried to understand a woman or conception as and the moment or the tendency as a concession maybe it is called maybe just a key or arising
but don't use
don't get use to yeah to yeah none here
this uses in prize that dogging grass and dogan a grasp dynamic that in dynamic what moment is like young lovers how to face this moment you know how to face the
this moment when big as quake happen you know
beyond the control beyond your control but there is something is there is some way what how to face whatever happens
because you have to accept you how to accept without any reason
then yet a yesterday i mention this is very important so
ah but according to the usual sense
what is what are the moment what is arising
then as meeting yesterday you tried to study physics
you know something like that

ah but this arising the conceptual
conception or
dynamic grasp of understanding what movement is
is still is too invasive evasive what is raise arriving it's allies you
but you can imagine you tell money yes arising is something like are rising to poisons who are you know you ask me for you i say yes and cut the gate the moment i say i say
i am kentucky there is some room and in some choice what to do
but when you ask me who are you
m exist
and we here and here
that's all

i can extreme for i am you who am i

so strip speaking if you ask me for are you put you are maybe i said well got this and top because this is radio is this video cut the game is not to the real but this cut the gays or
so important
don't ignore the presence of cut the you know
this is the important
but strictly speaking input is different
but if you want to expand this real reality
how can you use the vocabulary what kind of vocabulary can you use just devising that's all just that iv or if you want to use
vivid grasp of understanding
yourself just to clear kenya kenya
the only arises the only arriving

but still this concept it is still you
you came out you wanna it is like but you cannot catch it
then they there is some question what make would make the only allies appear allies in appeared
a dogan says duncan says
the what the time has come make the only analyzing appear
the only the time only that the that time has come control control the only arising
but even though it is still evasive
you don't understand clearly you what it is the time has come yes i can stand but did the you it's the same easy

the foe
of our goals of our goals and he will all way
without connecting with anything else
the spring goes which his own way without connecting with anything else
you saw the current what the time would have the time has come up here
by chance
with no reason
with no purpose
if this point would you will have christian
then that time
we explain
the reality
what the time has come
the guarded as
the conditions
conditioned or detonation
conditioned or intonation
the condition that orange nation is to the soil for a typical ideas in technical term you don't understand the query ah
correctly crack trip crack tree him

ah the wraith emerged in the theme the when an earthquake happen
what is appearance or disappear
where his appearance or disappeared
as quick appears or disappear
if you if you
if you allow if you allow i've quick to exist
before you attempt vividly earthquake

i think you say as twig appeared
oh isn't you
but actually
try to ask tiers a war is earthquake with affray
can you produce a earthquake for yourself
it was the one on physics and one favorite and physicist
producer big shock of the earthquake

i don't think so
where the earthquake
so before you allow the earthquake to exist and prison
you should keep in mind that there are many conditions
what is necessary for the earthquake to come into being
and you think so
and then the death master or monks run away
the day monk or them master run away or full runway
uk yes they muscle wrong way you run away
this confession before can you cancel foam you know the idea
after you allow the monk or them must to exist in front of you nay you think yes zen master run away
then after that after they aren't the you legalized then must they must have behavior behave
whether it is good or bad you started to criticize he he's not very much because he ran away
can you say that i don't think so
who takes responsibility for

he hinode why they must have when why did all month had to run in oh have to have to laugh
the only conditions earthquake
earthquake his his cotton confronting of for perfect consciousness what they run away
many conditions exist and then masters or among we ever they are
many condition
then please watch this funny i a carefree what make them run
the monk or the month the run or just the conditions run awake which is watch
when dust conditions appear or disappear
or month or the them master appear or disappear
this is very important point
the embodies buddhism there is complete the no idea of sounds pressure which everything is inherent in
north service station
but according to our you to finish first the our says want to allow something to exist
and then you think your mind discard to think well he is them master then that time you start your mind you you to fence start to judge
he is got the master he is nasser goods and master
but actually
do you think there is a different sub of what their master or mom half
i don't think far at all
even though their mother himself ah his product or a even though their master is a proud of him so yes am them as a or people follow me
they when the moment when the earthquake happen
he will leave you
he he will leave you leave for you l runaway excuse me sir
i have to review immediately koreans failure if you want
this is true
so from this point it does the moment
a pet compel him compare him to do something to does the moment a moment
a minute moment in or vivid moment in power him to orient himself in a certain direction cake
beyond his control the this moment
so from this point the masters moment triumphant
i am trying and young monkeys transit young man gave moment
the live complete a north house furniture around them you never know he hid discourage him feel how poor my practice is
everything is completely equal on the moment when earthquake happened on our moment everything same
so food from this point can this no substance

oz if for just the conditions appear or disappear one is conditions the according to the bodies and conditioning is ah condition consists of five kinds said the five
kinds of aggregation five scanner do you know that the file scandals you know
they the scandal appear or disappear that's all
in on the t martin and when earthquake happen
the immediately all condition many conditions gather together and me among me and them must have we ever the i'm and entrepreneurship
well amanda and president nixon's and presumed to fate
then at that time the earthquake here
big building what making terrible noise
what is moving teddy boy
let's see my endeavor many conditions earthquake grant moving grand
and or other people's other people from other people a day people are people ah people see no excuse me
the some trees for downforce down
and also his consciousness as card to work immediately
because the one on for one of five scandals
the conceptions a press procedure proceed to save the function of to save
the perception procession
the impale him impale him to receive in this concept the condition of quake know people around
or tree fell down for down then he
he feel or something
you feel something
and it's more and his consciousness style to work
dale run
mchugh earthquake
and any other conditions
and his consciously his processions functional perception his consciousness
what they all
appear or disappeared in a moment movement out one the list you can can't do what is consciousness you you can count the consciousness you can catch to your mind
you say you always suffer from of from your day at from your from your from the function of your mind
when when you look at it in doesn't
i have tell me eagle my mind needs may tell me what do you feel
let me show the eagle right not picking up the weekend
but you always picking up you always picking up mind
consider as a certain existence
set the existence which has its own sub stations they say you discourage it make you disguise
but actually consciousness mind are always tending
that's why it is cold conditions minor conditions
so they embody isn't just the condition appears disappear not their master appears and disappears condition run away to the tree
that's all if so nobody can judge them
after they look at look at the his activity in why he's bad it's not nice inside

ah day
spring when spring comes for our blooms
spring functioning functioning by himself without connecting with anything else without connecting wish
the water or shu mai airport
rain was sky
when the sun the moon
the flower blooms by himself
without connecting with anything else spring
moisture nature
of the water human yeah put soya ground
i don't think so
what the spring happens appears
he have to realize that there are many conditions
spring needs many conditions but spring it felt doesn't have its own financial condition produce produce something when is called screen you
what can call cut again

a with connecting
in flour
water ground
the sky the sun the moon
and that time what do to
spring or flower
appear fast
can you say can you say spring comes first
faster than now blooming flower
why you can't tell you fail them blooming flower is faster than the spring
i don't think so

many conditions many conditions produce something named spring
or something named flower
and then something happens
then father when spring has come from our blooms
ah but there is no discrimination between the two
what is what comes faster than
spring or
what do we to comes faster
because every flower every spin appeared in the men of woman trans nc
that's all
this the ivy is called kiya
and cheer rise in
the reality which the time has come
and the reality the reality of
that the time has come
what rise in
the functioning function of conditions the top
he can understand

ben question is
everything is change in a moment
what is practice what is packed
even though i the even though second when you go to explain he
crystallization of the element
alter worldly affairs the human affairs forever
any kind of explanation is
still evasive you don't understand
one az whatever it whatever kind of for technical words you use
conditions the time was come
it's pretty difficult

that everything if everything changed in the moment
nobody can insert any kind of idea into it
how do you live
how how should you behave
how should you handle yourself

the your whole body your whole body and mind
exist in the scheme will for moment stay move trials and feed you
before before you think of yourself who you are
because there is no choice when you can put in any kind of why on it
mom and come when the moment com what when the time com
all you have to do if does face the time
what do you come into contact with it that's all before you try to put the certain idea into it
this is he can tell you just fit
giving away giving away any kind of while yeah neither good nor bad
but you don't you can't believe this point
why what's the second tyler
it's very invasive
but gillies no choice no better way to get taste to demand that though the domain of the transparency the moment
then to go panting into just kiss moment
when you are in this moment in gizmo that's all

the other words
but still but still you don't understand
what's can't have a is

how wish how can we rode
the moment because moment is so
something sort of something's
a of from you powerful meal as cantata is a something the pan from you
the second either tell you just sit just to go punting into this moment where when where you are
but even though moment it's moment you are you can cantata his cantata moment is moment
you are still rewrite this point
so there is no connection between us clinton moment

the how can you how can you run this moment
before you explain
the explain a according to the scientific pursue
physics mesmeric
economic philosophy
i trust no answer and sorry completely no answer
when you ask how can i how can they run this moment completely way
a camera i cannot tell you
that's fine in know the sutra in sutra

the mind attainable in window the old man or the omen already you you know the story
they already
ask that their masters
who who carried lots of by sutras
ah diamond sutra for a it was a expert
add the scannow the diamond sutra
he wanted he wanted to buy the ah
do you know that story it
so they owed already asked him what what is it what is it with you what you can aid counting on you back he say oh yes yeah this is diamond sutra which i have studied harder
he is so far
i am expert for diamonds sutra if you have a question please ask me if he didn't say that but
well anyway
he was very proud or she'd sale
the already said already well as good
this he said
day in the diamond sutra
it says diamond sutra it's it says
mind is and and a mind in past in past is attainable the mind in present is attainable mind and future is attainable
how can you handle dumpling which you will want
what can we go forward to laws with what to those mind or you can you support the can you handle
this dumpling which you will get
if you answered this to if you answered to discretion i will give you and i will sell it dumping complete the same master
who at the last what to do want to answer to this chris
it's pretty high

so what can i tell you is
does does
no answer no answer
if we may say something
maybe we may say that
no answer
no attain a obtain a attainable ness

if so if so
what it what it is impossible for human being to to live his significant life
i don't think so on you and thought that there's some way what is it
then the master says we need teacher
we need to check from the teacher is she'll run this point mind the mind attain unattainable in past in present in future please grand something found teacher
what should you learn from the teacher

how should you how should you run this point from the teacher
i think the least one way which is called can know door cough
they say which ms
les paul
the poor

clip that the french rap a report
rapport between the master and disciple
report the whale report pretend the master and disciple
it's make your own something
what can you would what can you loan through the report
between the master and
the disciple
you can run
the fact that
which is called the way bot can
what is called know health when is not demos with discord boilerplate cake pilgrimage
then you should run transients the is buddha
sharon transients it is pool
trans is it is nat
nationalism our principle of nationalism transits it is not
a subtle
pessimism pessimism
to be someone's got the denial any kind of principle that's okay
it translates it is
is just put up
you know this is hey beautiful you should run this point you should have grown from the teacher
the saying transiently is naturism transients it is a certain principal came transience it is poor use this is very crucial point when you have to run

then what is buddha for a school
bora is
that what you have to do is what you have to
hey you have to become yourself you have to become yourself as you are
and in a moment as it is
as is
us all
this hall so let's see imagine this moment
when you fit in says him
what should you run
from southern
you should you should run sorrow for a principle which is called thousand
i don't think so
you shoot learn yourself
who is who settles
yourself on the self as you are
in the reality of the moment right now i hear
this is the way how to face your life your life wherever you do wear whatever wherever you may be wherever kind of the work cask job you follow
your face
i event a thing what you can tap into
come into contact with
moment afternoon
it's maybe invasive for you but today's no better way
there is nothing but explaining that all
so transients it is for you should run this woman is paula
nixon place a nixon is bora
you are
category is for
we kept his poorer
and be when you put
improve early transient
you buddy
the as is
really crystallization of
explaining what pura is what transcends he is what moment is